Spring Break At The Blog!

Spring Break At The Blog!

Due to my Florida sojourn, I am behind on all my work. Thus I shall be taking the coming week off at the blog. Reposts from the early years will run. You may not receive emails, because WordPress does not resend posts already emailed.

The exceptions will be our continuing tour of Summa Contra Gentiles, and Tuesday when I do the on-going coronavirus update, which I’ll keep up until we’re all dead from it or we have expired from the hysteria. If anything interesting about the virus happens, then I might chime in.

I have no idea what I now mean by “interesting.”

God bless those who succumbed, God bless those who have retained their sense of proportion, and God bless you, too, dear readers.

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  1. Sheri

    Is this your way of saying you’ve become a bum? ?

    Actually, you should feel privileged to be able to survive on your own. Coronovirus is going to cause mass starvation and malnutrition, possible freezing to death, etc among American children (keep that in mind for Tues). I was defininately right to ask “Then what do the parents do????” when it comes to kids. Seems some two-thirds of kids get free lunches and with schools cancelled, they will now die. They also get coats and activities after school. Perhaps the coronavirus will do what nothing has in decades—revive survival of the fittest and stop kicking poor Darwin around as climate “science” does.

    Have fun. Lots of fluids, stay indoors, even if you’re perfectly healthy! I find it does wonders to avoid humanity.

    (Now I guess I can’t use reading your blog to avoid updating mine! Sigh. ?)

  2. DG

    Hey Briggs, enjoy your spring break! Have a good time while you’re off for a little while!

  3. Jerry

    God Bless you, Briggs. Your posts never fail to give me a better perspective on things.

  4. Ray

    One of my friends retired to Florida two years ago and I haven’t heard from him since. Evidently moving to Florida causes you to stop writing and using the phone. I don’t know if the effect is permanent or wears off when you leave, so be careful.

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