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I have received occasional requests—four, to be exact; plus a few unasked for, generous donations—to describe how readers can formally subscribe to the blog. There is, of course, no subscription, but I have decided to add a mechanism for donations.

Being an itinerant, non-standard, part-time “academic” means I do not have any grants, nor do I have a research fund or access to a departmental slush pile. I have, however, developed a habit of buying (expensive) books. So, any donations will go towards the purchase of books and upkeep of the website.

To make this like a subscription, all donations will eventually be transformed into new posts, because any new book (and some old ones) bought will eventually make its way to the blog in a review. If you have a particular book in mind that you want reviewed, just let me know.


Note: these are not tax deductible; I will treat all donations as anonymous, unless otherwise requested. Email: matt@wmbriggs.com

Thanks for reading, everybody!

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  1. You might also consider setting up an on-line store where readers could purchase monogrammed silk pocket squares and other fashion accessories you’ve previously featured. You might consider it a public service for the sartorial challenged, like moi.

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