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  1. Emperor,

    Welcome back. In your absence the country has slid into bankruptcy and barking insanity. Hope you can fix it pretty quick. Please don’t leave on any more extended trips until you do.

    Lowly Serf

  2. Glorious leader

    Yeah, what Mike D. said. And while you were gone that odd-looking governator from Illinois has risen from the dead and is now holy and pure once more. It’s a miracle! You shouldn’t have stayed away so long.

    Ancient lotus blossom fellow

  3. Mike D,
    Lowly surf, but would be Sultan.
    Behold! Emperor William brought back some new clothes!
    Will you tell him or shall I?

  4. Joy,

    The surf is monster on the Pac Coast right now. 30 foot killer waves. You need a jet ski pull to catch them in places like Half Moon Bay. And a double-thick wetsuit due to the chilled water from the PDO shift.


    PS — Don’t disrobe the Emp yet. He has to catch his breath and de-jet the lag. Plus find a cure for that nasty stomach bug he picked up eating duck livers off the street.

  5. Emp’s serf:
    Sounds fun! I’ll just stick with the one wet suit though, two could be awkward and uncomfortable duplication.

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