Green Conrona Justice — Guest Post by Uncle Mike

Green Conrona Justice — Guest Post by Uncle Mike

Most likely due to my prolonged incarceration in my windowless mud hut with no company but my wife, bless her heart, my mind has begun to wander aimlessly and I have taken to the Web to peruse society-at-large for news of any sort.

One gem caught my digital eyeball yesterday: the Washington State Supreme Court has denied a legal motion (writ of mandamus) to release 2/3rds of the Wazoo prison population who fear they might contract the Woowooflu while similarly (to me) confined.

Among the health-conscious penitentiary petitioners is the Green River Killer, a.k.a. Gary Ridgway, who is serving a “life” sentence for raping and murdering 49 young women, although the actual number is 80 or so according to the experts who count such things. Gary only copped to 49 at his trial in a plea bargain to avoid lethal injection. He’s somewhat leery regarding his own demise, by needle or virus.

Gary and various other serial killers, rapists, and violent felons will not be emancipated today, however, because the WSSC voted 5 to 4 against it.

Being of a curious nature, a trait with tragic consequences to the cat among others, I plumbed the depths to discover who the four dissenting jurists might be. After all, it’s not every day that (some of) the supreme legal arbiters of Justice in our land wish to open the cages and send serial killers back into the genpop (general population) to do whatever it is serial killers do when they’re out and about.

It was no easy matter to extract the names of the four dissenting Justices, but I am a master Googlesleuth with ample time on my hands. The four who voted to free the Green River Killer and his cohorts are (with quotes from their official bios on the WSSC website [Editor’s note: perhaps not coincidentally, these four individuals are the ones standing in the official picture, highlighted atop this post]):

Justice Steven C. González: …served as the Hate Crimes Prosecution Coordinator…

Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud: …Her law practice showed a record of commitment to communities of color…

Justice Mary I. Yu: …the first Asian, the first Latina, and the first member of the LGBTQ community to serve on the Washington State Supreme Court…

Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis: …She is an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Isleta and a descendant of the Laguna Indian Tribe…

Some questions pop up (the cat thing again).

Is mass murder a hate crime, and if not why not? If someone coordinates Hate Crime Prosecution, does that mean said someone should set the convicted perps loose when they might get sick in jail, so as to demonstrate that the Almighty State doesn’t hold a grudge like regular haters do?

What does “commitment to communities of color” mean? Is that the same as color blindness, such that a committed uncolorant cannot discern the Green River Killer from the Red River Valet? What is a “community of color”? Is that a barrio, ghetto, slum, or other apartheid enclave of segmented skin tones? What about white gentrified upper crust gated communities? Don’t they get some justice, too? Which Street of Hue do serial killers prefer?

Why do Asian-Latinas and Amerinds get preference when picking Supreme Court Justices? Doesn’t that discriminate against Italitots, Mexkimos, and Hindijapulgarians? Not to mention the genetically pure, like the Six-Toed Albinos from that subarctic island where the residents have been in-breeding for centuries — why don’t they get a shot at a cushy government sinecure?

Justice is blind, they say, and apparently deaf, dumb, and retarded mentally challenged, too. Some say justice is best served by placing a (few thousand) confessed and convicted criminally insane serial killer(s) in your backyard, and others resist. Thankfully the resisters outnumber the bug-eyed crazies, barely, for now. Happy Doomsday!

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  1. The USA has not had a justice system for generations. We have a legal system. It’s almost completely different.
    Justice is a concept for people who think for themselves.
    Law is a concept for people who live and die by checklists and forms.

  2. Guest

    Contrary to what most lay people (used in this case to mean those who are not attorneys) might believe, 99 percent of judges are intellectually rather dull and also lazy. The one percent exception that proves this rule reside at the appellate level of the Federal judiciary and are big brain people whose life ambition is to be on the Supreme Court. For the overwhelming majority, being a judge is something an attorney fails into because he/she is too lazy or stupid to make any money in private practice.

    The SJW attorneys who ascend to the bench are a special group. They rode the affirmative action wave into colleges and law schools they never would have been able to attend if they were a dreaded white male. After graduation they strolled into coddled jobs in the legal left’s job plantation and continued to ride that affirmative action wave into positions of authority. They are perpetual adolescents; the personification of the phrase “arrested development.”

    It appears from their bios that Washington holds elections for judges. This practice is common in Western states but criticized heavily in the left-wing legal community because it allows the unwashed masses to inject a bit of common sense into judiciary. The citizens of Washington dodged a bullet here (likely literally for some who would have been unfortunate victims) by one vote, but Justices Johnson, Owens, and Wiggins are getting long in the tooth and won’t be on the bench much longer. Soon one or more of them will retire or die, and will likely be replaced with another SJW judge and residents of Washington who are currently experiencing incarceration will have another shot at freedom.

  3. Gary

    Justice happens by accident in the American courtroom.

  4. Jerry

    Great post – we need to see more of Uncle Mike.

    However I wasn’t aware of this story until now, and being aware of it leaves me with a sick feeling. 5-4?

    There are things worse than the virus.

  5. Sheri

    Jerry–It was on Fox, but no where else in the MSM (if Fox counts as that). I saw it on the various internet news sites. I don’t think Washington wanted it known much. They already look like a communist hellhole. One more thing couldn’t hurt, really….I don’t know why it wasn’t reported.

    Yes, there are hundreds of things worse than the virus.

  6. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS has always advocated that any time a judge releases a sexual criminal (not offender, criminal) that criminal must live with the judge and his family for a year before being released to resume his life of crime among the innocent.

    If the Judge has a child or two, so much the better.

    As for those who are for open borders, it would be satisfying to learn those opposed to open borders have arranged for an array of services (food, shelter, transportation) so that the invader from the south would be eventually placed in a tent on the property of that idiot politician with real border reporters/photographers prepared to document the attempts to clear the invaders off of the open borders political property,

  7. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The Netflix series, Occupied, is a dystopian fantasy about, specifically, Norway being occupied by Russia and all of the resulting calamitous chaos but it is also generally about the people of any nation whose liberties have been eroded/destroyed.

    Occupied could be about the American people who have been deprived of their Civil Liberties (no, C.L, is not about special perks and privileges and quotas for minorities but about the individual rights of the citizen vs the state) by the tyrants in black robes or about the American people suddenly awakening to the fact that their liberties have been destroyed by Tiny Tony Fauci (PBUH) and The Brix Babe who practices medicine without a license.

    Like the Russians who saw the passive, feminised Norwegian men so easily dominated, feminised American men have similarly had their liberties destroyed with barely a “Hey, that’s no fair..” rhetorical resistance

    In Occupied, there is, finally a resistance that forms and well, enough information about that worthy series

  8. Fredo

    Releasing the criminals frees up space for the undesirable social
    elements in need of reeducation a technique perfected by the USSR.
    Criminal cadres were also used to administer the gulags from within
    to generally torment, extort, and control political prisoners of conscience.
    The treatment of political prisoners was extremely harsh and State
    largess and leniency towards the incarcerated criminal class was
    universal through out the gulag system. This did not prevent friendships
    between criminal and political prisoners from springing up and though
    rare a testament to human nature itself. Solzhenitsyn writes at length
    about these relationships and how they grew over time as the State
    became the locus of evil and common enemy of both groups.
    (Not that that could ever happen here.)

    Blinking in astonishment:
    The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19

  9. Uncle Mike

    Justice is their title, not their function. I should point out that WSSC Justices are not appointed for life but instead elected to six-year terms. The voters chose these bozos, apparently on the basis of PC ersatz facade superficiality rather than their ability to make sane and rational judgements. It’s a kind of suicidal socio-cultural demolition derby, self-inflicted, by idiots with ballots.

    Many WSSC Justices are appointed to begin with, however. In March the WA Goober Jay Inslee selected G. Helen Whitener to replace retiring Justice Charles Wiggins. She’s from Trinidad, is a woman of color, and previously served as a judge on the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

    To her credit, she did not vote to release the Green River Killer and his buddies. So that’s something.

  10. John B()

    The Green River Killer was featured recently on one or a couple of those daytime True Crime It Takes A Killer Mystery segments that many of us ensconced are subjected to viewing (my has been taking copious notes on how people screw up). As I remember the Green River Killer killed many women of color and non-color making their living and drug money through prostitution.

  11. John B()

    (my wife has been taking copious notes on how people screw up)

  12. C-Marie

    Great article, Uncle Mike!! My thanks to you and to your good wife!!

    And thank you, Fredo, for the link. I read it all. Very interesting!!

    So glad that God is in charge and that He is seeing us through as He wills.

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. C-Marie

    And, Yay for your wife, John B()!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Felix

    Let’s take the case of the serial killer. Since he serves a “life” sentence: if he caught the Chinese flu and was among the unfortunates that get ill, and among the truly few that get severely ill and need intensive care, and was to die from the Chinese flu (not with, but actually from) he’d be out earlier than he expected, no?

    On a more serious note, by all means, these prisoners have a right to be adequately protected from infection. Strict hygiene and social distancing need to be observed, but there surely exists no reason to inflict those prisoners that are not even eligible for parole yet on society as a whole.

  15. Joy

    “Most likely due to my prolonged incarceration in my windowless mud hut with no company but my wife, bless her heart, my mind has begun to wander aimlessly and I have taken to the Web to peruse society-at-large for news of any sort.”
    Here’s some good news…
    Dua Lipa BBC News Remix by Ben H

    Bless Uncle Mike in his mud hut.

  16. Uncle Mike

    Re John B:

    Ouch. The “His victims were junky hos” plea is also known as the Nuremberg Defense, an offshoot of situational ethics.

    But the Fab Four dissenting Justices voted to release 2/3rds of the incarcerated felons. Some of those are judge killers, or potential judge killers, or at least folks with a grudge against judges. Self-preservation should have held sway, even in the face of your standard amoral situational ethical dilemma.

    Re Felix:

    At the time many of us thought Gary shouldn’t go to prison at all. Just hang him. Get it over with. Sadly, that wasn’t done.

    Re Joy:

    Bless you. I’ma love you like a fool.

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