Got Back Late

I was late from my weekend excursion, and have only just returned to the computer. I haven’t read any comments from previous posts, nor answered email.

Anybody read the book Higher Education? Saw an interview with authors on C-Span’s Book TV. Only point with which I disagreed was that the authors thought that because all kids had a mind (true), they could all master a college education (false, I think).

If you haven’t, you must try pasties. Hot out of the oven and smothered in brown gravy.

More to come…

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  1. Where I’m from licking pasties can be fun but doing so often interferes with an even more pleasurable experience. Just saying …

  2. Can’t be real Cornish pasties. They were meat and veg at one end, and sweet at the other. Brown gravy and sweet isn’t a good mix.

  3. Heretical though it may be, I enjoy pasties hot from the oven, then smothered in a good spicy salsa. That’s playing trump on ketchup, the only other condiment — apart from brown gravy — known to be approved for direct application to a pasty.

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