The Fifth Column & Coming War On Us — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Fifth Column & Coming War On Us — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

I would like to preface this post with the following thought. Never depart for Moscow after the Ides of March. Unless you like Russian winters, of course. Bear with me as I explain how this current fiasco known as The Corona War comes into clearer focus. And how mistakes in timing can be the same thing, while yet being mirror-opposites.

Let me digress.

It seems my last missive has accomplished at least one thing; it has awakened the collective memory of Kent State in 1970. It feeds my hope that there are still vestigial antibodies in our body politic, like those produced in the failed Russian Revolution of 1905. Antibodies that will prevent it’s replay here in America, as the forces of revolution makes their next moves. A replay today that will hopefully produce the opposite effect that the revolution of 1917 did in Russia.

First, as a matter of conscience, let me be clear about one thing. I was on both sides of the Vietnam controversy, at least four times each. Did I buy the truth each side claimed? Oh yes. And did I then buy their same lies? Absolutely. As a young idiot, what could you expect? I was of the generation fed both truth and lies by both sides. I wanted to believe…anything! Finally, I did.

What was it I finally discerned about this most divisive period in our past, going back to the Civil War? Simply this: it was the right war, at the right time, in the right place. Led by the wrong people, in the wrong way, for the wrong reason—to preserve the Empire. Instead of our faith. And our nation. Those last two things must go together if either is to survive.

What then would have been the right reason for this war? You’ll have to excuse me, as I have to step into the time machine (known as History) to reach back and find the word so thoroughly despised today here in the Empire. That word is Crusade.

No, no, not some silly (and self-destructive) Neo-Prot version of resistance to evil. Not some State-led WWI ‘Expeditionary Force’, or even a Korean War ‘Police Action’ that sought to extend the civilizing balm of Democracy. No, no, no! There was only one reason to be in Vietnam, and that was to make the world safe for Christianity! But because of the multitudinous versions laying claim to that same Christian name, the effort was doomed from the beginning. Some would say it was designed to fail. It could well have been, in some back rooms, somewhere. But let’s look at a fact that is indisputable.

That fact is this. Vietnam (before it’s North/South division in 1954) was a French colony. As were Laos and Cambodia. As such, Viet Nam had been effectively proselytized by the French missionaries from the mid-1600’s. By 1960, it was over 10% Catholic. Which is more than could be said of France. Which is why they lose their wars.

In other words, Viet Nam was going to reach a tipping point if something (revolutionary) wasn’t done to halt this gradual yet stupendous change. The first percent was much tougher to achieve than the tenth. But the twentieth percent wouldn’t take near as long as the first ten. After all, people had eyes. They could see the difference in the lives of these Catholics (and their families) and the lives lived by the rest that hewed to the old ways of Animism, Shamanism, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.

People could also tell the reason for what their eyes told them. This western faith gave people hope! And not just temporal hope, although, after the initial sacrifices of the brave first believers, this too began to become clear.

Here’s the bottom line. The (French) Empire was gone. Long gone. But Catholicism remains. Persecuted, but remains. And persecution will, as always, make it grow faster. Regardless of which tyrant rules it.

What is the point? That the war was good? It was bad? That we were idiots to take the handoff from the feckless French? And repeat their same mistake? Well, just what exactly was this mistake we seem to keep making here in the West, whether French or American? Simple. We can’t recognize the difference between nation and empire. We conflate them, at the urging of the Emperor, who beats a nationalistic cadence on his imperial drums. And like the dutiful but totally ignorant Christians we are, we fall in line. And then fall in battle. All for the glory of the Empire. Hail Caesar!

In fact, we not only fall for it once, we do it again and again in the same places. Look at Europe. Look at Viet Nam. Yes, Viet Nam. We’re fighting it again. Didn’t you notice? We’re fighting the same bastards. Only an idiot could miss this. We’re still fighting the same guys who backed the whole war. That’s right. China. And, truth be told, Russia. And once again, we fall for the same tricks. Déjà vu, Dien Bien Phools.

I know, you can’t follow me there. Too far in the past. And the future. Because you’re locked in (and Locked Down) in the present, right? Well, some people remember it. But only fragments. Here’s an example about Kent State. Not a bad one, but again, too locked in to ‘the now’.

I’ll stop trying to confuse you. Let me come right out and say it. We are fighting the same bastards, and if we fight it the same way, we will lose again. Here’s what I mean. This whole Corona Crisis is actually the (open) beginnings of the next World War. Ostensibly against China, this time. And with newer weapons. Weapons of deceit.

There are subversive operations that precede every open war. It is vital that we identify and then resist the enemy’s primary ally. Their Fifth Column. When you use that term, you are effectively saying that there are traitors among us. Yes, traitors. Who would that be? Three guesses…and now, to our CNN correspondent in Beijing.

So here is my take. No matter how this Corona thing began (careless handling vs. planned release of the virus) the horse is out of the barn. The cat is out of the bag. And now the war begins in earnest. Confusing earnest.

War? Yes, war. But there’s a silver lining for us. It happened too soon for our enemies. All of them, both in Peking and Washington. And just as Hitler left too late for Moscow in 1940, the Chinese/Washington assault began too soon. Too soon, because it left an opening for America to recover. Not from the fatalities, awful as they are. No, the problem for our enemies, all of them, is that too much time has been left to recover from the Economic Lockdown. Which has been the real threat all along. An economically weakened America is a defeated America.

Here’s the problem for our enemies: the virus had to emerge in the flu season. Regardless of whether the viral release was intended or not, it happened. Just like December 1941, once things get started, you have to play the hand your dealt. And in this case, just like at Pearl Harbor, the damage inflicted may have been insufficient to cripple to behemoth of America. The USS Arizona was sunk, but no flat-tops were there. How fortuitous. The act was craven, regardless of the provocation or effect.So here then are the only questions that matter. How will we react? And who is the enemy here?

The second of those questions is the most important: who is the enemy? Is it the virus, as so many seem to think? Or is it the bureaucracy (CDC, NIH., etc.) who seem incapable with dealing with it? Is it an ineffective Trump? Or an over-reaching Blue State demand that we cease all livelihood, holding our breath waiting on ventilators for an impossible vaccine? Just who is it that is the enemy?

As long as there is a failure to identify the real enemy, our reactions are dis-united. Meaning, we cannot react in unison. Meaning, we cannot fight together, as one.

Meaning, we’re toast.

I contend the enemy has overplayed his hand. Regardless of his allies (the Fifth Column), our enemy has marched too soon. How so? Because, as I stated earlier, there is still time to recover, if we find the will to reject The Lock Down. That effort has begun. Everything hinges on this effort. Why? Because, if the economy can recover enough before November, The Donald can still win. Which is exactly what our enemies, all of them, had hoped to forestall. Let’s face it, if this hadn’t happened, he was on the road to re-election. That is the whole point.

Who was afraid of this eventuality? Obviously, everyone who would be indicted in January of 2021, starting with the top echelons of the FBI, CIA, DOJ holdovers, the State Department under 44, etc. That alone gives you the insight on why they would try anything (including the ruin of their own 401-K’s) to avoid jail.

Who else feared this November reckoning? China, of course, as Donald would increase the constriction of the Chinese economy. An economy that was built upon IP theft, currency manipulation, critical materials monopolization, market-dumping, as well as a host of other techniques (think of the colonization of American academia). Guess whose daughter (Pres. Xi) just graduated from Harvard? There’s another bunch of traitors.

All of these areas were in Donald’s gun sights. And the Tariff War that has sparked the Corona Offensive was only the opening salvo. Our enemies knew this. And they knew Donald would continue to broaden the war across all fronts if he were re-elected. Why? Because he’s a Nationalist, not an Imperialist.

Was there anybody else afraid of what November might bring? How about the Fifth Column of the ‘American’ Media. The same people who covered the tracks of the Deep (and Broad) State mentioned above, as well as the Chinese domination of our economy. And don’t forget all the Globalist-Capitalists who gleefully shipped American jobs overseas. The Fifth Column covered their asses also. As well as Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein’s too.

That covers a lot of territory, no? A whole lot of People Magazine people have a dog in this fight. Is there anyone else? I would say yes. There is another big player. But nobody notices, even though they are supposedly the true Boogey Man in the press on every other faux issue. That would be Russia. More on that later. For now, the previous categories will do just fine.

In any event, just as going to Moscow is best done at the beginning (and not the end) of Spring, launching a bioweapon is best done right before an election. Say, in September. Think of where Donald would be, in the polls, if the election was tomorrow. And if the Democrats had anyone viable. Two big problems, Komrade. It ain’t September, and there ain’t no ready substitute for Joe. Especially since Cuomo showed his true face with the beatings in Central Park last weekend. What an idiot. A little compassion, a little reserve, and he’s be in like Flynn. No, not Mike Flynn. Wrong guy.

It comes down to this. Will we break out of The Lock Down in time to salvage the marketplace? Can we get back to work in time to re-build the confidence that undergirds the American psyche? It’s all about attitude, you know. Outlook is everything. If Donald can get the market above 27,000 and people can openly go out to dinner without masks by late October (that’s 6 months), then Donald’s got a chance. Which means we have a chance. A pretty good chance, if the antibodies hold up.

Take a look at this. NYPD cops saying they don’t want to be pawns in the Blue State Lockdowns. Evidently, there’s a better than even chance that a lot of the cops won’t co-operate with the Deep State. Lot’s of stories, everywhere, of protests, and reactions to enforcement attempts, showing that the situation is fluid. All we have to do is to continue to violate the terms of our probation. There’s too many of us to enforce it, if we all mis-behave.

But let’s get back to the real point. We are now at war, whether we acknowledge it or not. And the primary enemy is China. And her (seemingly) invisible ally, The Fifth Column. Regardless of how this whole virus assault occurred, two things are obvious. One, it has happened, and the momentum will carry all parties forward, ceteris paribus. The second is that all players must be opportunistic, to their own immediate advantage. Here is the important point. If this thing did start ‘accidentally’ (that is, before anyone was truly prepared to do it, regardless of who initiated it), then everyone is in a reactive mode. Plans don’t matter. They may not even exist.

Gains, on the other hand, must be taken when available. And losses must be cut when necessary. Everyone is on their own, at least for now. Which means China is under the gun. Literally. She must flex her muscles now, ready or not. Same for us. That is the definition of conflict. Nobody can stop the momentum of the avalanche. China cannot back down, whether from a ‘face’ position or a geo-political position. She must attempt to wreak maximum damage on us while the time allows. She may never get another (or better) chance. And she knows it.

She must attempt to exploit every advantage, because if Donald wins again, China is in for a long period of economic contraction. Societally, this is dangerous to Communist leadership, after 30 years of economic expansion. Expectations have risen too high to expect total servility from the masses. Especially from the young ones. Look at Hong Kong if you doubt me. That means it’s all on the line, right now. Forget the long game. If you lose this round it’s over. And they know it.

In the same vein, the Fifth Column (both media and corporate) feels the same pressure. None of them cares about being American anymore. None of them cares for the nation. Their only affection is for The Empire (whether it has an Anglo or Asian capital). Both contenders for the title vie for their Fifth Column’s favor. Because both contenders (and the Fifth Column) want the same thing: an enslaved populace, world-wide. Which is how the Lockdown is playing out, of course.

The American public, still nationalist at heart, has begun to understand this. Both Reds and Blues are starting to see things more clearly. And they resent it. They have begun to hate the Empire. And to look for our missing Nation. And our missing wills.

The people understand where their jobs have gone. They understand we no longer produce our own medicines. They understand we can’t make our toys without Chinese involvement. They’re even beginning to see they don’t even need those time-and-attention-wasting toys. They are seeing that we have become beholden to foreign ownership. And they don’t like it. China is the visible enemy. And the Fifth Column is their ally in our midst. It is becoming clear to everyone. That is our only advantage. China, and her threat to us, is the one thing that can quickly unify America, the Nation. And destroy the Fifth Column, the traitors. And, by extension, The Empire.

It’s time for a real Crusade. We have a real enemy. We have our real traitors. All we need is unity. All we have to do is remember the Lesson of Viet Nam. Don’t try and make the world safe for Democracy. Instead, let’s make America safe for Christianity. This may be our last chance. Our last chance to regain our heritage.

How do we do this? I’ve told you before. There’s only one way. We have to know ourselves first. Who do we really want to be. American Citizens or Imperial Troopers? We have to make up our minds. Because only then can we truly know our enemy. And only then can we can fight them effectively, with a united will. In a real Crusade. A crusade for the Nation and not for Empire.

As I said in the last line of my book, Resist the Empire!

Regardless of where its capital is.

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  1. “…the Lesson of Viet Nam. Don’t try and make the world safe for Democracy. Instead, let’s make America safe for Christianity.”


    Do you get paid by the word? You used 2,735 words to say something. I’m still not sure what it was. Riddles sort of lose their power when over-used.

    Two questions in response to your jumble of riddles and confused interpretations:

    Fifth column?
    Is it a Chinese fifth column you detect in the USA? Or what/who? No reason you can’t be clear on this, if you believe it.

    Vietnam was fought for Christianity?
    A small minority of Catholics, persecuted by the Communists, was forced to flee to the South when Vietnam was split in two by treaty in 1954. This increased their number in the South, and their relative importance. As rulers of South Vietnam, Catholics, specifically the Ngo family, were corrupt manipulators who took American money and support while oppressing the majority Buddhist population. .
    The Catholic Ngo family entrenched themselves as iron-fisted rulers, adapting the French colonial systems, mixed with “democracy theater,” anti-communism, and anti-colonialism, all to their own profit.
    The oppressed Buddhists in South Vietnam did not take it sitting down. Ok, they did–but they sat and set themselves on fire in passive-aggressive protest against the Catholic-controlled government.

    See one of them here:

    The end of Catholic corruption in South Vietnam came thanks to a CIA-powered coup carried out on the Kennedy brothers’ orders . Ironic, isn’t it? The first Catholic rulers of the USA, the brothers Kennedy, demanded, plotted, and carried out the murder of the first Catholic rulers of post-colonial Vietnam. The Catholic Ngo brothers were slaughtered in the back of an armored personnel carrier by American-funded and guided South Vietnamese soldiers.

    Now you have a little background in the actual history of Vietnam, please explain again how Vietnam was about making [something, not sure what, your riddles never revealed what you think was being made safe] safe for Christianity?

    And what in heavens name does Christianity in Vietnam have to do with the current government over-reaction to a flu bug?

    The fact is America fought the proxy forces of Soviet international communism in Vietnam in an attempt to stop their invading and seizing more countries (the domino effect). When we gave up that fight, the Soviet-ruled communists DID invade and seize the rest of Indochina. Ever hear of the Khmer Rouge killing fields? THAT was what we were fighting to stop–but failed.

    No parallel to what’s happening in the USA today–except as an object lesson in what governments will do to their subjects in the name of “improving” them to prove an anti-human theory.

    I guess when you have a hammer everything starts to look like a nail.

  2. Sheri

    I can’t tell if you’re blind optimist or just blind…..

  3. Michael Dowd

    Yes, resist the Empire which includes anti-pope Bergoglio is wishes to make the Catholic Church a tool of the Empire whose leader is the devil.

  4. Gary

    Whatever in this analysis is true …

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
    – Ephesians 6:12

  5. Jerry

    This has been ruminating in my brain for weeks and Ianto has just unlocked it.

    I think urban America may be a lost cause though. Yesterday I witnessed countless idiots walking out in the sunshine and fresh air….with masks on. DUTIFUL, BRAIN WASHED CITIZENS. The government told them to.

    Flyover country may have to save us all once again.

  6. Jerry – Flyover country isn’t particularly interested in saving the big cities. Why save your enemies from their own burning house?

    Is China an opponent? Yes, of course. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever.
    Is China the main enemy? Of course not. Those would be the willing and eager fifth columnists residing here among us. The people not only holding the gates open for our opponents, but poisoning the minds of our young.

    We need not only a crusade, but an inquisition.

  7. Ken

    “…our faith and our nation. Those last two things must go together if either is to survive.”

    One Supposed there may be a compelling Watt-like argument that Watt is advocating the overthrow of the US Constitution — that doc that protects freedom of religion and prohibits a National Govt religion — and would replace it with a Govt that includes some single form of Christianity, whatever “Christianity” means to him. For most, that is a fleeting Friday night debate over a lots of beer.

    Some basic details needing to be worked out regarding the “our faith” bit as if “our faith” is really even a “thing”.

    Which version of “Christianity” should prevail? Can’t be all because of irreconcilable doctrinal incompatibilities.

    Christianity is withering generation by generation as charismatic money grubbing preachers modify it for personal gain while corrupting significant demographic groups with blatant heresy. And they’re not all.

    Diversity of religion under a single banner is divisive. And largely going unaddressed and likely broadly unrecognized. If “our faith” is to be protected, to what are we referring?

    Perhaps put the Catholic faith, with Pope having considerable power in this religion-based govt Watt seems to advocate? Or some other religious authority?

    Or some particular Protestant denomination?

    Which version of the Bible will be accepted? Which books stay in and which will be rejected?

    How will it be interpreted?

    Gays evil and need to change their ways, or, gays okay and even ordained into positions of religious authority? Can’t be both at the same time across the “Christian” spectrum.

    Multi-billion year old Earth & universe or 10,000 or 6,000 year old??? Pretty significant for what text books are used and how science is taught and allowed to progress. Very important to many and sides on that are already polarized.

    Does the Bible tell us that we are flawed beings in need of constant striving to self improvement via self sacrifice in service to God, or, that God is there to comfort and enrich us as some prominent preachers of mega churches claim?

    Does “Christian” include “Mormon”?
    How about the Westboro Baptist’s?

    The above are SOME of the more prominent denominational contradictions and incompatibilities now dividing “Christians” doctrinally, sometime into the judicial system. They all cannot be true. Some MUST be false/heresies.

    So many toss about the word notion “Christian” (aka “our faith”) with no apparent comprehension that that term has little meaning anymore until it is qualified with which version of Christian one is referring. In speaking in broad generalities in which “Christian” is treated as if the self-proclaimed adherents are a homogenous bunch and are treated all-inclusively, this implicitly if not explicitly expresses total accommodation for competing “Christianity’s” – total accommodation of competing doctrines that are irreconcilably in conflict with the doctrine the speaker claims to believe.

  8. Dave

    It wasn’t the Vietnam War that wrecked America, it was the draft. E.g. one of our biggest problems today is the debasement of college education, which started as a way for young men to avoid the draft.

    Like price controls, rationing, and expropriation, conscription is a feature of Soviet-style command economies and should only be undertaken during a most dire national emergency, if then. Maintaining a global empire is a job for the men who sign up for it.

    The British Empire never had a draft until 1916, long past its heyday. Nor did the British have to levy taxes to support their empire, because all its various colonies were profitable operations that paid for themselves, not vanity projects for some bullshit globalist ideology.

  9. Eric Brown

    Ah, Kent. “A small number of refugees” – only about 1 million refugees, or ~5% of the entire population of Vietnam at the time.

  10. Eric,

    You put quote marks around something that I did not type.

    You: “A small number of refugees.” (sic)

    What I actually typed: “A small minority of Catholics, persecuted by the Communists, was forced to flee to the South when Vietnam was split in two by treaty in 1954.”

    The Catholic minority in the North was “small” in number. They were persecuted by the Communists. They fled to the south, in 1954.

    “In 1954, the temporary partition of Vietnam … led to the migration of more than 800,000 Vietnamese to the non-communist zone south of the seventeenth parallel. … official accounts estimated that more than 80 per cent, that is 794,876 people, were Catholics (Bui Van Luang 1959, p. 49).”

    You may be confusing the Catholic migration from North to South in 1954, after the country was divided, with the “boat people” refugee flight, after the communists seized control of South Vietnam, April 1975.

    Happy to provide you with any more details or explanations about this period of history. It’s one of my specialties. Your mention, if you choose to accept it, is to read what I type!

    Those details, of course, don’t change the strange conflation in Watt’s piece of the American participation in the Vietnam war with Christianity, or Catholicism, or something…

  11. John Watkins

    Nice. You took 460 words to tell Watt he could be more succinct. And then you demonstrated you didn’t understand a single one of them. The reason? Watt talks about things you can’t see (Faith, patriotism) and if Kent can’t actually see the ‘thing’, Kent can’t believe it actually exists. Let alone that it might actually motivate someone to action.
    And isn’t that exactly what our enemies want us to think? Only the material exists? Which means, Kent, that you’re either a part of the Fifth Column, or an unwitting tool of them. Neither look is pretty. (Kent- 97 words, FYI)

  12. John W.,

    Wow, pretty harsh and misguided, dude!

    Do you know me? I don’t know you, nor can I see inside your head. How are you able to discern my thoughts and my beliefs?

    You: “And then you demonstrated you didn’t understand a single one of them. The reason? Watt talks about things you can’t see (Faith, patriotism) and if Kent can’t actually see the ‘thing’, Kent can’t believe it actually exists.”

    That’s quite a stretch in an attempt to analyze someone else’s mental workings.

    How accurate were you in that attempt? Hint: not at all.

    For an excellent introduction to my research and analysis, see my book, Willing Accomplices. I located, identified, and analyzed the actual “fifth column” (that hid very successfully, in plain sight) dedicated to destroying American culture. I tracked the source, the methods, the people, the motives, the successes and the failures of that attempt. Spoiler alert: They were successful.

    My critique of this Watt column is pretty much the same as all of Watt’s production. There are two main categories of problems:

    1. He uses too many words too. He writes in long riddles that cloak his meaning.
    2. He believes and writes things that just are not true or accurate. (Not everything, but critical chunks are just wrong–see his misguided excursion into Vietnam above).

    Combine those two faults, and the result is an excruciating reading experience.

    If you are unable to recognize those two faults, then you may find that sort of thing “interesting,” or “intriguing,” or, heaven forbid, “meaningful,” or it may appear erudite, learned, maybe even mystical and magical. Sort of like Nostradamus. The problem is that you are inserting your own meaning into the swirling word-count.

    Maybe Watt uses some secret society code that I don’t have the decoder ring for. If so, please send me the ring. Until then good luck with interpretations!

    In case you don’t know, there are standards for op-ed writing. Here’s good expert advice:
    “Writing an opinion column for a newspaper or magazine offers the chance to air your feelings about a hot topic — and maybe even influence public opinion. Effective columns share clarity of thought, consistency of tone and concrete examples to frame the central argument. If you can demonstrate these qualities in 750 words or less, you’ve likely crafted a publication-worthy piece.”

    Note the criteria:
    1. Clarity of thought
    2. Tone
    3. Concrete examples
    4. 750 words

  13. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The orangeman is better than the demented democrats but he has no faith, only a blustering and brittle ego and he has managed to not deliver on any of his promises that got him elected;

    Build the wall

    Drain the swamp

    End foreign wars

    And everytime he screeches that he will reduce immigration the next day we discover his screaming was almost entirely demented bull shite

    The author calls for a crusade but the American Empire is The Puritans’ Empire (See book by Charles Coulombe) and has aught to do with the one true Faith

  14. Eric Brown

    Kent: 5% of the entire population of Vietnam (at the time) is not “small”.

    I’m well aware of the difference of the 1954 refugee migration and the 1975-1990 refugee migration.

    If you’re going to claim that 1954 wasn’t a refugee migration, well, (from Wikipedia disagrees with you:

    Although French charities had been operating in the north, the refugee camps were disorganised and were able to provide little more than shelter. As a result, there was a great number of northerners who wanted to leave and start a new life in the south.

  15. Eric,

    You’re arguing with yourself!

    Again, I did NOT say the Catholic refugee flow from North to South in 1954 was “small.” I said the Catholic minority in Vietnam was small.

    I also did NOT say the Catholics who fled the communists in 1954 were not refugees.

    As for the numbers of refugees in the Catholic flight from the communists, I DID provide a scholarly reference from 1959 that provides the exact number of Catholics who fled, repeated again for you here (as opposed to your citing Wikipedia’s grossly exaggerated rounding up to “a million”). Guess I’ll just have to live with Wikipedia “disagree[ing] with” me:

    “In 1954, the temporary partition of Vietnam … led to the migration of more than 800,000 Vietnamese to the non-communist zone south of the seventeenth parallel. … official accounts estimated that more than 80 per cent, that is 794,876 people, were Catholics (Bui Van Luang 1959, p. 49).”

    794,876 of the 1954 North to South refugees were Catholic.
    The population of Vietnam in 1954 was 27,370,469
    So the Catholics who fled South were 2.9% of the population.

    Which is exactly what I said originally: “A small minority of Catholics, persecuted by the Communists, was forced to flee to the South when Vietnam was split in two by treaty in 1954.”

    “Small minority” = 2.9% (Note: the Catholic refugees were a “small minority” of the total population, not a “small minority” of the Catholic population. Virtually the entire Catholic population resident in the North fled South in 1954.)
    “Forced to flee” = refugees

    Sorry for the lack of clarity earlier. Hope that helps.

    Still does not change the head-scratching Watt flights of fancy about American involvement in Vietnam having to do with Christianity, or something. Still looking for my decoder ring!

  16. Eric Brown

    3% isn’t small. You’ve advocated for economic shutdown for a disease that at the time had a 3% fatality rate.

  17. Eric,

    “3% isn’t small. You’ve advocated for economic shutdown for a disease that at the time had a 3% fatality rate.”

    I’m sorry, man. You seem to be carrying on a conversation with someone else, surely not me.

    3% of a population is a small minority.

    I “advocated for economic shutdown?!!!”

    Again, you’re arguing with yourself. Any comment I’ve shared about the economic shutdown are totally AGAINST it.

    You may want to have your internet connection checked. Something is interfering with your reception.

    Good luck.

  18. JTLiuzza

    “Which version of “Christianity” should prevail? Can’t be all because of irreconcilable doctrinal incompatibilities. ”

    There is only one Christian faith, just like there is only one truth. It is housed in one Church, a third of which exists on earth, and of which some of us, not all, are a part. That third has been attacked with confusion and error from the start. It will be until the end. But nevertheless the Truth exists in her.

    All of the contradictions and problems that you correctly identify with what you think is christianity is the enemy’s straw man swallowed on a civilizational level 500 years ago with the protestant revolt.

    To be blunt, protestants ain’t Christians. You can’t reject His Church, priesthood, sacraments, papacy (without which the doctrinal confusion you correctly identify is inevitable)… and still be Christian.

    Anybody can make up any theology they want to, proof text the Bible all up and down (or actually tear out books you don’t like), open up a “church”, set up a live feed and a website complete with “donate here” facility, and call themselves “Christian”? No sir.

    You can’t be Christian on your terms. You can only be Christian on His terms. Anything else is pretense, and a very costly one at that, both temporally and eternally. The west has embraced that error for half a millenium now, and that is foundational to the stink we find ourselves in.

    Many apparent churchmen embrace it too, particularly in the last half century or so. Doesn’t change the fact the the Church is the Church and without her we are doomed. Can’t go it alone. The protestants embracing the convenient straw man christianity have tried for 500 years.

    The Lord never guaranteed the Church Militant, the Barque, would never encounter the tempest. Just the opposite in fact. He spent some time on a boat in rough seas, apparently asleep on the poop during the whole thing, while the apostles on board frantically tried to wake Him because they thought they were going to sink.

    What He did guarantee is that it will never sink, even if it appears that it has (like His three days in a tomb).

    Mr. Watt is right. And McChuck is, too. We need not only a Crusade, but an inquisition.

  19. Uncle Mike

    Onward, Christian soldiers,
    marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus
    going on before!
    Christ, the royal Master,
    leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle,
    see his banner go!

    I’m of the opinion that Jesus was anti-war, but I’m probably in one of those small minorities.

    Also, I don’t use the word “war” to describe any disagreement or movement. Some people do. They have given us the War on Poverty, the War on Illiteracy, the War on Drugs, the War on Guns, the War on Peace (really!), the War on the Planet Of the Apes, the War on Foot Fungus, and war on just about anything. Now Mr. Watts proposes the War To Make World Safe For Christianity. Let’s carpet bomb the non-Christians!

    When I use the word “war” I mean: the takeover of territory by force or threat of force usually by an armed militia.

    Takeover: wrest control. Territory: physical space, usually land but also waters and air space (and now space space). Force: not by willing sellers/buyers but by physical strength, often deadly, against the will of the occupants. Armed militia: an army or navy with weapons that kill.

    War is hell. War is deadly. War is unjust. War is organized mass murder. War is madness. Make love, not war. Don’t wish for one; you might get it and then you’ll be very sorry or dead.

  20. Anyone who suggests the US involvement in Vietnam was due to imperialistic ambitions can be safely dismissed as a crackpot. The US never did have any significant desire for empire, after WWII even the nations who did have imperialistic ambitions were rethinking their ambitions and getting out of the game, and there was nothing particularly worthwhile about Vietnam that made it worth fighting for. If the US had imperialistic ambitions they would have been in the ME where the oil was or in Africa where the minerals were.

  21. Uncle Mike

    I wish you could’ve been there, David, to explain things. I wish you could’ve been in Hue during Tet piling the bodies of your dead Brothers to use as sandbags against the hail of bullets. I wish you could’ve been there beating the locks off the ammo shed to get your rifle, which you weren’t allowed to carry, when the NVA was coming over the wire. I wish you could’ve smelled the pungent scents of combat, of napalm, of burning villages, of blood, of death. You would never forget that special perfume.

    You could’ve explained to all concerned how it wasn’t about the oil, or the opium from the Golden Triangle, or the military-industrial budget, or the minerals. You could’ve pointed out how the war was all about Making the World Safe for Christianity. And Democracy. And Capitalism. How it was a Good War, a Just War, a Righteous War for Jesus. Nobody would’ve dismissed you as a crackpot.

  22. Mike –
    There was essentially no oil production in Vietnam at the time.
    There were essentially no minerals production in Vietnam at the time. (It’s not like the USA needed to import coal.)
    There was opium, true. Which was illegal in the US at the time. And we were getting our opium products from Turkey, through France.
    What there was, was rubber. Which we didn’t really need any more. And rice, which most Americans didn’t eat.

    And if you “weren’t allowed to carry your rifle”, you weren’t a combat soldier. (Unless your commander was particularly stupid, in which case, I commiserate with you.)

  23. Sheri

    Ken: Christianity is withering while violence and hatred are increasing exponentially and the probability of living under a hellish dictator increase daily, as does the probability of civil war. Some like yourself seem delighted we are going to hell. Strange that you so love hating and violence. It’s hard to understand, though the world is/has been certainly full of those who hate religion—Little Kim, every Chinese dictator for centuries, most Russian dictators, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin. All atheist, religion-hating people for us to idolize and worship as the way human beings should be. Congratulations. The hell on earth so you so long for may be soon to arrive.

  24. “I wish you could’ve been there, David, to explain things. I wish you could’ve been in Hue during Tet piling the bodies of your dead Brothers to use as sandbags against the hail of bullets.”

    This is so pathetic I don’t even know how to respond.

  25. David, I once asked Dr. Briggs what number would cause him to admit he was wrong about the lockdowns.

    I asked because I agreed with him (and still do) overall but was curious about his answer (he answered politely, btw).

    Uncle Mike in response gave two long unhinged rants about how I didn’t care about abortion and was a terrible person or something.

    Don’t worry about it.

  26. Uncle Mike

    In 1977 PetroVietnam began exporting oil. Do you think the commies just happened on the oil fields by accident? That nobody knew the oil was there? That Texan LBJ was somehow unaware of it?

    I am so depressed by the historical revisionism. Do you know why the Guardsmen at Kent State signed up for the Ohio Nat G? So they wouldn’t be drafted into the US Army and forced to go to Nam. Yet there they were firing on protesters with the exact same mindset. The Generals are good at getting children killed.

    This post is about holy war. A quote:

    [The Vietnam War] was the right war, at the right time, in the right place… What then would have been the right reason for this war?… That word is Crusade… here was only one reason to be in Vietnam, and that was to make the world safe for Christianity!

    Mr. Watts is nuts. He’s a holy warmonger. One of his points is that we are at war with China right now. But we’re not. We may be in competition. They may yearn to be at war with us, but I doubt it. War is a nasty business.

    A Crusade? All crusades are children’s crusades. The kids do the killing and dying. Saber rattling by the elderly is so tragic and stupid. When you get old, you’re supposed to have learned something.

    2,300 daily deaths to abortion. Nobody talks about it. It’s not included in the stats. Check the next post if you don ‘t believe me. Dead children, babies. Not to be discussed. Out of sight out of mind. Like the oil in Vietnam.

    War is not just, war is not right, war does not advance Christianity, war is Satanic. I learned that lesson a long time ago, but I guess you all didn’t. Truly tragic.

  27. C-Marie

    Thank you for your service, Uncle Mike. God bless you and yours!

    War is already going on right here in the United States of America, for our SCOTUS declared that mothers can legally murder their unborn children, and now some states allow the murder of children just born from abortion. Those children were created by God Who is the Author of Life and therefore belong to Him!

    The U.S. is also at war with God for the United States having made legal, “marriage” between two adults of the same sex, again defying God, Who created human sexuality as heterosexual and Who alone can and did define the use and expression of it.

    So, wake up America. I think this is going on. How long do you think that God, Who has so abundantly blessed this land and people, even with all of our errors and sins, how long do you think it will be before He says, “Enough! It is time to reap! I will protect mine own during the extreme times coming down, and yes they will suffer, but I will keep them. I call to those who are unknowingly working against me, to come to the truth. Time is short. Wake up and belong to My Son Jesus Christ.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  28. “In 1977 PetroVietnam began exporting oil. Do you think the commies just happened on the oil fields by accident? That nobody knew the oil was there? That Texan LBJ was somehow unaware of it?”

    This is only slightly less pathetic than your first response. You need a lot more than this to explain why Vietnam was worth coming to the attention of the president of the wealthiest country in the world. What were its estimated oil reserves in 1960? How did those compare to the estimated oil reserves in the US? How much oil would Vietnam need for itself if it had continued to grow economically instead of being taken over by Communists?

    You aren’t looking for the truth. You are just looking for an excuse to believe whatever makes you feel special and superior–like any crank or conspiracy theorist.

  29. Mike –
    Well, let’s see. Back in 1968, the USA exported oil. Vietnam wouldn’t produce a drop of oil for another ten years. And then only from off-shore rigs. Which is the reason why China is now building a navy and claiming exclusive rights to ocean territory.

    The Kent State “protesters” had been rioting, burning and looting, for three days before the shootings. Which began with a pistol shot (not to mention the barrages of stones) from the rioters, when the Guardsmen’s backs were to a fence. Here’s a picture, for the hard-of-thinking.–burned-building-super-169.jpg

    Got anything else you need debunked and/or mocked?

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