Evidence the world isn’t completely going to hell

It isn’t all bad out there. There’s even grounds that the corporate sense of humor has returned, given that I saw Borders stack Anna Quindlen in its “Literature” section.

More importantly we have this fine young man, sent in by long-time reader David C. as a means of demonstrating that there is Hope For America.
A fine young man
At a glance we can see that this is a highly intelligent, undoubtedly perceptive, and uncommonly contemplative person. It is a sure bet that he is kind to animals, doesn’t smoke, eats properly, and loves his mother.

You might have missed just why this young man is so special, so I blew up a section of the picture for closer examination:
A fine new book

The book he is reading tells the whole story, doesn’t it?

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  1. Matt:

    Actually, other than “eats properly” you pretty much have truthfully nailed it.


  2. “Okay, the book is great. But how how do you explain the “bankee” wrapped around his legs?”

    Simple, his mother is a seamstress and an inveterate quilter. And the heat is set to 62F…


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