Panda Runner

The site Panda Runner went live over the weekend.

You haven’t been there yet? Now’s your chance.

The site is a collaboration between my number one son and his best friend. The back end of the site was mostly built by my number two son.

It just started so they don’t have a ton of stuff yet, but they plan to.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Why is PandaRunner the best place to buy Asian products?

1. We’ve got unique products, some of which can only be purchased in North America from our online shop.

2. We care about price and quality just like you. Our team spends a lot of time tracking down quality products that don’t cost a fortune.

3. Our site makes it easy to pick up hot Asian goods with our innovative shopping cart and checkout screen.

Stop by if you get a chance, or drop them a line about what kind of things you’d like to see.

Thanks everybody!

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  1. Joy

    \Put me down for one baby panda, I’ll need feeding instructions.

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