Cute Fox News ad

On page B3 of today’s Wall Street Journal, Fox News has taken out a full page ad.

It reads, in large, bold letters:

#1 Total* Viewers: Adults 25-54.

7 Years & Counting…

You’ll have noticed the asterisk above the word Total. We’ve seen that same asterisk in a similar ad for CNN, where it led to small print which read something like, “Among those Cleveland viewers between 7 and 8 pm last Tuesday who shave left-handed after playing hockey.”

Being number 1 in that demographic is a victory of sorts, I suppose.

But there is what is under the asterisk for Fox:

This would be where CNN & MSNBC use an asterisk in their ads to point out some half-baked one-time statistics to prove that somebody stumbled across their channels giving them a temporary spike in the ratings, which they would tout as unprecedented, earth-shattering and monumental. It’s actually pathetic since we all know if they massage their statistics long enough, they can come up with something to make their tiny lame point. But deep in their little hearts, even they know that FOX NEWS IS NUMBER ONE in cable news and has been for years.

Pretty good way to summarize a lot of marketing statistics.

(Incidentally, I do not watch Fox, CNN, or other channel. I’m strictly a radio, newspaper, and internet person.)


  1. Cool “in your face” moment for Fox – which I don’t watch, either, btw, except briefly for occasional breaking news events. Loved the “deep in their little hearts” bit. Truth hurts.

  2. Bernie

    I watch Fox and I am proud of it.
    Well, actually, last October and November I watched Fox during the election run up.
    Come to think about it, I haven’t really watched since then. Without a real scandal, there really is no reason to watch any news program. Long live the WSJ!

  3. jdubya

    I got your website off of that think progress site. I got their site from Planet-Gore! from NRO.

    Thanks for pissing off some more loons! This really is a great way to network by using the backs of the scientifically challenged as a marketing tool!

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