Coronavirus Update XXVI: Mandatory Vaccines & Criminalization For Refusal Suggested

Coronavirus Update XXVI: Mandatory Vaccines & Criminalization For Refusal Suggested

Shoot Up

That was then. This is now: Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic.

More: “Make vaccines free, don’t allow religious or personal objections, and punish those who won’t be vaccinated. They are threatening the lives of others.”

Three academics said this in the prog sheet USA Today: “Dr.” Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman and “Dr.” Stuart Youngner.

We saw earlier that even meta-analysis and p-values (a statistical way of “proving” what isn’t so) could not show any value in masks. No matter. It became a crime—a crime—not to wear one. Now we have a trio of academics saying it ought to be a crime not to be shot up with an unproved and possibly even harmful vaccine. It’s for their own good. Yes, their.

This editorial is proof academics, especially doctors, should never be put in charge of anything. Their minds are too focused on questions they believe ought to be important to everybody, but aren’t. Besides, academia and Reality haven’t exactly been on speaking terms this last decade.

Regular readers will recall how easy it is for academics to fall in love with their theories. The theories are beautiful and pliable, far more cooperative than Reality, which is tempestuous and unpredictable. And harsh. It’s no wonder academics eschew it.

These aren’t even good academics, because their theory is ugly. But it says a lot that a major propaganda outlet gave them a voice, meaning we have to take their argument seriously.

These academics say there is no “alternative to vaccine-induced herd immunity in a pandemic”. This is false, and laughably false. Could it be that these men have forgotten every other pandemic in the history of mankind that went away without vaccines? Could they have made an error that monumental?

Why, yes, yes they did.

Relying on enough people becoming infected and then immune is dangerous, as exemplified by the Swedish experience where the COVID-19 mortality rate exceeds that of its more cautious neighbors. Broad induction of immunity in the population by immunization will be necessary to end this pandemic. In simple terms, a refusal to be vaccinated threatens the lives of others.

Sweden did better than many other countries (the predictions stank), like Belgium, which is still tops in death rate, and which had lockdowns. (The central fallacy that governments could eliminate pandemics given sufficient willpower we have refuted elsewhere.) In any case, it is false that if I refuse a vaccine and you get it that I in any way can threaten your life. If you are immunized, and I am not, you are immunized, and I am not. This simple statement used to be taught in medical school.

“No, Briggs. Are you that stupid? Not all vaccines work, you know. They are not effective in all people.”

So you want me, under duress and in fear of jail, to be shot up with a chemical that might not work, and that might even harm me? All because you are frightened?

“You overstate it, but yes. If I get the vaccine, it might not work. And if you don’t get it, you could get the bug and pass it to me. Then I will probably die horribly.”

But if you get the vaccine and it doesn’t work, and I am forced to get it and it doesn’t work on me, either, I could still pass the bug to you if I get sick. The ineffectiveness works both ways.

“Still, the chance has been lessened, and I’m pretty scared. There’s nothing wrong with being scared in the face of a threat.”

Not this threat, which to you since you’re young, and to most people, and now as the virus wanes, is low and shrinking. Which makes this a question of balancing probabilities and risks. It is in no way an obvious conclusion that all should be forced to be vaccinated. We have survived endless pandemics without resorting to medical thuggery. Why is this one different? Coronadoom won’t even make the Virus Hall of Fame. Besides, I notice you skated over the evidence this vaccine could be harmful.

“Not really. Yes, some people react badly to vaccines, but the number is small. The benefits outweigh the costs.”

Do they? There has never been a common cold vaccine before—coronaviruses cause colds, and colds can kill—and there won’t be one this time, either. Not the kind you’re thinking about. The one they’re proposing, currently untested, modifies the body’s RNA. This is no light matter. What are the long-term consequences? What about the short-term consequences? What happens when this virus, like all viruses, mutates and interacts with the modified RNA? Will that make it worse, as it does with some vaccines? Is the cure going to be worse than the (disappearing) disease?

“Well…I’m still willing to take the chance.”

I’m not. These academics are with you, though. They are so irrationally frightened, here’s what they say should be the punishments for not heeding them:

Vaccine refusers could lose tax credits or be denied nonessential government benefits. Health insurers could levy higher premiums for those who by refusing immunization place themselves and others at risk, as is the case for smokers. Private businesses could refuse to employ or serve unvaccinated individuals. Schools could refuse to allow unimmunized children to attend classes. Public and commercial transit companies — airlines, trains and buses — could exclude refusers. Public and private auditoriums could require evidence of immunization for entry.

Doctors also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a Mark of Vaccination on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of Health.

The academics demand that “A registry of immunization will be needed with names entered after immunization is completed.” Not only that, but:

Adequate immunization may require more than a single vaccination, and the durability of protection by different vaccines may vary and may require periodic booster immunizations. Thus, immunized persons will need to receive expiration date-stamped certification cards, which should be issued to all who are immunized in the country, whether here legally or not.

What should happen instead, is that these men should be taken out behind the woodshed and be taught the error of their ways. What might happen is that their effeminate hyper-reaction becomes law.

(Screenshot this. The tweets from this account die from coronavirus after seven days.)

Late addition Nashville city councilwoman recommends attempted murder charges for some not wearing face masks.


The Numbers

Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (CDC has two official sources that have differences). The media reports are always greater than CDC numbers.

Before we get to the numbers, let’s recall that most people on all sides of this hold the false idea that Nature has nothing to do with the virus. That whatever happens is because of what people, and not Nature, does. Nature gets no blame or credit. This is idiocy.

Democracies by their nature politicize everything, so much so that it becomes almost impossible to imagine events happening that are not caused by people acting politically. Politics gets blamed for tornadoes, so it’s not strange it should be blamed for viruses.

This false belief is what led some governments to cause harm in their response to the virus. This is because is almost impossible for governments in democracies not to act, when doing nothing is sometimes the best strategy.

Still, there is some hopeful news is in this picture, the number of daily coronadoom tests.

Recall two weeks ago we worried tests would soar to a million a day. Since then, it has fallen. If it continues—and here is where politics does intrude, since propaganda outlets can create a third wave of panic—we’ll turn out fewer “new” “cases.” Propaganda and clickbait outlets won’t be able to sell “spikes” and “rises” in “new” “cases”, or even an attributed deaths. They’ll be left with only “totals”, as in total attributed deaths or infections.

Don’t forget the media calls infections, past or present, “new” “cases”. They do this because they have sold the public the idea that a “case” has one foot in the grave. Instead, for most, but sadly not all, infections produce at best mild symptoms.

All that testing is leading to discovery of minor or mild infections, which need no treatment, and which need not be counted. And then, because of hospital policy, people are listed as dying from the virus, instead of just dying with. A cancer patient with a cold kicking off would not have his death certificate read Dead From A Chest Cold. A cancer patient with coronadoom, with the same level of symptoms as a cold, would. And are.

Given the testing is ebbing, and if it continues, then we should see the lagged drop off in attributed deaths now.

Here come da politics, though: California Will Soon Be Paying $1,250 To People Who Test Positive For Coronavirus. Get ready for the testing rate to increase again, and attributed deaths, too, because that kind of money won’t be resistible.

Now the US is not Sweden, which is not large and has the population of a small state. It is, however, small enough to be tracked as if it were one place. The US is huge and many places glued together. It is therefore not surprising that a virus wends its way through a population at various times. This is what we always see, and what we saw this time.

With that in mind, here are the official CDC attributed coronadoom deaths, current as of Monday morning.

The second peak coincides the with earlier huge increase in testing (lagged, of course), and in some areas in the States seeing the virus, just like the Southern Hemisphere entering its winter now. The time when people are crammed inside together, passing germs. Just like in lockdowns.

Anyway, the mask mandates really took force around 1 July, the call for mandatory soma injections right now, at the ebb.

Since these are attributed and not actual coronadoom deaths, we must return to the safest measure, the weekly all cause death count. Here it is.

This is intriguing. The three dots mark the last three weeks, and indicate the newer official source, which tracks both attributed coronadoom and all-cause deaths (it takes up to eight weeks to count all deaths, but by three the totals are usually close to the final values). The dashed line are the all-cause deaths minus official attributed coronadoom, and are thus all the deaths from other things (they say). The minor blip in the dashed line are deaths caused probably by the government trying to fix the situation (increase in suicides, untreated cancers, etc. etc.).

The lower black line is the old and traditional source of all cause deaths.

First, the new source shows the number of deaths is near its usual summer levels (and don’t forget population increase). There is no indication whatsoever that we are still in a crisis.

Second, the old official source has a total number of deaths lower than the new official source. The discrepancy is curiously about the same as the new “second wave” attributed coronadoom deaths. Isn’t that odd.

Could be that the old unit responsible for these reports are being neglected in favor of the coronadoom unit, and they’re lagging behind in their counts. Meaning the two black lines will converge.

Or it could be the new way of counting every death has changed. Which is strange, since a death is a death. Perhaps they’re now including people who broke the law to enter the US in the counts.

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  1. Scotty T

    1. There are 8-10 traditional, normally derived vaccines in trial; all of which are further along than the Moderna vaccine. -I would still like a good comparison of their sources and methods, since right now it looks like some of the most traditional/palatable are the least hyped.
    2. Many of the states in the Northeast have started using laughable metrics, my favorite is “positivity rate.” Apparently when testing is no longer free a ton of negatives don’t plus up the denominator. Also a state like RI, recently blocked by Mass for bad trends, probably has a significantly seasonably increased population that also is not reflected in the denominator of per capita rates. Of course all of this is predicated on the previously discredited view that positive test results equal cases, and have no errors.

  2. John B()

    I heard Russia has a vaccine having skipped one of the phases

    Reportedly, Vladimir Putin’s daughter was given it

    We’ll see how that goes

    Vlad the Injector?

  3. Mike H

    Hydroxychloroquine, anyone? Ah, but that doesn’t make politically-connected Big Pharma as rich as a vaccine that can kill people…

  4. Kenan Meyer

    These guys (Lederman, Mehlman, Youngner) would excel in Stanley Milgram’s experiment.

  5. Michael Dowd

    How can anyone prove vaccines actually work? I conclude from all the above that proof of effectiveness is impossible. Am I wrong?

  6. SableEnBoite

    “Nothing presents less of an obstacle than perfecting an ideal.” — Hippolyte Taine

  7. Jerry

    Proof of the vaccine’s effectiveness is irrelevant. The virus itself is naturally fading away into submission, so if they give the vaccine and cases are down to non-existent – they will trumpet their “proof”.

    This is all about power, and punishing the free-thinkers who voted for Trump.

  8. John Garrett

    Examples of demonstrably and provably effective vaccines:


  9. Sheri

    “(The central fallacy that governments could eliminate pandemics given sufficient willpower we have refuted elsewhere.)” Makes as much sense as “Stand up to Cancer”, one of the most asinine campaigns I’ve seen out there….

    “modifies the body’s RNA”–So we all become GMO’s? I guess that’s good for the food and pharmaceutical industries. If the government turns us all into GMOs, there’s no reason to exclude food and drugs, nor to label them.

    “California Will Soon Be Paying $1,250 To People Who Test Positive For Coronavirus” Paying people to have a pandemic illness????? Crashing down the rabbit hole full speed…..

    As for quickly made, poorly-tested vaccines for pandemics, check out H1N1 vaccine and the great “success” that was. Vaccines take YEARS to work the kinks out of. This is simply immoral and evil ignoring of science. (I am not an antivaxxer, just antipolitics in science.)

    Still, the sheep wear masks like good little sheep and won’t stand up and say NO NO NO NO NO, so it’s hard to make a case that most people give a damn. Obviously, they don’t. With the majority behind “I’m stupid sheep and will do as told”, freedom WILL die.

    Michael: Yes, you are wrong.

  10. Hun

    It is impossible to reason with these people. The only way to deal with them is the Hoppean solution. That includes people who keep insisting that wearing masks is about politeness.

  11. To our host,
    Um, no, corona viruses do *not* cause colds. Only rhinoviruses do that, just like only influenza viruses cause influenza. There are a dozen or two of virus families that cause respiratory system illnesses (and some overlap with other organ system illnesses), which are cold-like (mild) or flu-like (mild to critical), and coronaviridae is but one of these.

  12. Anon

    Someone just told me that there was no mask mandate in March bc they were “needed for the medical professionals” and of course not needed for the health and safety of the public. Same person said Sweden is under criticism for not locking down like a tomb.

  13. Anon

    Also concerning is that vaccine makers are conveniently freed of liability. I would place a bet that any vaccine that plays with the rna will reduce fertility. It is harder and harder to believe that population control is not on the agenda.

  14. john b()

    cdquarles has made that remark before

    I figured maybe he had some inside knowledge apart from what the CDC says as well as other medical sites:

    As pedantic as I am figured it wasn’t worth the argument

    The common cold can be caused by more than 200 different viruses. Around 50 percent of colds are caused by rhinoviruses, other cold-causing viruses include:

    human parainfluenza virus
    Human metapneumovirus
    coronaviruses adenovirus
    human respiratory syncytial virus

  15. Rudolph Harrier

    There is a big push in local media to oppose reopening schools under the fear that it could lead to mass death among students. Keep in mind that there has been 1 death among school age children in the state. One.

    I’m sure that some people might object that the deaths have been so low only because having schools be online only has kept children from being infected. But there have been almost 10,000 confirmed cases in school aged children. And given the number of asymptotic cases generally and the fact that children tend to have less severe symptoms, the true number of infected children is certainly much greater than that. Even if it is only double the confirmed cases, we are looking at something that has at worst a .005% death rate among children. And of course since the numerator in this calculation is only 1 and has to be a whole number, there’s a good chance that the death rate is even lower.

  16. Yes, I have studied these things back in the dark ages. There is, or was, a distinction made between a specific illness and related syndromes. Conflating them is potentially misleading; and in these troubled times, may be deadly. That kind of sloppy thinking, in my opinion, needs to be countered.

  17. Dennis

    Anyone who tries to force me to take some vaccine or wear a face diaper anywhere will get the mask shoved down his throat and the needle up his ass.

    If this were a truly serious virus comparable to a new Black Death, such measures might have some utility (even if only marginal), but all this insanity is for a disease with an IFR in the same range as flu, though we are continually being told it’s some unprecedented world historical health threat. It’s absolutely crazy, and the response is clearly being driven by politics and other agendas (I think some vaccination obsessives like Gates and his wife have more nefarious agendas – population control – as well as a fetish for injecting people).

  18. Fredo

    Lock-downs mandatory vaccines what could go wrong? What I find insidious
    is how the vaccine industry has co-opted the term ‘herd immunity’ and applied
    it to immunity conferred by vaccines. We are now told that natural ‘herd immunity’,
    which always occurred in a species when any number of virus’s over millennia of
    development passed through the population and burned out, is now in newspeak a
    dangerous phenomena. The amazing thing is that human defenses are conferred in
    infancy by the innate instinctual behavior of infants who literally put everything into
    their mouths. Cases of polio sky rocketed in middle and upper class families as hygiene
    mania swept the modern world. Less hygienic lower classes had much lower rates of infection
    having already been exposed to weaker strains in the environment.

    I’m not advocating for a return to the middle ages but a recognition and a little humility
    in the face of what is probably one of the most elegant and developed biological systems
    that for all their pontificating medical science knows little about. History will judge
    harshly the horrors visited on humanity by a medical science in it’s infancy that as it is
    kills a million people a year through malpractice. Vaccines laden with heavy metals injected
    directly into the blood stream loading the human biosphere over time seems like a recipe
    for disaster. A little like a chimpanzee throwing a monkey wrench into a running jet engine.

  19. JR

    Mr. Briggs

    “Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (CDC has two official sources that have differences). The media reports are always greater than CDC numbers.

    CDC official toll number one links to the CDC page for “Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019”, i.e. the weekly number of dead attributed to Covid19.

    CDC official toll number two links an Excel spreadsheet download of NCHSData31 for all cause deaths going back to 2013.

    I’m not seeing where you get two datasets for all cause deaths. What am I missing?

  20. Dean Ericson

    John Garrett:

    “Examples of demonstrably and provably effective vaccines:

    Maybe, but this is not simply about vaccines, or even public health. If you’re not seeing a bigger, more sinister picture in all this then keep looking. Ask yourself; if it’s true that this is no worse than a nasty seasonal cold — as plenty of solid sources show, and as your own experience may confirm (how many sick people/deaths do you personally know about?) — then what is going on? If you can come to see you’re being fed a Big Lie, then what else are they lying about, and for what purpose? Keep looking, keep asking questions, keep thinking. There is truth, and there are lies and liars.

    I’ve recently discovered Spiro Skouras and James Corbett, two smart guys who are describing big chunks of the big picture. Here’s the two of them discussing the Big Sinister Plot.

    And some excellent videos Corbett has produced on Gates.

    Finally, saving the best for last, here’s a terrific mask parody based on Kubrick: 2001: A Mask Odyssey

  21. Briggs


    Those are them. Look for all cause deaths on the page, and all deaths on the csv.

  22. Johnno

    Rudolph Harrier,

    The reason they oppose reopening schools, is the same reason they oppose having Joe Biden debate.

    When the children don’t die and schools carry on for months without any problems, it will expose the fact that this is all a bunch of nothing, and as people become more accustomed to going back to daily life more regularly, they’ll all become less scared, and less scared = can’t be coerced to obey the establishment through fear.

    The goal of the lockdowns, and the masks to a psy-op to keep the fear-pandemic going. Scared sheep are pliable into accepting any solution proposed by the masters.

  23. John B()

    Dean Ericson

    (how many sick people/deaths do you personally know about?) – I personally knew one guy who died, I personally know someone whose father died. I know someone who experienced cry worthy body aches, his wife lost her sense of taste and smell and is still (a couple of months later) waiting for them to come back fully. My brother checked into the hospital with breathing issues.

    I know of several people who were or theoretically were infected (at least a half dozen or more). I don’t personally know of any people that died of the flu in the past decade(s).

    So what would the lie be to me (past flus? or Covid-19?)

    I am underconcerned about the flu and underconcerned about Covid-19

    I have gotten the flu shot in the past, I’ll speak to my doctor about Covid but likely uninclined to do so.

  24. John B()

    Dean Ericson and since this message was about John Garrett and a list of vaccines

    Polio: my oldest sister had polio – I had a second line manager who’d had polio

    My mother had scarlet fever as a youth and came out of it blind in one eye

    I totally agree with many of the concerns here, just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get us, but you’ve got to choose your battles.

    If everything here is battleworthy then SO VI ET – it can work both ways – if you battle over something that most people see as trivial, they may see all your battles as trivial. What you see as a slippery slope, other’s won’t and be prepared to understand that

  25. C-Marie

    Pay attention to the Holy Spirit regarding the vaccines. Know who is pushing them. Know the parameters, the markings, the trackers, the continuing set-up for 666. Never before in time has the ability to track and to keep track of all peoples been so close at hand.

    The Mark of the Beast
    16And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. 17And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.
    Revelation 13: 16-18.

    And, there will be miracles in the end times which would fool even Christ’s elect but for God’s protection of His own. And how could there be the miracles? By the doers believing in the Name of Jesus, but those doers will be told by Christ that He never knew them. And how could it be that He never knew them? It will be so, because they will be without Him as their Lord and Saviour and God and His Love and Compassion, which is God the Father’s will for every person to believe in His Son Jesus Christ, and to receive Him fully as their own Lord and Saviour and God.

    And Jesus will say to them: “21Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day: Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in thy name, and cast out devils in thy name, and done many miracles in thy name? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.”
    Matthew 7: 21-23.

    God bless, C-Marie

  26. DavidC

    John Garrett,
    Vaccines have undeniably had a role in infectious diseases and their reduction but the biggest changes have come a result of improvements in public health and the effects predated vaccine introduction in most cases.

    This a very good article about vaccines (arguably it’s been put together by ‘anti vaxxers’, I don’t agree with the use of that term if the research and its conclusions are good and correct).

  27. Joy

    dquarles make an important distinction.
    Perfect information wherever possible and realistic => good decisions.

    There are also cases with covid of gastric effects. One Linda lucid and her husband came close to the edit. Waiting for respiratory symptoms. When they came, they came suddenly and both nearly died. One of them had to be ventilated. A life changing event for all who experience that kind of respiratory emergency on the receiving end.

    See Boris Johnson who nearly died. Matt Hancock who was very ill but not hospitalised, spoke of how dreadful painful it was. If people are going to claim they don’t believe leading quality politicians who have been ill, they have a v warped imagination about how the world actually works. They don’t trust them to organise the dustmen, or manage healthcare in whatever guise in general, but think they’re capable of planning a complex global multinational cross planetary zombie apocalypses and pull it off without but a few open eyed super-heroes to tell everyone it’s all a hoax!

    Like I said, no faith in humanity.
    50% of the world’s population is above average intelligence!

    Such thinking make people feel frustrated and angry or nervous and helpless.

    I checked the figure on Chris Whitty’s lecture about the theory of controlling epidemics. His graph shows 36,000 fatal cases a year, in the US for flu. The UK has 10,000.
    There’s that three and a half ratio again.

    Tells me, (if it’s accurate), something is going in a kind of ‘normal’ pattern. Another reason to think response is being managed satisfactorily regarding the mortality outcome.
    It isn’t over yet though.
    These peaks flatten and the deaths drag on for a long time. The virus is going to teach people what to do, whatever authorities do or don’t do. Another peak, more appropriate behaviour will kick in sooner; lower peak; better post peak behaviour; longer remission; and so on.

    Then the vaccine comes along and all the SENSIBLE people agree to have one. Have a US one if you’re fussy. But have one. Joy said so.

  28. As long as the vaccines are adequately tested and don’t contain telemetry chips, I’d likely take one; especially when I was on the front lines, so to speak, working in pathology labs. I’m retired now and do have several of the diseases of long life (we live as physically embodied chemically mediated beings, or as dust of the Earth creatures one hour at a time) and have suffered from a slightly overactive immune system for nigh on 60 years. I did take one of the early Hepatitis B vaccines for just that reason.

    @ Fredo, well, the point of a vaccine *is* to confer herd immunity via a controlled dose; which often will have fewer ill effects. I’m old enough to remember the morbidity and mortality from ‘uncontrolled’ ‘natural’ infections. If that can replace a virulent pathogen with a less virulent one, that’s icing on the cake.

    A virology aside: rhinoviruses are an offshoot of picornaviruses and those are offshoots of enteroviruses. They are very small (just a bit larger in diameter than the human cell membrane width and roughly one fifth the diameter of coronaviruses) RNA viruses that are not enveloped (like influenza virus or coronavirus) nor are they generally zoonotic, like influenza viruses and coronaviruses. In my mind, these distinctions are important.

  29. Uncle Mike

    Dear Joy,

    Since you are on the front lines of medical care in GB, perhaps you could answer some honest questions.

    1. Does the NHS recommend and use HCQ with Z-pack and Zn in early stage patients? If a +case desired that treatment could they get it?

    2. Do they use steroidal inhalers (dexamethasone)?

    3. Do you yourself take HCQ or other ionophores (quercetin, ECGC) and/or Vit D, Zn, as prophylactics against possible infection?

    4. Are any children (<21) among your Covid patients. or NHS patients to your knowledge?

  30. Sylvain Allard


    You are very dishonest.

    You should revisit your older post.

    On the cdc graph from June 30th post.

    The graph shows weekly death count of barely 200.

    The new graph you have posted shows over 5000 deaths per week in June.

    Death are now over 1300/day or almost 10000 per weeks.

    Yet you choose to misinform your reader by not acknowledging that the data is complete but can have few weeks latency.

    At its highest point death per week were around 15000. After they got down to 2-3000/week. By the end of June and they are now up to 10000 and rising.

  31. Fredo

    I understand ‘herd immunity’ is the theory behind vaccines; what I object to
    is the vaccine industry’s dishonesty denigrating the natural phenomena of herd immunity
    as dangerous and barbaric in order to push their products. There is a natural intelligence
    behind all biological processes, God if you will, about which we have but a glimmer of
    comprehension. Mankind stumbled upon a natural phenomena and can trick the immune
    system into an anti-body response conferring protection. The problem that is emerging is
    that prior vaccines also may be increasing vulnerability to up and coming pathogens. Logically
    are we going to vaccinate for the dozens of new emerging pathogens that are in continuous
    circulation around the world at any given time? We’ll all be lined up for our shots in perpetuity.
    I have no objection to vaccines provided the manufacturer is fully liable for untoward outcomes.
    Passing legal exclusions abrogating liability tells me all I need to know about the safety and
    integrity of the ‘artificial immunity’ lobby. Paramount in the equation is personal choice when
    getting on a merry-go-round.

  32. Joy

    Dear Uncle Mike,
    I am not on the front line at present. I have been previously, and when I am, it is in musculoskeletal outpatients. My specialty is in Chronic or complex pain diagnosis and treatment. I am not, (although I don’t mind letting you know personally, in a position to say here, what exactly I am doing.)
    1. Does the NHS recommend and use HCQ with Z-pack and Zn in early stage patients? If a +case desired that treatment could they get it?
    No. Since there is no evidence according to the Chief Medical Officer that there is any benefit or any harm. It was hoped that it would be an easy and cheap therapy as it’s widely available and understood worldwide, for malaria. . If patients require such treatment it is available privately. Some antimalarials are available without prescription over the counter. I don’t know if that one particular is one of them. Quinine sulphate is taken for inflammatory joint disease. Tonic water.
    There are no shortages regarding availability, since the drug, along with dexamethasone was stock poised early on as a possible candidate going forward. As a precaution prior to Brexit many common medicines were stock piled. There were already shortages before covid happened in some common medicines due to supply chain alterations in anticipation of Brexit.
    2. Do they use steroidal inhalers (dexamethasone)?
    Yes, they use nebulisers. How the dexamethasone is introduced in all cases though isn’t something I know about. Whether inhalers, intravenous, intramuscular or oral. Normally in acute respiratory distress they are given in form of a nebuliser with oxygen.
    3. Do you yourself take HCQ or other ionophores (quercetin, ECGC) and/or Vit D, Zn, as prophylactics against possible infection? No. It’s not. A hot potato over here either. The media make it so, in the US because Trump plugged it.
    4. Are any children (<21) among your Covid patients. or NHS patients to your knowledge?
    4. Patients under fifteen are paediatric. I don’t have any covid patients or NHS patients. I am ‘here’ on a voluntary basis. Hence the term ‘charges’.

    Where physiotherapy comes into play is particularly in prevention of need for ventilators with use of other kinds of support such as CPAP. Positioning and breathing exercises. Physios in GB do the job that respiratory therapists do in the US. It is a specialty of physiotherapy.

  33. @Fredo,
    Hmm, I’m not sure that the vaccine industry denigrates natural immunity, otherwise their products wouldn’t work. Trick is the wrong word for what is happening. History, overall, has shown that vaccination is a less harmful action, overall, than uncontrolled ‘natural’ infections.

    Now, I’m not sure how much of the true history is known. I do know that in the USA, the trial lawyers used lawfare to bleed the manufacturers with marginal claims where true damage wasn’t necessarily shown. The standard in civil tort claims is preponderance of the evidence, and having seen with my own eyes what happens in voir dire and that forum shopping did happen, I can see them petitioning the Federal government for redress of their grievances. If the government is going to mandate immunizations, then the government should take the liability, not the manufacturers nor their private insurers.

    Antibody dependent enhancement happens in natural infections, too; though many don’t hear about it.

  34. Fredo

    That may well be why convalescent anti-body treatment is the gold standard of treatment
    for many infectious diseases. The problem is it’s expensive, relies on naturally produced anti-bodies,
    and they haven’t been able to bottle it yet; though they’re working on it. If you haven’t seen the screeds denigrating herd immunity on the Gate’s industry sites you haven’t been paying attention.
    It’s embedded in the fabric of most of their propaganda. Why should the taxpayer be responsible
    for the malfeasance of a private for profit industry? And the government is not empowered to
    to mandate immunizations, any such notion would have to rely on naked coercion and aggression
    which is anathema to a free state. The United States would cease to exist and a coterie of technocrats,
    mad scientists, and bureaucrats would be left to rule over a gelatinous mass of plebes, ready and
    willing to be molded into the flavor of the day.

  35. Fredo

    cdq writes:
    Antibody dependent enhancement happens in natural infections, too; though many don’t hear about it.

    Yes you don’t hear about it because it’s probably not happening I’d be interested in your source.
    We do know it’s happening in vaccinated populations.

  36. Dean Ericson


    “Anyone who tries to force me to take some vaccine or wear a face diaper anywhere will get the mask shoved down his throat and the needle up his ass.”

    This is the PROPER AMERICAN RESPONSE to this outrage. Bravo.

  37. BD Energy All Day!

    Briggs, your updates have been spot on, and very much appreciated by many people who would never think to comment.

    Masks – much like condoms – need to be thrown off by all men of goodwill. Keep up your fine work.

  38. Uncle Mike

    Dear Joy,

    Thank you for the info. Thank you for your good works. Please be safe.

    I take ionphores — quercetin and ECGC — as well as Zn and Vit D. The goober here banned HCQ (which has been proved to work) and mandated masks (which don’t). Worse than stupid. Closed schools when kids are the safest people themselves and safest to be around. The vaccine is very iffy. The fact that the worse-than-stupid gummit is pushing it is ample reason to be skeptical. I believe in self sufficiency and self treatment, and being not stupid. Wish me luck.

  39. Joy

    Dear Uncle Mike,
    I recall your set up as you described it years ago. It made me smile at the time. I’m glad you’re looking after yourself and everybody else around you.
    I’ll check your list (see what we call them here at the chemist) and get back to you! If THEY get banned I could be your supplier!

    Banning something which is a supplement, effectively, is silly.
    The difference here is that anything deemed safe for consumption is not banned. “NICE” or as some call them, nasty, have oversight as to whether a therapy or treatment should be allowed on the NHS. This is with the view to good use of public funds. There’s often controversy over NICE’s decisions.

    All manner of therapies are available privately.
    So there is a choice. The problem is that it is obviously expensive on taxes where everybody’s paying for everybody else. Not ideal, I get that.

    Why do you say the vaccine is very iffy?
    “Masks work” / Masks don’t work” is the problem with the ill defined debate. As all good philosophers/debaters know. There’s devil in the detail about masks. Sensible politicians don’t get things out of perspective, same for every body else.

    The problem with a lot of this entire matter is that the so called rulings, banning, mandating, forcing, mild or menacing in various places,- They aren’t intended for people like you Uncle Mike, and you know this. It’s being lumped in with all the others that grates! It’s insulting and inconvenient, to say the least.

    The problem is that BECAUSE the virus is what it is, everybody has to at least be seen to be doing the right thing, or ‘the others’ will spoil it for everybody, including you. *but I sense you do what yo like anyway and you’re somewhere that nobody can really tell.

    The fact that some mad and mean dictator types are making a dog’s breakfast of the thing doesn’t really alter the unremitting viral problem.

    The vaccine is not shown to work yet. That is the only way in which it could be called iffy in my opinion. Perhaps it’s going to raise other vaccine issues over there. If they mandate vaccines? That’s tyranny.
    That’s a lot of Uncle Mikes to chase round the surgery.

    In any case, if everybody was like you, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now. Nothing wrong with self sufficiency. I’m all for it. That discussion could go on all day. When the NHS is misrepresented though, it’s not helpful. After about five years I chose to go contracting.
    There’s a sort of self sufficiency in that. I have often been one to say the NHS needs rubbing out and starting again. If it were to happen I would adjust accordingly. Same as the covid situation. Had the government done NOTHING, I would have muddled through with it because I’m not stupid either.

    There was one other thing which occurred to me again about this epidemic response comparison between countries with a nationalised system and those without. It really isn’t good enough to stop people going out to earn their crust if their crust is what they are relying on to pay for their health! So cutting and pasting intervention measures from other countries is mad and unthinking.

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