The DIE Litany: Suicide by Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity at University

The DIE Litany: Suicide by Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity at University

Here, once more, is the Diversity Inclusion Equity Litany (Hypodorian II):

All are Equal
Equity is not here
Quotas will achieve Equity
Quotas won’t lower standards
Standards must be lowered
Standards were not necessary

Repeat until the institution DIEs; which is to say, becomes Diverse, Inclusive and suffused with glorious Equity.

Then move to the next target.

Incidentally, it used to be Equality, but they switched lately to Equity. My guess is the former word became too hard for its increasing number of adherents to spell. Two fewer letters, you see.

Fewer is a mathematical judgement. And math, which regular readers already knew, is racist. Reader DAV found for us this:

The “doctor’s” take is not unknown to us. Math has long been praised as “whiteness”, and therefore racist. The racism is easily purged, however, by allowing math to be redefined as the subject which the subject calls math.

This redefinement (you heard me) is not limited to university math educators, who are related to math as meals are related to articles about meals, and therefore dismissable. It has been found in actual practitioners, too. University-based algorithm creators now routinely admit their code is racist.

All of these—a mere smattering of a wealth of examples—are the results of the Litany, which is being applied with increasing aggressiveness.

Universities, by the old definition, were at least partly meritocratic, especially in “STEM” (no one argues they should be wholly merit-based). It turns out some people are more able than others to do math and physics, a distinct and direct affront to DIE. Men outnumbered women in actual math and physics, and Asians outnumber the scared race. These “disparities” were lamented, but they couldn’t be made to go away, despite decades of trying every sort of fix.

Then came the steady chant of the Litany, which like dripping water can eat through anything if given enough time.

It finally, for instance, severed the crucial remaining neurons of a judge in California, who has made it illegal for students to submit proof of their ability. The judge “issued an injunction forbidding even voluntary use of the [SAT, ACT] tests during current conditions.”

Current conditions?

“Nondisabled, economically advantaged, and white test-takers have an inherent advantage in the testing process,” Seligman said in his ruling. He said students with disabilities whose qualifications were otherwise the same as other applicants “are denied a potential second chance at admission” when test scores are taken into account.

Well, it’s just true the able have an inherent advantage in the testing process over the unable. This ability gap produces unwanted “harmful” disparities. Solution? The Litany! Standards must be lowered; Standards were not necessary.

Responding to allegations around the country that the admissions exams tilt the scales toward wealthier, white students, more than 1,500 colleges have gone test-optional, according to the anti-testing organization FairTest.

The Litany ate away at the base of entrance tests until they could no longer be supported. It will next be applied, and of course has been applied, to exit tests, too. DIE, especially in its Diversity aspect, demands absolute uniformity of results.

It has uniformity in the Inhumanities, i.e. Studies courses and so on, and it is getting them in STEM.

Another example? Sure. UCLA students are now chanting the Litany at the heretofore renowned Computer Science Professor Eliezer Gaf. His crime? His “disregard for the racialized experiences of people of color in the United States.” Standards must be lowered; Standards were not necessary.

It isn’t only race. All perverted sexual desires must be represented in STEM, too. Take an area I bet you never before considered, like geophysical field work. Identifying which rocks are metamorphic and the like. The American Geophysical Union, the field’s top professional organization, said

that fieldwork is not always accessible for geoscientists with varying physical abilities or young families. However, there has not been a deliberate focus on challenges faced by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community in the geosciences with respect to fieldwork.

It is now providing that focus by direct and mandatory chants of the Litany.

The Litany is real. It is often used as an opening prayer at elite institutions.

What happens in the university does not, like in Las Vegas, stay in the university. The universal problem of The Litany is however too big a problem for us today.

What, then, is the solution at universities? (1) Get out, whether student or professor. (2) Form our own.

Late addition High schools, too.

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  1. As always, Matt, you’re way ahead of the curve on news of our cultural assisted suicide attended by Dr Death, PC-Progs.

    You caught the news that Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology (TJ), here in Virginia, has committed to building the gallows for its own execution.

    One of my kids is a TJ graduate. TJ used to revel in its population of nerds–majority Asian/Subcon boys (75% Asian or Indian/Pakistani, 65% boys) selected by a grueling merit-based admissions process. Orientation sessions would joke about the population to the girls: “Welcome to TJ! If you’re seeking romance you’ll find the odds are in your favor–The odds are good, but the goods are odd!”

    TJ is in a close-in DC suburb, where the cultural destruction has been quickening for the last 30 years. Another of my kids eschewed TJ for our county’s (Loudoun, an ex-urban former oasis for Normal Americans) Academy of Science (AOS)–a TJ clone without the long commute. Similar curriculum, grueling merit-based admissions process, nearly exact demographic profile, with a few more girls.

    But the piper is now demanding payment. This year the county’s government was flipped. The government bodies, including the School Board, and the District Attorney (a Soros special) are now filled with PC-Progs.

    They quickly began to take action. AOS was a high-priority target. The local paper reported:

    “Loudoun County NAACP says it wants a full investigation from the school system into the admissions process for the Academies of Loudoun due to the small number of black students accepted into the specialized schools.

    “The Academies…train students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The Academies houses Loudoun’s science, technology, engineering and career and vocational tech programs. It’s made up of the Academy of Science, Academy of Engineering and Technology and Monroe Advanced Technical Academy.”

    Of course, the Board surrendered immediately:

    “LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — The Loudoun County School Board (LCSB) approved changes to the Academies of Loudoun admissions process to be more inclusive and to fight inequality.

    “The vote comes after the board explored ways to fight systemic racism and promoting racial and economic equality at the Academies of Loudoun.

    “One of the changes includes only one day of testing. Previously, students had to take four tests over a two-day period to be considered for admission. The change comes after realizing that this caused hardships for some students and their families. ”

    But, have faith! Some Americans are more committed to our American ideals than others!

    “Thirty-seven Loudoun County parents have filed a lawsuit asking a Circuit Court judge to determine whether recently adopted changes to the Academy of Science and the Academy of Engineering and Technology violate their constitutional rights. The suit also alleges the board violated Virginia’s open meeting laws when the changes were adopted.”


    An interesting effect of the end of merit-based policies is that some minority groups (Asians and Subcons), which have fallen in with PC-Prog politics by default, while still living the American dream of merit and achievement, suddenly see the ogre behind the mask. The litigants against the Loudoun School Board represent the demographics of AOS students–largely Asian and Subcon.

    Sort of like riots and looting catching the attention of white Normals, destruction of merit in academia is catching the attention of these formerly monolithic PC-Prog voters. This could account for a vote swing….


  2. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Well, of course this is only a way to destroy jet another part of the fabric of the polis, but the answer is NOT more materialist racism. For instance, blacks don’t fare worse for a racist capacity distribution, English darwinist colonialists weren’t right or in the right. Asians aren’t more capable due to some racial feature. Blacks come from broken homes, 80+% of them are sons of women that have children from men that aren’t their husbands; so they are poor, so they go to terrible schools, so they get into drugs and gangs. Is the answer some type of commie egalitarian destruction of the civilized society? OF COURSE NOT!!! Is it a racist explanation? OF COURSE NOT? The answer is the Monaghan Report, produced by a Catholic senator, who proposed to elevate the negroe existence in the US in the 1960’s by promoting family life (then illegitimacy among blacks in the US was 18%): he was called a racist and rejected by the leaders of the revolutionary civil rights movement, including the EMINENT SAINT-womanizer-commie handled…. Orestes Brownson said in the 1860’s that the negroe had to be fully integrated into Western Culture before getting political rights: OF COURSE HE WAS RIGHT!!!!: there you have your answer, not some racial explanation. Another example, to make the comparison: in the US, Indians are not citizens or weren’t, before pluralism. They were sidelined and pushed out. So, that society didn’t have the need to integrate several peoples to society, especially, non-civilized peoples. We, in Hispanoamérica, did do that, in a great civilization effort, the biggest in history (together with the civilization of Germanic barbarians in post-Rome Europe, by the Latins)… And along came the revolution, so called enlightenment, which destroyed the big work, maybe a century too early. So you have masses of peoples living outside civilization or poorly civilized, facing the corruption of deconstructionism, drug traffic, pornography, etc. They are corrupted beyond normal, so they fare poorly in any test you can devise, not a race issue, though… It’s too ignorant to talk like that. I hope, sincerely, to have contributed something important in the consideration of these issues. Racism is NOT, primarily, a thing of hatred or unfair play, it’s an understanding of reality based on race, very mediocre, poor, shameful, very false, far away from truth. It needs to be debunked everywhere. It wasn’t the WHITE RACE that founded the university as institution, it WAS CHRISTISNITY. Stop these nonsense. And, by the way, a bonus: cultural appropriation? Everything they talk, and the institutions, the doctorate degree, they’re all western achievements, so stop the nonsense, you bone head!!!!

  3. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Note: the bone head is the teachers a that legion of geniuses like her…

  4. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Whites have no constitutional protections whereas religious folks do – not that that fact means much anymore.

    O, and every time a body accuses you of white privilege and claims that is the problem respond black criminality is the problem.

    John Derbyshire asked a great question(paraphrase coming) – What percentage of the black population must be incarcerated to make the black crime rate equal to the crime rate of whites (That question prolly will not be asked during the debates).

  5. Michael Dowd

    Thus a crying need and a great opportunity for a real university anchored in reality.

  6. awildgoose

    As a Gen Xer I am glad this makes my STEM degrees increasingly valuable because there is no horde of well-trained Millennials and Zoomers coming to compete for jobs.

    Of course, this is terrible for society as a whole.

  7. Sheri

    Racist, white privilege, climate change are all garbage words with NO MEANING. One should LAUGH when ever the drivel is passed off as meaningful language. Tell the speaker to use REAL words, not made up garbage. Also, NEVER stoop to the “black criminality” hatred–ALL CRIMINALITY IS THE PROBLEM. Denying that any race is not part of the problem is stupid and irresponsible.

    Universities are an IQ and wealth test for parents. Only the STUPIDEST, yet most wealthy, pays 6 digit amounts per year to gave their child turned into a drooling moron. Many of the stupid mortgage their homes or kids take out loans they will never repay to become drooling morons. It’s a very, very, very, very sick system.

    Why is testing good for Covid and not for Universities. We know Covid is racist, so why are we still testing????

    This all says “Minorities are stupid animals that cannot learn or ever be fully human.” I don’t understand why the stupid animals go along with this, but they do.

    Again, I can’t wait for one of these morons to have a kid DIE in surgery done by an idiot who feels good about themselves. More likely, have their dog DIE by an idiot that feels good about themselves because these folks love their dogs, hate their kids. (Sorry the kid has to die, but stupid has consequences. I don’t want a child to die, but you cannot stop stupid and this is one of the consequences. It will happen, and happen OFTEN in the future as people plead for more stupid.)

    We all know standards are gone. Google is staffed by people with IQ’s lower than my dog….

    This is what happens when parents HATE their children.

  8. DavidCH1

    This is a bigger problem than education, or health, or rights. Fundamentally the foundations of our society are being destroyed.

    I’m glad I’m in my 30’s and didn’t go to school during the time of extreme decline. I noticed sudden changes happening even during the time my younger brother went to school. He’s just 5 years younger, but never-heard-before problems such as “sexting” happened. About a decade after that it was about teaching trans-gender as gender or teaching abortion in elementary schools. Now it devolved further and some embrace the idea that gender is a social construct!

    Moral decline is the key. The politicians are reflecting the moral decline of society. Of course with them its magnified, but they all come from the same pot.

    This is part of the reason why feelings-based policies are being used for covid, and climate change and why scare tactics are so effective.

    -De-emphasis on the monolithic family structure caused by promotion of career focus(especially women), and destructive laws that makes divorce the easy way out.
    -One night stands, multiple sex partners, 50%+ divorce rates.
    -Generations ruined by the destruction of the family structure.
    -Gender “fluidity” which is as ridiculous as saying 2+2=5.
    -Attack on the religious institutions as superstitious and unnecessary.

    Most of the developed nations are well on their way to having their “empire” crumble as Rome did in 10-15 years. By the way its going, it’ll end in a momentous battle between innumerable groups and also against the government.

  9. Cloudbuster

    Incidentally, it used to be Equality, but they switched lately to Equity. My guess is the former word became too hard for its increasing number of adherents to spell. Two fewer letters, you see.

    My guess is that they switched to equity because it is a vaguer, less easily-definable term. Equality is mathematical: You have two apples, I have two apples. Blacks are 13% of the population, so the school graduates 13 or more black people every year out of every 100 graduates. Your pay equals my pay.

    “Equity,” though? Sure your solution may be equal, but is it equitable? How will we know when it is equitable? When I say so, but in practicality, when you have nothing left for me to take.

  10. Emmett DeMundi

    Any idiot can get a doctorate, especially if it’s not in the hard sciences including mathematics.

    Usually when a “mathematician” says math is racist, the woman’s (it’s almost always a woman) has a doctorate in mathematics education, which is an entirely different subject. They know even less about education than they do about mathematics, since what they believe about education is a dung heap of leftist bromides.

    Even real mathematics departments are under pressure to hire more Official Victims such as women and under-performing groups. “We need more women in mathematics” is a constant refrain, though it’s never explained why we need more women or for what purpose. The same applies to other Official Victim groups.

    If mathematics is too difficult for some people and doesn’t appeal to others, then it must be dumbed down for them so that it can serve the leftist agenda of destroying civilization.

  11. jwm

    “Nondisabled, economically advantaged, and white test-takers have an inherent advantage in the testing process,” Seligman said in his ruling. He said students with disabilities whose qualifications were otherwise the same as other applicants “are denied a potential second chance at admission” when test scores are taken into account.

    that fieldwork is not always accessible for geoscientists with varying physical abilities or young families. However, there has not been a deliberate focus on challenges faced by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community in the geosciences with respect to fieldwork.

    I’ll wait for them to apply these standards for “student athletes” on the football field or basketball courts. Surely they can accommodate a few blind quadriplegics on the gridiron.


  12. Ann Cherry

    “Tired of Poverty?” This was the title of a recent billboard sponsored by Urban Cure, Star Parker’s organization. The message went on to say, “Finish School. Take any Job. Get Married. Save & Invest. Give Back to Your Neighborhood.”. It showed a photo of a young black woman.

    BLM (Inc.) didn’t like this messaging and made demand upon Clear Channel, who immediately caved and took the billboard down. Clear Channel released this wiener-statement: “We strive to respect a wide variety of viewpoints on diversity and racial sensitivity in our local communities…. This ad did not receive proper approvals, lacked appropriate attribution and was promptly removed.”

    What Clear Channel failed to mention, is that they worked with Star Parker’s organization on this messaging, as ad companies do, to make it tight. They had a signed contract and had received payment. Clear Channel then (apparently) breached its contract because, in their own words, it hadn’t “received proper approvals.”

    So now BLM (Inc.), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Google/Facebook/Twitter/(China) criminal cartel, is the official arbiter of our “Community Standards” and all media, billboards, and so forth, must be vetted by them.

    Here’s the thing. I’ve known about this for at least a week or two, and have yet to write a letter to Star Parker, to thank her, or to Clear Channel, to not thank them. How often do we vent on social media or sites like this, while doing little in the public square?

    A couple of years ago, we were praying with fellow parishioners in front of our local Planned Parenthood abortuary, and a fellow told me they’d eliminated the Pledge of Allegiance at his child’s charter school. I asked if he’d complained, and he said he hadn’t made a peep to them, not a phone call or letter.

    “If…if… We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation… We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” -Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

    Thanks for your intelligent and thought-provoking articles. I especially love your commentators, and appreciate those who space their words into paragraphs for readability and less of that rant-like quality. Most of them are so smart, proper little articles in their own right, and I want to absorb every word; proper spacing helps my older eyes do just that.

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    Our university changed its procedures for curriculum updates. Now every change to a program is required to show that it will make specific improvements to “diversity, equity and inclusion” (they didn’t quite get the DIE acronym).

    Due to an error, information is missing from some programs in our bulletin. But just to update it to include the correct information (which merely describes the current program) we must justify that this update would improve the DIE measures. It looks like we might be able to avoid that this time, since we literally are just fixing the bulletin to reflect what is actually happening, but even that is uncertain. Certainly if we want to do things like shore up weaknesses in a specific topic, we will not be allowed to get away with it without showing how we are going to increase diversity et al. (which is impossible if you are a STEM program).

  14. BDavi52

    Vonnegut, “Harrison Bergeron”: we have arrived!

    “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal
    before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter
    than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was
    stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the
    211th, 212th, and 213 th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing
    vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.”

    You can find the whole text here:

  15. Grima Squeakersen

    Welcome to the real world instantiation of Larry Niven’s “World of Ptavvs”.

  16. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Speaking about black criminality is now “hatred?

    Sheri has presented for us a museum quality example of a meaningless slogan

    TY Sheri

  17. Institutional decline to cultural decline to institutional decline. Feedback loop.

    One has to believe these people were failed in the formative years. What else can explain such a virulent zeal.

  18. Compsci

    We have a High school here in town. Was for years ranked 4-6th national by US News. It was the only public school for the gifted. School Board decided they couldn’t have such a non diverse school, so changed the admissions criteria so that top ten percent of each feeder school was to be taken in—regardless of how mediocre the feeder school was. The school dropped out of the top ten and now out of the top 20. In continues to slide gracefully into the ranks of the mediocre.

  19. Uncle Mike

    The DIE agenda descends all the way to elementary school and kindergarten. Now the youngest students are doing Covid zoom school, which is an utter failure on many fronts. Parents are appalled to see the politically slanted curriculum for the first time and the attention disconnect of their children from Screen School. Kids don’t learn from computers; they need human interaction.

    The entire education system has lost a year, and maybe more if this abysmal tragedy continues. Most school districts are not opening soon, so the outlook is not good. The teachers unions are destroying their profession.

    One silver lining is that home schooling is on the rise. Parents who can are abandoning the public education system altogether. Many have formed “pod schools” for group home schooling, which share teaching tasks and address the alleged “socialization deficit” of home schooled kids. I predict there will be an increasing disparity between home schooled and public schooled children; the educated vs. the ignorant, the capable vs. the dependent. Society will bifurcate to an even greater degree.

  20. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The Tribe that controls the media is never asked to reveal how diverse they are.

    Do the places where they live look like America?

    Do the Synagogues in which they worship look like diverse America and are their Rabbis and Cantors as diverse as they demand others be?

    Do they hire non Hebrew speaking Muslims to read their scriptures?

    Are the symphony orchestras they support comprised of folks who look like America and don’t know the difference between an Oboe and a Bassoon?

    When one these misanthropists appear in public locally, become part of the audience and ask them one of these or other questions

  21. Kneel

    “One should LAUGH when ever the drivel is passed off as meaningful language.”

    True, but that won’t help fix it.

    I suggest using Alinski’s rules – make them live by their own standards.
    In this case, perhaps you could pick something that is dominated by PoC – say, athletic scholarships.
    Demand EQUITY in athletic scholarships – it’s only fair, right?
    Demand that PoC make up the same percentage of sporting teams as they represent in the greater community.
    Claim you are being discriminated against.
    Claim that in athletics, there is black privilege.
    And so on.
    Demand that more men are promoted in the humanities – otherwise, sexual discrimination.
    Demand that there are more men in K-12 education – otherwise, sexual discrimination.
    And so on.
    Demand that as there are people whose job is to protect women and PoC from discrimination, there must also be someone to safeguard men from the same fate.
    Demand “safe spaces” for white males.

    Equality means everyone is treated the same doesn’t it?
    In which case, “Affirmative Action” should be officially ended as racially biased.
    Ditto for women as CEOs etc.

    Run a seminar that goes through the discrimination against white males, but don’t expose the fact that it is white males until the entire class is riled and demands that this systemic discrimination be fixed, and is ready to protest, riot whatever.
    Sure, it likely won’t come to an actual protest, but it will make at least some question the narrative.

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