Anthony Fauci: Pandemics are Increasing Because We’ve Provoked Mother Nature

Anthony Fauci: Pandemics are Increasing Because We’ve Provoked Mother Nature

Wanna know what caused the wave of the past decade’s “unprecedented pandemic explosions”, of which the coronadoom is one?

Truckers and truck stop prostitution.

Yes. Or so says our very own Anthony “Never Shake Hands Again” Fauci, a fellow you might have seen on television striking various poses.

It’s his (and David Moren’s) scientific idea, stated scientifically in a new scientific paper, that the science says that truck stop prostitution, road-building, and disharmony with nature is causing “unprecedented pandemic explosions”.

Now this disharmony with Mother Ear——

——What’s that? You haven’t heard of these “unprecedented pandemic explosions”? Well, they’re diseases like the coronadoom. But before we get to our sins against Mother Earth, we need to understand what Fauci means by “unprecedented”.

Fauci’s contention is that pandemics are on the upswing, which means that, given the intense insane hyper-over-reaction to coronadoom, we could soon be in some deep kimchi.

Is it true communicable diseases are increasing?

Fauci has a chart listing sixteen past pandemics throughout human history, half of which were since 1918. His implication is that these were the only ones worth noting, and that the frequency of mass deadly outbreaks is increasing.

This is not so.

Wikipedia has a different list with over 250 outbreaks going all the way back to 1200 BC. The most notable of which was the Black Death, which between 1346 and 1353 slaughtered 75 to 200 million-with-an-m people. Fauci lowballed his memory of this horror, saying it was only 50 million. Maybe because he wanted to claim an event closer to our time—1918’s Spanish Flu—was “the deadliest event in recorded human history”.

My sons and I used to play “Slug Bug”. When you were the first to spot an old Volkswagen Beetle, you got to whack somebody saying the color. “Slug Bug green!” Chances are you can’t recall the last time you saw one of these cars on the road. But go out now and look for one—actively search. You’ll be surprised at how many “suddenly” appear.

Your surprise is caused by measurement bias. The same is true with disease bugs. If you never looked for them, you never saw them. It is only in the last few decades that active measurements have been taken on the various infectious agents we live with. These searches naively make it seem mass-casualty outbreaks are increasing.

Yet it just isn’t so. Scan that list. In 735, Japan saw an outbreak of smallpox that killed 2 million. The Antonine Plague of 165 sunk 5-10 million into early graves. On and on the bell has rung.

We come now to COVID-19, the coronadoom. It cannot be considered unusual. It will not even join the Disease Hall Of Fame. Asian flu in 1957, which beat coronadoom, killed 1 to 4 million, and the same with 1968’s Hong Kong flu. (Fauci includes neither of these.)

Flu and its complications (like pneumonia) regularly and routinely kills hundreds of thousands to millions worldwide. Each and every year. Even in the presence of vaccines. This has been so throughout history, and there is no reason to suppose it will change in the future.

One thing that has changed has been our perception of disease. We have grown exponentially more fearful, and we now must have somebody to blame.

Fauci thinks “disease emergences reflect our increasing inability to live in harmony with nature.” He says “we now live in a human-dominated world in which our increasingly extreme alterations of the environment induce increasingly extreme backlashes from nature.”

Build one too many truck stops and you “provoke” Mother Nature into an extreme backlash. Like the coronadoom—and the “deadly barrage” of other diseases they found but which didn’t turn out to be so deadly.

Only way out of this, says Fauci, is to placate our great goddess. We need to live “in more thoughtful and creative harmony with nature”. Funny he doesn’t say how we achieve this states of harmoniousness. Except that we need to “begin to think in earnest and collectively”.

My earnest thought, which I’ll add to the collective, is that we must never, ever again panic over not-at-all unusual wholly expected common disease outbreaks. Panic kills. Panic makes us stupid.

Panic has so benumbed governments that many have taken a zero-tolerance policy on coronadoom. Things will never be the same again, they promise us, until the virus is eradicated! Yet even according to fabulous Fauci himself, this is nuts.

“That viral genetic descendants of the 1918 influenza pandemic virus are still causing seasonal outbreaks throughout the world, and still killing cumulatively millions of people a century late”

This is true! Coronadoom will also, in one form or another, always be with us. If we are going to lockdown and restrict liberties until it “goes away”, we shall do so forever.

Bonus Fabulous Frauduci has some limp competition. He says it’s a POed Mother Nature causing pandemics. The UN, though, says it’s the patriarchy.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Yes, yes, yes. Fauci is on to something. In order to appease the gods of nature human sacrifice is, of course, necessary. He and Jeffrey Sachs, “Pope” Francis and others are seeing to this an in many ways. Abortion and euthanasia are tried ant true approaches but more is needs. Ordinary people must sacrifice their livelihood to nature, others their standard of living, etc. Nothing is too much to offer up to the god of nature. Don’t you see???

  2. Sheri

    Michael: That’s why Cuomo and Gretchen the Witch added nursing home sacrifices.
    Really? Then what caused the THREE HUNDRED YEARS of plague???? The man is a flaming idiot and the fact that Americans listen to him is what causes the downfall of this country and civilization. Has nothing to do with pandemics, unless you count stupidity as pandemic.

    Fauci is a moron which explains the published paper (I think I’ll publish one soon, just because it would be fun!). Morons are now the experts. You know, it’s bad when Wiki rats you out…..

    Fauci believes we are aliens from another planet. Or we are special, made by God and not evolution. His ideas are 100% incompatible with evolution. So, we have an infectious disease moron that believes we are aliens. Go “science”.

    I am thinking collectively and I’m sure he’s not going to like the outcome of my thoughts….

    Governments have takes a zero-tolerance policy on virtually everything, going along with the insane idea that humans are totally incapable of adapting, again relegating us to the “ALIENS!!!!” domain.

    New science (started with evolution, global warming and now coronadoom) says humans are incapable of adapting to change (ALIENS!!!) whatsoever. Personal injury thieves buy new Mercedes based on this premise. Also, political ideology produces viruses and disease. Wasn’t that the witch doctor theory??? Maybe we should design a witch doctor logo for the coronadoom crowd’s mascot.

  3. Eamon McDermott

    No doubt the prescription will be suicide to decrease world population. I’ll let those making the proposal go first.

  4. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Sheri. Human Sacrifice is necessary to achieve the de-population goal of Democrats and other Communists in order to achieve a Godless utopia where the earth becomes god. Abortion and euthanasia is just the beginning.

    We must make sure that everyone knows they are probably being targeted for extinction. In other words, voting for Biden is suicidal.

  5. Michael Dowd

    Yes Eamon Human Sacrifice is what the Democrats are all about.

  6. awildgoose

    Funny, I’m pretty sure that Fauci stated that anonymous hookups were a – okay during the height of the coronadoom panic:

    Unfortunately the US lacks the sort of Chinese- style, ‘societal harmony, ‘ statutes that would permit the arrest, prosecution, and capital punishment of this and other dangerous lunatics.

  7. Hun

    First of all, it’s sex workers, not prostitutes, and we all know that sex work is real work and it’s wholesome and it cannot possibly anger Mother Earth.

    OTOH, free-breathing, sexist, racist white males…

  8. c matt

    The only thing unprecedented about the Wuhan Flu is the stupidity and overreaction.

  9. Kathleen

    Slug! Bug!

    What an OUTSTANDING game! I am beside myself with grief at never having encountered it before!

    We ALL need to foster this game! Maybe an updated version like Slug! Stinking Hippie! Or Slug! Godless Commie!

    And this worry from Fauci who made a point of letting the sodomites know early on that their unspeakable activities are okay dokey!

  10. Fredo

    Coronadoom is the gift that just keeps on giving it’s all Trump’s fault:
    Two decades of pandemic war games failed to account for Donald Trump

    Fauci-man the guy funding the Wuhan lab’s enhanced bat virus function research.
    Wouldn’t this sort of research be the real crime against good old mother nature?
    Dr. Fauci backed funding for controversial Wuhan lab studying origin of coronavirus

  11. John B()

    A month ago, I actually saw a shirt emblazoned with Fauci Fan

    Couldn’t freakin’ believe it!

  12. Dean Ericson

    “Unprecedented pandemic explosions”.

    Unprecedented leftist bullshit explosions.

  13. Dean Ericson

    ”The #COVID19 pandemic is demonstrating what we all know: millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture which damages everyone – women, men, girls & boys.”

    That’s pretty funny.

  14. Ann Cherry

    Dr. Fauci was also in charge of the HIV epidemic, and AIDS has killed 40 million people worldwide and about 700K last year alone. They still don’t have an HIV vaccine, nor has Dr. Fauci ever demanded that people with HIV quarantine themselves or socially distance. Indeed, he seems to still be encouraging them, and all of us, to engage in casual hook-ups on Tinder (but he’ll want us to wear a mask, just as he does when the cameras are rolling). Recently, California de-criminalized the knowing transmission of this oft-fatal disease, but know church or you might catch covid.

    So, according to Fauci, who urges us to follow the science, we have Inflamed Earth Goddess(es) to blame for this Plan-demic, Hera and Athena are raging, while only Zeus can counter their wrath. We mortals must all stay indoors and let them fight it out. The gods are really angry at those racists and deniers known as “The Middle Class” who must be tossed into the nearest volcano in appeasement. Meanwhile, the rest of the populace will take their pittance, drink their soy smoothies and lattes for that daily estrogen bath, “put a mask on it.”

    I just discovered the writing of William Briggs, and will be forwarding this site to many and donating a little as well. Keep up the good work, and thank you.

  15. J Bell

    Yes all of you all are crazy as hell if you believe that Covid 19 Is not real so what are people dying from nothing
    the cases are increasing and a lot of states and you all think it is not real well you just keep thinking that a lot of other people have said the same thing got it and now they are no longer here to make those statements anymore but now those families now believe it and maybe you have not lost anyone to the virus so you should count your blessing and keep doing what you are doing and good luck with that, and I am not going to comment on any of the other BS that you were talking, because Trump is not a Republican he has nor of the values only his values. You need to go back and do some fact checking, before he ran he made the following statement and it no secret
    He said if he ran for President he would run as a Republican because that are so stupid they will vote for anyone and that is what you all did, he cares about no one but himself, he is a disgrace to the republicans and this country, and we will see what happens in the next 3 day and see where we go from here.

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