Kerry Lutz Podcast — What the Covid-19 Statistics Are Really Saying with W.M. Briggs

Kerry Lutz Podcast — What the Covid-19 Statistics Are Really Saying with W.M. Briggs

I was recently on with Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network speaking on the coronadoom.

Here’s his summary:

William M. Briggs, a one time professor at the Cornell University Department of Medicine joined us. He holds a PhD. in statistics. Together we went over the Covid-19 numbers. William explains that Covid is a very typical, and not unexpected pandemic that we see roughly every 10-20 years. We’ve seen them many times before, but this one triggered the first global panic. Everyone started tracking the disease minute by minute. It panicked the entire world. It caused the governments to overreact and quarantine the healthy. And suddenly the healthy became sick. Lock people down and hope for the best. Every expert forgot everything they knew about viruses. Governments have loved and they’re enjoying their new found powers. We all know that this is a disease that primarily affects the elderly. Certain governors shipped off Covid patients to nursing homes and long term care facilities that resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths. However, as a result, we should see a lower than average flu season this year.And William also discusses the efficacy of masks, or we should say lack of efficacy. There’s much here for pandemic skeptic.


  1. awildgoose

    The media has finally noticed South Dakota and has ramped up their fear and smear campaign against Governor Noem, trying to cast her as reckless.

    I think the points about precedent and flu are spot on. We are going to see multiple employers impose mandatory vaccination policies.

  2. Nice. Thanks for all you’re doing to spread the viral infection of sanity!

  3. Fredo

    “They’re not banning driving.” Don’t give them any ideas… excellent summation Briggs
    keep up the good fight!

  4. Chad Jessup

    At the nine minute mark, you say that a mask should be worn is one if one is sick. The N95 valve mask will not prevent a sick person from exhaling virus laden air, as it is engineered to filter incoming air and allow easy exhalation.

  5. I didn’t listen to or watch the pod cast – sorry, I detest them because they’re so much slower than reading – besides, I’m confident I know roughly what Dr. Briggs had to say.

    However, I do have a question: what would it take to organize and pull off a national “F-this” day which people en mass refuse to follow any of the public health dictates we all disagree with?

  6. Brian (bulaoren)

    Back when SNL was funny, the character Rosanna Rosannadanna used to end her misbegotten screeds by saying…..

  7. Brian (bulaoren)

    OK, Perhaps some of you can not remember a time when SNL was actually funny, a pity.
    Gilda Radner created a character who always got the story wrong. As she delivered her diatribe, the penny would drop… and she would be standing on thin air. Thus her closing line (+-) “Oh well, never mind”

  8. Brian (bulaore

    Sorry to jump in again this way, but I’m just thinking; Why did a parody on SNL show so much more honesty than the MSM of today? Why must they not admit they have been wrong? Is it like ancient popes who feared even a single chink in their armour? The MSM is indeed a religion, bow down and worship!

  9. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS thinks that when it comes to the election Trump will both win and lose.

    He will win the Electoral College Vote and then be assassinated.

    The establishment has started down a road they will not turn back on. It is too late and they can not afford a defeat that leave then vulnerable to exposure, investigations, charges, trials, convictions and incarceration.

    One side will win (The establishment/deep state/internationalists , bankers and businessmen) and one side will lose (Trump, Populists, Constitutionalists, Christians).

    A few says ago, on another thread, a gentleman recommended reading a column by a woman who once worked as an intelligence analyst. In that column she advised buying a book – “The Permanent Coup, How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted The American President,” by Lee Smith.

    If you want to sleep peacefully, don’t read it.

    Mr. Smith summaries all that sentinent men are generally aware of but his presentation of the known and knowable facts is clean, crisp and convincing.

    It is a coup – (coronadoom is part of it, of course); it has been a coup; and it will be a completed coup (That is ABS’ take away).

    What can the average Joe – and the below average Joe like ABS do?

    Oncet, a monk, living in a monastery in a far away country, was asked by a visitor to the monastery what he would do differently if he had advance knowledge that The Parousia was nigh –

    Just what I am doing now

    Yes, no matter what is happening, one must always live aware that this very night one’s soul may be required of him.

    Now, it is relatively easy for a Traditional Catholic to live with that, um, situational awareness, because, since he was a youth, he was learnt that every day one must consider the Four Last Things – Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell.

    Will ABS be right about his election prediction? ABS wouldn’t bet on it because he specialises in error….

  10. Brian, you say the MSM is a religion.
    Radical Fundamentalist Covidianism

  11. Mike

    ABS: You are Da Man.


  12. Joshua Spitz

    “Japan has 160 some million people”.

    No, try 126 million.

    “Taiwan … they have like 30 million people”.

    No, again, they have 23 million.

    I would expect someone who has written about this weekly the entire year and is using these countries as examples to at least come closer to their true population. Come on, you’re supposed to be the “statistician to the stars.” Numbers are your life. That was disappointing. Quick, what’s the population of Italy without looking?

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