I Was In A Movie With Hercules: All You Climate Doom Sucks Got Is Leonardo Dicaprio

I Was In A Movie With Hercules: All You Climate Doom Sucks Got Is Leonardo Dicaprio

I, your humble host, a justly famed celebrity, a notorious, even infamous, masker of scientific over-certainty, a universally acknowledged mind of unparalleled perpendiculars, some would even say an outsized enfant terrible, have appeared in a film with Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo.

My autograph rates have, of course, gone up.

The best climate doomers have is Leonardo Dicaprio. If we’re comparing auras of celebrity might, Sorbo against Dicaprio is like weighing a Teso la Monja rioja from Toro, Spain against a flat Diet Pepsi made with saccharine and past its Best By date.

Sorbo will also be in the upcoming Faith Under Fire, which also has (ahem) Superman, and a guy from Detroit (which all the best people are).

The reason to mention Dicaprio is that he’s in the movie, too. Several times. One scene has him flying his expensive jet to a lecture on the evils of flying jets. Or maybe it was a yacht. Anyway, he looked in the faces of the UN delegates and assured them that he was Leonardo Dicaprio and he liked to fly. Had to fly. Airplanes were where he stashed his temporary squeezes.

Or something.

Tell the truth, I sort of faded out when he was talking. Not my taste in an actor. I didn’t even like him in that Mutant Ninja Turtles thing. Anyway, last time I was in a theater (and this is true) was for Climate Hustle, the original, a point at which I became, for the first time, a movie star.

Listen close and you will hear the glowing, dulcet tones of Yours Very Truly. Marc Morano, the director of the movie, wisely determined that only having my voice would build suspense and create in the public an irresistible urge to see the movie .

Movie must be good because it’s agitated the squints at Desmogblog. They started raving about climate “deniers”. Far as I can figure a climate “denier”, given that no scientist has ever said the climate on earth never changed, is somebody who says the UN shouldn’t be in charge of world affairs.

Or anyway shouldn’t be given an endless supply of funds to grow a bureaucracy to endlessly battle against an enemy the size and strength of an ant.

This is the point at which I’d recommend you go to the theater to see the movie, only you can’t. Because coronadoom. Rather, because of the government response to coronadoom. So you have to go online.

Kind of funny, though, that we’re on this whole global cooling thing. Way back in 1971, an “official of the National Science Foundation” said “the average temperature of the earth’s climate has dropped substantially since 1940.” And—here’s the kicker—that the “period of maximum warmth in the Northern Hemisphere was 6,000 years ago.”

This was why another ice age was surely on its way.

Don’t believe it? Here’s the original radio broadcast from WLS on 23 September 1971.

There’s a bonus story at the end that shouldn’t be missed.

They don’t say “global cooling” or “coming ice age” anymore, much the same, as these are catchy and evocative terms. Now they say “climate change”, which is nearly empty of meaning, the earth’s climate having changed since Day 1 and will continue to change until Day Trump.

The Last Trump, that is.

They don’t consult me on these name changes anyway.

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  1. Sheri

    “Andromeda” was better than Hercules.

    Of course they HATE Sorbo–he’s a Christian, home schools, votes Republican. A true heretic. DiCaprio is a loser Democrat that believes in partying and destroying the planet with his private plane, among other things. Who wouldn’t love a guy like that? Party hardy, die young (though not young enough in his case…..). You know the mantra.

    Honestly, in the USA right now, I’m not sure anyone even notices climate, or change, other than the poor fools in CA sitting in the dark because their electricity can spark more forest fires, and the west coast as it browns or blacks out (is electricity racist?) as the wind stops blowing and smoke blocks out the sun. So, if you’re in a fly-over state, it’s a non-issue. I will note that the ripping, pillaging and plundering of the invading wind army continues to destroy Wyoming, but since Trump and Pence and most of DC have no idea where that is (except Kanye has two ranches there that are NOTHING like the real Wyoming), the war on the environment and the massive destruction of wildlife and the sagebrush sea continues unabated. Love that government “destroy the planet” handouts, don’t you?

    (I would need Andromeda to save what is left of Wyoming. It’s too big a job for Hercules.)

  2. Gail Finke

    Will watch. BTW, I have followed the “Friday Fax” and other posts from C-FAM (one of SPLC’s “hate groups”) for years. Their focus is the UN and family issues. Anyone in doubt about the non-benign nature of the UN should follow one or more UN watchdog groups about various issues, and see what they do. They want to take the sexual revolution (which produces a lot of workers, but destroys families) to every country on earth, positing abortions and birth control for minors as a human right, measuring how “good” countries are by the number of women who work, measuring freedom by how easy it is for men to have sex with other men or declare themselves women, etc. It’s one norm for the whole earth, and they are extremely coercive about aid to any country that doesn’t want to adopt ALL of its agenda items. This is just one. Even if you’re all-in with every bit fo the sexual revolution, why should African countries have to make sure minors can have abortion without their parents’ permission in order to get money for clean water? But that’s what they want.

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Inexorable collectivism will not be stopped by Trump or anybody else and the most effective responses to the insane internationalist inertia are occasional bumperstickers one sees in rural areas of America:

    Earth First. We’ll mine the other planets later.

    Club sandwiches not seals.

    Just because The United States are going to hell is no reason one can’t derive some wry satisfaction during the journey.

    Dear Sheri. Owing to the lunatics in the sol disant environmental community roughly 80% of the fresh melting snow in the Sierras Nevada flows directly into the ocean because snail darter. Sending fresh water to its death into a salt water ocean tells one all one needs to know about how insane and malign environmentalists are.

    Oncet, prior to the start of the XXth Century, the melting mountain snows watered the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) but the pols diverted the natural flow of the water in the California Delta and sent it oft to San Francisco where it helped sprout sodomites and tech firms rather than the healthy grains, vegetables and edible fruits in the SJV.

  4. Dennis

    Never could stand DiCrapio – ever since he first became big in that nauseating Titanic.

  5. john b()

    Thought he was a smarm in Family Ties? He was a kid, then
    Almost but not quite as bad as the kid in Eight Is Enough

  6. Dean Ericson

    GlobalWarming/Climate Change is so 2019.

    We have progressed to the new improved era of Global Pandemics/ Obey Satan.

  7. Dean Ericson

    If a Briggs had any brains he’d have been a movie star. Fedora-sporting, statistics-spouting detective, tall, handsome, wise-cracking, case-solving, Christ-quoting, box office dynamiting destroyer of villainous villains. Putting the palpitation in pneumonic floozies. Finagling fistfuls of filthy lucre in silver screened spectacles. But in this fallen world he works a mop on the unterwebs. O tempora, o mores. He works a pretty mean mop, though, you have to say.

  8. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Trump said, “I’ve said it many times, and let me be clear again, I condemn the KKK. I condemn all white supremacists.I condemn the Proud Boys. I don’t know much about the Proud Boys, almost nothing, but I condemn that.

    Free floating condemnations are one symptom of a positive infection of Coronadoom

  9. I asked for an autograph weeks ago and haven’t seen your autograph for the billing yet. Will my pricing be grandfathered?

  10. Dennis

    ABS: Yes, that’s part of the problem with Trump. When media try to bait him with loaded questions, he often doesn’t some to know enough to reject the premise of the question, so he issues some rambling low-info but tough sounding response he thinks will suffice.

    Yesterday, BLM and Proud Boys in Utah held a joint press conference, and it turns out the local leader of Proud Boys is black…but the media doesn’t care…they’ve decided it’s a “white supremacist” organization and that’s that, because it suits their Narrative that the real reason for violence and looting across the country all summer has been “white supremacists” showing up, and that Antifa (which they say doesn’t actually exist) and BLM are totally peaceful social justice orgs.

    Another example of Trump stumbling before first rejecting the premise of a question: When Wallace asked him about recent executive orders and why he is opposed to “racial sensitivity training,” instead of first rejecting the characterization of Critical Race Theory-based “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” propaganda and indoctrination sessions as mere “sensitivity training” (as if such programs were just about encouraging people to be nice to each other, when they are far more radical and offensive), Trump merely responded with “Because it’s racist.” Which is true of CRT-based Maoist style re-education “training,” but because he didn’t first reject Wallace’s characterization of it and explain why Wallace’s phrasing of the issue was biased and wrong, the media and Twitter ran with (and some low-info watchers probably believed), “Trump calls ‘racial sensitivity training’ racist…hah, what a dumbo who thinks its racist to be nice to each other,” etc. So many similar missed opportunities for Trump to give more coherent answers.

  11. Pk

    While I agree with you technically, Trump could explain the issue fully in five to ten minutes, but few would comprehend and the press would twist the reply into a half dozen complaints. Wallace hardly let Trump finish a sentence.

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