Left Tripping Over Themselves To Smash Trump: Update

Left Tripping Over Themselves To Smash Trump: Update

We’ll return to Summa Contra Gentiles after the election.

Some pink horror screeched and howled and tried to take down Trump in his town hall, that was stacked and gaffed with (mostly) lefty plants. Biden had Minime throw glitter at his feet in his town hall.

Twitter censored the Biden payoff scandal story, and then shut itself down the next day, admitting it was putting new censorship code in place. Facebook censored the Biden taking-money-from-foreign-governments-to-buy-influence story, too.

YouTube whacked hundreds of Right channels the same day Twitter shut down. Akismet, the remote spam checker, was down the same time as Twitter—this went largely unrecognized. Many other sites had difficulties.

The Scully guy who was to moderate the debate the sick Biden (Parkinsons?) canceled was caught out to be a progressive hack, after saying, like they all do, his Twitter account was hacked.

The left exploded in outrage—their only emotion—that NBC even allowed Trump to have a town hall. They instinctively know NBC is on their side, and felt betrayed.

The media, in all forms and at all opportunities, are doing their best to bleed Trump and ignore Biden. Drudge, or whoever is running the site now, had a headline showing massive numbers of people lining up to vote early, and drew the conclusion “Republicans worried” (or maybe it was “concerned”).

Dictionaries moved to live updates to quash Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.

Even Nature magazine, which was once devoted to science, declared themselves to now be a political magazine (yes, really) and Biden supporters. (We’ll discuss how the post-modernists were right about science another day.)

Back to the town hall. This clip is an occasion for whiskey to shoot out your nostrils, so be careful:


Google has long compromised itself over searches, so much that examples are no longer necessary (compare “happy $RACE woman” images on it, Bing, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo). YouTube, too. Just as a for-example, go to YouTube and search for “Tucker Carlson”. First video is “Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson” from the Vox progs. (If you watch Carlson on Biden treasonous cash-taking, click this link, which will likely disappear.)

The Democrats are still running around yelling “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

The left’s only campaign strategy it to hide their candidate as much as possible, hoping the media can distract people the remaining few weeks before the election.

The only prog masters did right was to quiet the riots. It was obvious, even to them, what would happen it they let them continue before the election. They are now by projection and direct words ensuring the threat of post-election violence hangs in the air.

There are no Meme Wars this cycle, partly because of Big Tech prog censorship, but also because the enthusiasm for Trump has leeched out of the young right mememakers. They expected too much.

If you recall, before and after Trump won, we said he was nothing more than a respite, a temporary slowing of the leftward drift of our culture. It was always too much to expect he could reverse course. It is too much to expect he’ll be able to switch the flow when he is reelected.

It’s one guy and a handful of faithful servants against an army of self-serving get-rich-quick scammers and raving enemies.

And that’s just the Republicans.

Democrat officials, to a man, and to a non-man, too, have lost their souls. There is nothing left but raw slavering for power.

The Internet Police have quashed the active Right, it’s true. But it’s still much like 2016 in other ways. It’s the Deplorables vs. The Cathedral all over again. The polls are just as in favor of Biden, or more so, as they were for Hillary. It’s clear the polls are being used now, as they were then, to dispirit the Right.

It didn’t work then, and it’s not working now. The poll we relied upon last time was size of rally audience. Trump is packing them in, whereas Ukraine Joe is speaking to empty parking lots. Rather, he is shouting randomly at them.

Many have said, and it is true, that nobody is voting for Biden, but against Trump. Problem with relying on that is that the people voting for Trump are voting for Trump. Few are voting against Biden.

All the enthusiasm is on Trump’s side. Biden only has the visceral hate of lunatic progs.

So I say, barring wholesale cheating, and the left will certainly cheat, Trump takes it.

Update This is why we can’t let them win.

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  1. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    “We’ll return to Summa Contra Gentiles after the election”. Nice notice for those looking forward for those posts, like me

  2. HarryG

    Hope you are right

  3. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    The last part of that video… it will give Trump a crushing victory… I mean, not the video, the subject, the situation, his general response… No one wants that crap of antifa terror… And the dems have to do something, because, next time, when they have no Trump to justify this madness, they will be in the verge of disappearing. They will be a party of 3 to 5 million crazies, with a small army of terrorists, at war against the US as an historical entity. There’s no other way for them…

  4. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    You know what Joe Biden and Jeffrey Epstein have in common?

    Neither can complete a sentence

    ABS is going to miss Trump. He is the funniest bastid who has ever had control of our nation’s nukes. One just wishes he had more confidence…

  5. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Oh, I forgot. Because of Hollywood, that controls also the TV, etc., people believe that THE CULTURE is moving towards, basically, Marx and Frankfurt, as you say, William. I don’t think so!!!!! Time and again, they are being beaten by the people… Not just the gay/marriage-referenda of a decade ago… currently. Go see the Batwoman trailers, they get “ratioed” big time, like two million to a few thousands… The cuties trailer got 2.1 million to 70 thousand, pedos+bots. The Gal Gadot’s Imagine video, not only got ratioed, the comments were priceless: those atheists will have to think it over… all over again… I think many people are waking up. Jordan Peterson is the apostol of the “hey, lefties, don’t overplay your hand, you are going to wake up the giant [he says “the monster”, since he is one of them]”… He is right, people are getting very tired, frustrated, and they are about to get to another level… Those Hollywood people… They will bring about their own end. Today, they have the brainwashed kids, the college boys and girls, they will wake up too, when the thin veil of the scam be removed…

  6. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Copied this from Ace of Spades:

    The Consequences of Election Fraud – What If LBJ Hadn’t Stolen the 1948 Texas Senate Election [Buck Throckmorton]
    —Open Blogger

    200 fraudulent ballots in 1948 changed the course of 20th Century history. We cannot let election fraud in 2020 do the same to the 21st Century.

    In the 1948 Texas Democratic Senate primary, Lyndon Johnson (“LBJ”) came up just short in his race against Coke Stevenson, trailing by less than 150 votes after all the ballots were counted. But six days after the election, the local political boss in Duval County produced 202 more ballots that had been “found.” Exactly 200 of them voted for LBJ, in alphabetic order, and with the same handwriting on the tally sheet that voters had to sign. LBJ won the election by 87 votes. Texas was still a one-party state in 1948, so winning the Democratic primary meant LBJ went to the US Senate in 1949.

    What if Coke Stevenson had not been cheated out of his Senate victory? How different might history be if LBJ hadn’t become a Senator?

    There would have been no Kennedy-Johnson ticket in 1960 without Senator Johnson. LBJ had become the powerful Senate Majority Leader during the 1950s. Because Texas had voted for the GOP presidential candidate (Eisenhower) in both 1952 and 1956, Kennedy picked LBJ to try to bring Texas back in to the Democrat column. Without LBJ, would there have been a President Kennedy? Without a President Kennedy how different would history be?

    What if Richard Nixon had carried a Johnson-less Texas in the 1960 presidential race, defeating JFK and becoming President? There would have been no JFK assassination. And with Nixon stepping down from the presidency in 1965 or 1969, there would also not have been a Watergate in 1973.

    More importantly, without a Senator Johnson in 1949 there never would have been a President Johnson from 1963 to 1969. Perhaps the awful damage done to this country by President Johnson could have been avoided.

    The civil rights movement started during the Eisenhower administration, and it was gaining momentum when LBJ became President. Just when black Americans were finally escaping the government-mandated poverty of legal segregation, LBJ rushed through the Great Society to keep blacks dependent and poor, destroying the black family in the process. Without LBJ’s poisonous welfare policies, how different might things be today?

    How about Vietnam? How different might history have played out if Richard Nixon was Commander in Chief in the 1960s?

    Without the Kennedy assassination and Vietnam, how different might the 1960s have been culturally?

    Without Watergate in 1973, we likely wouldn’t have had President Carter’s disastrous presidency. Of course, without President Carter we probably wouldn’t have elected President Reagan. But, without President Carter we may not have needed a President Reagan.

    The mail-in ballot debacle of 2020 is for the purpose of sowing confusion. Democrats want to harvest as many ballots post-election as are needed to change the results of ballots cast at the ballot box. I will accept the results of election day. I will not accept my candidates losing after ballots continue to be found after the election. 200 fraudulent ballots in 1948 allowed “Landslide Lyndon” the opportunity to cause so much lasting damage to this country. We cannot let it happen again in 2020.


    JFK stole the election from Nixon with help from the Chicago machine of Daley in Crook County and with help from LBJ.

    One has to go with the pros here. The Dems are experts at election theft which is why they were so aghast that the Republicans stood up to their attempted theft in Florida in Bush V Gore.

    The republicans control two branches of govt yet they let the Silicon Sicilians rule the media and Trump lets Wray at The FBI and the hapless Haspel at The CIA keep the truth about The Biden Crime family hidden.

    Haspel looks too much like Christine Blasey Ford and on that basis alone should be fired.

  7. Michael D

    Well, it didn’t take them long to remove the video

  8. Sheri

    “after saying, like they all do, his Twitter account was hacked” Reminded me of the Xfiles line “We were drugged”.

    ABS: You can take any point in history and do the same thing you did in your comment. It’s called “writing science fiction”.

  9. Sheri

    Since we’re on politics:
    Test question:
    There is a constant cry that “mail-in voting will result in the most fraudulent election ever”. There are polls on many news sites concerning this. So, when Trump wins in November in THE MOST FRAUDULENT ELECTION EVER due to the mail-in voting, do we just lie and say it never applied to a Trump victory, acknowledge that it WAS fraudulent since Republicans are the ones who made the claim, or what????? Are Republicans the liars and cads that Dems are, only with an R after their names?

  10. “I know nothing about QAonon.”

    “I know they’re against pedophilia.”

    Which is it?

    Not funny enough to nasally eject my martini, no.

    And does QAnon being against pedophilia mean they’re against Trump? Or are we maintaining, today, the distinction inherent in the term “hebophilia”, with or without a dollop of incest?

  11. Matt

    Hi Sheri. I think it comes down to:

    -the dems are pushing hard for mail-in voting
    -a big part of that is because it is easier to cheat in that kind of set-up (so the story goes)
    -BUT whether they succeed in pulling off the caper is actually a different question
    -so, we can have mail-in voting, donald trump can win, and in that case we can still be perfectly consistent in not calling his win “fraudulent”.

  12. John Garrett

    That is an insightful and informed comment:

    Anybody who’s read Robert Caro’s masterful 4-volume (with a 5th volume in the works) biography of LBJ knows all about Lyndon Johnson’s fraudulent 1948 primary election.

    Johnson was a liar, a cheat, a thief, an extortionist and a philanderer who rigged every election he ever entered beginning when he was a student at Southwest Texas State Teachers College and continuing all the way to the White House.

  13. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Johnson was a liar, a cheat, a thief, an extortionist and a philanderer who rigged every election he ever entered beginning when he was a student at Southwest Texas State Teachers College and continuing all the way to the White House.

    Dear John. E. Howard Hunt told his son that LBJ was the # 1 conspirator in the JFK assassination. E. Howard was in Dallas that day dressed as one of three putative bums standing together.

    Like a midget wrestler, we shouldn’t sell LBJ short. He is “credited” with having several men iced in Texas and he was a pig who used to have his W.H. secretary take dictation while he was dropping a deuce.

    Even the Pedernales River chili he used to brag about was substandard

  14. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    It is interesting that QAnon is drawing fire from the amateur journalists. There is grave fear about what Q alleges. The amateur journalists never ask questions about The Spaghetti Monster.

    As others have pointed out Hair Dressers are professionals and journalists are not. Hair Dressers have to take accredited courses at an approved school, be licensed and are susceptible to negative assessments from Local and/or state boards.

    Any partisan hack, like the fat greek girl, Stephanie Octopus, pretending to question Biden the other night, can be called a journalist.

    Leave White House, pick up a Mic an suddenly one is a respected journalist.

    All the former great journalists have had no journalist license- and prolly had fewer licenses than Betty the Beauty Queen Corner Owner or you, a dog owner.

  15. Shecky R

    Sieg Heil Matt!!

  16. Briggs

    Shecky, you see, is my first follower. I get a few thousand more, then we’re talking a real movement.

  17. Cameron

    “It’s the Deplorables vs. The Cathedral all over again. ”

    No it’s the Deplorables vs. The Synagogue.

  18. Dean Ericson

    The Synagogue of Satan and its tikkun olam wrecking crew of malevolent midgets.

  19. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS went to the local liberry for early voting this AM but he left because of looooooooong lines and rain (Wellington, Fl). This is the longest voting line ABS has seen in living here for over 20 years.

    He went home and requested a mail-in ballot because he knows that voting is a sacred duty and this is the most important election that has been ever held or ever will be held- unless one considers the vote in Hell for Satan’s Assistant.

    Few understand that Hell will be one eternal election. There will be two candidates and each will have one million years to lay out their platform, after which the voting will begin and while the votes are being counted, for 10 thousand days, a nude Ruth Bader Ginsburg will bounce around on a Pogo Stick screaming about The Ginsburg Rule while the million pro-abortion judges in Hell’s prison will repeatedly shriek, I object.

    Satan, who had earlier warned the denizens of Hell that Every quote of the candidates may be on the final so remember every one of them then takes center stage and declares there were significant irregularities in the ballots turned-in and so We will try this one more time and while the stage is being set for another candidate’s debate, lets bring on RBG for entertainment. Take it away Ruthie…

    The best thing about voting is being able to write-in Lawrence Orbach for Circuit Court Judge (SCTV fans will know this name from Hi Q and Lawrence is played by the hysterically funny Martin Short)

  20. Sheri

    Matt: That’s what I’m afraid of. The only “legitimate” outcome is Trump wins. Which is exactly how we got in this mess–the only “legitimate” outcome in 2016 was HILLARY WINS. Defining the legitimacy of an election via the winner? Not a good idea unless we’re just going full on communist with only one candidate and that one’s obviously the winner. I’m afraid the only “legitimate” president will be the one the voter wanted and if the other person wins, all hell breaks lose forever. I can see no end to this type of claim. Elections might as well be scrapped as they will have no meaning. I’m not entirely sure they do even now….

    I understand that if we can prove mail-in voting was legit AND Trump will admit he was WRONG about mail-in voting (that one seems highly unlikely, doesn’t it?), it could be considered legitimate. It depends FULLY on the Republicans admitting they were wrong and mail-in voting is workable. It seems most likely they’ll just say the Dems failed at corrupting the election, which is a garbage answer, but hey…..Anyway, thanks for the answer. Made me think.

    (I will admit the idea that a turnip hidden in a basement can win a US election is terrifying, but I’m not sure that America is not that far gone. Legitimacy seems irrelevant at that point.)

  21. I happen to know people who have done prison time over election fraud, via absentee voting *before* the current mess that is mail-in voting. Give it a proper chain of custody, I’d fuss less about it. The best way is the old fashioned way. 1. Vetted registrations, 2. vetted rolls, 3. vote in person *with vetted ID*, 4. absentee with vetted chain of custody. 5. vetted election personnel. 6. vetted counting.

  22. Amateur Brain Surgon

    ABS just read the Arian’s Blog, Vox Popoli, which is gleefully predicting a Trumpslide. Arian Ted did it last time also and while that was not a landslide victory Trump did win.

    Biden is sinking like a kitten in quicksand and the media will do what they can to save the carcking kitten it looks like he will be fully under when this is all over.

  23. Rudolph Harrier


    Your standards can be used to excuse voting fraud in any situation. By your convoluted reasoning if a candidate

    a.) Recognizes that voter fraud is an issue
    b.) Takes action against voter fraud
    c.) Wins in spite of voter fraud

    Then he is a “liar and a cad” who must admit that his victory is fraudulent. But how? He won legitimately, he identified an actual problem, and he took action against it. What is dishonest or immoral about any of that?

  24. Dean Ericson

    The Democrats are not a legitimate American political party. They are a criminal conspiracy of corrupt gangsters, liars, perverts, thieves, and murderers. They are a cabal of sinister revolutionaries hell-bent on one-party, One World, totalitarian dictatorship, crushing the life out of all opposition, and enslaving humanity to money, power, and Satan. You do not put that up for a vote. You crush it. Or, God forbid, it crushes you.

  25. Sheri

    “Mail-In Voting, on the other hand, will lead to the most corrupt Election is USA history.” Donald Trump. This is the quote I am referring to and have seen all over the place. Now, unless MAIL IN VOTING IS ELIMINATED, and there is ZERO evidence that will happen, Trump is NOT fixing the problem. There is mail-in voting and therefore, according to Trump, this is the most corrupt election in USA history. Now, IF the problem were even being partially fixed, that would be different. It’s not.

    Winning “in spite of voter fraud”? So fraudulent voting is okay as long as Trump wins. Interesting. I think that is how the Democrats believe—any voting is good voting as long as they win.

    My point is and remains, “Trump said mail-in voting would result in the most corrupt election in USA history”. If he wins, it’s NOT a legitimate win, he simply rolled the dice and had the top number in the “MOST CORRUPT ELECTION IN USA HISTORY”. Calling a process immoral and then ignoring the fact that it was used to help Trump win is not rational. If mail-in voting is corrupt, it’s corrupt. If the turnip in the basement wins, he wins and it can be said it was legitimate because the Dems got what they wanted. If a Trump victory is legitimate, so is a Biden win because the mail-in voting was okay if Trump won. It’s either legitimate or it isn’t. If we use mail-in voting, according to Trump, the election is CORRUPT.

    Wrong or corrupt is wrong or corrupt, even if your candidate wins “in spite of that”. As long as there is mail-in voting, any winner is part of the corruption. If he wins, he was part of the corruption. He won’t care and that is very, very hypocritical.

  26. Javier

    The riots didn’t stop, the left just started ignoring them.

  27. Rudolph Harrier


    What’s your solution then. Say for the sake of argument that mail-in voting does open the election for voter fraud. Furthermore, say (as is happening) that it cannot be stopped completely because the president does not have the authority and the supreme court and elements of congress are opposing him.

    What should the president do? Should he just shut up about voter fraud and let it happen? How would that be honest or moral? Should he preemptively concede the election because (by your twisted logic) if he wins he’s corrupt? How does that combat voter fraud? Should he declare martial law and say that there is no election? Would that make him less corrupt in your eyes?

    Seriously, what do you suggest?

  28. Billy Bob

    Off topic, but here’s something interesting I found elsewhere. This needs to ‘go viral’. Not sure it’s hit WMB yet, so here goes:

    Google Search: Happy Black Woman

    Then Google Search: Happy Asian Woman

    Then Google Search: Happy White Woman

    I guarantee you will be surprised.

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