Is There Any Hope For Trump? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Is There Any Hope For Trump? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Let’s face it. Neither you nor I can name, or even imagine, a single person from any walk of life or political persuasion, who could have withstood the continuous firestorm of rage directed against The Donald for four straight and unending years. No one.

There are some who still think that Donald is a genius (evil or good), and that he actually schemes things out in his mind. I disagree. Donald is instinctual. He’s a barbarian. He’s a simpleton. That is not an insult. Simple is not a negative trait. Simplicity removes all hesitation. After all, God is the simplest Being of all. He has only one trait (goodness), and He’s only ever had one idea. And He has never hesitated in this idea. Our apparent dilemma today is simply the fact of being at the current moment of that one idea. All of which will ultimately redound to His glory. And the glory of anyone smart enough to sign onboard to His thought.

But Donald has detected the real political facts, and they have repelled him. Why? Because he’s a simple American. And he decided (once he actually won, to his amazement) to do something about it. I think he concluded that there was a reason for his win. He was supposed to fulfill a heavy purpose. No, I don’t believe he understood the gravity of this purpose. Nor did we, at first. But I do believe he is now convinced he was put here for a purpose. A higher purpose, to be specific.

I’m not arguing that Donald is a theologian, or anything close. But he is a human, which means he can see, inductively, that there is a purpose to life. He can see it because he is willing to see it. To him, that purpose is embodied in the notion of Nation and patriotism. I think that’s as far as it goes. At least, in 2016 it was as far as he could see. I think he is now aware of the difference between human and in-human opposition. Being the fighter he is, I think this actually energizes him. He actually likes to fight. He is good at it. Very good. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Politeness has failed us, for a hundred years.

No one unaided could have fought the fight Donald has fought, and survived. And therein lies the key. Donald has been aided. But not by humans. Not effectively, at least. After all, every one who has attempted to help him (like Mike Flynn) has been taken out by the opposition. OK, that leaves what? Or better yet, Who? Who has aided Donald (for whatever reason) and allowed him the power to deflect every blow in a fashion never before seen in history? Who has ever been like Donald?

Don’t say Caesar or Napoleon (or anyone like them), because they were all in a position to command actual military force. And they didn’t hesitate. Trump on the other hand has no military allegiance he can rely on. Ask the Vindmans and the Mattises and Kelleys and their hydra-like ilk if you don’t believe me. I too was naive in 2016, thinking that Donald would be well served to hire some Generals. But now, four years later, it is clear that the top brass are all members of the War Party, and they will oppose every move Donald makes to withdraw our troops from anywhere on the planet.

I contend that the only aid Donald has gotten (or needed) has been supernatural. Yes, I know, there are two sides to that world as well. And the other human-political side would be willing, even eager, to ascribe Donald’s survival to the demonic force, if they were able to believe in anything beyond the grave (on either side). After all, that’s exactly what this whole thing is about. One side is totally convinced that only matter matters. The other side, well, they say they believe, but their faith ain’t so hot. Or rather, coherent. But that’s another story.

I see this slow-motion panorama unfolding at the only possible speed that gives us a chance to grasp the enormity of the impending moment. The moment before the anticipated impact. The moment that has so focused our brains that we are experiencing every nano-second as an eternity. Thus giving us the needed ‘time’ to absorb the meaning of these events. And the meaning is that Donald (and the rest of us he actually represents) are being given a last chance at redemption. A last chance at trying to do the right thing. A last chance being given by a benevolent Force in the hope that we will grasp the underlying danger. And to act upon it.

I know, this seems far beyond the typical explanation that most will offer as to Donald’s longevity. But let’s step back and think about these past four years, and look closer at what has actually transpired. To look beyond the human elements involved in deflecting each thrust of the shivs that have been aimed to date.

Let’s start with Russia-gate. You know the story, repeated ad nauseum. Donald is a tool, Donald is a traitor, Donald is a dupe. Drummed non-stop for four years, having been recently resurrected like a Hollywood remake. They’re never as good as the original. How in the world could anyone have withstood this onslaught? Sure, it was all lies, but that’s beside the point. The point is no amount of evidence could exonerate him because the truth was embargoed by the MSM. We’ve seen a million factoids, from FBI texts and memos to CIA meddling to White House collusion and destroyed hard drives, all ignored by nearly every outlet. And anyone who stood up to resist this tsunami of falsehood was likewise swept away. But not Donald.

Think about that. Then think about Watergate. Back then, in spite of an initially strong force of human defenders of Nixon, a much-less consolidated press corps carping about a much-less serious charge, for a much shorter period of time, was able to bring down a Presidency. This effort on the part of Nixon’s detractors visibly pales in comparison to what Donald has withstood.

How did he do it? By speaking the truth, in his New York way. “Fake News!” Has anything ever resonated so completely with Americans? Hell no! For once, someone stood up and smashed the grapefruit into the media’s face and called them what they actually are — liars! He then doubled down at every moment thereafter and repeated this truth and created the TDS that finally began to rip the mask off the War Party and their minions.

Here’s another example of Donald’s impolitesse. He called NATO a fraud. Which everyone suspected but no one ever had the courage to say. Let alone repeat, again and again. Once again, the Spin Machine swung into action, casting him as a bull in the china shop of revered relations. When, in fact, we’ve been had by those Euro-bastards for over three generations. No one except Donald (and me, in my book, well before Donald arrived) has ever had the balls to speak this truth.

When Donald said something to the effect that the American that fell in WWI (and by extension, WWII) were sacrificed for no good reason, the MSM said he hated the troops. Yet when he tries to bring the troops home, because he hates how they have been misused, they repeat that he hates the troops. No, he hates the War Party and their Pentagon Brass-tards that sacrificed them, then and now.

Speaking of the China Shop (and Donald the bull), once again he spoke the unspeakable truth. The truth that the bi-partisan Western Globalists (a.k.a. the War Party) have colluded with the Eastern Globalists to ship American jobs and wealth to China. For this mortal sin of speaking the truth Donald was called a xenophobic, racist, isolationist war-monger.

Think about that. An isolationist war-monger? Total incoherence! Yet the continuous repetition of a lie, if it’s big enough (as Orwell foresaw) will produce the desired result. Liar’s Logic plus the MSM megaphone equals mass hypnosis. And meek compliance. And it’s worked like a charm. Until Donald came along and spoke the simple truth. And never wavered for an instant. And therein, as always with Donald, is the key. He never wavers.

Yes, he absolutely has to say things in a rough, rude and impolite manner to get your attention. More importantly, to get the MSM’s attention. That is the other key. Any politician can speak the truth, and many have. Their problem was that they did it politely. And the press could then ignore them.

Look at Tulsi Gabbard. Smart, good looking, experienced in war and politics, yet she couldn’t break through to a party that should have been totally attuned to her message. A party that had spent the previous half-century saying the same things by the same lefty-boomers who run the party today. Go figure. What’s the difference between Tulsi and Donald? Politeness. Terminal politeness. TP. The bane of truth.

If you succumb to TP, against a foe that advocates something truly evil (like child sacrifice), you’ve basically agreed with their position when you accept the thought that ‘reasonable people can reasonably disagree’. This explains the illogic of those who, while torching the inner cities, claim that the ‘hatred’ Donald exhibits is the cause of their rage. Think about that the next time you hear a soccer mom decry Donald’s demeanor. Idiots! It’s his attitude that has finally given us the opportunity to open our minds by interrupting the non-stop Orwellian new-speak that has paralyzed us for nearly a century. Thank God for crudity!

The beauty of all of this impoliteness is the hysteric reaction it has produced in the MSM War Room, which has gone all out in its response. This frantic, frenetic reaction has given Donald the center stage to exercise his jiu-jitsu of repeating his mantra which the MSM continually repeats in denial. In other words, he has stolen their car. And made them his chauffer. Nice!

I could go on (and on and on and on) with examples of Donald’s innate ability to flip the field on our enemies, but there’s no need. You already know them. Ukraine-gate, Impeachment, KungFlu, Kenosha, Baltimore, etc. In every instance Donald is falsely accused of causing the things he despises. There will likely be another ‘disaster’ to come. The script is always the same. His reaction is always the same. Simple and un-wavering.

Here is the best part. Donald has had practically zero (effective) human help along the way. In the end, no one will be able to say that they were the one(s) who saved him. No one will be able to say that the FBI/CIA coup was uncovered and prosecuted. Donald will win without the Durham Report ever seeing the light of day. Donald will win without Barr and the DOJ pursuing the masterminds of this attempted coup. Donald will win without anyone ever uncovering the certain origin of the Pandemic.

Donald will win without anyone ever proving (to the world at-large) the mendacity of the WHO/CDC cabal. Donald will win without anyone in the MSM ever blowing the whistle on the corruption of the Obama/Biden corruptocracy. Donald will win without any earthly help at all. Even surviving the Kung-Flu was miraculous, given his age and size.

Herein lies the lesson. Something has been holding Donald upright in spite of every human and in-human onslaught against him. Donald has done it by only one manly thing — he has fought back. Resolutely. He never wavers, he never retreats, he never apologizes, and he never gives in. As imperfect as he is, he has been perfectly willing to fight to the end. That’s all God has asked of him. And that’s all he has ever done. At the end of the day (and life), Donald will be rewarded. Because he’s earned it.

But what about us? Can we say the same?

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  1. Perfect article – on the Donald –
    Over 5400 Masses offered for the Donald – see here
    Here you can sign up to sponsor masses for him – please do –
    Nov 1-3 nation day of fasting and prayer – for our poor nation
    God Bless all on this site –
    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit – Now and ever and unto ages of ages – Amen

  2. Amen, Watt!

    Excellent review and analysis of the miracle that is Trump!

    A special man for a special time.

    In the on-going war to destroy Normal culture, no fake “conservatives” were willing (or able?) to stand up to the forces of evil, to name them, to fight on their level, to call them out for what they are. Only Trump.

    Apres Trump, le deluge?

  3. Sheri


  4. Lucy Tucker

    Fabulous piece. Thanks!

  5. Donald Owen

    Beautifully written and spot on – thanks!
    Watt stands in opposition to John Piper, who recently wrote:

    “I think it is a drastic mistake to think that the deadly influences of a leader come only through his policies and not also through his person,” Piper writes. “Flagrant boastfulness, vulgarity, immorality and factiousness are not only self-incriminating; they are nation-corrupting.”

    I can’t even begin to understand this sort of moral preening – Piper just doesn’t get it . . .

  6. John Garrett

    It’s worth the price of admission for the simple pleasure of hearing the lefties splutter, gasp, wail and whinge.

  7. Carl

    As a Non – American who doesn’t know enough about the US election system, I don’t know how to judge the accuracy of polls, but they seem to overwhelmingly favor Biden by a bigger lead than Clinton and pollsters claim that this time Biden’s lead is such that it is almost impossible that he’s gonna lose.

    Is this true or are they wrong and Trump can actually win?

  8. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    He is thin-skinned and arrogant, self-righteous, vulgar, and egotistical – just like every other politician who has ever held office in America – but he has a quality unlike all of those others; he is a tenacious and fearless fighter and he has said in his books that he never forgets a slight.

    ABS heard him call CNN a stupid bastards the other day.

    That one statement alone makes him worthy of reelection.

    The polls are untrustworthy but ABS would love it if The Young Turks were reduced to weeping publicly again on election night.

    As for God, Good Lord, Trump is as far from God as Biden is from sanity. Trump is for Usury, he is in favor of sodomites being allowed to marry, he is in favor of abortion for rape (The rapist is guilty, kill him not the innocent defenseless child) incest, the health of the mother.

    Trump keeps the left- Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Howie Kurtz, Miss Chris Wallace and the other far left AJs (Amateur Journalists) unhinged. drooling and babbling – and America needs that

  9. Historian Paul Johnson wrote a good article on him before the 2016 election, stating that he was the man for the situation because he was not politically correct, was a man of excess, and that excess, under certain circumstances, was a virtue. We might have hoped for someone more perfect, but he will fight, which should remind us of how Lincoln was told to get rid of Grant and responded that he could not because he was the only one who would fight.

  10. Dean Ericson

    Great stuff, 1000 Watts of brilliance.

  11. Milton Hathaway

    Interesting read, Ianto. From before the 2016 election, I’ve looked at Trump as a very Old-Testament figure. I.e., God chooses an imperfect man with very human motivations for His purposes.

    For a conservative, Trump’s masterful manipulation of the hateful media is a joy to behold. He states underlying truths in the language of liars, presenting an irresistible target to the feckless fact-checkers, who rush off and win the battle on the words but lose the war on the ideas. One thing most people miss about Trump is that often when he senses that an opponent is at the edge of the cliff, he’ll suddenly pull his punches and play out some rope. Often his opponents will then tell us conservatives who they really are without realizing it. Masterful.

    Is Donald Trump a genius or an instinctual barbarian, or even a simpleton controlled by the finger of God? To be honest, I don’t care. And I definitely have no inclination to paw through the sausage, for I see nothing of value for me to learn from that.

    Speaking of biblical, 2020 seems to be straight out of the Old Testament, too, with a plague and various incarnations of mass insanity, and the clearest distinction between good and evil that I have ever witnessed. Is fear a tool of Satan? If so, he has wielded it most effectively in 2020.

  12. C-Marie

    Perfect!! And he will win by a landslide!!

    Everyone grows in increments in the true life of Jesus Christ.

    Prior to being President, President Trump supported abortion though he did not like it, but he has come round to pro life except for cases of rape and incest, and the health of the mother, which cause for abortion is phony as the child can be delivered first before treatment for the mother.

    Also, he has yet to understand about LGBT, etc., that people are not created with those oppressions, but then the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has yet to set about freeing people from those understandings, itself.

    President Trump is growing in Christ. Pray for him daily.

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. Fredo

    You summed that up ‘Bigly’ Watt good one. Donald is a force of nature and I
    hope he takes a meat-ax to the entire federal bureaucracy in his second term.
    He can start by wiping the smirk off that smug, conceited, little prick, Wray’s face.
    What rock did they find him under anyway?

  14. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Carl Many men in America understand that polls are a tool used by the media to try and shape public opinion rather than to register/reflect public opinion

    Polls are as trustworthy as the promises of politicians

    Yes, Trump could win

  15. C-Marie


    Polls showed that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016! Did not happen, though she did garner the popular vote and then lost with the Electoral vote.

    Polls supposedly only record the actual responses of people questioned … so the question is … who was asked for whom they would vote … many for President Trump will not say so due to the violence exhibited and promised by many on the left.

    So, no trust to the polls … no trust to the bazillions of dollars poured into our elections by the supporters of the left … do donate as led by God … pray for God to give those who have voted (for they can influence others), for those are voting right now, and for those who will vote, for God to give them to know whom He would have them vote for.

    Of course, the gift of free will enters in.

    God bless, C-Marie

    P.S. Nice paragraphs!! Thank you!!

  16. Ann Cherry

    Ianto Watts, great article. Trump has earned re-election. Those Christians who criticize Trump’s “immorality”, should take another look at King David and King Solomon, neither of whom were paragons of personal virtue…but “God was with them.”

    I’d like to share the Trump team’s uncut version of the 60 Minutes interview that will be showing, presumably tonight. They claimed he “walked out” but that’s untrue. He hung in there for almost 40 minutes before ending the interview with the stupidest woman on television. If anyone remembers the old “Point-Counterpoint” segments on SNL, this will come to mind here, and you, too, will be thinking, maybe shouting, “Leslie, you stupid slut.”

    Trump 60 Minutes Interview, less than 40 minutes:

  17. Barry

    Let’s not forget the backing he has from his family as well. They may not agree with everything he says/does, but they back him to the hilt.

  18. Bob

    Great article, but I still have a problem with the polls. It is hard to see they might all be biased in the same direction showing essentially the same gap between Biden and Trump. Supposedly, things are tightening up, but it would be nice to see bigger numbers in that direction.

    Polling is not a scientific endeavor. So-called random samples will not tell you who is going to the polls, in what numbers, and how that magic few in the middle will vote. Moreover, nobody I know wants to answer those calls. As far as my phone goes, unless the caller ID reads with an acquaintance’s name, I don’t answer.

    I have stopped drinking for the duration of the campaign season. On election day I plan to buy some Wild Turkey and go into meditation for a week. I hope the liquor stores are open that day.

  19. MatiG

    Interesting perspective. It helps explicate what I have told some horrified friends about why I’d choose Trump: because he resists the empire.

    Tangentially, has anyone here read Watt’s book? It was hard to put down. I found it hard to believe, but challenged to figure out how to evaluate its contents. Definitely opened my mind to ideas I previously would not have entertained.

  20. Ann Cherry

    Cheer up, Bob, don’t forget 2016, when the gaps in polls between the Hildebeast and Trump were, in some states, even wider. Up until the thrilling end, everyone thought Crooked Hillary had it in the bag. Back then, only Trafalgar and Rasmussen got it right.

    Today, Trafalgar is once again predicting a Trump victory. That’s because they took into account the “shy Trump supporters” by asking questions like, “Who do you think your neighbor is voting for?” We can also count all of those Trump supporters who prefer to lie to pollsters. After all, aren’t some of the Democrat-Communists now threatening real retribution against us if they get into power? And haven’t people lost family, friendships, jobs, businesses, even their lives, for supporting Trump?

    Maybe this great little video will help keep things in perspective, it’s Biden’s “car rally” yesterday in a Dallas, Florida parking lot. The first minute is plenty, it doesn’t change:

    Here’s a better one, of the happy raucous Trump supporters crashing Biden’s rally, lining the streets, whom he called “Chumps”. First we were Deplorables, clinging to our guns and bibles, and now we’re also Trump’s Chumps!

    Lastly, to cheer you, remember that almost half of the people attending these Trump rallies are Democrats and Unaffiliated, many of whom didn’t even vote in 2016. And if I’m not mistaken, registered Republicans now outnumber registered Democrats, for the first time in decades. MAGA!

  21. Milton Hathaway

    Bob, on the accuracy of the polls, my attitude is a paraphrase of my favorite Thomas Sowell quote; if you ask yourself what price the polling company will pay if their poll result turns out to be wrong, and the answer is clearly “little to none”, that’s exactly the value of the poll itself. This works for many, many other things in life besides polls, too. Zero accountability implies zero value.

  22. Shecky R

    And so we have an enabled narcissist writing about an enabled narcissist….

  23. DavidCH1

    Carl, I am in Canada, but us like rest of the world are more interested in US politics than their own.

    The 2016 US election was funny actually. Times had millions(guessing but likely) of magazines printed and ready for release with the headline “Madam President”, meaning they were absolutely confident that Hillary would win. One could only guess on the amount of money they wasted on preparing for something that would turn out to be false.

    Anyways, he has to win simply so Dr. Scott Atlas don’t get kicked out. Unlike that other guy that shares the first letter with the F-word, he’s reasonable in his policies. Biden would likely kick him out.

    With a Trump win and Dr. Atlas being the main doctor, perhaps other countries would follow and turn the tide.

  24. Michael Arnold

    I think yet this was a life changing Article for me. Awesome and inciteful, it struck a cord that is reconating in me loudly. Thanks.

  25. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Trump believes in God, but hasn’t sought forgiveness

    By Eugene Scott, CNN
    Updated 9:35 PM ET, Sat July 18, 2015
    Donald Trump questions if McCain is a war hero

    (CNN)Donald Trump talked about his Christian faith Saturday, but said he’s never sought forgiveness for his sins.

    Trump, who also made headlines for questioning Arizona Sen. John McCain’s heroism Saturday, made the comments about his faith during a Q&A at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa.

    The event is a gathering sponsored by several socially-conservative Christian organizations, including the Family Research Council, a socially conservative lobbying organization; Liberty University, the world’s largest evangelical university; and the National Organization for Marriage, a group established to prevent the legalization of same-sex marriage.

    Trump, who told CNN earlier that he is both anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage, said people are surprised to learn about his Christian faith.

    “People are so shocked when they find … out I am Protestant. I am Presbyterian. And I go to church and I love God and I love my church,” he said.

    Moderator Frank Luntz asked Trump whether he has ever asked God for forgiveness for his actions.

    “I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so,” he said. “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

    Trump said that while he hasn’t asked God for forgiveness, he does participate in Holy Communion.

    “When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed,” he said. “I think in terms of ‘let’s go on and let’s make it right.


    It’s surprising what one finds when one decides to do a little digging.

    Now, one learns he is no longer calling his own self a Presbyterian and he has also changed on so-called gay marriage, tweeting It was his great honor to be called the most pro-gay POTUS in history by the log cabin republicans and his former DNI, Ric Grenell, a card-carrying queer said that Trump has done more for gay rights in the past three years than Joe Biden did in 40 plus years in Washington.

    Mr. Grennel said that while wearing a rainbow-colored MAGA hat.

  26. Lance

    The case for Devine intervention in US politics is not strong. The God who did not stop the Russian revolution or Woodrow Willison is unlikely to stuff ballot boxes in NV, WI, & PA with celestial votes for Trump. God gave man free will. He will allow man to express that will even if it means electing a milquetoast quasi-socialist like Biden or a self-centered Boor like Trump (who couldn’t pick Jesus out of a police line-up). God, for example, decidedly DID NOT want Saul to be the first King of Israel. God hadn’t opposed a leader as strongly as he opposed Saul since he apposed Ramses II during the exodus. Did he intervene? Did he thwart the will of the people and somehow block Saul from becoming king? No. No he did not. The people got Saul and suffered the consequences. Nowhere can we find evidence that God even favors representative government at all. When Jesus walked the earth he didn’t complain about the government or government officials (as such) although he had plenty of reason to. Jesus was almost perfectly indifferent to the official corruption, injustice and mismanagement of the Caesars even as he stood against corruption and injustice (sin) as general concepts.
    You and I may think that Trump is far and away more righteous than Biden. And, he may be by our standards. But God looks at LunchPail Joe and The Donald and sees two Jackwagons who have both ‘fallen short’. Trump’s (along with Biden’s along with our) attempts at righteousness are ‘as dirty rags’ to God.
    So, no. God will not decide this election. An American people who’ve abandon godliness and embraced decadence will decide this election. The Bible says God makes the rain to fall on the righteous as well as the wicked. It does not say God will spare the houses of the righteous during a storm. Unfortunately, a hard rain is about to fall weather Trump or Biden wins.

  27. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Lance According to Saint Augustine those who rule over others are approved of by God; so Mao, Stalin, Khan, Hitler, Woodrow Wilson and other assorted war criminals were all approved of by God.

  28. Ann Cherry

    I think Lance and ABS are confusing God’s permissive will for his “approval.”

    Regarding ABS’s comments, about three – four years ago, Trump interviewed with Raymond Arroyo on his EWTN show, The World Over, and Raymond asked him whether he’d “sought forgiveness”.

    I was surprised that a journalist of Raymond’s caliber, even asked that question. I remember Trump saying he’d “sought forgiveness” by his actions, which is, after all, how we show true contrition. What business is it of ours, what private conversations Trump has with God?

    No, Trump is not a practicing Catholic and may not agree with church and biblical teaching on homosexual acts, but then again, dare I say, neither does the current Pontiff and his magic circle. Trump’s a pragmatist who knows how to choose his battles, and maybe that’s more important to him, and for us, in these perilous times.

    As for Ambassador Rick Grenell, he’s been one of the most brilliant and effective people in Trump’s administration, and shares credit for peace breaking out in the Middle East. I don’t know about his Rainbow work, but he comes across as a True Patriot, and I think that’s what these so-called “log cabin (gay) republicans” are all about.

    The judgemental nastiness towards Trump by some so-called Christians or other “righteous ones”, is a little surprising, given Trump’s love for our country, his stellar record of appointing conservative Judges and Justices, his common-sense environmental measures, and most important, his solid pro-life record.

  29. C-Marie

    God does give warnings and He does call His people to pray, and He does give people to know right from wrong, and He does take into account the gift of free will, and He does allow people to rise to power but that does not mean that He approves of them or their ways, and He does take them down as He wills, and He does give helps and choose even those who do not know Him to do His will, and over and above all, God has His Perfect Sovereign Will which He imposes as He will when He will.

    We are not alone, though it might seem that way at times. Recorded in the Bible is God’s heavenly army of angels and firey horses and chariots who have often helped in times of war and difficulties and tragedies.

    He is God, afterall, and we are His creation Whom He created to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him, that we may live forever in eternity with Him and with all who are in Heaven.

    Because He is Love, He gave the free will to us so that we could choose to be His
    forever. If we choose to not be His, then we live eternity as outcasts from Him,
    in the fires of Hell. We have been told all. Nothing has been kept from us.

    All has been accomplished in His Son Jesus Christ.
    Each of us must needs receive Him in genuine repentance that we may live forever with God.
    God bless, C-Marie

  30. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Ann. Many make that mistake.

    Here is Saint Augustine, “City of God.”

    Chapter 21.— That the Roman Dominion Was Granted by Him from Whom is All Power, and by Whose Providence All Things are Ruled.

    These things being so, we do not attribute the power of giving kingdoms and empires to any save to the true God, who gives happiness in the kingdom of heaven to the pious alone, but gives kingly power on earth both to the pious and the impious, as it may please Him, whose good pleasure is always just. For though we have said something about the principles which guide His administration, in so far as it has seemed good to Him to explain it, nevertheless it is too much for us, and far surpasses our strength, to discuss the hidden things of men’s hearts, and by a clear examination to determine the merits of various kingdoms. He, therefore, who is the one true God, who never leaves the human race without just judgment and help, gave a kingdom to the Romans when He would, and as great as He would, as He did also to the Assyrians, and even the Persians, by whom, as their own books testify, only two gods are worshipped, the one good and the other evil — to say nothing concerning the Hebrew people, of whom I have already spoken as much as seemed necessary, who, as long as they were a kingdom, worshipped none save the true God. The same, therefore, who gave to the Persians harvests, though they did not worship the goddess Segetia, who gave the other blessings of the earth, though they did not worship the many gods which the Romans supposed to preside, each one over some particular thing, or even many of them over each several thing — He, I say, gave the Persians dominion, though they worshipped none of those gods to whom the Romans believed themselves indebted for the empire. And the same is true in respect of men as well as nations. He who gave power to Marius gave it also to Caius Cæsar; He who gave it to Augustus gave it also to Nero; He also who gave it to the most benignant emperors, the Vespasians, father and son, gave it also to the cruel Domitian; and, finally, to avoid the necessity of going over them all, He who gave it to the Christian Constantine gave it also to the apostate Julian, whose gifted mind was deceived by a sacrilegious and detestable curiosity, stimulated by the love of power. And it was because he was addicted through curiosity to vain oracles, that, confident of victory, he burned the ships which were laden with the provisions necessary for his army, and therefore, engaging with hot zeal in rashly audacious enterprises, he was soon slain, as the just consequence of his recklessness, and left his army unprovisioned in an enemy’s country, and in such a predicament that it never could have escaped, save by altering the boundaries of the Roman empire, in violation of that omen of the god Terminus of which I spoke in the preceding book; for the god Terminus yielded to necessity, though he had not yielded to Jupiter. Manifestly these things are ruled and governed by the one God according as He pleases; and if His motives are hid, are they therefore unjust?

    Job 34: For when he granteth peace, who is there that can condemn? When he hideth his countenance, who is there that can behold him, whether it regard nations, or all men? [30] Who maketh a man that is a hypocrite to reign for the sins of the people?

    Haydock Commentary: Ver. 30. People. A hypocrite denotes one infected with all sorts of crimes. S. Iræn. v. 24. Such a king is sometimes given to punish a wicked people. Ose. xiii. 11. Isai. iii. 4.

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    God Bless you, Ianto Watt…and may God keep blessing President Trump.

    Pray to Victory!

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