Last Debate Open Thread

Last Debate Open Thread

This debate was a quieter affair; neither side goaded the other into an outburst. The moderator was better than expected.

I repeat my complaint. Why have any journalist moderate a debate? Why does the cucked GOP ever agree to that? Why not have a college debate team leader do it? Or a professional negotiator or arbiter? Relying on journalists who suffer from reporteritis is always giving away points.

Reporteritis: when reporters who cover important events come to feel they, too, are important and necessary.

This moderator was deft in moving the subject off Hunter’s Laptop From Hell when it arose, a subject which Trump could have pressed harder. Joe kept insisting he never took money from a foreign government, which might even be true. He did take it from his son and other relatives, from their payoffs. Biden has been on the take for decades, and Trump managed to sneak this in, but not so that it really stuck.

Trump was right, of course, about not panicking over the coronadoom, which the left entirely blames on Trump, as if he created the virus in some evil experiment. Massive stupidity. Joe sold fear, fear, and more fear and swore to keep locking things down. There will be no liberty in a Biden administration.

Biden promised a “Dark Winter™” and said 200,000 more coroadoom deaths before the end of the year, which is preposterous. How many will believe it, though?

Trump missed an opportunity to remind viewers that the job losses the moderator asked about were almost all from the Democrat-led lockdowns. He pressed it during the coronadoom segment, but would have been better served to push it again.

Trump did a great job talking about differences in the states when it comes to a minimum wage. Many likely don’t understand this—they don’t because they’re in the grip of Equality & Diversity, which insists all things should be utterly uniform.

The moderator asked about feelz of people of color, and “the talk”. Well, I got news for her. People of no color are tired of hearing about how everything is their fault. We do recall, though, that John Derbyshire got fired for mentioning the talk no colors had to make to their kids.

Seems to me, from Twitter scans, a lot more blacks are no longer buying the Democrat Savior line. Trump played into that. Biden took the usual line of saying no jail for drug busts, which locks up a lot of blacks.

Biden floated Bidencare, his word. Tell the truth: would you sign up for Bidencare?

Incidentally, requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions is like forcing bookies to take bets on yesterday’s game. Why this can’t be understood baffles me.

The false compassion about kids in cages at the border is just silly. We condemn those parents who drag their children along while breaking in to this country illegally. I don’t know if people are buying the left’s line that it’s all Trump’s fault.

Biden was at least honest about open borders and free citizenship for the millions who already broke the law to come here.

Biden lies with great suavity. He shakes his head and displays his trademark rictus and says to true accusations, “That’s not true”, sure he’ll never be called on it. Who remembers, for instance, Biden lied about his background while running for Senate, was busted for it, and pushed on through anyway?

Biden insisted several times he never said he’d ban fracking, and then challenged Trump to put on his website proof that the did.

Anyway, Biden pushed global cooling and Trump didn’t. There was no movement on this either way, except for the fracking bit.

Trump was calm and had a masterful grasp of the facts. Biden, it has to be admitted, did not fall on his face, but it is also so he slurred his words from time to time, got lost in some sentences, and gave empty answers when he lost the thread. “It’s like sayin…ah…um, look” and he changed the subject. He is an accomplished performer, though, and hid some of his defects.

Except Biden stumbled onto Hitler for no good reason, and he claimed Trump called himself Lincoln. He also mixed up the name of the Proud Boys, calling them the Poor Boys. This is a gang formed during the lockdowns from kids with nothing else to do.

Trump got suckered into defending his taxes. His weakness is having to defend any charge. He could have let it go and hammered Biden on his China, Russia, Ukraine and other payouts to his relatives.

Biggest lie of the night was Biden saying Hunter’s laptop was a Russian plot. Imagine the faces on the journalists who will now have to defend that.

Gist: Trump had the best of it, but Biden’s worn everyman schtick plays well with people who believe what they see on TV. Still, if any minds were changed, either in whether to vote or for whom, then I think Trump got more, and so won.

There were moments of supreme humor (original, which will likely be deleted):

More indication Trump will win. The return of the memes.

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  1. DAV

    requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions is like forcing bookies to take bets on yesterday’s game. Why this can’t be understood baffles me.

    In all fairness, group insurance doesn’t have an exclusion clause. At least it didn’t when I was selling health insurance. I’m guessing the idea was that Ocare is a kind of super group insurance. The premium should go up with existing conditions.

  2. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS switched the establishment stitched-together event off after about an hour.

    Remember when conservatives were sure “This time we got the goods on the Clintons” despite, as The Perps on The Wire said, “They gotta get got.”

    The political class will be protected by other members of that class and there will be no got for Biden.

    Apparently the gals of suburbia are scandalised by the riots and ruckus and favor Joe and so it goes…

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Trump has had opportunities to break-out of the establishment constrictions but he could never do it.

    The most puissant political action any putative conservative POTUS could ever do is to declare an action by the National Legislature or the SCOTUS Unconstitutional and His Executive Branch would not only repudiate it but demand the offenders retract it and apologise to the American citizens.

    Remember Separate but Equal? Well, how’n’hell can all branches be equal if only one of those branches has the power to declare acts by the other two branches unconstitutional?

    That is the equality of Animal Farm.

    If ABS were POTUS he had done what he wanted Trump to do after The Commission developed the mic button:

    Per the new rules, President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will each be allowed two minutes of uninterrupted time to speak at the beginning of every 15-minute segment of the debate, and the uninterrupted time will be ensured by muting the non-speaking candidate’s microphone, NPR reported.

    Of course Trump will not do this but it would be a great response to this stupidity for him to announce that at all future White House Press Conferences his spokesman will have control of the one mic all the mask-wearing reporters must use but before they ask any question they first must select a number from one of those little upside-down-hair-dryer-looking- number-dispensers and ask questions in the order of the numbers they selected.

    Before they ask a question the reporter must denounce the Chinese Supremacy of the Tyrannical Tech Companies and say whether or not they support what Jeffrey Toobin did during a Zoom Conference.

    Each reporter must condemn, by name, Brian Williams, the NBC News Anchor, and amateur journalist, who lied about being under fire in a war zone.

    Trump should say that reporters can only ask questions of thirty seconds and the question can not be an accusation and any reporter who asks a question already asked will have the mic silenced and not be allowed to ask another question for one month.

    But Trump is mired in the swamp

  4. awildgoose

    Journos are used in these debates because they are some of the Deep State’s most reliable priests and they have decent verbal IQ.

    I think Trump toning his personality down caught the Left off-guard, and it plays better with independents who would fall for Biden’s everyman act.

    One easy point Trump has been missing is tying the Green New Deal to the wildfires and rolling blackouts in California. “That’s just a preview of the America Joe plans for you and your kids, folks.”

  5. Dan Hughes

    Have you noticed that Biden, and others of his sort, are throwing out that COVID-19 will be counted as a pre-existing condition?

    Does that mean that our regularly scheduled flu also counts?

  6. Dennis

    I don’t understand why the GOP continues to play along with this farcical debate commission. Every single time, the terms of debate and moderators are rigged to suit dems. Last night’s wasn’t quite as bad as Wallace, but that’s hardly difficult to achieve. It was also supposed to be a foreign policy debate, which would have offered more scope for pursuing why the Hunter laptop proving Joe’s been selling foreign policy influence to the highest international bidders (which we all knew anyway had always been the case, this is just the proof – Hunter’s one and only job his whole life has been to serve as Joe’s international bag man), but instead it was largely a re-tread of prior topics.

    Trump campaign should have just refused to deal with the biased commission running cover for Biden (The lead Republican member is 84 year-old ex-Senator and ardent never-Trumper, John Danforth – yeah, really fair setup!) and insisted on negotiating one-on-one debate terms with the opposition, period. And insist on a fair setup. Two moderators, one chosen by each side, who alternate questions.

  7. Back in the day, before NoCare, my standard family medical plans all covered “pre-existing”, meaning medical conditions that have been made known by prior treatment, by having waiting periods and/or premium riders. In other words, they were covered either by time or money or both. All NoCare did was kill these riders. Insurance companies still have to be tested for soundness by actuaries; so *that* necessitated the premium increases or higher co-pays or deductibles. Again, you paid with time or money or both. The goal of NoCare is still making “government” the owner of you.

  8. Sheri

    “requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions is like forcing bookies to take bets on yesterday’s game. Why this can’t be understood baffles me.” BECAUSE IT IS NOT INSURANCE and never was the day it covered medications and illnesses that were ongoing. If it were insurance, it would cover acute hospitalizations, ONE-TIME medications and doctor visits for acute illnesses. NOTHING MORE. Yet never was that true after the stupid idea came into play. There never should have been coverage of anything except perhaps catastrophic illnesses. Actually, bankruptcy takes care of those and forces others to pay for the costs without insuring that bucketloads of money will be available for that $25,000 a month treatment for clearer skin so you can run about as close to buck naked as possible. Coverage of medical costs (which is what this is–NOT INSURANCE) put a third party and buckets of money out there, and led to an entitlement mentality. So, billions of dollars are wasted on third-party involvement. But IT WAS NEVER INSURANCE. It was always “Medical cost coverage”. I can’t help it they called it “insurance”. Maybe people were really stupid when this started (my parents were first covered in 1960 through my dad’s workplace) and that’s where the name came from. They used the term thinking stupid people would not understand “coverage of medical costs”. I don’t know. Seems people don’t understand the misuse of language now, so why think they were not stupid at the beginning? Please, please stop with the crap about “not insurance” unless you are clear that the problem is misuse of language.

    Also, health could NEVER be insured anyway. House insurance or car insurance was for generally one or two time catastrophic events (fires, crashes). No one in their right mind believes health works that way. It’s improper language usage and always was.

    ABS: Your idea for White House Press Conferences is great. I agree Trump lacks the spine to pull that off, but it would be so great to watch!!! The look on those pathetic, so-called reporter’s faces…oh, wait, covered by a mask. Dang, one more reason to dump those useless masks!

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    If Biden based that “200,000 more will die by the end of the year” prediction on anything other than the ramblings in his head (and that’s a BIG if) it probably comes from the IHME predictions given on Labor day. A prediction which they’ve already revised downwards by 80,000 deaths (though they obscure this by switching to prominently displaying predictions for February 1 rather than January 1 as they did for a long time).

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    *Correction: their prediction for “mandates easing” is 80,000 down from the 420,000 given on Labor Day. But that prediction was for the “current projection” model, which is now down to 320,000. So they’ve actually revised down the prediction for the “current projection” by 100,000 deaths. The “mandates easing” has been revised down by 260,000 deaths.

  11. Fredo

    As soon as the right bought into the global warming hoax and paid lip service to the green
    lobby you can forget life as you once knew it. Watching the globalists hitch their hobby
    horse to covid 19 is seamless and I’m afraid the collective does not have enough cognitive
    inertia to overcome the gravitational forces. From here on out mass cognitive dissonance
    will be the rule not the exception. The bonds of common sense have been severed when
    an election of this magnitude seems to hinge on of all things Hunter’s laptop. Yet another
    layer of perversity is added to what has become an entirely grotesque political landscape.
    But that’s all part of the formula are you sure you want four more years of Trump? We can
    keep this up for as long as it takes the riots, the fake panics, the lies, the obfuscation,
    impeachment, you name it the destruction on demand crowd, the globalist wannabes
    must have their way. Damn the Constitution common sense and fair play brace for Biden,
    and the post-covid-world of regional passport czars.

  12. Jack

    Proud Boys are gang formed during the lockdown? You know about as much about the Proud Boys as that Georgia legislator knows about coyotes! Embarrassing.

  13. Big error for Biden: promising that oil will “eventually” disappear. I hope, I pray that will lose him Pennsylvania, where fracking has been a boon to the economy of the northern rural part.

  14. Shecky R

    “Trump was calm and had a masterful grasp of the facts.”
    ….sounds suspiciously like a line from George Orwell.

  15. JTLiuzza

    “He also mixed up the name of the Proud Boys, calling them the Poor Boys. This is a gang formed during the lockdowns from kids with nothing else to do.”

    Good one. It’s also a really good sandwich in Louisiana, usually abbreviated “Po-Boy.”

  16. DavidCH1

    Biden is a retard. I want him to go away.

    There’s what, 65 days until end of the year. 200K deaths require an average of 3,000 deaths per day. It’s at what, under 1/3rd of that now at ~800 for 7 day moving average? Not even at the March peak it reached 3K per day.

    Maybe 60K, or 80K if they are lucky.

    If you assume an average of a 1,000 per day, it’ll take until Mid-April to reach that number.

  17. Dennis

    “Biden is a retard. I want him to go away. There’s what, 65 days until end of the year. 200K deaths require an average of 3,000 death”

    200k is nothing. The other day Harris claimed 250 MILLION Americans alone have died of Covid. 2/3 of the country! Maybe the extreme low turnout at their campaign “events” has actually convinced them the entire country is now like a ghost town.

    Yesterday Biden had to be prompted by his wife in a zoom appearance to remember the name of the guy he’s running against. He kept mumbling, “…this President, uh George…huh…” Absolutely insane that America might be about to elect a man this clearly riddled with dementia, which means in effect electing Harris (no way Biden is making it through a full year before his capacity collapses to the point where he either resigns willingly or Amendment 25 has to be invoked), a woman who couldn’t even draw more than 2% in her own party’s primaries. Absolutely terrifying future ahead if these nutjobs win.

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