On Surrendering Without A Fight On Voter Fraud

On Surrendering Without A Fight On Voter Fraud
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Please excuse the short note. I have been working behind the scenes on several voter fraud projects. Once filings begin, I can make results public.

For now, and written in a real quick hurry, some disconnected thoughts on looking for voter fraud.

We’ve all seen, as expected, neoconmen and the Big Con denizens surrendering en masse, and, worse, asking men of courage to sulk away with them. They want us to put on Rod Dreher glasses, re-up our subscriptions to NRO and giggle, “Wait until 2024—unless running against President Kamala is racist. Which it will be. Wait until 2028!”

These fine people all say “accept the results.” We cannot. There are no results.

That is the point of investigating the fraud, to prove any claim of results is premature. Surrendering when the battle can still be won solely to save your “reputation” is pathetic and cowardly. The one conservative thing about the left is that they never go down without a fight. The one constant of the limp-wristed right is being nice at the expense of victory.

I can’t abide this attitude.

Yes, there’s a chance–there is always a chance any battle is lost—there is a chance the worst happens and President-in-waiting Kamala is installed. Some say the chance is large.

Suppose it is. So why are we doing this?

For one, surrendering because there is a chance you will lose is so stupid that it’s hard to believe anybody would defend the idea.

The real reason to uncover the fraud it to provide a good and true story of the decrepit state of elections for whoever it is that is willing to cross the Rubicon: Trump should he emerge victorious, or his successor if not.

SCOTUS will bow to whatever side is in power, the oligarchy of the left, or the man who can convincingly demonstrate the actual state of affairs. In order to convince limp John Roberts you are the man, you have to first convince a great and vocal proportion of the country.

We don’t have much time to tell this story, because January isn’t that far off, and because if the worst should happen the left will move to cut off all efforts at investigating fraud. The story won’t get told.

Now you can get the limp right to admit fraud took place, if only reluctantly. But the next line you hear from them is this (while sniffing and first checking to see what Ross Douthat says on the topic), “Yeah, but was the cheating consequential?”

Brothers and sisters, they wouldn’t cheat if it wasn’t consequential! Is cheating a hobby? See how many sequential prime number ballots you can slip into the system? They are cheating for a good reason (good in their eyes, anyway). They want to win.

Why don’t so many on our side want the same?

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  1. Pat Cusack

    Nice to know you’re on the job.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Briggs you have mad an argument as to why a 3rd Party must be formed. Republicans can only be depended on to go along to get along. Caviling conservatives are the enemy of needed political reformation. I think Trump is the man to get the 3rd Party operational if he loses.

  3. trigger warning

    Thanks, Briggs.

  4. Shecky R

    Why don’t you spend your time looking for the 23 lines (or fewer) of code needed to flip 3% of Democratic votes to Republican on the first Tues. of Nov.? i.e., the rigged machines that are the reeeeal election fraud going back to Bush/Cheney. You’re becoming as much of a laughingstock as the demented neo-nazi-wannabe you support.

  5. DAV

    It is discouraging to hear Republican Party members calling for “Moving On” before the cases have been made.

    Giuliani is distancing himself from Powell. Why is he avoiding claims of fraud in his court cases?

    Michael Dowd, there actually IS a third party — the Libertarian Party. It doesn’t have a very large following compared to the other two. Forming a successful third party would require a very large base. If Trump is unsuccessful perhaps that large base is already in place at around 70+ million members.

  6. Sheri

    I’m sorry, but after DECADES of cheating, I really don’t give a damn. No matter how loudly “they are cheating” was screamed, people just laughed about the dead voting in Chicago and watched the fake ballots delivered through at least five elections on a national scale. If people are too stupid and apathetic to get off their ass*s and do anything until it’s too late, then hell decends and they look like Venezuela. Because they WANT this. People don’t do things they don’t WANT. Why can’t you understand that? People wanted to let their country go to hell—some to be “nice”, some for money, some were just flat out lazy. But the majority all WANTED it. The few that stood up were ignored. It’s over and we’re toast. We know this because a standing president can claim fraud. If the machine wasn’t so well oiled and the subjects so ungodly stupid, there would be an effort to silence them. There isn’t, except on a very, very, very tiny scale. Look, people got exactly what they WANTED. Why throw a fit? It’s intellectually satisfying to figure out how it happened, but intellect is NOT how this happened. Stupid and lazy is how this happened. You cannot fix stupid, you cannot fix lazy.

    “For one, surrendering because there is a chance you will lose is so stupid that it’s hard to believe anybody would defend the idea.” True. But recognizing you’ve lost, knowing you waited too long and did too little….You can “fight” and still know you screwed yourself over long ago. They are not mutually exclusive. You can know the battle is lost and still explain why. What you CANNOT do is fix the mess that people did not care to fix. As long as you understand that, you’ll be fine. As long as you understand you are doing an autopsy, it’s fine. But the patient is NOT going to rise from the dead. That only happened once in history.

  7. “Why don’t so many on our side want the same?”

    First mistake: Taking their word that they are “on our side.”

    PC-Progs relentlessly cleanse their ranks of any who don’t profess and adhere to the 6 tenets of the anti-Normal PC-Prog belief system. Thus, anyone professing to be a Democrat MUST believe: “America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, capitalist, imperialist hell-hole. And it must be changed.”

    Normals fail at this fundamental requirement. Normals have no clear belief system. Those beliefs that were once thought to encompass “conservatism” have been systematically attacked and destroyed. And even if there was a clear belief system, Normals have no mechanism to protect and defend those beliefs from internal attacks.

    So, of course there are neoconmen attacking from within the castle keep. Of course the officers immediately offer the ship for surrender to the pirates at the first whiff of gunsmoke. The crew down below is primed for a fight, ready to go, but the neoconmen officers on the poop deck are running up the white flag and scheming to divvy up the loot with the pirates.

    Until Normals have a clearly defined set of principles (try to define what “conservative” means, then get together with a group of conservatives and hash that out–you might be surprised how hard that is) and a mechanism to ensure adherence to those principles by leaders, fighting the good fight will be quite difficult.

  8. Mike H

    I’m having a hard time envisioning what a 2024 election would even look like. Mail-in ballots and widespread reports of ballot stuffing make it clear that the “new normal” is unacceptable. But not to accept it risks open armed insurrection by the snowflake guerrillas. Thus the present sellout: a nation drained of moral resolve is reduced to cowering in fear of confrontation; and to swallowing, even perpetrating, any lie in order to defer confrontation. For the Republic to survive the decade would require a miracle of divine intervention.

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    Starting to hear more and more on the left say “but the REAL fraud is that Republicans steal Democrat votes” as illustrated by the troll in the comments. This is a very good sign. They only move to this stance when their preferred stance (i.e. “Voter fraud is impossible and saying that it could even potentially happen is a conspiracy theory”) is no longer defensible.

  10. Jerry

    Trump’s message wasn’t really conservatism, it was the simple caveman-like AMERICA FIRST. That should be the founding principle of a new third party, which would be safe from the top to the bottom from the Chris Christie-like idiots that are raising the white flag today. Call it the MAGA Party.
    The core of this party is out there protesting (real protests) right now. I think DJT should be putting as much time into more rallies.

  11. Dean Ericson

    Good summary of vote fraud flags by commenter “TamJam”, at Unz, copied below:

    1) Trump won 18/19 bellweather counties and lost.
    2) Trump under-performed down ticket republican candidates significantly.
    3) And that under-performance is proportional to how strongly republican a precinct is, which makes no sense given Trump polls 90%+ consistently among republicans.
    4) An incumbent president got 10M more votes and lost.
    5) Biden got 10M more votes than Obama with no campaign and no base to speak of but a proven track record of corruption and deep state ties.
    6) Absurd turnout and out-voting percentages specifically in targeted swing state counties.
    7) Synchronous pause in counting after midnight at crucial swing state big cities.
    8) Abnormal ballot dumping and spike up of Biden share of votes after those dumps after midnight, in all crucial swing states.
    9) The cities in question – Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Las Vegas – and their glorious history in voter fraud.
    10) Dominion / Smartmatic’s deep web of connections with deep state operators.

  12. Dennis

    My sentiments exactly about the milquetoast weaklings and neo-conmen of Conservative Inc. who’ve been so complicit in the left’s “move on and just accept it, nothing to see here (most secure election ever!)” narrative – Dreher, the NRO crowd, Douthat (a pseudo-right Fed intel plant at NYT anyway, completely controlled “opposition”), Tucker, and assorted RINO politicians – who just want to rollover and play dead. Because “norms” or something something…risks undermining “our democracy” (but undermining democracy with rampant voter fraud is apparently just part of “our democratic tradition” we’re supposed to accept!). Sickening. And you can bet if the roles we revered, the media would all have become statistics experts by now and be bleating 24/7 about uncovering Trump’s fraud (and the same milquetoasts from Con Inc. would be calling on Trump to concede!). And were a foreign election run this way, you can bet the state department and neo-con warmongers would be calling for santcions, intervention, etc. At least many of these cucks have now exposed their true colors and will save me much reading and viewing time in the future just ignoring their worthless thoughts and opinions.

  13. Plantagenet

    I note with interest the use of a still from “Zulu” depicting the British defence at The Battle of Rorkes Drift!? Presumably to illustrate doughty defence against overwhelming odds. This is peculiar in a site so relentlessly opposed to notions of Empire by Briggs and Watt, and commentators like Kent. Seen in isolation Rorkes Drift is certainly unique where a small force ( between 250-450 depending on who you believe) holds a position despite being outnumbered at least 40-1, until they are relieved. One assumes the idea is to identify the conservative cause with the British defenders. However some historians have noted that the commanders Chard and Bromhead had little choice as they could not flee cross-country with their wounded in tow. The Zulu force attacking RD was the reserve force not used hours before at the crushing Zulu victory at Islandwana and the subsequent massacre of British wounded and captured, hence to attempt flight through country containing 2 Zulu armies would have been suicide.

    However it might be even more astute to identify the conservative cause with the Zulus. Despite their relatively enlightened policy of allowing colonies to run and police themselves at times, the British were still proceeding under the assumption that they were bringing enlightenment to the dark corners of the earth and if that could not be done through negotiation, bribery, threats, or subterfuge, then violence was okey-dokey! Once on a collision course with the Empire Zululand was more or less doomed. The British had been provoking a fight for years, and the local commander crossed the border without orders figuring he could win the war before London relieved him (he was correct). So is it the contingent of British forces at RD, or Zululand which best represent beleaguered conservatives?

    The Battle of Rourkes Drift saw the second most individual medals for a single engagement in English or British history!

    There is some compelling evidence that in retaliation for Zulu atrocities at Islandwana the British massacred 500 wounded or captured Zulu warriors at RD.

    Being of British/Canadian extraction I don’t hold Empires generally, or the British and American Empires particularly, with such a jaundiced eye as some here. They are simply too big and complicated for pithy dismissal. I invite you to imagine the nightmare India might become if it were not for its adoption of British style institutions. Nor do I think that America can simply walk away from a post-war model it largely constructed that would be irresponsible and quite honestly almost suicidal idiocy…well that’s an opinion!

    Someone must captain the ship and if it’s not an American led contingent then at this particular moment in time I don’t think you need to look far to figure out who has their eye on the con.

    “Let _____ sleep for when she wakes she will shake the world”

  14. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The controversial colored character Barack Obama was on TV recently asking Donald J. Trump to concede the election but that is like asking a whale to fly.

    Sure, it’d be a striking to see either thing happen but giant mammals aren’t capable of acting against their nature.

    As the racist Ghandi was fond of saying Birds don’t jump rope and Bats are the only mammals that can fly. O, and I had a wonderfully formed stool this morning.

    As an aside, Vox Popoli published a piece wondering when Biden will concede…


  15. Lance

    “January isn’t that far off” ???

    You don’t have ’till January. You have until mid-December. Once the election results are ‘certified’ it won’t matter if you ‘prove’ fraud. The SCOTUS won’t over turn certified results.

    Like Justice Thomas said (paraphrasing) ‘Proof of innocence [after the trial has ended] is not grounds for overturning a conviction’ By that same token proof of fraud [after the results are certified] are not grounds for overturning an election.

    You need convincing proof right away…like yesterday.

  16. awildgoose


    The only things normies believe in are grillin’, chillin’, watchin’ a lil sportsball, and havin’ a few beers.

  17. c matt

    Suppose it is [chance of Kamala being installed Pres]. So why are we doing this?

    Never understood this attitude – if they have a chance of winning, give up. Precisely because they have a chance of winning, is why you should not give up. What do you have to lose by fighting it that would not already lost by giving up? That US elections are a farce is already proven. Whether the country (specifically the SCOTUS) has the cajones to do anything about it is the only question remaining.

  18. c matt

    That only happened once in history.

    I can think of at least three – Lazarus, the daughter of the well-off man in the NT, and of course, Christ.

  19. Dennis

    “‘Proof of innocence [after the trial has ended] is not grounds for overturning a conviction’” I’d like to see a cite for this, as it makes no sense.

    PROOF of innocence – not mere evidence that may or may not have affected “reasonable doubt,” but ironclad PROOF – would certainly be grounds for overturning a conviction (and has been – witness the use of DNA evidence years after the fact to exonerate rape and murder convicts, to cite just one example; see also the later proof that The Crown had deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence in the case of the Guildford Four). Conversely, however, PROOF of GUILT after an ACQUITTAL may not be grounds for a new trial, because of the double jeopardy rule (though depending on the circumstances, the new evidence could perhaps be part of a new trial on new charges).

  20. Sheri

    Mike H: The same thing one looks like in North Korea. Elections are not synonymous with freedom or much of anything.

    Jerry: Yep, there are cavemen out there and they comment on blogs…..

    ABS: Barack Obama WILL be the next president. He’s getting a third term after the Turnip in the Basement dies of Covid and the Sleeps with Anyone Has Zero Morals second in command does whatever Obama tells her. Really, try to keep up.

    Lance: So it’s 100% LEGAL AND MORAL to steal an election and run out the clock? Interesting. It’s funny there is no statute of limitations on murder, but you can murder a country via theft of an election with impunity…..I’m sure Little Kim LOVES that rule and uses it all the time.
    I had no idea the statute of limitations on election fraud was less than for murder, rape, armed robbery. We are stupid, stupid country.
    (I agree with what Dennis said.)

    C Matt: I stand corrected and thank you for pointing out my error.

  21. Yancey Ward

    Well said, Briggs.

    I think the problem is that the fraud was on such an epic scale that it is difficult for people to believe it, even when the evidence is right out there in ones face. Take another approach- try believing that Joe Biden won 80% of the absentee ballots across the entire state of Pennsylvania, or that he won 65% of such ballots in Michigan, or that Wisconsin suddenly had 193,000 people who couldn’t provide ID for their absentee ballots because they were indefinitely confined.

    I think a conservative estimate is that the Democrats created a minimum of 5 million fraudulent votes out of the enormous excess of mail in ballots that probably ran to 10-20 million.

  22. Sander van der Wal

    Of course you keep on fighting. Because if you don’t, there will never be a real election again.

    Regarding the Biden “win”, rub it in that to defeat an old white man, the Left had to run an even older white man. Who was more successfull than a black man and a white woman, especially in those five cities, where he was able to get more votes than registered voters. Apparently he even raised the dead so they could vote. Its almost the Second Coming.

  23. Briggs

    Patrick O,


  24. fslade

    Patrick O’Neal – that Greg Laden article was hard work. Utter drivel.

    “The earth is warming, folks.” My oh my.

    And the second,

    “But what got me about the article were passages where he alleged that funding bodies are corrupt and don’t judge research proposals on their merits.”

    this could come from a parody article.

    There really is a chasm in the world today between you and your chums and the rest of us, and it’s getting wider. And the way out is not going to be pretty.

  25. Anon

    I have among my acquaintances a woman who watches nothing but MSM, and even though she voted Trump (first vote ever, and she is middle-aged), and the mewling talking heads have her convinced that Joe Biden won more votes than Obama, that there is an actual “office of the President-elect,” that there is no voter fraud, or if there was, it wasn’t “consequential,” that “nothing can be done,” that we have “to accept this (a Biden presidency) since we can’t do anything about it,” and that the Biden charade of “picking his cabinet” is real.

    BTW Ms. Harris has not resigned her senate seat. Someone is thinking about keeping their day job.

    Fight, fight, fight.

  26. Sheri

    Patrick O’Neal: Seriously. You use Greg Laden, Hotwhopper (who’s writer cannot described on a family blog–makes Alyssa Milano look like a genius) and Tamino??? LOL

  27. Uncle Mike

    The country is at war. Has been for a long time, since Clinton won, IMHO. War is takeover, wresting control, by force or threat of force, by violence or threat of violence, usually but not always by an armed militia.

    The takeover is urban and rural. The country has been divided and conquered. The victors are ruthless. The victims are all but silent.

    The tactics of the losers have been ineffective, clearly. Some suggest meeting violence with violence, but that is never going to work. A new set of tactics is needed: a non-violent movement, united in purpose, with charity towards all, with no surrender in the face of tyranny, with God on our side, is our only option.

    Trump cannot be the only standard-bearer. Rise up. Take our country back. Without guns. The mob is self-defeating. The Deep State is hopelessly incompetent. Throw off their chains. Resist the Beast. Live your life as if it belonged to you.

  28. JohnK

    From J.E. Dyer today:

    The first approach – let a new president be inaugurated – sees any investigation as being of collateral procedural interest. It wouldn’t be unimportant, per se. But it shouldn’t interrupt an outcome that is being framed as the conventional outcome: the one like all other outcomes, in which there may be some moaning and groaning from the loser, but the collegial assumption rules, that we have a unified national purpose keeping a lid on the consequences of getting it wrong.

    The second approach has a different premise. That approach – don’t accept the electoral outcome as controlling until it has been fully authenticated – amounts to waging a fight. It’s not a fight against the electoral outcome. It’s a fight for the electoral outcome. It’s a fight to make sure it’s valid and fair, before agreeing to be governed by it.

  29. There is no law, only Zuul.
    War is upon us.
    Mountains of skulls, rivers of blood, oceans of tears.

    How much more plain do I have to make this?

  30. @ Uncle Mike –
    “Some suggest meeting violence with violence, but that is never going to work. A new set of tactics is needed: a non-violent movement, united in purpose, with charity towards all, with no surrender in the face of tyranny,”

    This statement contains at multiple contradictions and one known falsehood.
    Violence works. It is the only thing that works against Leftist zealots.
    Non-violence is surrender, not to mention the failed tactic of the last 50 years.
    Charity to all is surrender, not to mention the failed tactic of the last 50 years.

    Unity of purpose I can agree with.

    God will not save us if we do not try to save ourselves.

  31. Dennis

    Dreher today has progressed from pure gaslighting on the fraud issue to claiming anyone who thinks there was mass voter fraud is basically a mentally or emotionally defective “Fox Geezer” wallowing in conspiracy theories who’s replaced Christianity with the religion of Trump/MAGA. Not that he’s actually bothered to do any research mind you – NPR and NYT, and his MSM buddies like Douthat say there was none, so case closed! (And doing some research and not accepting the prescribed Narrative might shatter his self-image as a reasoned and servile respecter of “norms” who’s still allowed to consort with polite society or something, and likewise protect him from the worldview-shattering knowledge that America itself is rotten to the core, its entire system based on nothing but lies and corruption).

    After all, why worry about mass voter fraud and the wholesale theft of an American election – proof of the utter corruption, perversity, and brokenness at the heart of the entire American political system, and reason to never ever bother voting again – when some over-priced American ex-pat produced microbrew has been delivered, and you can sit on the porch sipping one while feeling smug and self-righteous during “Covidtide”?

    Good to see, at least, how this election fraud issue has really separated the wheat from the chaff/cucks/RINOS on the right. Dreher’s written two books about the dangers of woke leftism in power and blogs endlessly about it, but in the end he’d rather meekly acquiesce to Biden-Harris (at least Biden doesn’t say mean things on Twitter!) than fight for the only option to stop Wokism run amok for the next 4 years, and perhaps beyond. Or perhaps he just fears having less to write about if his presumed “side” actually scored some victories?

  32. Fredo

    I’m moving to Uruguay if Trump looses. Conservatives must fight this right
    up to the edge of the open grave that’s been prepared for them. Focusing on
    the Senate is a big mistake it’s an idiotic distraction from the fraudulent
    business at hand. The message it sends is we’ve lost lets just move on to the next
    pretend election we don’t want to upset the electorate by contesting. Litigate and
    contest every step of the way as if your life depended on it because it’s about to be
    reset forever if this stands. Man the barricades Briggs fight this tooth and nail.

  33. Dean Ericson

    ABS: “As an aside, Vox Popoli published a piece wondering when Biden will concede…”

    Say what you may about Vox, that man is not the sort to surrender without a fight.

  34. Dennis

    Fredo: The other thing about the Senate races is that a proper recount with full audit in GA would probably also eliminate the need for a runoff. Invalid ballots get tossed altogether, not just the particular race whose challenger precipitated the audit. If all invalid ballots are tossed and only legal, valid ballots counted, not only does Trump win, but probably also the GOP Senators.

    It’s outrageous that the GOP Secretary of State and Governor in GA have resisted a proper audit. That anyone is resisting proper audit anywhere suspect. If the Democrats are so sure there was no fraud, then what are they afraid of if a full and proper audit is done? They should welcome it to put to rest illegitimacy claims, no? If the GOP will not fight tooth and nail for Trump in the face of this massive evidence of fraud, then they are done in my book – worse than useless. Just proves system is so corrupt it’s not even worth voting ever for anything again.

  35. Fredo

    Dennis: Good point…a hard look at 2018 would seem to be in order as well.

  36. Reuben G.

    I’d like to stomp on those stupid Dreher glasses. Rod and Ross, piss off

  37. This is what happens with the PC-Progs takeover your county:

    Trump supporter going down for “willfully coughing:”


    “County Chair Phyllis J. Randall (D-At Large), Vice Chairman Supervisors Koran Saines (D-Sterling) and Supervisors Michael R. Turner (D-Ashburn) and Juli E. Briskman (D-Algonkian) signed a Nov. 22 letter to Chapman and Biberaj asking that “a full investigation be completed to ascertain if the man seen coughing in the video has violated any laws, and if so are charges applicable.” They also asked for updates to be provided to the full Board of Supervisors.

    “We are in a hundred-year, highly contagious, worldwide pandemic of a deadly virus that has killed more than 250,000 Americans,” the letter reads. “All of the Loudoun County numbers are headed in the wrong direction. Science has confirmed, and it has been widely reported, that wearing a mask is a very effective way to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Conversely, not wearing one and not socially distancing, is clearly irresponsible. Willfully coughing in someone’s face is clearly dangerous.”

  38. Frank

    I would be very interested in hearing your comments on the irregularities Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ztu5Y5obWPk

    To my untrained eyes, it looks extremely persuasive. The guy at stand up maths claims to have debunked his theory, but I’m not qualified to know who is correct.

  39. Dennis

    Big mistake for Trump to authorize funds for “transition” tonight. Being spun as tantamount to concession, and undermines all efforts so far regarding the massive and obvious election fraud. There is no “President-elect” until the Electoral College meets and votes, and there should be no compromise and no assistance from the government for anyone claiming that title while fraud is ignored by the alleged winner and major media. Trump and GSA should tell Biden to first support a full and complete audit in contested states to eliminate any cloud of illegitimacy. If he is confident he actually won fairly, he shouldn’t be afraid of audits, no?

  40. Louis Litt

    Schecky R – calling Mr Trump a neo nazi is idiotic, beyond childish but that is what I expect from a leftist who grew up n an above average income home, no good at anything but slagging off at everyone. When the time came to leave school, you shit your pants as you realised you could never achieve what your parents acheived. So you wasted your time at University doing some useless course that did lead to a job. But you boast your credentials which all you are is an unskilled and impractical wind bag, banging on about things that don’t exist and supposedly standing up for the oppressed, you know the people who you drove to suicide with your foul and vitriolic mouth.
    You realise. Mr Trump married a couple. Of dagoes – oh that does’nt count – their probably Catholics.

  41. “Being spun as tantamount to concession, and undermines all efforts so far regarding the massive and obvious election fraud.”

    It doesn’t do anything at all but get pressure off of this woman and her family, and if Trump is concerned about what the media is saying then he won’t win.

  42. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    This is a link to a story by the guy who exposed the actions of Mo Atta who was shacked-up with a Publix Employee in an apartment across the street from Venice, Florida airport – one morning she tossed his luggage out into the parking lot.

    Venice is the Gulf Coast Center of CIA and international corporate corruption.

    Ms. Powell – since defenestrated from the Trump legal team – has been promising evidence of election fraud of Biblical Proportions but it may just turn out to be akin to a 4H project.


    Even Theodore Beale of Vox Popoli is now publicly backing away from his The God-Emperor will remain POTUS claims. He has now written – in essence- “whether we win or lose” – he knows it is over, sadly.

    There is no way The SCOTUS stems in to try and save the Orangeman based on scores of affidavits of the I saw a fat carrying a box of ballots</I. and No.. I’m not kidding. They wouldn’t let me near the counting table

  43. Dennis

    DAV: I’ve become increasingly concerned at the way this is being handled by Giuliani and Ellis. Trump should have had a big team of seasoned election lawyers in every state in place well before election day. Giuliani and Ellis, whatever their other merits (Giuliani was formerly a great prosecutor in taking on the mob, but that’s a different kettle of fish than election fraud and arguing appellate and SCOTUS cases; of Ellis’ real qualifications in this matter I know little), seem to be flailing right now. Giuliani also botched the “slow-rollout” so close to election day of Hunter’s hard drive (should have had it all out months earlier – why hold back until days before an election in which many already voted?).

    There is no doubt in my mind that if only legal and validly cast votes are counted, Trump won in a landslide, but I’m concerned he doesn’t have the right team in place to make sure it happens. Democrats used Covid as an excuse to introduce the most insecure and fraud-prone system ever, and the GOP just rolled over and let it happen, and did nothing to ensure proper checks and fraud-defense were in place. I have no doubt there was manipulation by Dominion and Smartmatic as well, but those cases might take far too long to prove (though they could perhaps still help undermine and cripple any Biden admin and perhaps help lead to his ultimate downfall).

  44. Joey Zamboni

    —“Yes, there’s a chance–there is always a chance any battle is lost”—

    There is also a 100% chance of losing…

    If you never fight in the first place…

  45. DAV

    Dennis: I do believe you are right.

    SCOTUS is not the place to be laying out any proof of fraud. They really aren’t in a position to rule on it. Should have already been done in a lower court and should have started in court on Wed following Election Tues. Maybe Giuliani is tailoring his case to one that SCOTUS could rule on. But even if successful it’s unlikely they will overturn the election. The rush to certification is now making it a done deal.

    As for the Hunter roll out, it changed no minds. Dumping all of it earlier would have just led it being even more quickly forgotten. Frankly, if Biden becomes President I hope he keeps the office. Imagine a President Camel Hairs. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. I’m worried that Nancy’s 25th amendment committee is really for removing Biden.

  46. DAV

    Sydney Powell told Lou Dobbs tonight (Tues) that she plans to submit her case Wed.
    She’s clearly under a very strict time constraint.

    Here’s Huckabee’s comments on why Trump’s legal team may have distanced themselves from Powell. To sum it up in one word “strategy”.


    Here’s an earlier video (4 days ago):

    Aside: the last has a window in the background where the same two cars pass each other repeatedly as in a loop. Why do people do these things? What’s wrong with it just having a fixed image? Is its purpose to provide a distraction?

  47. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Our votes are so important to our sacred democracy that we hire crooks, killers and foreigners to electronically tabulate the results – with no corresponding links between person and vote.

    America is so exceptional it does not have its own American owned companies counting our sacred votes.
    Our exceptionalism is proved by not being so parochial as to demand such an American First (Mad Dog Mattis hates that idea) procedure.

    Our voting is so sacred we treat it cavalierly – the equivalent would be for the Catholic Church to ordain only atheists to confect and distribute Holy Eucharist because diversity.


  48. Dennis

    DAV: A poll came out yesterday showing several items – among them the Hunter issue (which at bottom was really a Joe Biden issue – selling his influence abroad, just using Hunter as his bagman) – about which many Biden voters claimed no knowledge and nearly 20% said it would have changed their vote had they known. Mainstream media ran interference for Joe the whole campaign, making sure low info voters didn’t even know about some things. Giuliani should have dumped the entire hard drive about 2 months before election. Perhaps then the full thing could have had more impact (Hell, he should have done it during the primaries – Sanders must be livid that the drive and supposed FBI investigation were not public earlier, especially now that Joe appears ready to keep Sanders out of the cabinet, which almost certainly was promised in return for Bernie’s endorsement). Slow-rolling a few select items (and focusing too much on salacious personal stuff rather than those that directly implicated Joe) a few days before the election just did nothing and made it easier for major media to ignore.

    The rush to certify absent genuine audits is unconscionable. Legislatures need to step in to overrule and assert their Article II authority over Electors if courts won’t apply the law fairly either (A PA judge claiming hundreds of affidavits are “speculation, not evidence” is simply wrong as a matter of law – should be frankly an impeachable offense. Affidavits are evidence. The idea that affidavits, statements under oath subject to perjury laws, are just “speculation” is nothing but a biased judge pretending not to know the law of evidence in order to protect his favored candidate). Throughout the campaign when asked repeatedly if he would “concede” if it “appears” he’s lost, Trump should have turned the tables and asked Biden if he would agree to an audit to ensure the validity that the most fraud-prone and insecure election system ever, rushed through with Covid as the excuse. Why are the Democrats so opposed to real audits? Because they know the out come is fraudulent. If it were otherwise, they should support audits to disperse the clouds of illegitimacy quickly gathering over Biden.

  49. DAV


    I guess but according to my sister who is a Confirmed Trump Hater. She said the Hunter thing was smokescreen to make Biden look bad. Just saying.

    When I asked her why she hated Trump she sent me links to headlines. Weirdly she lives in a red county in PA.

  50. Bruce Culver

    “The one conservative thing about the left is that they never go down without a fight. The one constant of the limp-wristed right is being nice at the expense of victory.”

    Dude, you have to be kidding. Did you not notice that the most brutal negative campaigning against Trump came from disaffected Republican operatives? I could give you a list of cut throat Republican/right-wing operatives and dirty tricksters as long as my arm, but I’m having trouble thinking of anything similar for the Dems except maybe James Carville, but even he’s relatively tame compared to Stone or Carl Rove.

  51. Briggs


    Never make the mistake of confusing Republicans with the right.

  52. While I totally agree with the post, here is what I see:
    This is all a spiritual battle. In 2016, God blessed us with a short reprieve from the unleashing of the hordes that will dominate us. Trump, though strange, was that reprieve. History is replete with oddball but effective leaders. The Maoists didn’t bother trying to cheat in 2016 because they thought (as did the entire country), that Clinton was a lock. But God intervened. God continued to intervene, and even though the hatred and vitriol against him was great, God kept back the hordes. At about the time the Communist Fever entered this country, God lifted the protection. Now nobody, *nobody* but political conservative/libertarian junkies like us pay *any* attention to a word Trump says. He is no more relevant than I am. Some Conservatives say that legal authorities determine the outcomes of elections. Wrong. The majority media does. Do you honestly think that, even if some court battle was won, they would allow Trump to continue? The riots of last summer would be child’s play compared to what their minions would do. Unhindered.

  53. Patrick

    As I said, don’t get your hopes up.

  54. Joy

    Sj canning old comments I read [Plantaginets’s one about RK:
    It was the Brittish fighting force who were not infantry men. They were medics and other stand ins.
    Not the Zulus. correcting you there.
    Furthermore to seek to deminish and undermine the very real achievement of the Welsh guards is strange.

    Probably born of many year s of misingormation and fake history taught. by the enemies of Britain.

    In my view, it’s not until the American system begins to tell the truth about the British and our history without envy or bias, that they w2ill learn the way out of their current plight.

    The truth is what it is. RD was maybe proof of the triumph of hope over experience. Given the very little battle experience of many of those fighting. Maybe more experienced soldiers would have given up or lost heart.

    It’s always the Welsh guards…in a pickle, I have special affinity and affection for them.

    America needs to learn to stop blejating about the British and learn w2ho’s on who’s side.  Before it’s too late.

    If it isn’t
    America, it’s going to be one or other or a group of Christian western nations who carry the torch forward.
    Learn from history. Even Yos would agree with me there.

  55. Joy

    Sorry for typos and strange number two inclusions

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