Two New Podcasts: Discernable with Matt Wong & Chronicles of Strength with Pat Flynn

Two New Podcasts: Discernable with Matt Wong & Chronicles of Strength with Pat Flynn

Discernable with Matt Wong

Podcast, followed by Wong’s show notes.

1:14 Worldwide reaction to Covid-19

4:27 Where has the flu gone?

6:08 Are lockdowns beneficial?

8:47 Cases vs Infections

11:55 Zero tolerance policy on infections or deaths

13:00 Trust the ‘all cause death rate’ instead

13:23 The statistics debunking Covid-19’s lethality

15:07 Identifying Covid-19 as the cause of death

17:32 Measuring cases instead of deaths keeps the panic going

19:54 How do we break out of the panic?

21:25 Trump vs Johnson in their response to contracting Covid-19

22:22 Should we be scared of Covid-19?

24:10 Why are we seeing such ‘amazing’ results in Australia and NZ?

27:10 Praising Dan Andrews and Jacinda Arden’s lockdown policy

28:35 Lockdowns didn’t work everywhere

29:17 People ignore real statistics

30:27 Leaders let citizens down by not being realistic

31:17 Which leader is doing it right?

33:21 Living in the Technocracy

35:13 Scientism and morality

39:05 Appeals to authority

39:46 Masks debunked

41:50 Have people forgotten we have immune systems?

43:30 Complicity with bad leadership

43:58 Civil disobedience in the US

45:56 Have scientists been swept up in the hype?

50:14 Where do we go for trustworthy information?

53:00 Why are people buying the hype and staying in a panic state?

54:45 Future predictions

55:33 Economic effects of the pandemic

58:00 Should we make policy decisions based on modelling?

1:00:58 Models are only as good as their assumptions

Chronicles of Strength with Pat Flynn

Title is COVID-19, The Presidential Election, and How to NOT Be Fooled By Statistics with Dr. Matt Briggs.

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  1. Sheri

    For those of us who are basically 100% visual and 0% audio, are there transcripts to podcasts?

  2. awildgoose

    WuFlu is only, “real, ” in the sense that it’s just the flu, bro.

    Unfortunately, the global mass hysteria about cold and flu season created and sustained by the Soviet media, politicians, and WEF is also all too real.

  3. awildgoose

    Anyone else notice the latest WuFlu scam?

    Now they’re expanding the availability of rapid result testing to quickly produce larger positive numbers to sustain the hysteria.

  4. Yawrate

    In the podcast you say lock downs are asinine. You then imply that lock downs are part of the reason the virus spreads. I’m not sure I follow that reasoning. I understand that our self imposed winter lock downs present viruses with good conditions for transmission but the government mandated lock downs are to prevent your family from being in close quarters with other families, aka strangers.

    It seems that the government lock downs can prevent transmission from one family group to another. Or am I wrong?

  5. Uncle Mike

    Yes, Mr. Y., you are wrong. Lockdowns do not prevent spread. Social distancing does not prevent spread. Masks do not prevent spread. Viruses spread with the wind and are so very tiny nothing short of a plastic bag over your head can save you from catching one. As a matter of scientific fact, you inhale, imbibe, and ingest millions of viruses every day. Lucky for you, you have a highly evolved immune system and so you do not keel over stone cold dead every five minutes.

    But before you break down weeping and gnashing your teeth in abject fear and involuntary trembling, cursing the gods and committing hara-kiri with an exacto knife, please be advised that even when you get the ChiCom Death Plague, chances are very good that you won’t even know it, and if you do, it will be no more than the sniffles, unless you are 85 with diabetic organ failure, and then you’re a goner anyway.

    Furthermore you can do something to help your immune system. You can eat your vitamins, especially C and D, and minerals, especially Ca and Zn, and eat some green leafy vegetables and fruits with natural antioxidant ionophores like quercetin and ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate), and drink plenty of liquids and get some sleep. Go for a walk or maybe take up yoga or join a dance class, or if you’re like me, bust your tail doing useful manual labor. Get out of your chair and move around. Do not melt into a puddle of goo because Kommies have washed your brain down the drain. That’ll kill you for sure one way or the other.

  6. John B()

    The All Cause Death IS on the high side this year

    I’m looking at [back of the envelope] 3,137,500 to 3,210,400 for 2020

    From above link 2,855,000 in 2019

    2019 January 258,000
    2019 Febuary 233,000
    2019 March 255,000
    2019 April 235,000
    2019 May 237,000
    2019 June 225,000
    2019 July 229,000
    2019 August 227,000
    2019 Septber 223,000
    2019 October 238,000
    2019 Novber 239,000
    2019 Decber 256,000
    2020 January 264,000
    2020 Febuary 244,000
    2020 March 269,000
    2020 April 321,000
    2020 May 279,000
    2020 June 249,000

    Without extrapolation adding July 2019 to June 2020 deaths are 3,038,000

  7. Uncle Mike

    It seems that every time the AC Death is reported the statistic fails to include Abortions. If 2020 is similar to the past 5 or 10 years, there will have been ~850,000 abortions in the US alone by Christmas. Abortion is, after all, a Necessary Service and a Constitutional Right, unlike freedom of worship, freedom of assembly, and free speech, which are anachronistic and passé.

    Abortions will outnumber flu-ish deaths by 4 to 1. And in contrast to Wuhan Commie Biowarfare Disease, abortions murder the very young, not the very old. Total innocents who have never taken a breath of air succumb. Not one Democrat, elected or otherwise, gives a hoot. Just the opposite; they celebrate, praise, and encourage induced baby death.

    It might be more accurate to include total mortality in the analysis, especially if All Cause Deaths is the nominal stat one is allegedly looking at. Unless one is scared of offending the baby killers, which is understandable though not forgivable.

  8. John B()

    Uncle Mike

    That’s so true!

  9. Dean Ericson

    Listened to the podcast. Highly recommended. Briggs speaks in whole sentences without “ums”, and “ahs”; the words form sentences, and the sentences form paragraphs. He has a fine baritone that might have been put to better use as Don Giovanni, or Scarpia, or Simone Boccanegra. And he says unexpected things, often in a humorous way. There is an occasional tendency for exasperation, over-excitement, or frustration, but that may be excused, owing to the circumstances, and as it also lends an appropriate dramatic energy. The Aussie interviewer was excellent.

  10. Dean Ericson

    Uncle Mike, I like your advice.

  11. Hun

    Briggs, could you make a post about Chinese Covid statistics? Apparently Covid doesn’t exist there anymore and life is back to normal.

  12. Dean Ericson

    Quite a good back and forth on the Pat Flynn podcast. Listening to it made my outdoor chores even more enjoyable. The occasional exuberance is perfectly suited to the events under discussion, and indeed it would seem odd to be criticizing some of the most irrational , destructive, and malicious public policies in human history in mild tones of detached composure. I trust other listeners found your appearance on the Pat Flynn Show as entertaining and informative as I did.

  13. Joy

    Viruses spread by social contact and are airborne for a varying but limited time depending on conditions.

    So it follows logically and it is observed that reducing social contact will and does reduce spread.

    There’s no escaping that fact.
    The argument is about whether it is right or wrong to enforce limiting social contact.
    So it’s politics and philosophy masquerading as science and vice versa.

    Being angry about the politics doesn’t alter the mechanism of spread.
    I find that a comfort, not something to fear.

    For an interesting and refreshing take on some of the science about the virus listen to Wendy Barclay.

    The science is. far more interesting than the politics.

    To all those who are on their own this Christmas or who are lonely in the face of a small crowd, I wish you a peaceful and comfortable Christmas.
    Cheers and god bless

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