Sick Siegel Says: Bend Over And Take The Experimental Vaccine, Or Be Kicked Out Of Society

Sick Siegel Says: Bend Over And Take The Experimental Vaccine, Or Be Kicked Out Of Society

Fear is the mindkiller, as it has been rightly said. Add to hersterical (there is no misspelling) minds gripped and wrecked by irrational fear the unquenchable desire to demand and mandate others share that fear and you have, well, you have Ethan Siegel. And many like him.

Sick Siegel writes for the left-wing political tract Scientific American. He says “Opting Out of Vaccines Should Opt You Out of American Society“.

He doesn’t say if this opting out means being forced into gulags or concentration camps, but, being a scientist, he’s probably open to evidence and willing to chose the option that most efficiently removes the unclean from the earth.

Sick Siegel says “Although you have a right to your own body, your choice to willfully be sick ends where another’s right to be healthy begins.”

The rest of his reasoning is just as effeminacy-drenched as this.

How do we best tell Sick Siegel that people don’t willfully choose to be sick by the coronadoom? That it comes upon most quickly, and vanishes just as quickly, that for most the disease is quite mild, even unnoticeable? We cannot tell him. He will not hear. Science has declared finality on this subject (and many other subjects) no new evidence. Dispute belongs only to deniers.

Some do willfully, or at least wantonly, choose to be sick or expose themselves to other illnesses and causes of death. Sick Siegel must condemn these people, too, and for the sake of consistency force them to opt out of society.

True, there will be loud screams of “homophobia” once Sick Siegel bans sodomy, which exposes those who partake in it to HIV and thus AIDS, for which there is no vaccine. Sodomy kills! People who insist on having it must opted out of American society. Bug chasers must be particularly condemned, and with that I am wholly with Siegel.

Sick Siegel says “There is no moral difference between a drunk driver and a willfully unvaccinated person”. He errs.

It’s not just drunk drivers, but all drivers, who might kill. Driving exposes you to death. You might kill or be killed. If you willfully choose to drive. There is no vaccine against driving, even for sober drivers. Almost 40,000 people every single year are killed by driving in the USA alone, a majority of whom are young and vigorous. The cause is not methylated, but high spirits.

Their lives could be saved if driving is “vaccinated” against in the form of banning it. Drivers who refused to not drive must be opted out of American society.

Flu is deadlier than coroandoom, historically. The doom is beating flu in the body bag count this year, yes, but don’t count flu out. It and its tag-team partner pneumonia will battle back and kill, and kill again. More than the coronadoom could ever think of killing.

And it will kill a lot of human beings at the point soon after they made their lucky escape from some quack’s vacuum. Which is to say, the newly born and young. The average age of doom deaths is 80, plus or minus.

Flu is worse than the doom. Sick Siegel will surely—this is no slippery slope argument or sarcastic exaggeration—require all get the flu vaccine, as well. He doesn’t mention flu, because he is not now terrified of flu. But give him time. He will be.

Everybody must be made to pay Big Pharma whatever fee our most beneficent government determines is fair. Everybody must ignore the actual risk of the diseases Sick Siegel and his merry band of banners lists.

Everybody must suffer whatever side effects the vaccine has. Pfizer says “women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose” of their coronadoom vaccine.

Well women, who talk more than men, and we hear talking, especially with consonants, can spread the doom, so this pregnancy ploy won’t work. The desire for a woman to have a child is nothing next to Sick Siegel’s fear, which must be assuaged by any means necessary.

What are those means? Sick Siegel says “No public or private school, workplace or other institution should allow a non-exempt, unvaccinated person through their doors”.

Death, in other words. For if you cannot work, buy or sell without the mark of vaccination, you cannot eat. If you cannot eat, you die.

The only curiosity is if Brave Siegel will round up the recalcitrant for permanent quarantine himself, or will he bravely let others do it for him?

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Siegel is quite mad as well as those agree with him. Being sick is being human. Dying is collateral damage to living. Anyway, there should have been no government prescribed remedies for Covid. As we see the ineffective “cure” has been more damaging than the disease.

  2. Lady Jane Perdue

    So it’s Sick Siegel’s way or you’ll take my Highway to hell. Do as I say or die!
    Coronadoom is luring out the little dictator lurking in the select elite.

  3. awildgoose

    Willifully sick?

    These people are evil and insane.

    On top of that, they’ve managed to racketize cold and flu season into medico-tyranny that conveniently provides them with an endless income stream.

  4. C. R. Dickson

    It’s difficult to take anyone seriously who manages to out perform the pollster-cartoonist who likes to dress in pseudo-Nazi uniforms. Pictures are worth a thousand words:
    The science communicator looks a lot like a character in the Fellini Satyricon or a photo-subject for a Diane Arbus Freak show.

  5. Gander

    There was a front page article in my local rag this morning about how the Swedish model has not worked. There are signs that Sweden is succumbing to the Panic.

  6. awildgoose


    Great finds.

    It’s clear the lunatic author is probably the sort of, “willfully sick,” type referred to above.

  7. TJ

    From the all knowing Wikipedia: This tells me all I need to know.

    Siegel lived in Portland from 2008 and has lived in Toledo, Washington since 2014. He is married to Jamie Cummings, whom he met in Madison, Wisconsin.He has a large beard and moustache and wears a kilt; with Jamie he entered the West Coast Beard and Mustache competition in Portland in 2011. He is “often asked why he doesn’t look like a scientist”. Siegel is Jewish and an atheist. He plays online chess and is a fan of My Little Pony.

  8. Dean Ericson

    Siegel is a Jewish revolutionary from central casting: atheist, homosexual, and totalitarian. He is an excellent proof of yesterday’s post, that “Man also needs the help of divine grace so that he may persevere in the good.” For in rejecting Divine Grace a man only perseveres in wickedness.

  9. JC

    When faced with our shared end, those who value life over living are going to go kicking and screaming. They will be found clinging to themselves, and they’re going to hate and do everything they can to distract those clinging to the wooden beam on their way up to Golgotha.

  10. LGC

    Cool, I always wanted to be an outlaw.

    I don’t think they are going to like me (and millions of my “friends”) as outlaws.

    But remember, they brought this on themselves.

  11. Meanwhile, back in the real world of actual medicine… “Ivermectin” appears to work well as a treatment and as prophylaxis, and is relatively cheap. “The trials so far have shown ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral DNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours.”

    Why do these anti-malarials keep showing up, just to be maligned by hordes of Leftists? Why are drugs that obviously help, which have been used for decades, suddenly maligned by the CDC?

  12. Dennis

    Unfortunately madmen like this Siegel seem to be quite common these days, and to have the ear of even worse madmen in power – ignorant, power-mad politicians who should be jailed for crimes against humanity.

    There isn’t a chance in hell I would take any of these experimental vaccines for a virus that is in reality no worse than flu.

  13. Ethan Siegel is a moron even in his own field of astrophysics. He writes what I believe to be the largest independent science blog, called StartsWithABang! In my own (now defunct) blog, I wrote a weekly counterpoint to him called Contrabang! I’d recommend that series to people who want to see just how ludicrous the state of astrophysics is, and the degree to which Ethan Siegel is just their mindless cheerleader.

    I planned on writing that series indefinitely, but it was time-consuming and eventually became too boring to justify. After a year of doing that, I realized I had developed a better understanding of their standard dogma than even Ethan had with his PhD and heavily promoted blog. My favorite incident was when he was explaining how a certain paradox of black holes was not really a paradox, but he gave the solution for the wrong paradox!! It was clear that Ethan did not understand what he was talking about so much as he was used to reciting the standard dogma.

    For me, the entry point to all this was realizing what a fiction the concept of neutron stars is, and then diving in and realizing that the bulk of standard cosmology is false and ridiculous.

  14. awildgoose


    The true believers hate the anti-malarials because they could shut down Corona-worship tomorrow.

    Big Pharma hates them because they are cheap and safe. Thus, they would jeopardize trillions in vaccine and test profits.

    Big Media hate them because they would shut down the fear porn overnight.

    The WEF hate them because they would roll us right back to normalcy.

  15. Sheri

    “Said Dowell: “We have seen a tremendous number of deaths in our long-term care facilities and are seeing physical and emotional burnout amongst our dedicated healthcare providers.” Wake up Wyoming

    The idiot that calls himself a doctor and expert is too da*n stupid to know that deaths increase in nursing homes every single December since the beginning of humans. And we listen to this moron? Why?????

  16. Gail Finke

    I’m shocked that Scientific American published anything that insane, and immediately thought of AIDS, which pharmaceutical companies are busy developing drugs they ADVERTISE as allowing you to keep having sex when you have it, and public health laws do NOT require anyone to disclose having. This man is dangerously unhinged.
    Obligatory usual reminder: I’m a woman, we’re not all irrational.

  17. John B()

    C R Dickson

    Thanks – love this from one of the links

    During that conversation, we talked about red flags of pseudoscience and how a science-savvy layperson can sort the new, exciting, on-the-fringe science from the pseudoscience. We ran over time, so this section was ultimately cut out of the final episode that aired, but we wanted to share this “cutting-room floor” section with you.

    Takes one to know one (or is that no one?)?

  18. Jerry

    In saner times, a buffoon such as Siegal would have been laughed off as an obvious nutjob. Back in the age of common sense, or at least when common sense was valued.

    What have we become?

  19. Of course, “driving is a risk” is a red herring. Driving is, in fact a risk, as is taking a walk, riding a bicycle, etc. Or, really, anything at all. And yet we DO make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with blood alcohol level above 0.08. Siegel is correct that driving is legal, drinking alcohol is legal, but mixing the two (above the legal limit) is not. The obvious reason is that the risk to others outweighs any utility of driving while drunk. I assume you’re ok with that but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. His example of shooting is also appropriate: shooting my weapons is legal but shooting them in the yard of my suburban home is not, for similar reasons. Do I support Siegel’s position on ostracizing those who are not immunodeficient and yet refuse vaccination? I do not. But to contend that Siegel’s argument for such ostracizing is analogous to ostracizing those who drive unimpaired is silly and your readers should see it as such.

  20. Uncle Mike

    Ms. Finke is most perceptive. Siegel is a nutcase pervert Nazi twitch. That’s disgustingly obvious. But Scientific American used to be a semi-respectable magazine that purports (though it fails) to promote “science”. Now they have sunk into publishing Nazi hate rants by depraved degenerates. Nuremberging is too merciful for those SA clowns.

  21. Johnno

    Robert M Ryan –

    Nah, we see it as COVID-19 is not any more dangerous than the risk of driving regularly and encountering the potential 0.0000000x% chance of coming into contact with a drunk driver. But just to answer your question, unless you can prove there was alcohol in my system with your fancy overcycled tests given the magical alcohol that was in me in such dangerous copious amounts still left me asymptomatic and completely un-drunken, we’re not dealing with a drunk driving incident at all…

    Anyway, does the Mr. Seagull insist we all be forcibly vaccinated even if we work from home and order everything through Amazon and never leave our abode?

    Something tells me that his answer will still be… yes.


    BECAUSE!!!! HUFF!!! PUFF!!!

  22. James Washington

    I don’t believe in mandates. I think that is hugely counterproductive at getting folks to get vaccinated. My expertise is in Security Studies with some focus on biosecurity not biological sciences. However, I’ve read several papers on the mechanisms of Pfizer & Moderna vaccines and discussed with Med pros. My initial take is that there is potential that they will be much safer and more effective than standard killed/deactivated virus vaccines.

  23. The Pfizer vaccine is like traditional flu vaccines; the Moderna one is mRNA based, the first in history. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t want the Moderna vaccine. But I don’t want or need either. I work from home, as mandated by my employer. I’m quite sure though, that they will mandate the vaccine before allowing me back to the office. They (and most tech employers) will let me work from home for some time, but will probably eventually push me out the door if I don’t vaccinate up.
    I’d rather get infected. If I show proof of infection, that should be sufficient, right?

  24. NIdahoCatholic

    A real life Mitch Rapp needs to pay this dangerous nutcase a visit.

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