The Fight Must Be Local — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Fight Must Be Local — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Anyone who says the Constitution is a living document is either a tool or an idiot. The Constitution is dead. As of last week, you have exactly zero rights. None. And in fact, as I said a long time ago in my book, it began to bleed with the first stab wound in 1803, in the original coup known as Madison vs Marbury. The case that inverted the entire document by elevating the judiciary over the legislature. We recently saw the final result, as the Supremes committed suicide (Texas vs Pennsylvania) when they refused to save themselves. And the bleeding hostage (the Republic) finally died with them.

Again, anyone who says that the Republic was formed of three co-equal branches is also an idiot. Or worse, in the pay of the Overlords. I’ve said it before, ad nauseum, that the three branches were listed in The Dead Letter in their order of importance and thus, power. Any cursory reading of the document reveals that the Legislative branch had the most power. The power to tax, to regulate, to declare war, to over-ride vetoes, and finally, to impeach the members of the other two branches.

The only check upon their power was the fragmentation of their membership, and the requirement to obtain re-affirmation from the people, every two years. Forget the House of Lords (Senate). They’re only there to slow the train down, not to stop it. Every engine needs a governor.

The Executive branch also has power, but not equal to the original design of the Founding revolutionaries. Did I call them Revolutionaries? Yes. We don’t call it the American Revolution for nothing. This is why we are where we are at today. Revolution begets revolution. Ask Robespierre. This is the natural result of a republic that has been hijacked by democracy. The only question before us today is whether our transition will be to either dictatorship or anarchy. Take your pick. There is no third door. Ask Napoleon.

Wait — I’m wrong. There is a third door. It is called total abject Slavery. Ask Lenin. Open and unabashed slavery, with an Oriental flavor, this time. Vlad Lenin was part Mongol, you know. If you like soy sauce, you’ll like this door. Soylent Green Power. But don’t worry, Uncle Joe (any Joe) will make sure we keep McDonalds open. For those who have their Party-vaccination card, of course. They’re free, so what’s your beef? Oh wait, beef’s going to be outlawed. How about a McVeggie today?

Anyway, the Executive branch has power as well. The power to wage war. Assuming he can raise the money in Congress. Or, unless he seizes the reins and suspends the power of Congress (and the Supremes). Ask Abe. He’ll tell you how that’s done. So, here’s the only question that remains. Can he command the forces he supposedly heads? The power of law enforcement, and ultimately, the armed forces. That is the only question left unanswered. We will soon see.

As for the Judiciary, they had the least power, at least according to the Last Will & Testament the founders left us. Yes, they have lifetime tenure. But Article III, Section 2, subsection 2 says Congress can limit their power to rule in any area, as the Legislature sees fit. Now tell me, Pilgrim, how that sounds today? Who limits whom, today? Yes, we are governed, in reality, by five un-elected Black Robes. So much for Democracy.

I’m fine with that, because we were supposed to be a Republic. But now both ideas are dead. So, the choice before us now is between Cincinnatus and Lenin. One will give up power when the present danger is defeated. The other won’t. Why? Because he is the present danger. Now we are back to the present problem. Which is, America is populated by idiots.

But not entirely. Thus, the real question before us: What is the split? We know that those in the camp of Lenin will stop at nothing. But what are their true numbers and power? The same question confronts the forces of Cincinnatus. What is their order of battle? Who will lead, locally? After all, they are totally fragmented, whereas Lenin’s men are totally united, in both ideology and command.

Who will willingly risk their local death without the hope of national victory (over the Imperial forces)? We know their type. We’ve done this before, one foxhole at a time. All around the globe. Now the question is, will we do it at home? Will we fight like our lives depend upon it? We shall see.

But first, we have to identify the true enemy. No, not the visible puppets at the top. Not even the Gates’, Zuckerbergs, Dorseys, et al. No, the real work in any war is in the trenches, and those who man them. The real enemy is the guy across from you. You’ll never get close enough in the opening round to touch the top tier of evil. Not until we fight our way through their phalanx will we reach their larynx. Only then can we finish the job. Fixating now on the top tier is self-defeating. No, we must defeat them at ground zero first. That is the only hope of victory.

Who then is this enemy? I’ll tell you who — their names all begin with an ‘e’. They are, in no particular order (for they all work in unison), the following four groups; editors, educators, experts and elites. And they all have a base that exists at a local level. At a level where they can be reached. Let’s look at them. Size is relative. Your local editor may not be a Sulzberger, but his influence is the same. It’s just in a smaller sphere of control. Same with the other three. The people who do run for office all hide behind these four groups to get (and stay) elected.

I’ve said many times that the most powerful people are those you can’t vote out. Why? Because they weren’t voted in. None of these four types have to run for office, so they can’t be voted out. But they can be defeated. But not by votes. No, they have to suffer humiliation, at their local level. The level of their visible power.

Let’s look a little closer. Let’s look at what has worked in the past. But only for the left. Why? Because they would do it. And we wouldn’t. And what would they do? They would engage in ‘civil’ disobedience. On a scale large enough that the local authorities couldn’t stop it. Short of mace, water cannons, police dogs, etc.

Who were their targets? The same four E’s I referred to before. But back then, they were our E’s. And lo and behold, when our editors, educators, experts and elites were hounded, we didn’t show up in their defense. We were too busy defending the Imperial front, far away from the home front. And they took our local ground. Which laid the foundation of their national network of like-minded ilk. We learn too late. What happens in our own county is always more important than what happens half a world away.

So, when all these forces arrayed against us worked together, what was their favorite weapon of choice? Bond issues. Which fed their elected puppets, who then enforced the leftist reporting, schooling, testimony (of ‘experts’) and of course, elitist opinion (and finances). Don’t believe me? Ever heard of Alfred Kinsey, the ‘sex-expert’? The one who normalized perversion? The same perversion that was supported by elitists and editors, who pounded away about ‘fairness’ for perverts? And which is now universally taught by our enlightened educators, in our gargantuan ‘schools’.

Schools? Funded by whom? By us, courtesy of the gargantuan bond issues that accrue to the benefit, in every way, of our enemies. And which enslaves us to a local property tax that we have zero control of. In other words, they have talked (hounded) us into enslaving ourselves. And selling our children to them to pay for it.

Think about it. You can’t possibly mobilize people nationally. There are too many Deep State impediments to that. Ears are everywhere. And you can’t trust people you don’t even know. And the only place you do know someone is right where you are. That, my friend, is where you should act. Because that is the only place your effort can have effect.

So, the answer I give, when asked ‘what should we do’ about the obvious theft of our nation is this — take back your neighborhood first. And then your city and county. And free yourself from the Corona hypnosis. That is the very first step. Fearful people never win.

But it will take more than letters to the editor (which are, by definition, useless, considering who controls their appearance). I’ll tell you what it does take. It takes nerve. And crudity, when warranted. Which is now. I’ve seen many stories of public ‘servants’ who are quitting their posts because of hostile public reaction to their Covid-fear-enforcement attempts. Public ‘Health’ experts and ‘educators’ who are caving to social pressure. On-the-street encounters that are not pleasant, for them.

Now expand that to your local paper, and those who advertise in them. And your local school administrators (and those ‘teachers’ that will not teach — which actually is a favor, if you think about it). If half the people they meet in public spit on the sidewalk as they pass by, it will have an incremental effect. A positive effect. Why? Because in polite America, it takes an offensive act to get the change you want. That’s how the left got what they wanted. The question is, do you really want it?

Really? Well, have you ever gone down and picketed your local store that advertises in your local paper that supports lockdowns? No? But you say you’re willing to revert to your 2nd Amendment rights before trying anything less? Listen to me — you can drive them from your local public square. It’s all about your public attitude. Most of your local opponents will melt away, if enough people began to personally act rude to them and their ideas. Show up where they are, and refuse to be silent. They won’t all go away, but they will start to shut up. And their voices are what is driving the fear-machine. And fear is the real killer. It’s time to lift our voices. Rudely. Locally.

I once took my kids out of school for a semester just to hurt the local school budget (which is paid by attendance rolls). I couldn’t get anyone else to follow. But I did it anyway. And made myself a pain-in-their-ass for a long time. The stakes were lower then. Or so we thought. But the local face of the enemy is still the same. And it becomes more emboldened each day by our polite patience. We need to lose the public politeness. And our patience. If we want our freedom, that is. Freedom, if you haven’t noticed, is lived locally.

Then, if we’re smart, we’ll go back to our original constitution (the Articles of Confederation) that the real founders left us. A Constitution that refused to allow a strong central government. They wanted power to be local. Why? Because they had a crystal ball. And it showed them the year 2020.

We’ll have to do this one county at a time, one state at a time. We may have to fight beyond words. But that’s the price we’ll have to pay if we want anything better than the Gulag. And next time, demand paper ballots. And no votes for anyone beyond those on the tax rolls.

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  1. Sheri

    NO, we WILL NOT fight at home. EVER. Give it up.

    We were too busy watching football and drinking beer. We still are. We refuse to give up social media, shut off the TV and homeschool the kids. We refuse to march. We refuse to fight and we elect idiots who give NY billions for killing businesses. Yes, billions to the moron in NY and more to CA and all others that killed businesses after the Turnip in the Basement gets in. Americans are too stupid to live, let alone run a free country. They actually love being told they are going to DIE. It’s what they live for.

    I’ve been rude locally for years. Trust me, they care as much as Google gives a crap if you like what it searches for or not. It’s WAAAYYYY to late for this idea. Yes, taking your kids out of school was great—except now schools are cancelled and teachers still get paid. It will save your kid, but the schools don’t care.

    Prove to me anyone really WANTS something besides the Gulag because I DO NOT SEE IT. Americans are lazy, stupid, greedy people who want a lie told to them. They can’t even grasp the significance of a mailed ballot with NO fold lines. We’re dead and honestly, you know it.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Very good. Given our current situation there are those who will find this book inspiring:

    Assassin: Book 3 of the High Ground Novels Paperback – October 8, 2020
    by Doug Casey (Author), John Hunt (Author)

    Brief summary: “How can Charles Knight stop the deadly crimes committed by those who control the law, print the money, and confuse the minds of the people? Crimes that push millions into poverty, servitude and ignorance.”

  3. Sheri

    Reading the news today, there is ZERO chance of America surviving. Republicans are INCAPABLE of uniting, they invite the invading wolves into this country and they HATE America as much as the Democrats. We are finished and there is no way whatsoever around that. The wolves are devouring our population, we giving away freedom after freedom. AMERICANS WANT THEIR COUNTRY DEAD. It’s the truth and fighting it is a waste of time. Freedom takes too much work and you know it.

  4. deb

    so, even though WE go to doctors, take vitamins and exercise, yes WE or the Christian WE accepts, expects they are going to DIE. It’s what WE live for., because if you know HIM JESUS, it all gets better without toooo much of a fight. I do not know about 1800’s, but I do know the fight during my lifetime should have begun when I was in school in the 1960’s, when suddenly WE were not permitted to pray at the lunch table and WE obeyed like sheeple. WE have been obeying right along for way toooo long and now I am not able to fight – 64 – weak, feeble, old.

  5. Jerry

    Hell yeah. Those lazy jackass leftists did it that same way.

    Most people know how to be rude and demanding, just go to a restaurant and watch for a while. Or hang around a customer service desk. No shortage there.

    But it does take a few to get others started.

    Prevailing wisdom said Trump would never have a chance at being President. Yet it took everything the Swamp had, with the aid of outside entities, to barely steal his re-election.

  6. deb

    It is not stolen yet. IF GOD be for us, nothing can stand against. IF GOD is for us, WE win. IF GOD has decided judgement is now, well . . . . .look up for your redemption draws nigh

  7. Dean Ericson

    It’ll have to get worse before we lose the masks, get off the couch and rise up in fury. Like, if the toilet paper and Budweiser finally ran out, and the Tv went dark. Then all hell would break loose.

  8. Guest

    This post-election-theft movement by the Right to “go local” is misplaced in the extreme and a terrible idea. Nobody is going to give a sh!t if you drop out and move to a cabin in Montana like the Unibomber, but any attempt at local organized resistance by the Right will be crushed by the Left from above. Atomizing into smaller units simply makes it easier for the Left to crush you, like a child stomping on ants.

    This is a battle that must be joined and won on the national level, because Federal law is supreme. Take over your local library board and try to ban Drag Queen Story Hour and you will have the ACLU crawling up your a$$ with a Civil Rights lawsuit in Federal Court. Take over your school board and try to ban trannies from using the wrong bathroom and you’ll get the same treatment.

    If we want to win, we have to take control at the national level, then use the tools of Fedgov against the Left in the same way they have used them against the Right for years. This will require forming a new party, or purging the Republican party of the sissy boys in its ranks. We have to embrace being brutal to the Left.

  9. deb

    one person would just be rude not effective. Except for interrupting who is speaking, I am not rude, competitive, usually try to be helpful, demure, rarely get my Irish up except when there is an injustice: like abortion, Extortion helicopter ambush, Benghazi, the never ending Russia hoax, the fact that not one of the criminal hoaxers, criminal uranium sellers, criminal treasonous emailers (probably secrets sellers not just unknowingly shared secrets, that probably made our intelligence gathering less fruitful, and might have gotten our intelligence assets deceased) has progressed from investigation to court to jail, this election debacle, the supreme courts culpability in our possibly not having a Republic any more and at evil in general. I cowardly rant in safety here.

  10. Berglander

    Been working on this very thing the last three years. Neighborhood has gotten closer, we now have regular get togethers for the 4th, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. There are a lot of like-minded folks in this little corner.
    It’s not much, and it’s a long road…but it’s a start. Get out and meet your neighbors, folks. Change your approaches and find common ground. Remind people that we can’t control DC, but we can control our relationships in our community and county.

  11. C.R.Dickson

    In most elections, only about 50% of the eligible voters actually do so. That means a minority, not a majority, determines the winner in an election (e.g., a landslide victory of 60% of cast votes x 50% turnout = 30%). You can elect and unelect politicians all you want, but bureaucrats are forever. Except for political appointees at the very top, it is impossible to remove a bureaucrat. These are mostly people with no useful skills or abilities who cannot get a job in the real world. While some of them are actually smart, none of them have the ability to solve problems or to get things done.
    The plight of the people (whether you vote or not) is depicted here: (
    Counting the votes over and over again is standard practice:
    FDR, who is often used as the model for aspiring presidents, has said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” The newly installed president will appear “live” for press conferences using face2face technology ( ). The year 1984 has long past us by, but George Orwell’s novel has not. Just remember the fate of Winston at the hands of O’Brien … What will you see? Four fingers or five.
    As more graffiti covered agitators riot in the cities, more city folk will move to the countryside (buying second homes) where they then take control and often routinely vote multiple times in elections. These “part time” voters support the elections of carpetbaggers (who usually hold affirmative action certificates from “select” colleges). The result is the imposition of a homeowner’s association mentality upon the country folk ( The carpetbagger migration will not end until the money supporting this process runs out. Eventually, government spending will cause the economy to collapse, making the Great Depression seem like a birthday party. That’s when it will get interesting.

  12. deb

    My neighborhood, would bow to obomination, biden, hill, Pelosi, comes, agree that Trump had prostitutes pee on him, disavow actual pics of hunter with feet between his legs and giggles, allow abortions into the tenth month, vote Democrat no matter what – I am one of the odd people out in state of Delaware.

  13. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS was in a long line at the local post office today and he initiated a conversation with a woman who let it be known she was disappointed by the election results. In a voice loud enough for others to hear ABS encouraged her to trust that Trump would still be POTUS next year.

    A summary of the legal and virtually dictatorial authority Trump has was laid out along with the note that Trump needs permission from nobody, not Senate, House or SCOTUS to invoke the Insurrection Act.

    Others were listening.

  14. Sheri

    Deb: We brought this upon ourselves. I’m liking God’s judgement is we can live with the consequences. God’s a big believer in personal responsibility.
    You definitely need more than one person, but someone has to start the rude. There are customer service people who hide when I walk in, so I’m doing my part. Even some politicians have cowered.

    Dean: Yes. You make my point very succinctly.

    Guest: So the Left is a bunch of Leninist who will murder to get what they want. As we suspected. Yes, brutal is called for.

    Berglander: NO—my neighbors are all insane. I agree with Deb.

  15. deb

    Who is ABS??????

  16. Dean Ericson

    Who is ABS??????

    ABS is a noted Physician.

  17. Rogelio García Lois

    What you are living in America is a first world phenomenon, not a purely american one. It´s not about some of you being lazy or ignorant. This is global.

    I think we´ve reached a point where it is plausible that the 1 % of the world people (who still think that there is nothing about life in this crazy totalitarian/technocratic dystopia) will somehow organize themselves via internet to find a place, a land, a space of gathering for the unwilling to comply, where they will live a simpler life. And I am not even kidding, because stopping this flow is basically impossible at this point.

    Still, I have a strange gut feeling. I think something will go wrong for the technocratic dystopia, I don´t know whether it´ll happen in 5, 10 or 50 years. This is just a hunch, but I consider the possibility of transhumanism going badly wrong for the creators, due to the impredictable reaction of hundreds millions of people´s exposed (maybe expanded) minds to implanted technology (because that´s where we are heading to…). I still don´t expect to die within like 40 years, so I´ll have the chance to check it by myself.

    One way or another, this nightmare is the perfect spiritual awakening call for people to remember that the real nature of all of us is trascendent, not material. This scenario is making many people remember the lack of substance of the human dream, and making them turn to meditation, prayer, or any other tool to remember who and what we really are, which is not a mortal body.

  18. deb

    WE brought it on ourselves by not paying attention when it started. Rudeness is not going to help. In 1960’s I was about fourth grade, powerless, raised with Christian morals and ethics, not good at rude and guns have too much punch – always thought you shoot up high to hit a target as gravity draws it down, but no need to practically aim for the ground to come close to the edge of a target, plus eyesight not so good and running is now near impossible. I thought voting would take care of it, but it cannot any more. Need more action than rudeness, who cares, they would knock me over and keep going.

  19. C-Marie

    We either worship God and obey His commandments, receive Hs son Jesus Christ as our own personal Lord and Saviour and God, obey all of His teachings, ask forgiveness with true hearts when we sin, be led of and guided by God’s Holy Spirit by way of God’s gift to each person of free will … we be our own god and worship the things and attractions of the earth.

    The temptation of Satan to Eve first, and then to Adam, was that you can be your own god and rule yourself.
    And that has been his strongest temptation to each person ever since. Rule yourself and leave God out or mostly out or somewhat out of all. Make up your own rules and commandments and change them with the frequency which you wish, or not.

    Sooner or later, there will always be troubles and persecutions and wars and famines and earthshakings and floodings and stock market crashes, and families against each other, and more. Choose to go through them with God, or to not.

    Our contry’s governing was an experiment that worked for a while, but failed because we are terribly flawed human beings. Read throughout history of the rise and fall of kingdoms, democracies, and more. Always, the greed of human people is involved, and is especially prone to success according to riches and fame and glory … except when God specifically enters in and declares that it is time for judgment in order to rescue as many as possible to Himself.

    So now we are in judgment times for America. It is painful, awful, ugly, and it will only get worse even if President Trump by God, overcomes all, and is given his second term now. God will not allow a spiritual problem to be solved by a political solution.

    Pray. Become God’s child if you are not already His.

    In 2014, I had a dream and in that dream I was somewhere and I heard a great eagle cry, so terrible that I went and looked at it and saw it was on the ground on its side, looking so pitiful and it was pregnant, and I wanted to help the poor thing but did not know what to do. And the eagle got up, stood up, and as it stood up, its tail section fell away with a part of its body. It was pitiful to see. And the eagle walked away. I went over to the tail section and I could see inside as though a part of its body had fallen off too. And I saw dozens of flies inside and they were light colored with stripes, and they were buzzing, and alive, and moving within, mostly clustered together.

    And I called someone over to see – a man – but he was somehow distant – not much interested – rather this event was a curiosity to him, it seemed. And when the eagle was walking away, she looked back over her shoulder, and I knew that she wanted to get away because the flies had been so painful.

    As I was writing this down, this remembrance from the dream came to me. There was no blood … the eagle was now rudderless … the eagle did not try to fly away … just walked away with wings folded … THE EAGLE IS THE SYMBOL OF THE U.S.A. … And it was an American Bald Eagle in my dream.

    Thinking that this was a prophetic dream, I wrote it all down.

    And today I just remembered that flies feed on dead flesh and lay their eggs, maggots, in dead flesh so they can feed themselves right away.
    God bless, C-Marie

  20. M. B. Lamar

    Now more than ever is the time to turn your eyes on Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through him. God is your mighty fortress, your refuge in times of trouble. And if God is for us, who can be against us?

    Our judges have rejected God, and He has turned this country over to the
    Prince of this world.

  21. Uncle Mike

    New advice from Ianto. Back he August he wrote:

    Our need [is] to sit still. …the best way to [effect] change, at this point in ethereal time, is to sit still. … we are in excellent shape. No precipitate action is needed.

    Oh, how the trolls loved that. They got vociferous. Do nothing is THE answer.

    Now Ianto has a new plan — local revolution.

    … take back your neighborhood first … ‘civil’ disobedience… spit on the sidewalk… personally act rude… Show up where they are, and refuse to be silent… We’ll have to do this one county at a time, one state at a time.

    Flippity flop. Do this, don’t do that. Oh wait, do the opposite of what I said before.

    I know bad advice when I see it. I saw it in August. I’m seeing it now. Back to the drawing board, Ianto. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

  22. John Watkins

    So then, Uncle Mike, August was before the steal, right? And Trump WAS in good electoral shape at that time. I don’t recall you prophesying about the upcoming theft. So, just what is it that YOU propose now? You’re good at picking everyone else apart. Let us have a turn at you.

  23. Uncle Mike

    So then, John

    Was Trump in good shape in August? No, the fix was already machinating. The sit-idly-by were subterfuged. Wish-casters in stasis got screwed. Now you want to revolt in your neighborhood? The stalking horse has left the barn. What I wrote then I repeat now. Pay attention this time:

    First, go to church. Don’t merely attend and go home, but express solidarity with your congregation by congregating with them. Beg your friends to go with you, as a political act of peaceful (not passive) resistance. Pray out loud and sing. Raise your voice in praise and thanksgiving.

    Second, fly the flag. Make your patriotism known to your neighborhood. Put up a Trump sign. Put one on your car. Wear a MAGA hat. Do not cower in the shadows.

    Third, sign the petitions to recall your governor, senator, mayor, or whomever. Help the petition effort by donating your time and/or money. Be part of the organized peaceful resistance. Lend your name, stand up and be counted.

    Fourth, make friends with your neighbors, co-workers, shopkeepers, and whomever you meet. Lead by example. Be amiable, say please and thank you. The best evangelism is being nice. Bathe in God’s grace and smile about it. Those you encounter will notice and appreciate it.

  24. Veronica

    I have never been more happy to live in Texas. Things are more or less normal here. That’s all I have to say about that.

  25. John Watkins

    Uncle Mike- every one of those things you counseled seem to be action of a LOCAL sort. And many of us did them (and continue to do so). The only difference is in the ‘be amiable’ part. So, how’s that worked out?

  26. Bill Dozer


  27. Uncle Mike

    The single most revolutionary act you can commit today is going to church. It beats the heck out of spitting on the sidewalk, harassing the school board, and setting dumpster fires.

    But just showing up with a bad attitude defeats the purpose. Church is the place, Jesus is the reason. Non-violent goodwill towards all is the action that works miracles. Pray for your enemies. That will disable them. Have faith. Believe in the power and the glory.

    Amiability is the least you can do. Grumpy doesn’t cut it. You can’t win with a scowl. Be of good cheer. Salvation is assured. Be thankful and convey the message. There is no other way forward.

  28. Rogelio García

    Veronica: I love to hear about a place, Texas, in the first world, where life resembles what it used to be. Considerning you live there, what do you think that´ll happen when, for example, masks become mandatory (they will, unfortunately. Don´t doubt it)? Do you think Texas people will just comply or fight? Do you think there is any chance that you will manage to oppose those measures with legal arguments?

    I am asking these questions seriously. Thanks in advance and I hope you succeed.

  29. spudjr60

    Ianto Watt was both right and wrong. And he hints at it in his August post.

    Donald Trump won on the field by not taking the bait by desperate leftists.
    But, he lost on the scoreboard because they stopped the game, figured out how many points to add, added them when the lights went out, turned on the lights, announced the game was over and revealed the predetermined winner.

    Just like the 1972 Olympic Gold medal basketball game.

  30. spudjr60

    Guest is wrong about going national first, that puts you playing on enemy turf.

    His examples about “failures”, are actually on the road to winning.
    Our side (Christian) has “won” the strangest way; by creating martyrs. But, since we aren’t actually being killed or even imprisoned (not yet), only impoverished and shunned. We will need a great many more of these types of martyrs.

    Therefore, I agree with Ianto Watt about local, and yes a few should follow his tactics. Just like their leader the followers of the Prince of Darkness hate to be mocked.
    The rest of us, more like Uncle Mike.

    How many people knew that St. Therese of Lisieux even existed when she died at age 24. At most, a couple of thousand. Now millions have read her writings and acted upon them to affect billions of people.
    One of whom was a Mother Superior, headmistress of a school who did change the world, when she carried a one dirty, diseased, dying man home, and then cleaned him and comforted him.
    Another relatively rich man became disillusioned with his indulgent life set off to find meaning, finding none and on the way back home he heard “Repair my home, which has fallen into ruin”, Silly guy thought putting rock upon rock was his calling. Eventually, he was able to listen to the Holy Spirit.
    We may not be ever be known as saints, but we should accept that calling. Understanding that our vision may be clouded, our hearing may be distorted, and we may stumble slightly down the wrong path at times. We are assured that if Thy Will be done, then we will be delivered from evil.

    I have come to believe that the Holy Spirit works/fights from the bottom up, while the Prince of Darkness wants to fight from the top down.
    Satan wants to be on the News, because he wants to spread despair, grievance, mistrust, ignorance, and confusion.
    The Holy Spirit doesn’t care if efforts carried out by people who listen to Him ever become newsworthy.

  31. deb

    This is spreading HIS Love, shining in the presence of your enemies, doing no harm, gentle as a dove, wise as a serpent. This I have been doing. WE are almost completely massless in church – many covid cases – some were hospitalized – it is a flu.

  32. C-Marie

    Most of God’s saints are unknown. They go about loving God our Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and giving that love out freely.

    Ok. That may sound romantic of a sort, but it is what we do, with little slip-ups now and then when we cave to temptation … but by the grace of God … as the words are … by His grace … we repent and get back up and start all over again … hoping to do much better in the fullness of His Lovingkindness.

    To have fellowship with Christ, one must trust Him. And that is the road that we take, beside Him, walking together on the narrow way, ever learning His heart so that His heart becomes our own.

    If you take daily times with God, in prayer and quiet, you will get to know Him and to hear Him, the still small voice, within your own heart. Our Dearest Father, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit love us as no other can.

    Merry Christmas and all thanks be to God our Father for sending His Son to save us from our sins, and the sending of the Holy Spirit to keep us in His leading and guiding us. Hard times are ahead, but as we stay with God, He will keep us through all of the coming difficulties, continually strengthening us in Himself. And in times of weakness, cry out, and Christ will answer in your heart. I do and He does.

    It is lovely reading so many testimonials of faith in Jesus Christ here. Thank you so much!!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  33. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Who is ABS??????

    ABS is a noted Physician.

    Dear Dean Haahahaha

    Love it

    As for Ianto being wrong , who hasn’t been wrong in trying to figure out what was really going on and how to respond to the tyranny of the day?

    Dear Uncle Mike. To everything there is a season and that includes Just War. King Saint Louis IX was not a Quaker. He was a Crusader.

  34. Veronica

    Rogelio – We have actually been under a “mask mandate” since July but many people just ignore it. (It is worded in a very loophole-y way; that may have been intentional on the governor’s part.) I was at a Walmart today and I’d estimate almost half the customers were maskless. In small shops I rarely see a mask. In the spring and early summer people were still very nervous but now when I go out, people are out being normal and doing normal things, eating out, seeing friends, and all that good stuff. I belong to a small Orthodox Church that has been meeting normally since May. Only a very few (less than five) mask in church. I do live in East Texas and not in a huge city like Houston, things may be different there. My Dallas friends say things are pretty normal there too. At one point in the summer when we had a lot of “cases”, the governor was being pressured into lockdown and he basically said, nope, not doing it, and even if I did, Texans wouldn’t comply. (Some see this as a bad thing ha.)

  35. Rogelio García

    Veronica. Thanks for the response. I´m happy to read all that. Believe me when I say that I am the only person (the only one!) in my city (300 000 citizens) who never wears a mask outdoors, and I don´t think there are more than a handful in the whole country (47 000 000 people), so my everyday experience is one of pure surrealism.

    BTW, I have studied deeply the mystical roots of every spiritual tradition and practiced their systems of meditation, and your Orthodox Christianity has a tremendously solid mystical background, and its hesychasm and quietist tools are fascinating. They just work. Actually St. Paisios presides my room 🙂

  36. deb

    I do not wear a mask outside, wear a mask to enter buildings because it is polite to do so for other persons who believe it helps.

  37. frank

    Sheri – a large part of me thinks you’re right, that we’re already toast (I’m actually in the UK and we’re in a much worst position already, I think people practically want gulag too).

    But tell me, what are you getting from screaming it like this from the comments version of a megaphone? What is your own personal role in this situation with this kind of talk? Do you want to spend the rest of the time until gulag like Homer out at sea when they see the seagull and he says “see your old man was right, we are going to die”? Are you intent on making people who didn’t listen to your warning feel worse?

    Or do you want to accept your lot and be nice to people while remembering that… surprising things can happen. I’m not hopeful but there are things neither of us are privy to I’m sure. And ideas that take hold when their time comes can run through a society like a phase change, like ice from water. I don’t want to be the one screaming it’s not possible – even when I suspect it’s true and that hope is just self-delusion – just in case it is in fact possible.

  38. ruralcounsel

    Were it not for Marbury v. Madison, the insane legislatures we’ve elected would have eviscerated the Constitution and Bill of Rights well before the end of the 1800’s. That they lasted as long as they did, as well as they did, is because SCOTUS was actually generally saner most of the time than the Congress and POTUS.

    But nothing lasts forever, and whatever insanity and lack of historical understanding that infected the citizenry, and thus the Congress, eventually contaminated SCOTUS too. There is a large fraction of Americans who don’t deserve to be Americans, and they have been busy ruining America for the remainder of us. It’s going to take a catastrophe of biblical proportion to readjust the gene pool and get us back to where we need to be. A couple of decades of Bosnian-style civil war ought to do the trick.

  39. Bobcat

    Oh, well basically if nitwit Biden and Harris get in, through election fraud, of course, since much of the democrat party and judges have no integrity and respect for rule of law, well, the economy will drag more. And we’ll have more oppressive, corporatist monkeyshine like the failed obamacare getting re-installed again and of course big tech censoring info to cover the asininity of the new administration and leftist trends. And, of course, Biden and Harris will allow more sweet trade deals with the CCP of China.

    Quite honestly I don’t know what to do other than fund people fighting the election fraud, pray, and avoid using big tech software as much as you can. And stock up on food, water, useful materials in case the democrats decide to mandate a phony baloney nation-wide lockdown all in the name of “stopping coronavirus.”

    I know alot of people feel that this is the end of our democratic republic with all the election fraud going on and election fraud is certainly not something to be tolerated at all. But maybe things might actually turn around in the future. I don’t think Biden and Harris are going to be particularly popular presidents and I think that even some democrat/ left leaning voters are already waking up to the fact that this is not an honest election and that some are beginning to realize that big tech and lamestream media isn’t reliable source of information.
    Either way, we’ll see what happens.

  40. Johnno

    Uncky Mike, you continued to miss Ianto’s point then just as you do now. In invite everyone to read the comments section where you were addressed.

    There is no flip flopping. Trump won as far as the voters were concerned.

    As for the steal, that’s the moment when sitting still is not an option. Ianto’s advice then was with regards to dealing with the lefties on the streets. The action prescribed now is to deal with the establishment, whom are neither left nor right, but the puppet masters. They had to make their move before we do. It was nothing that could be pre-empted, because many eyes were still not open to the true nature of the enemy. Thankfully that’s changed. At the very least we’ve got them off their asses to expose themselves. But these ones will only be removed by prayer, fasting, violence, and miracle.

  41. Steady Steve

    The “Curtis LeMay Solution” will be the only way to fix this locally.

  42. abprosper

    First figure out what you want before you figure out how to get it,

    Far too many on the Right lack a foundation for how to live in or govern a mostly urban, non religious high tech society in line with our traditions and lack the mindset to prevent subversion.

    The Constitution was written before trains and the telegraph and is closer in spirit to the times of King Arthur than today. It won’t work and can’t work since it was subverted way back in the 1790’s much less 2020.

    Make something new that work now, what you are willing to make people live under than get back to figuring out how to get it.

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