Thieving Elites And The Fall Of The Republic

Thieving Elites And The Fall Of The Republic

You’ve already heard about the so-called COIVD “relief” bill, which surely must be the longest bill in history, coming in at just under 5,600 pages.

Foreigners benefited most. Like those foreigners who came to this country illegally, for which our Congress would reward them up to $1,800.

Egypt gets “no less than”—a phrase repeated everywhere in the bill—$1.3 billion, which is, surprisingly, more than the $500 million Israel gets. That “no less than” means the final tally would likely be larger.

The Smithsonian gets a billion. The National Art Gallery and Art & Humanities $321 million. Ten million for “gender programs” in Pakistan. Money to investigate the “1908 Springfield Race Riot.” Money to regulate performance enhancing drugs in horses. Almost $200 million for AIDS workers to buy cars. My favorite: “The Covid relief bill outlays funds to address gender inequality amongst statues”.

It goes on and on and on, shoveling moola to elites the world over, the actual people in foreign lands being downstream of elites, just like here.

The kickbacks from this bill would be enormous. This is because the monies all would go to friends of our Congressbeings, and the friends would of course reciprocate in the form of donations to ensure the money doesn’t stop coming.

What’s that? You don’t think Congressbeings do kickbacks?

How about this? “Also riding on the larger package is a separate bill to promote renewable energy by directing about $35 billion in existing government spending toward the development of wind, solar and other clean energy sources over the next five years.” Tom Steyer will be forced to buy a bigger safe.

And, of course, you get $600.

Sure, through lockdowns that helped spread disease you lost your business or job, and you’re in deep pain. Since there’s no sign of our experts admitting they were wrong, and the terror level is still high, juiced by a homicidal and criminal media, you will go on being poor and getting poorer.

But this $600 will tide you over.

The best relief would be if the government ended all its harmful, deadly “solutions” to prevent harm and death. Won’t happen.

Technically, the $900 billion COVID bill is its own, part of a conglomeration of bills coming to $2.3 trillion. But since the vote was up or down on the lot, it’s the same as if it were one bill. How can anybody not vote yes? Those few who said no will be called soulless and be told they want to harm people. Emotional blackmail. And damned effective.

We have reached the open thieving portion of the fall of the republic. Yes, it’s been happening for decades, but it is now naked and open.

Besides a remnant, there are no Congressbeings or Senators who have any patriotism left. They have no love of country, of culture, of our people. They are all out for themselves, grabbing as much as they can for themselves and their own while the getting is still good.

There’s no reason to explain that this level of open contempt for the people by its rulers is diagnostic of our disease. The system cannot survive. The money will flow faster to the rich, the poor will become poorer, the government growing more tyrannical.

Then came Trump, who did the manly thing:

Lin Wood tweeted, “In 5,593 page Stimulus Bill is a provision that would nullify President Trump’s power to invoke the Insurrection Act.”

“When the Communists/Globalists/DeepState try to sneak provision in funding bill nullifying @realDonaldTrump power to invoke the Insurrection Act, you know they are planning an insurrection. Steady. Be prepared. Pray.”

Knowing what the enemy fears most is a supreme advantage.

The word about the brazen attempt at mugging must have been getting around among the more sober of the would-be thieves before Trump’s speech—which, word has it, his mewling effeminate aides warned him not to make.

It appears that some elites thought they wouldn’t get away with it.

I say this because the ultra-left NYT tweeted right after Trump’s speech, “Tucked away in the 5,593-page coronavirus relief and spending bill that Congress rushed through on Monday night is a provision that some tax experts call a $200 billion giveaway to the rich.”

If that isn’t convincing enough, this: “‘Members of Congress have not read this bill. It;s over 5000 pages, arrived at 2pm today, and we are told to expect a vote on it in 2 hours,’ Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, tweeted on Monday. ‘This isn’t governance. It’s hostage-taking.'”

Nancy Pelosi has survived many previous blunders, so the odds are in her favor she’ll survive this, too, and stay to enrich herself even more. She’d better enjoy it—before things really get hot for her.

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  1. Sylvain Allard

    Sorry, but this is

    The USA did not have shutdowns, other than States like New York, New Jersey and few other state.

    Sweden admitted that their idea of herd immunity failed. Their economic situation is not better than surrounding countries but their Health situation is worst.

    Australia, New Zeland, Hong Kong, Korea, China all imposed very strict shutdown and have much better economic outcomes. They shutdown entire areas for at least 2 weeks at a time.. China tested 10 millions people in Kunming after 2 weeks shutdown and reopened completely. They had something like 10 persons who tested positive to trigger the shutdown

    The USA is the most in denials and has the worst outcome.

  2. Win Dermere

    Sylvain sounds like a pederast.

  3. JR Ewing

    The best description I have read so far is that this is a “spending bill with some relief provisions”.

    It’s not even a covid bill specifically; covid is just another thing they are throwing (fake) money at to get political cover for all of the other pet projects.

  4. Sheri

    I thought Obamacare was the longest bill in history.

    I’m sure Congresscritters do kickbacks. I’m sure certain my Congreescritters do kickbacks, it is expected and this ensures its place in Congress till death or retirement. I’m also sure most everyone KNOWS perfectly well this happens and cheers when their critter wins the most. We are a third world communist government after all.

    Much like re-election, the second duty of a congresscritter to send all your money overseas while your voters starve. Voters can be replaced with illegals, who are used to starving and won’t mind. REMEMBER, THE RULERS HATE YOUR FREAKING GUTS. They also hate America. They LOVE LOVE LOVE money and have zero morals. There were only six congresscritters that had enough guts to vote no. A couple of these six do display moral character and seem to hang in there against all odds. America is a wasteland of moral corruption and greed.

    If humans contribute to the Sixth Great Extinction, there will be a monument to Steyer and the Globalist for their great accomplishments in destroying the planet. Remember, THEY HATE YOU TOO. But they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE money. Money is god. Money is all. Nothing else matters. Dead species? Whe the heck cares? MONEY MONEY MONEY. (Sylvain likely doesn’t care because the narrative is for the naive and ignorant. He BELIEVES THE LIE.)


    Things will not get hot for Nancy—she has hundreds of maps of where the bodies are buried. The illusion that this too will pass is why this is going to be hell. The Right has become as stupid as the Left….

    Sylvain: One day you will join the rational. Actually, no, but it’s fun to pretend. I wonder what other lies you’d sucker for. Deceptive marketing people should use you to gage the depth of ignorance and gullibility. You are useful.

    Win: Sylvain has enough beliefs and irrational thoughts, adding your own favorite strawman personal insult is really showing a lack of effort on your part. Sad.

  5. JC

    AOC voted yes after that tweet.

  6. Sheri

    Another “elite” behavior is them getting the vaccine first–like AOC, claiming national security. Then there’s the push to give minorities the vaccine first. This is one behavior I am all for. Let the rich and the whiney minorities beta test this vaccine. That is EXACTLY what is being done. The people to first receive the vaccine are the test for side effects and reactions, not to mention whether the thing actually works. It also goes to groups excluded from the tests, like the elderly and those with allergies. So, yes, in this case, YOU GO ELITES!!!!

  7. Fredo

    There is a silver lining just heard Fauci wants to inject Biden and Harris with
    the Trump vaccine ASAP! Could that be his ace in the hole?

  8. Ye Olde Statistician

    Deaths per million reported by Worldometers today, and discounting low-denominator states like Montenegro and South Dakota:
    2078 New Jersey
    1888 New York
    1713 Massachusetts
    1621 Belgium
    1316 Illinois
    1236 Michigan
    1180 Slovenia
    1156 Italy
    1121 Peru
    1116 Pennsylvania
    1059 Spain
    1004 UK
    (997 USA whole)
    966 Florida
    944 France
    931 Argentina
    922 Mexico
    913 Texas
    893 Hungary
    883 Brazil
    845 Chile
    817 Sweden
    803 Switzerland

    This is taking the data as given, but there is also the issue of whether some countries are stricter than others in their counting. Norway and Russia, e.g., are said to count only those deaths attributed primarily to Superbug, while Sweden and USA count all deaths in which Superbug was detected (or in USA case: believed might could have been detected [cf. “associated with”])

    Hope this helps.

  9. Briggs


    I was just thinking about you. Thanks for this.

    God bless and Merry Christmas

  10. spudjr60

    I ask everyone who cherry picks Wuhan virus deaths to bash Sweden or USA and bring up easy to explain Oriental countries or sparsely populated countries that are easy to isolate foreigner as exemplars.

    Explain Haiti
    Explain Nigeria
    Explain Ethiopia
    Explain Dharavi, then densest poorest slum in India

    Hint, it isn’t masks, social distancing, lockdowns, co-mordbidites, or demographics.
    It is first and foremost, mass administration of cheap common anti-parasitic drugs
    Second, People spend a lot of time outdoors in high humidity.

  11. George Christiansen

    A friend sent me a “How To Build A Guillotine” for $600 plan the other day.

    Seems like the best way to spend the money.

    This is an interesting take on the other bit of legislative betrayal:

  12. Yawrate

    YOS: You’ve refuted Syvain’s baseless assertions.

    Sylvain: It’s clear that masks don’t work. At least what most people are wearing. We here in Michigan are setting ourselves up for a dire economic situation. And everything is open except for the restaurants. NYC will therefore be a disaster.

    We know (mostly) who the most vulnerable are and we should protect them and not strangle ourselves.

  13. brad tittle

    It is almost like our leaders are noobs at control sticks.

    Brignell (of number liked to point at attempting to control a feedback loop in which the delay was long. He even built machines to show people the problem. Make a little tiny change and wait for everything to catch up. If you attempt anything more than a little tiny change you will start chasing your tail.

    Pilot Induced Oscillations.

    But watch someone start using a joysticks. Most people seem to start in the full swing mode. If they want to go left the joystick goes fully to the left (to be fair, some of the early joystick only recognized full movement.) There is an urge to get to the right direction as quickly as possible.

    There is a also a propensity to focus on one thing.

  14. Brian Pratt

    You are right, Brad. I learned this at the helm of a small fishing boat crossing the north Atlantic in a summer storm, decades ago as a young fellow with no nautical experience. After a couple of watches madly turning the wheel this way and that, I realized that I did not have to do anything, just hold her steady. By contrast, cases go up, lockdown is imposed, cases still go up, but then they slow momentarily so lockdown is relaxed, then the cycle begins anew, masks notwithstanding.

  15. Sander van der Wal

    Sorry Sylvain, but the Dutch just outcovided the Swedes and the Yanks in having the most covid per so many heads. And that’s without the yankee dollar.

    Basically, the more Leftist you are, the more covid you get.

  16. Rogelio García

    1/Sylvain: It is as simple as not ignoring what international data shows: contrary to what the media want us to believe, there are not two “infection and death toll” lines, one less severe being the result of strict measures (quarantines and mandatory masks in/outdoors) , and the other much harder due to relaxation in the approach.
    Actually it has been the other way round in many cases, my country´s (Spain) included, as we also see in several places in the USA, or in UK, Argentina, Panama, Italy, Germany, France, and so on.

    2/When we talk about deaths , the media is always conveniently forgetting that the aftermath of Covid era can´t be exemplified with short-time figures. The consequences of hard approaches won´t end with the softening of the disease during 2021 and next years. They will START being noticed when the hundreds of millions in the whole world (maybe billions) who have been damaged by the economic destruction, by the exclusive focus in Covid and not in other more terrible sicknessess, by one year of extreme mental pressure, start falling like domino pieces.

    3/Sweden´s approach has been more succesful than most even in the short term. But it will be much more succesful in the long term. By the way: when people make comparisons between scandinavian countries, they always forget the most suitable one: Oresund. This place has shared sovereignity between Denmark and Sweden, so in the same latitude/longitude, same weather, similar demographics and economics, etc., we have two different approaches, the danish and the swedish. And the results have been mostly similar…

  17. Dennis

    This type of thing has been all too typical of much legislation for ages, and no one ever stops it (and without Constitutional amendment to give President a line-item veto, it’s probably well-nigh impossible to stop). Legislation ostensibly intended to address a particular issue only does so to small extent, and instead gets loaded down with thousands of pages of junk and handouts to placate various lobbyists, special interests, and pet causes of particular congressmen. It’s absolutely disgraceful, especially under the circumstances, to load what’s supposed to be a “Covid relief” bill down with junk on the level of “gender programs in Pakistan.”

    Trump is right not to sign (technically I believe he hasn’t vetoed yet, but just asked for an amendment). But they’ve refused to give him a straight-up Covid relief bill without added junk for months, so I see no reason they will change now when the Dems hope he will be gone by Jan 20, and by then they might control Senate as well (by which time George’s guillotine plans may be the only hope left for many reasons).

  18. Rogelio García

    Ye Olde Statistician: What you remark about different countries, different approaches to “body count”, is so important and always underestimated.

    One of the key factors in the spread of fear has been the OMS “recommendation” to doctors regarding death certificates when Covid might be involved. Once you choose a particular disease and break all the traditional rules regarding underlying, intermediate, imminent causes, you can increase the figures as you please.

    I´ve already talked about this, but for the ones who did not read it, you are NOT going to believe me: in England, there was a minor scandal when a pair of top tier scientists uncovered that in that country, if you get hospitalized and get a positive Covid test, you enter a list of Covid positive citizens. So far so good. The craziness comes when they discovered that if thar if you die afterwards FOR WHATEVER CAUSE (terrorist attack, got run over by a car, cancer, suicide…) you, your name gets cross checked, and as they will find you on the “Covid positive list” (you never got erased from that list even if you recover perfectly in a pair of days…), the official cause of death is …Covid.

    The scandal was minor, of course, due to the media ignoring it, so the english government only made a small adjustment, which was that your permanence on the list was reduced from “forever” to “one month”, which allows them to count as a “Covid death” all those situations “terrorist attack, got run over by a bus, and so on) even 30 days before you are perfectly alright.

  19. Rogelio García

    Oh, my…Sorry for the typo and broken english mistakes. When you write in a language that is not your mother tongue, you must check what you just wrote before sending it, and I didn´t this time.

  20. John B()

    Mr. Garcia

    No problem with what you wrote. Even for us that write in a language that IS our mother tongue our brains race past our fingers or vice versa trying to beat some imaginary deadline we create for ourselves in an effort to be the first on a particular point. Typos and good english are the first casualty (those can oft be attributed to Covid)

  21. Rogelio García Lois

    Thank you very much, John B().

  22. Dennis

    “Typos and good english are the first casualty (those can oft be attributed to Covid).”

    What isn’t attributed to Covid these days! 🙂

  23. Dennis

    Dammit!…forgot the ? at the end of above. I blame Covid.

  24. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    See first post re The Insurrection Act

    Trump has gone down the path to The Rubicon too far to turn back

  25. Milton Hathaway

    The “pork” has always been there; this seems like a typical example, although the raw numbers since “TARP” broke new ground continue to push the limits of sticker shock.

    It is interesting how things work in the US. The 50 states can’t print money, so theoretically, at least, they must have a balanced budget. States have had to resort to adding provisions to their constitutions for things like “single subject” legislation requirements, line-item veto power for the governor, a citizen Initiative process, etc to reign in the pork-barrel spending. What all these have in common is that they attempt to inject some accountability into the system. The Federal government has no such limitations, and the ability to print money, so accountability is near-zero. The vast majority of the tax revenue the Federal government takes in comes directly from the citizens of the states. Since Federal taxes are so high, there is very little left that the states can tax without consequence. (People are much more likely to move to another state to escape high taxes than to move to another country.)

    On the other side of the coin, a large chunk Federal spending is done at the state level, or lower. So the citizens of a state send huge amounts of money to the Federal government, which turns around and sends much of it back, except with onerous strings attached. And we’re supposed to be grateful.

    I don’t really have a point here, I just marvel at how dumb the system is. The US Constitution is very hard to change, so a balanced budget amendment, a line item veto, abolishment of the income tax, a single-subject requirement for legislation, and a host of other means that have been concocted in an attempt to to inject some accountability into the system at the state level, don’t stand much chance at the federal level.

  26. Ye Olde Statistician

    I have been told that the bill is actually the complete budget for next year, and the Covid stuff is added on. That;s why it seems like an agglomeration.

  27. Dean Ericson

    Roger Garcia: ““Oh, my…Sorry for the typo and broken english mistakes. When you write in a language that is not your mother tongue, you must check what you just wrote before sending it, and I didn´t this time.”

    Your English is excellent. Even us native speakers often find our comments in need of correction, after posting and seeing our mistakes. Your reports always appreciated.

  28. Dean Ericson

    YOS— yes, it’s the annual budget horror. The American Globalist Empire is the greatest threat to humanity. We are the Evil Empire. And it isn’t even American. Make America Christian Again.

  29. Dean Ericson

    Milton Hathaway: Central Banking is driving the evil. Kill the Bank.

  30. C-Marie

    Dear Rogelio, I love reading from people from countries other than the U.S, and I am so glad that you write here. Plus, typos do happen!!

    One very small point of grammar, if you like, concerning English, is that we spell the contraction of did not, as didn’t, with no spaces and not as didn ‘ t. Also the contraction of is not, as isn’t, and not as isn ‘ t.

    I have been paying more attention to grammar lately as I am working to teach french to myself. Lots to learn!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  31. Rogelio García

    Thanks to you all for the warm welcome and advices. It´s a pleasure to have found this asylum for non-lunatics and to read both Briggs´ posts and your responses. Good night (here).

  32. Dennis

    Since everyone is on a grammar and spelling kick, I came across this quote today somewhere and had a good laugh: “Proper grammar is the difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you’re sh*t.”

    And with that, a Merry Maskless Christmas to all!

  33. Mark Millward

    Pratt & Tittle. The self referential commenting duo that could easily be escapees from the 77 Brigade Christmas pantomime. Oh no they’re not! Ohhh, yes they are!!

  34. James G.

    These kickbacks are present from top to bottom in our system. Just this week, Politico had a long article detailing how officials in both red and blue county and city level governments were getting sent to prison for taking cash from both medical and retail pot dealers for a license to operate in their areas. The big operators could pay the entry fee but the small timers didn’t get approved. The sums were less than the federal level but the whole system is rotten.

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