Do Our Elites Believe The End Is Near? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Do Our Elites Believe The End Is Near? — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Caesar was warned, but could not see beyond the horizon. And so, being blinded (by many things), he fell. In the Senate, of course. Now comes a similar warning. I hear it said, beware of the March of Ides. Beware, the march of portentous dates that loom just beyond our earthly sight. Some can sense them. Most never listen. Or look. Especially at the calendar, that is.

A Katechon has been removed. Maybe not THE Restrainer, but a katechon nonetheless. It remains to be seen whether he was the last; but judging by the breakneck speed with which The Overlords are moving to implement the remainder of their Dark Matter, it seems reasonable to wonder if he was not the final one.

I still believe not, but let me explain why dates matter. As I also explain why some of us do rightly sense the gravity of the Dark Energy that approaches as we slouch towards Gomorrah.

In referring to the hyper speed at which things are moving (downward), certain thoughts badger me. The primary one being that we are seeing the frenzied labor of those seeking to re-build the Tower of Babel. The original Empire, where all men were united and of one tongue. The original global society. All of which is contrasted with the labor of Noah and his sons as they worked for what, a hundred years perhaps, to build that gargantuan Ark? What is it about this frenzied tower-building activity that can explain anything?

What was it about the need for a Tower that drove those frenzied fools, and Nimrod, their rebellious leader? What were they trying to do? Simple.

They we’re trying to build their raft. Their own Ark. One that could hold them above the next deluge. One they fully expected, given their guilt. Which is funny, to me, since they obviously don’t believe His Rainbow Promise. But they sure covet that flag, eh?

Anyway, this Ark of theirs, it won’t hold many at the top. But Noah only needed seven others with him to ‘Build Back Better’, right? The clock is ticking and the Overlords hear it acutely. So, they’d better get busy! C’mon man, where’s that next batch of Executive Orders?

To me, this is the real reason for TDS. It had nothing to do with Donald the Man. Rather, it was the threat he represented to The Agenda. The reconstruction of Babel. Donald wasn’t just a possible delay of their agenda, in time and space. No, it was the possible destruction of their agenda. How? By delaying its completion beyond the arrival of the unseen threat they perceive. An immortal (hahahah!) threat that lurks beyond the visible the horizon. A horizon they could not allow themselves to cross, unprepared.

In that sense, Donald is the Quintus Fabius Cunctator, the Great Delayer, of our time. But he has been removed. The Delayer, derailed. By the Carthagenians of our day. Who’ve used the same delaying tactics of our Fabius against him. Their god is Baal. And their General is Hannibal. Hanni-Baal. The Grace of Baal. Just think of ArchBishop Annibale Bugnini, if you’re not sure who I’m talking about.

Let me explain, as best I can. I do believe that the other side sees something that most men do not. In fact, they see more clearly in darkness than we do in light. Which has already been remarked upon by the GodMan, in His autobiography. Which is still a best-teller. I’ve told you this before.

What then is it that the Darkies see that we do not? Simple – they think God will be visiting His vineyard soon. Sooner than we think, that is. So the Hannibal’s are preparing for it. Or so they think.

Let’s do a little simple math, beginning with the assumption that the Dark side senses an important date looming on the horizon. An impending Ides. A date that must not be met unprepared. After all, no one is more attuned to the heavenly calendar than those who used to live there. But they failed to get a complete copy of it before they were laughed out by Mi-cha-el and the faithful of the Host.

Now you can say all you want about my thoughts of time and its mystical meanings. But the reality of Scripture is that it is based solidly on an orderly unfolding of events that are said to be fore-ordained, and divinely numbered. There is order everywhere in Scripture, from the First Week to the Last Day. Order is the mark of God. Ergo, dis-order is the mark of the Un-God. The problem, for both the Darkies and us, is that neither side, Light nor Dark, is privy to the exact dates of the most important events to come.

Here’s an example – the destruction of Solomon’s Temple. And the Second destruction of the Temple. Both occurred, calendar-wise, on the exact same day, Tish B’Av. It was a totally unknowable date, by either side, because of the movable nature of the Lunar calendar. The Jewish calendar. But in hindsight, it’s perfectly clear, as it always is. Clear enough at least that the Jews have memorialized it for thousands of years. (As did Josephus, in The War of The Jews). By the way, the second time, according to Josephus (via Whiston) is my birth day.

We obviously don’t know the exactitude of the timing of future events. But we’ve been given a surplus of clues, and scads of warnings. All of which come to pass, to our great surprise! These hints and warnings seem to mean more to the Fallen Ones than they do to us mere mortals, of any stripe or hue.

Children of The Light just bumble around, continuously arguing with one another about this or that, while the Children of The Dark find common cause (no enemies to The Left!). They work with fevered intensity for a common goal. Which, as I’ve said above, seems to be what we are witnessing now in the opening days of The New Babel. There is an enormous outpouring of energy that seems focused on a common goal of creating a new world, in defiance of the old. And none of it seems rational, to us. Because, it isn’t.

But while it isn’t rational (to us), it is perfectly disordered, just as an anthill or hive is. Seeming chaos somehow produces a new reality. But there seems to be no single visible head that directs it. Why? Because there isn’t one. A visible one, that is. But there is a mind behind the motion. It’s just not human, that’s all.

I know, you don’t believe in ghosts. Or spooks, or anything else most men can’t see. Here’s at least one way in which women are superior to men. They can often sense something looming, yet unseen. They are much more attuned to the original calendar than men. The fertility of their being is wrapped up in calendars from their earliest days. They know to be on the lookout. They can often sense the unseen. They have ESP.

Men, on the other hand, often can’t see what is actually in front of them. Like Caesar. I myself am decidedly guilty of this. I have actually forgotten my own birth day (and not just once!). And worse, I have forgotten the birth of others. Why? Because men just have ESPN. We’re not looking ahead, or even behind. We’re looking at the damned screen. Once the ball is snapped, nothing else matters.

I believe, like the Hive-Mind does, that there is a tectonic date approaching. An Ides that cometh without warning, and without any apparent concern. At least, I haven’t heard human word of it. That’s not surprising in some respects, considering I’m a Troglodyte. But I do get occasional missives from women I trust. And even they have yet to speak of it.

This date, I believe, tells me something about the frenzied motion of the ants as they build higher their mound. And as they more deeply dig to lay their stores. What is this date? Is it the 6,000th year since creation? No, that passed in 1996. (Hint: 4004 Anno Mundi + 1996 Anno Domini = 6,000.)

Well, is it the 2,000th year since the birth of the GodMan? (Hint: 2,001 AD – 1 AD = 2,000.) No, that too has already come and passed. The formula I am focused on is this: 2,000 + 33 = 2,033 AD. The coming bi-millennial anniversary of the death of the GodMan. And His resurrection. If I’m not wrong, that would be (give or take a year) 12 years from now.

What significance can this date have for those of us who are glued to ESPN? Scripture tells us that a day with The Lord is as if a 1,000 years. And He spent at least 2 Days in the tomb (rising at some point after the beginning of the third day). According to the Jewish calculation of time, any part of a day counts as a whole day. Which means, at some early point after the demarcation of the second-to-third day, He arose. And came to claim His inheritance. And to re-claim the vineyard, His Temple.

Am I saying we must immediately be prepared for The End, Armageddon, on April 4, 2033? No. But some higher/lower minds might think so. Minds that have a lot to lose. Minds that are currently running the vineyard. And they intend to keep it. So, to them, deep in their own version of Cheyenne Mountain, they may think they have only 12 years maximum for battle prep. These guys are serious. Darkly serious. And they are driving their human minions like slaves. Because they are slaves.

Twelve years could bring on their Ides of March. But they can’t know it with any certainty. Nor can we. But at least these guys try and keep a calendar. They mark every Easter like it counts. Because it does. If only our Bishops felt the same.

You may not believe any of this, if you’re one of those who are still hooked to the ESPN instead of the ESP. One who can’t see anything that is there. And who has forgotten the meaning of order, memorialized on our calendar. Calendars meant to remind us that there is something coming. Something big. Something soon.

Ask yourself this, my ecclesially-abandoned friend: Do you think Noah built his 450-foot Ark in less than twelve short years? Me neither.

But do you think the other side spent more than 12 years building the Tower? Me neither. So then, no wonder these guys are in over-drive. And no wonder we are still watching that damned screen.

So turn off that damned game. And get on your knees. Ask God’s forgiveness. Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. All of us. Start asking! That’s our only hope.


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  1. Darren R. Cole

    Amen indeed. You speak the uncomfortable truth that no one in this time wants to hear. I look forward to this day and only hope that when it comes I will be worthy.

  2. Michael Dowd

    I agree given the preponderance of the gathering evidence of the gathering storm, particularly in view of Our Lady’s warning and the current free fall in the institutional Catholic Church. Even if Ianto is wrong about the timing we should all prepare to meet our Maker.

    I will be 99 years old in 2033 so I might miss the big show. Anyway, we should thank God for living in these “interesting” times as it focuses our attention on the state of our soul like nothing else imaginable.

  3. What a peculiar, unexpected post. Thank you.

    Even for the materialist, hard-nosed positivists, something I am not, there is an undeniable fact: Most deep human transformations have been the consequence of a slow baked interconnection of colliding forces, accidents, casualties, decades of directed intention, trial-error, ups and downs, etc. Yes, most human lives begin in a kind of world and end in a different one, true, but they had a similar taste, because you could sense the basic human vices behind them, only amplified to a global size. Even a World War is nothing but a huge version of “I don´t have what you have. I will take it…No, you won´t” That´s History, the drama of human instincts al large proportions.

    But now, in an incredibly short amount of time, there are almost no colliding forces. There is not a single section in the whole panoply of worldly matters that has not been modified in the same way, leading to the same outcome, and directing us all in the same direction. It would take too much blindness to not percieve that we are living the foundation of something else, that is being pushed with arms that are able to touch every aspect of our lives. You can feel a puppeteer behind, and an agenda.

    Here´s where opinions can differ. Many will think that the puppeteer is just a bunch of people with more power than most of us, engaging in worldly affairs in their own benefit. And others, like me, will agree with you that there are certain energies that are pushing the world into a transformation, and I believe that the ones that feed off those energies have a particular taste for ritual, auspicious dates (I find it hilarious that most people think that elites are materialist. They never were. When you reach a certain human satisfaction or insatisfaction level, you turn to something else), so although I don´t know about the details and won´t dare to deny or confirm your particular “dates”, I do think that there is a timeline and we are being obliged to comply with it.

    I think there is room for one more debate, even more important. Is this collective change going to end up the way the puppeteers foresee, or having forced the machine too much, too fast, will make people wake up in a completely unexpected way? One thing is for sure: we, mankind, need tremendous modification in our behaviour, and maybe this total mess we´ll live in the next years is what we need to give a quantum leap. Who knows?

  4. Darren R. Cole

    Rogelio very profound. I cannot help but to feel that if we are not “called home” as is laid out by the profits we will all have to come together and stop with our petty attitudes of treating everyone as different. There is of course only one species the human species. In either way we will be accepting of others I do not think that there will be a choice.

  5. Sheri

    slouch toward Gomarrah? We are waaaay past that.

    Sorry, but this is way too far out for my buying any of it. I lived this in college with the “end of the world” doomsday indulgence and I’m not going there again. (Okay, taking philosophy was my choice, but it was over-the-top with this crap. And I am not dusting off “The Late Great Planet Earth”….)

    Through history, affluence has been followed by poverty and captivity. I see no reason to think this is different. It’s a bigger world and we have more communication. It only seems more scary, though I’m sure Attilla the Hun and Caesar were terrifying in their time and pretty much they were the whole world to most.

  6. Jerry


    Fascinating post. In last week’s Mass readings, it was a demon that recognized who Jesus was, while the mere mortals standing around didn’t have a clue yet. The “Dark Side” knows, it’s their business to.

  7. Jan Van Betsuni

    Our Elites (Patricians/tptsnb/those people) know that the gyroscope is getting very wobbly again. This explains their present (Katy, bar the door!) LOCKDOWN/MASKUP desperation and panic. Having already ascended the pinnacle spire – boosted by ambient centrifugal forces more than true grit – they now occupy the loftiest but least essential nub of the societal mechanism entire. The False Prophets of their modern technocratic (technocracy-government) “people’s cult” are raising Siren’s Calls for a Great (Gyroscopic) Reset. Already telegraphed accoutrements of this Glorious RESET World Of The FOURTH TURNING will be forests of wind-turbines, oceans of solar-panels, a digital-legal-tender unsoiled by dirty worker’s hands, mRNAlnp prophylaxis by coercion, harmonized wealth taxation schemes, environmental toll charges, authorized state histories, 24/7 hate crime surveillance policing, and full liberation from our cumbrous personal possessions. Quite a comprehensive Agenda – best presumed as mere precis to their full Revolutionary Manifesto. It will yield no lasting bounty. Collective human instinct for recognizing the utterly absurd (the unnatural and undoable) will prevail in time. The DAVOSIAN GREAT RESET conception is just another fabulous RUBEGOLDBERG contraption. By 2033 or thereabouts world consciousness will be occupied with entirely new challenges ~ some as yet unanticipated. A RENAISSANCE MINDSET will be in-vogue (odds-on) among the clever and the young at heart. Many OLD GUARD REVOLUTIONARIES will have been obliged to walk-the-plank-blindfolded. [~appreciation to The Last Welsh Barbarian / Ianto Watt]

  8. Tony

    “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only” Matthew 24:36. We don’t know the day or time so to predict is sort of folly. We are, however, to prepare for it as if it will be any second. Jesus will come like a thief in the night!

    As for slouching toward Gomorrah, we’re already there. We are a wicked, perverse society…

  9. Dennis

    I think you may be onto something with the importance of 2000 years since Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection as being a key cycle, rather than just 2000 years since his birth, as some thought years ago (which would have been 1999 anyway, not 2001; see below). And the Great Resetters themselves are putting a lot of propaganda efforts into 2030 and thereabouts – remember the WEF’s “In 2030 You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy” video a few months ago? – so perhaps the coming 10-12 years are setting-up to be momentous for the future of mankind in ways beyond the usual.

    However, I must quibble with the dates above it appears likely that Christ was actually born in the year we would now call 2BC by our present calendar, not 1AD. Robert Powell in his fascinating and detailed “Chronicle of the Living Christ,” based on the revelations of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich, pegs Christ’s birth at Dec 6, 2BC, with Christ’s Crucifixion coming on April 3, 33AD, when he was 33/1/3 years old).

    April 3, 33 AD was 14 Nisan according to the Jewish calendar (which would have put the Resurrection on 16 Nisan). Curiously, after doing a quick calendar check, in 2033 Holy Week coincides with Passover, which it doesn’t always do, often being a week or so off (though I’ve never quite understood why it shouldn’t always coincide and the Church doesn’t just follow Passover and the Jewish calendar in dating Holy Week). 14 Nisan falls on Wednesday, April 13, 2033; and Good Friday, April 15, 2033 falls on 16 Nisan; so the official 2000th memorial date of Christ’s Crucifixion according to our Gregorian calendar will actually coincide with the 2000th memorial date of his Resurrection according to the Jewish calendar he and his earliest disciples would have followed. Hmmm…Wat means?


    Why do you think they keep saying the magic year is 2030 for all these commie-enviro goals? Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli as a young priest predicted 2000+33 as well.

  11. Whitney

    okay I have a question. This is always bothered me about the darkies. We’re assuming that they strongly believe in the conscious evil mind that is directing them. In that case they have access to all the same books we do and know they lose in the end. Why don’t they change sides?

  12. Dennis

    Stupid typos. Should be a period between “above” and “it” in 1st line, 2nd paragraph above. And “33 1/3” not “33/1/3”

  13. HanSolo

    @Whitney – good questions. Same reason that Lucifer could’ve changed, but instead, led a rebellion and was kicked out by G*d, but is still up to the same old schemes. Short term gains + hate + deception = take down of good by evil means.

    Since he and his minions have already given up their eternities with Him, they’ll attempt to take you down by all means necessary, and make you miserable, and will use sympathetic creatures to do it…I mean they do get some reward, if you can call it that, but it will pale in comparison to His reward if we stay the path.

  14. Tony


    They can’t change sides unless God first changes their hearts. 1 Corinthians 2:14 = But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

    And John 8:47 – He who is of God hears God’s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God”

  15. Dennis

    “Why don’t they change sides?” Because they are evil. They have chosen that side, just as Lucifer and the other fallen Angels did.

    I also think many of the “elites” are what Malachi Martin would describe as “perfectly possessed,” in that they consent freely their possession and have chosen to dedicate themselves to evil (in return for great earthly power and wealth, fame, honor, etc – the classic Faustian bargain). Though, of course, they don’t present themselves as such – no one really openly claims to be or admits to doing “evil” intentionally, so their actions are always couched in terms of “humanitarianism/human rights,” “tolerance,” “freedom,” “unity,” “ecumenism,” etc, etc. (See also Vladimir Soloviev’s prophetic “Short Tale of the Anti-Christ”)

  16. Some musing about 1914 and the Iternational Bible Students of tht time….this could be an differential derivation of the 2000 +33 = 2033 formula postualted ….

    page 6

    I think a Watchtower since has tried through inference, as usual, to say a “generation” is
    “120 years like Noah’s days” taking it, Armageddon, to 2034 has been published. The “within
    this generation” thing is completely misinterpreted and misapplied. It’s how they stretched
    1874 to 1914, what’s an extra 40 years here or there between believers anyway? For those
    non JW readers, C.T. Russell’s prediction of 1914 as the 2nd Presence of Christ is the central
    prophetic tenant of the WTBS. Within a “generation” of this date would be the apocalyptic
    “Armageddon”, and the reason JW’s knock so earnestly on your doors in an earnest effort to
    “save” you.

    I subscribe to Mathew 24 however 36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. KJV

    Douis-Rheims 36 But of that day and hour no one knoweth, not the angels of heaven, but the Father alone.

  17. MyronM

    Jesus Christ to Luisa Piccarreta* [January 29, 1919]:
    “My beloved daughter, I want to let you know the order of my Providence. Every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Deluge; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I manifested my Humanity, from which, as if from many fissures, my Divinity shone forth. The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of my Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed my Divinity. Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion: it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal. If in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what my Divinity was operating, now, in this third renewal, after the earth will be purged and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I will be even more generous with creatures, and I will accomplish the renewal by manifesting what my Divinity did within my Humanity; how my Divine Will acted with my human will; how everything remained linked within Me; how I did and redid everything, and how even each thought of each creature was redone by Me, and sealed with my Divine Volition.”


  18. Michael

    RE: “C.T. Russell’s prediction of 1914 as the 2nd Presence of Christ is the central
    prophetic tenant of the WTBS. Within a generation of this date would be the apocalyptic

    And I believe it did. What are the specifics? For whom is the Revelation written; Americans? No. There’s to be a beast, it will be vanquished. But on the ashes of the first beast is a second beast arises; and it is this second beast that is most dangerous to Jews, for whom this revelation is written. They will have to have a number to buy or sell. Some will be taken, suddenly; others will be left. That is what some call the Rapture, but nothing is said of the road to Rapture; by way of Auschwitz.

    Yes, if you read this as a prophecy for the Jews, suddenly the 3.5 years of peace with the beast becomes the treaty in 1938 if I remember right, broken in the blitzkreig and invasion of Poland. The remaining 3.5 years of the 7 years of tribulation (1938-1945) is the hot war. Jews were tattooed with registration numbers. Some were taken and some were left; it is much better to NOT be the one taken. If my reading is correct, we are way beyond Armageddon and into the mopping up, the plagues of the earth, the wicked will mostly destroy themselves and saints will have to find a place to wait it out and some won’t find that place (or places). The enemy of God will be loosed for a while and we can imagine what that will be like.

  19. Michael

    Whitney asks “Why don’t they change sides?”

    We see it right now in Congress; they are not going to change side because they see the other side as the ENEMY. To the Good, only Good things are Good; but to the Evil, Good things are Evil. It’s backwards. How often are traditional virtues trampled upon? Honor, honesty; the Boy Scout Law. Good sees Evil as the enemy, but Evil sees Good as the enemy. There is no desire to become the enemy or join the enemy.

    These are spirits that rebelled to God in his presence. They don’t WANT it. They did not want it then and they do not want it now. But that kind was never mortal. Humans have choice; humans can choose and change their mind, but I dispute that God will force anyone’s mind to change; for if he was going to do that, it would already have been done long ago, and evil would not exist on Earth. But that fails to accomplish a purpose that obviously requires evil to exist on Earth and for humans to have a meaningful choice, and then make that choice, freely and without influence from God. Maybe some influence; but no more and no less than is permitted to the enemy of God.

  20. Sheri

    PlainJane: I couldn’t decide if it more resembles the Tower of Babel or the poop emoji. Anyway you look at it, it’s stupid and they are trying to prove Amazon is superior to all us mere mortals. I hated the look.

  21. C-Marie

    Thank you, Ianto. Well done!! Repentance and receieving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, King and God, is the answer, and then being His witness as led by the Holy Spirit as God our Father wills.
    God bless, C-Marie

  22. C-Marie

    Plus, as some have remarkd, the fear and”vaccine” are to ready people for the 666 marking:
    The Mark of the Beast
    16And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. 17And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.

    Revelation 13: 16-18.

    And, there will be miracles in the end times which would fool even Christ’s elect but for God’s protection of His own. And how could there be the miracles? By the doers believing in the Name of Jesus, but those doers will be told by Christ that He never knew them. And how could it be that He never knew them? It will be so, because they will be without Him as their Lord and Saviour and God and His Love and Compassion, which is God the Father’s will for every person to believe in His Son Jesus Christ, and to receive Him fully as their own Lord and Saviour and God.

    And Jesus will say to them: “21Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day: Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in thy name, and cast out devils in thy name, and done many miracles in thy name? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.” Matthew 7: 21-23.


    God bless, C-Marie

  23. Stephen J.

    “In that case they have access to all the same books we do and know they lose in the end. Why don’t they change sides?”

    Because they believe those books are Enemy propaganda and treat them with the same disdain a true Christian would show to theirs. (“Of course they’ll tell you the battle’s already won for their side; what else would they say?“) Or, for that matter, with the same disdain the powerful among them show for their own propaganda — the whole point of seeking to prosper in this world is to put convenience and reward above principle, every time, which is why John Kerry takes a private plane to his eco-conferences.

    That there is no shortage of people of this type in any given faction is one of the reasons it becomes so despairingly plausible to believe this mindset.

  24. laurelmarycecilia

    Mr Briggs,
    For additional confirmation of your thesis find “Before Abraham Was” Kikawada……… He and his co-author Quinn, demonstrate that Genesis 1 – 11 was written as a chiasmus. * The Genesis 1 – 11 chiasmus form would indicate that the major point is the construction and deconstruction of the Tower of Babel.

    God will not be mocked
    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us

    *Chiasmus is a rhetorical device in which two or more clauses are balanced against each other by the reversal of their structures in order to produce an artistic effect.

  25. Martin

    Dennis writes: Robert Powell in his fascinating and detailed “Chronicle of the Living Christ,” based on the revelations of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich, pegs Christ’s birth at Dec 6, 2BC, with Christ’s Crucifixion coming on April 3, 33AD, when he was 33/1/3 years old).

    Except that 2 BC plus 33 years works out to 31 AD, by my reckoning.

  26. Kathleen

    Mr. Stinky is absolutely running the show.

    And his servants, highest to lowest, are indeed slaves. Useful idiots if you will.

    This article pretty well covers the situation. And it was determining, through application of reason and knowledge of history, without the Light of Faith, that THIS situation was being rushed towards and that THE target was Christ’s Church, that convinced me that God must be right (Hypothesis). That was about 20 years ago. I set about methodically working through the material and EVERYTHING verifies my hypothesis was correct and that THIS was coming. I returned to the Church about 15 years ago.

    Some more dates of interest for consideration.


    Sr. Lucy was given instruction by Our Lady to be conveyed to Christ’s Vicar asking for the SPECIFIC Consecration of Russia to be performed by ALL Bishops. This SPECIFIC Consecration has NEVER occurred (This consecration should be understood as both an exorcism AND consecration to TURN the PRIMARY vector of spiritual rot at that point in time INTO a VECTOR OF GOOD).


    This was the VERY LAST Date the Consecration of Russia could be done to not be late.


    Sr. Lucy received instruction from Our Lord EXPLICITLY linking the failure to Consecrate Russia to the Failure of the Kings of France to Consecrate France (the vector of spiritual rot at the time).

    June 17 1689

    King of France was asked for the Consecration of France via St. Mary Alacoque.

    June 17 1789

    EXACTLY 100 YEARS LATER, King Louis XVI stripped of legislative authority, 4 years later he is executed.


    100 Years after the request for the Consecration of Russia.


    Sr. Lucy conveyed to Professor Thomas Walsh that she had been made to understand that because the Church would FAIL to do the Consecration of Russia until it was LATE that the ENTIRE world will become communist.

    But, she was also made to understand that the Consecration would be done LATE resulting in a period of peace AFTER a terrible chastisement.

    70 YEARS

    Old Israel was exiled in Babylon SEVENTY YEARS.

    WE, Christ’s Church, are NEW Israel.

    1960 + 70 = 1930

    1969 (when the Ancient Mass as shackled) + 70 = 1939

    So indeed, all the dates line up with the time line the author here is guessing at.

  27. Kathleen

    Stupid typo correction:

    1960 + 70 = 2030

    1969 (when the Ancient Mass as shackled) + 70 = 2039

  28. Johnno

    As Kathleen said, I too believe things are coming to a head by 2029, 100 years since our Lord came to Sr. Lucia in 1929 to tell the Pope the time had come for the Consecration of Russia, failing which he’d follow the example of the Kings of France.

    The elites also have their plans set up for Agenda 2030. Which is all as communist as it sounds.

    It’s not a coincidence. So buckle up, because we’ve got another decade or so of watching things deteriorate.

    Of course, things could be turned around if only the Pope would obey Christ. But it could be the case that the time has passed.

    One thing to note is that Sr. Lucia didn’t say that the Consecration would be done late. But rather, that while it would be done, it would be done “too late.”

    Nonetheless, the sooner it is done, the shorter your suffering.

    Too bad however, that the identity of the real Pope right now is as obscured as the identity of the U.S. President. So it’s not looking good. Mankind will have to learn the hard way, and the world will only be fixed via a miracle.

  29. Johnno

    “Why don’t they change sides?”

    Because just as we are witnessing amongst the woke, they are convinced they are on the right side of the war. God’s a fascist, according to them. Things are very unequal. God must be stopped, if not, then resisted, forever.

    It’s called ‘Pride.’ Doesn’t matter how many facts or reality you give them, their word is above God’s.

    The Scriptures are just propaganda to them. Just as they believe they can control the weather, they believe they can take God’s Throne.

  30. JTLiuzza

    Good essay by Mr. Watt. Many terrific comments. Thanks to all. Our Lady of Fatima; ora pro nobis.

  31. Dennis

    Martin: There is no year zero counted between 1BC and 1AD, so if Powell’s dating (based largely on BL. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s revelations) is correct and Christ was born in Dec 2BC, He’d have turned 33 in December 32AD (He’d have turned 1 in 1BC, 2 in 1AD, 3 in 2AD, etc…). This is also why 1999 (not 2000 or 2001) would have been the true 2000th anniversary of his birth.

    Though some have placed Christ’s birth as early as 4BC, I think 2BC makes more sense, as it lines up with the traditional date of 33AD, at age 33, for the Crucifixion. A birth in 4BC would have to mean either placing the Crucifixion in 31AD, or if in 33AD still, then Christ’s age at the time would have been 35.

  32. Kevin L Walker

    Gee, I sure am glad I don’t believe in this God stuff anymore. It really screws with people’s heads.

  33. Dennis

    Nothing has screwed with people’s heads, and souls, the way atheist materialism has done for the past several centuries.

  34. AMDG

    2030 is the start, proper, of the latest little ice-age (of the Maunder minimum variety), due to the forthcoming grand solar (magnetic) minimum (GSM) which occurs every 400 years, into which we are presently descending. This will last 50-70 years before we start to ascend out of it. Because of the changes in weather patterns globally there will be food shortages and famine due to drought and flooding, and destruction of crops and shortening of growing seasons due to frost and snow. On the other hand places presently arid will become fertile. This is already happening. We have less than 12 years, then, to sort out the food supply before the ‘new normal’ of the GSM in 2030. Those in power (the so-called ‘Elite’) presumably know this. China certainly knows it because every 400-year GSM the ruling dynasty has been overthrown due to famine and the associated chaos. By the time the GSM is established we will have to have figured out how to grow enough food to feed everyone, how to distribute it and how to pay for it, and to what extent food will become a bargaining chip. Digital currency, now on the rise, will presumably be instrumental. Is the GSM being used by the Elite for equitable global governance, or is China playing the Elite for suckers? For the past several years, if not decades, China has been been securing its food supply as well as the materials it will need to maintain itself and, presumably increase its global power, whilst other nations are distracting themselves. It certainly won’t be short of energy given its fossil-fuel policy for itself, and promotion of green policy for everyone else (over which it presently has manufacturing dominance); and won’t be short of industrial and military capacity. China seems to know what it’s doing. Everyone else seems to be doing the chicken-licken thing. How the global warming scam, the global ever-mutating-pandemic-and-vaccines scenarios and the desire for global population reduction fits into this remains to be seen.

  35. Dennis

    I saw something yesterday about that upcoming GSM thing expected to really kick in around 2030 to last until about 2050 and how it will not only basically obviate “global warming” but could cause massive food supply disruptions, etc., and how pre-planning for that may be playing a part behind the scenes in the whole plandemic, Agenda21, and related WEF “In 2030 You’ll Own Nothing and Like It” campaign. Very scary stuff.

  36. Rm

    “Well, is it the 2,000th year since the birth of the GodMan? (Hint: 2,001 AD – 1 AD = 2,000.) No, that too has already come and passed. The formula I am focused on is this: 2,000 + 33 = 2,033 AD. The coming bi-millennial anniversary of the death of the GodMan. And His resurrection. If I’m not wrong, that would be (give or take a year) 12 years from now.”

    I asked God what was going on after that last election fiasco … well I was shown more than I ever imagined, but what amazed me was the simplicity ( along with the complexity of all the events and prophecies) of the same time period. It comes out to 2000 years from 33, with 2034 being the beginning of the new age. I put up what I was shown along with the message given me here … the downside is I was also shown that the 8th King ( the 100x times worse than Hitler dude) is going to be coming soon.

  37. Rm

    more insight into the time we are living in ….

    Concerning times, dates and numbers for the opening of the seals with the first one being the White Horse and rider with the bow and crown …

    from the day 9-23-2017 when the Sign of the Woman giving birth to a son in the heavens:

    to the official day 3-11-2020 that WHO declared Covid 19 a pandemic

    was exactly 900 days

    The numeric value of the date 3-11-2020 (3+1+1+2+0+2+0) is 9.

    In Biblical numbers 9 means: divine completeness, or conveys the meaning of finality.

    900 = 100 x 9 and represents ultimate finality. It has begun. It can not be changed or altered.
    When we read the chapter on the opening of the seals, only the “Lamb”, the Son of God was worthy to do so because he is both the Son of Man and the Son of God, who by sacrificing his earth life to redeem mankind was given the authority to judge mankind. “What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.” that certainly is the meaning of finality.
    Other signs and those fulfilling them …

    The “White Horse with the rider with the bow sent out to conquer”

    Trump sees himself in the mold of Apollo. He participates in the fulfillment of Apollos behavior and power.

    Apollo was a major Greek and Roman god. Some objects traditionally associated with Apollo include:
    ? a bow
    ? bringer of plague
    ? divine retribution
    ? medicine
    ? divination
    ? arrows that bring destruction
    ? a far-shooter, far-worker, rouser of armies* (Red Horse and rider soon to be unsealed)

    Apollo was responsible for guiding the poison arrow to the heel of Achilles, killing the seemingly invincible. Apollo is white. The statues of him were made of white marble. Most medical personel and even lab scientist when they are seeking to convey their vocational authority also wear white.

    The 8th King will rise during the coming chaos* seeking to rule the world, be obeyed and worshiped. He will use the chaos as a cover to persecute and kill all those who resist, especially the saints.

    We will not be trust in man to be deceived to take the poison arrow.
    We will not go to war to kill and hate.
    We will not worship the beast.

    Many of us will go by the sword (execution) and many will go to captivity (confinement camps/prisons forced labor, torture, mistreatment and death). We are admonished to prepare ourselves to patiently endure to the end of our life here and the return of our Savior Jesus Christ the Son of God should we be chosen to live to that day.

    I’ve posted more of what I have been shown here:

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