The Navy Becomes Woke

The Navy Becomes Woke

China is rapidly building its navy, and now has two aircraft carriers, double Russia and France’s counts. Not that we can expect to go to war with France anytime soon. Though with what Macron has been saying about the USA, you never know. About that, more below.

The other two countries are live possibilities, though. What is our great Navy doing about them?

Diverse Inclusivity

I’ll tell you what: they’re preaching the gospel of “Inclusion and Diversity”. The brass are ensuring “Sailors feel included, respected and empowered”. Boot camp will sure be different than the old days when recruits experienced the very opposite of these three things.

The Navy is doing “deep dives”—-not with submarines, no; that’s old-fashioned. These non-aquatic plunges are “in areas ranging from women’s policy issues to naming of ships, buildings
and streets”.

It’s not clear to amateur naval strategists like myself how renaming streets on American naval bases so that they’re more inclusive will help sink or capture enemy vessels, but the key word is amateur. The people who put together the directive “Task Force One Navy” (TF1N) are professionals.

Yes, sir. Genuine, bona-fide military pros. Of the kind who “set out to analyze and evaluate issues in our society and military that detract from Navy readiness, such as racism, sexism and other structural and interpersonal biases to attain significant, sustainable I&D-related reform.”

Interpersonal biases! How these can still exist in the Age of Biden is a question worth investigating.

Nice Report You Have There, Sailor

Just what is TF1N? Let’s let teh Navy Times answer that one.

Following the death of George Floyd, a Black man prosecutors say was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer while in custody in May 2020, and the national unrest that soon followed, service leaders established Task Force One Navy to address systemic racism within the service, evaluate racial disparities in the military justice system, and examine the fairness of the promotion and advancement process to eliminate “destructive biases.”

Nice to see the press doesn’t deviate far from its propaganda roots, even in military journalism. Career-criminal Floyd was not, I believe, ever in the Navy, or in any branch of the armed forces. And it wasn’t the Shore Patrol that arrested Floyd on his fateful day.

Clever touch to say that prosecutors say Floyd was killed by cops. They did say that, but it doesn’t appear to be true, and forgets the evidence that points to Floyd’s own excesses as causing his death.

Good news is there is no “systemic racism” in the service. So it ought to be easy to address. Which the Navy did, in the 141 short pages of TF1N.

Inclusive Diversity

What are some of its other recommendations? The Navy Times quotes Vice Adm. John Nowell Jr.

“Here’s what we know about inclusion and diversity in the Navy,” said Nowell, who is also the Navy’s chief inclusion and diversity officer. “One, you need to bring more diversity in the front door. And two, we need to make sure that we keep that diversity.”

The Navy, just like all the best universities, has created a woke bureaucracy. So it isn’t strange to hear its chief inclusion and diversity officer discover that what the Navy really needs is more inclusion and diversity. Why, it can never have enough inclusion and diversity!

It’s well known that calls for inclusion and diversity are always accompanied by calls for quotas, which TF1N echos. But less well known is that calls for quotas are always accompanied by the lessening of standards.

Even fewer people know the next part. When the standards are lowered, as they must be else the quotas can’t be met, officials absolutely always issue statements saying the original standards were never really needed.

That happen here?

Yes, sir, it did. “Another idea floated [in TF1N] is to craft a ‘whole person’ evaluation blueprint that avoids relying too heavily on standardized tests, and instead focuses on character and other leadership attributes.”

Oriented Badly

TF1N also goes on about how meaningful and important “sexual orientations” are, and how the Navy welcomes all of them. And indeed needs them (well, there were rumors for many years).

Funny, they never say how a man desiring to have sex with his pet goat, or with a child, will benefit fighting ability. But zoophilia and pedophilia are orientations, and if orientations help keep ships afloat, who can argue?

Emmanuel Macron, that’s who. He thinks the woke nonsense aggressively exported by the USA, “specifically on race, gender, post-colonialism”, represent “existential threats” to France.

Those who are threatened, as France surely is, often resort to force. So that quip about war might not be far wrong.

If if comes to war, even though the USA outguns France, my money is on France’s navy. Ours will too busy dressing up our ships to attend “pride” parades.

This article first appeared in edited form at The Stream.

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  1. Hun

    Macron has been groomed since his childhood. He’s busy turning France into another Maghreb country. He has a diversity fetish, though maybe a little different than American elites.

  2. “Another idea floated [in TF1N] is to craft a ‘whole person’ evaluation blueprint that avoids relying too heavily on standardized tests, and instead focuses on character and other leadership attributes.”

    Focusing on character and leadership? That won’t last long. Unless, by some crazy random happenstance, they redefine “character” and “leadership” to mean the opposite of what those words traditionally mean.

  3. Modern Leftism is properly defined as the abject denial of the existence of reality.

  4. Dennis

    Treating the military as if it is no different from any other corporate employer or government agency, to be run primarily by obese HR dimwits pushing woke “diversity and inclusion” ideology as a basis for hiring and promotion instead of rigorous traditional standards is the best way to ensure complete incompetence and unpreparedness should they ever be needed for an actual serious war. China itself couldn’t have devised a better plan to weaken the US military for the long term.

    It’s disgraceful that a guy like Austin, wholly owned by Raytheon – and a board member until his recent Cabinet appointment as Secretary of Defense and still a big shareholder (and, surprise, Biden just approved a massive new Raytheon contract!) – is even allowed to serve as SecDef with such obvious financial conflicts of interest. The revolving door between corporations and Wall street banks and major government posts, in which those same people have say in regulations affecting or in doling out of government contracts to their former (and often soon to be again in the near future) employers, need to be sealed shut.

  5. Deplorable D

    As a veteran of the Navy, I can tell you inclusion and diversity are not an issue. On my ship we had the whole gamut: blacks, Phillipinos, hispanics, whites, etc. Each was drawn to the Navy for a different reason. Many blacks, hispanics, and whites come from areas with poor economies and the military is their way out. For others it is their parents tell them “college or the military”. For people like me it was a chance to travel and see the world and be paid to do it. Many join to learn a technical skill they could not afford to learn at a private institution. Many Phillipinos join because they can earn US citizenship for time in the service [I do not know if that is still true]. And still others are in the Navy because a judge told them “jail or the Navy.”

    I have never worked anywhere more inclusive and diverse than when I was in the Navy. It is sad to see them fall prey to the Woke Mob.

  6. Johnno

    Aircraft carriers in this day and age of cruise and hypersonic missiles are sitting ducks.

    They’re big and useful for projecting power and hitting upon little countries that are easy to steamroll over, but against more formidable foes are big bulky things that require tons of escorts for protection, guzzle fuel like nobody’s business and are therefore incredibly costly.

    In a war between big nations with smart and fast missiles, those elephants will do no good. But that isn’t to say they’re never useful in particular skirmishes.

    Then again, considering what is being done to sabotage the US military by the woke, I wouldn’t put it past them to just invite the Chinese carriers in unopposed, because maybe the Chinese will fill the deck with refugees, and by this time next year they’ll have banned all missile technology because it’s phallic in design and this represents toxic male fetishism and therefore must be done away with. Or will be too busy using them to strike conservative gatherings in the homeland for allegedly plotting insurrections, but most important of all for gathering over the approved limits for social gathering and without wearing masks.

  7. Jan Van Betsuni

    Hollywood hovering in the wings with the newest wokest War Films subgenre: -The Diversity Epic –

  8. Gail F

    What can we citizens do about this? Is there an action we can take?

  9. Forbes

    Government employment is a jobs program for interest group voting constituencies–and the military is no different. The evolution from the War Department to the Defense Department, leading to missions of humanitarian aid (think Asian/Indian tsunamis and search and rescue missions), results in a social service agenda far removed from war fighting capability and readiness.

  10. SGOTI

    Enough with the Wokeism! Let the Navy get back to its core business of colliding with merchantmen, err “Merchantpeople”, and destroying capital ships in drydock

  11. GRA

    Before the Woke Gospel was spread, my observation was that out of all the military branches the US Navy was the most susceptible, and arguable the most ‘fruity’, of the branches to succumb to Wokedome. But big green Army got there first.

  12. Walt

    What can we citizens do about this? Is there an action we can take?

    Probably not, other than keep your sons out. The attempted railroading of Chief Gallagher was about all you need to know about the modern navy.

    Our culture is going over the falls so it’s best to minimize your news intake.

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