Officially Denounced As A Dangerous Climate & Coronadoom Rogue!

So that Michael Mann guy, who might have taken a puck to the head one too many times, has denounced me as a climate rogue. And put me in the same company as Russian trolls.

Privet, comrades!

Mann’s denunciation makes me an official dangerous climate criminal. And to think my parole officer said I’d never amount to anything.

Stay away, ladies. My power overwhelms! Danger! Danger! Danger!

Seems Mann has a new book about a climate “war”. War would explain why those weather bunnies are always on about fronts. A good joke!

Anyway, in this book, Mann says “Russian trolls early on promoted disinformation and conspiracy theories.” Not about global cooling. No, sir. About the coronadoom.

Seems somebody from the “dark-money-funded” (is Mann a closet racist?) Center for American Greatness teased Mann with some sort of hockey-stick like coronadoom graph.

Mann is sensitive about this graph, treating it like one of those grieving ape mothers you hear about who carry around the corpse of their deceased babies. Sad!

After the hockey-stick clone incident, he says, the “usual denialist suspects were rounded up.” Not into camps. Not yet. The big tease meant metaphorically. Give them time, though.

Two of these coronadoom denialists are friends of ours, Benny Peiser and Andrew Montford, who, Mann tells us, are also “climate change deniers”. Peiser and Montford said there was no evidence governments needed to resort to “‘draconian measures’ that might harm the economy.”

That was the setup for Mann’s big punchline. You ready?

“As [Peiser’s and Montford’s editorial] was published on April 1, you could be forgiven for thinking it was an April Fool’s joke.”

Ho ho!

Who knew Mann was such a funny guy? Most of us thought he’d never top his hilarious stunt of losing a lawsuit against Tim Ball.

Ball, speaking of Mann waving his little stick in everybody’s face, said Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn State.” Instead of taking the compliment, Mann sued for “libel”. And lost! And had to pay court costs, too.

Back to Mann’s tragic story. Seems, he says, various organizations were saying the coronadoom panic wasn’t worth the price.

Online, meanwhile, a rogue’s gallery of climate-change contrarians, including Judith Curry, Nic Lewis, Christopher Monckton, Anthony Watts, Marcel Crok, and…

drum roll

William Briggs

my emphasis

…all joined the frenzy.

He didn’t say which frenzy, but given our efforts, he can only mean the frenzy of trying to restore clam among the panicked.

Indeed, he must have meant this because Mann footnoted one our coronavirus updates, VI: “Clam Yourselves.

This may be the first historical occasion where a call for calm is called a “frenzy”. But this the Current Year and words don’t mean the same as they used to.

That’s all I read in or about the book. I only searched for my name so I can brag to my mother about being famous.

Please tell everybody you know that I have been officially denounced by one our ruler’s most influential apparatchik’s.

As a service to humanity, forward this post to all your contacts warning them that I am a dangerous rogue. Tell them not to buy my books, too.

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  1. Have you talked to your parole officer about how this’ll affect your twitter parole?

    Christopher Monckton on the wrong side of coronadoom? Oh, come on!

    He’s been a lockdown weenie from the get go

    Bill Maher talks virus from lab
    Bret Weinstein Progressive professor from Evergreen College before he got cancelled for being on the wrong side of identity politics said he thought virus from lab at 90% probably back in the summer

  2. Such willfulness opposing the word of Greta, Anthony, Bill, and Boris. How dare you! [(1.) willfulness – the trait of being prone to disobedience…of being hard to influence or control…deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline.]

  3. What Mann is saying is “I am stupid and Russian Trolls are geniuses.” All of the climate people believe that they themselves are stupid and Russian Trolls and skeptics are geniuses. It’s why they whine and moan and sue people. Low self-esteem and loserhood. Winners don’t have to sue to prove their point, though it is more acceptable than the old ways.

    “Mann is sensitive about this graph, treating it like one of those grieving ape mothers you hear about who carry around the corpse of their deceased babies. Sad!” Great analogy!! Love it!

    Mann worshippers are freezing in the snow and I’m okay with that. Cult belief can be fatal and that’s just how it is. Worship the cult of Warming and freeze in the cold and dark. I’ve said that for years.

  4. I didn’t realize that the cure for panic was clams.

    I’m familiar with WattsUpWithThat, now I’ll have to go look up the others.

  5. Michael Mann is an idiot.

    In fact, “Russian trolls” have been promoting the leftists’ “climate” agenda for years.

    So-called “environmental” organizations such as the Sierra Club used to support clean, abundant natural gas, until they started receiving tens of millions in donations from Russian shell corporations to promote anti-fracking propaganda, in order to harm U.S. energy competitors.

    Even Newsweek spilled the beans, in a rare act of actual journalism:

    More confirmation from Powerline:

    “Here in the United States, a Senate report found that the Sea Change Foundation funneled more than $43 million to environmental causes in 2011 — padding the budgets of ardent anti-fracking organizations like the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The Foundation is heavily funded by a Bermuda-based shell corporation with direct ties to Putin and Russian oil interests. The shady firm is currently under indictment for offshore money laundering. . .
    The influence of Russian propaganda and the influx of money funneled from the Kremlin to many of America’s most extreme environmental outfits helps explain why anti-fracking attacks continue even though science has confirmed fracking poses no threat to public health.”

  6. Well, at least he didn’t sue you like he did Mark Steyn. That case is still in the DC swamp (court) 10 years later. Where is Mann getting the money to keep this case going?

  7. It will be nigh on impossible to restore calm until we restore clams, which alleviate the red tide exacerbated by our runaway global warming crisis.

  8. re: recnamoremun February 22, 2021 at 8:27 am

    “Keep clam and mussel through it.” – LOL and you beat me to it. (Unless he intended it to invoke the idea of clamming up. )

    but hey, let’s all appreciate the subtle way Sgt Briggs lets us know he’s not a Russian troll.. ( Privet Comrades! can’t be said in English (??) but means something like “hi guys appratchiks” .

  9. Since Western government’s started offshoring our jobs, why are they complaining when we take jobs away from Russian trolls? I mean, they told me to “learn to code” and if the Russians are helping me do that when they aren’t, then why all the fuss? I can only conclude that it’s because they are racist.

    Russian trolling is a great job, I must admit. Most fun I’ve ever had! It has kept me going ever since the local government destroyed my place of employment because someone might rub some covid on the walls and the door handles if they came in.

  10. Well this is disappointing. Briggs denounced by a low level lickspittle, Mann, when he deserves top-level denunciation: Klaus Schwab wearing his winged trans-human overcoat must denounce Briggs: a furious press conference with Al Gore, and that former negro president, and Oprah Winfrey, must denounce him. He should be denounced by fake president Biden on prime-time nationwide address, with Kamala cackling in the background.

    Bloody hell, this is unjust.

  11. God bless us all!!! In His way!!! In His time!!! For His purposes!!! Because we are His!!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  12. >“Russian trolls early on promoted disinformation and conspiracy theories.”

    Michael Mann shoulda picked up the phone and called Bobby 3 sticks (Robert S. Mueller, III), and all that time spent investigating 2016 election interference coulda been spared. The “collusion” was just Russian trolls promoting disinformation and conspiracy theories…

  13. I think I shall make myself a “Climate Rogue” t shirt, even though I have yet to receive Mr. Mann’s endorsement.

  14. “…War would explain why those weather bunnies are always on about fronts.”
    Causalities on the babblefront?

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