Vaccine Efficacy, Vaccine Tyranny & Lockdown Lawlessness: Coronavirus Update LV

Vaccine Efficacy, Vaccine Tyranny & Lockdown Lawlessness: Coronavirus Update LV


Long-time reader Steve Fettig asked me to look into the Reason [sic] article (by Bailey) “Vaccines Are 100% Effective at Preventing COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths”, which is based on a Lancet note “What does 95% COVID-19 vaccine efficacy really mean?” (by Olliaro).

Bailey’s article is a mess of confusions, but then Olliaro’s is not much better. The worst error of Bailey is not to mention any negatives about the vaccines, such as side effects. He anyway says”

As LiveScience reports, the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson clinical trials all found that their vaccines were essentially 100 percent effective in preventing severe disease six to seven weeks after trial participants had received a first/single dose.

As Fettig rightly said in an email to me, “Nothing has 100% efficacy.”

Like I said, the quoted trial rates of efficacy will almost certainly be lower in actual populations, and the quoted adverse reaction rates will almost certainly be higher. I base that on decades experience evaluating data like this. Trials are heavily controlled, real people aren’t. But our beneficent government is working in that direction.

Let’s look at Olliaro’s number. Vaccine efficacy is claimed at 95%. Problem working with numbers like efficacy is you lose perspective. We saw earlier in the Pfizer data that 0.05% got the doom in the vaccine group and 0.9% got in the placebo group. These are more concrete.

They are also the rates only for the people vaccinated and in the study. They will not apply equally to those outside the study, because the people outside it will not look causally the same as those in it. Increasing vaccination, and changing weather, will modify the rates.

Accepting those numbers, assuming Olliaro’s vaccinated population of 100,000, then about 50 people in that group would get the doom if—and here’s the part he leaves off—these 50 can find somebody to get the doom from.

We see elsewhere that most who get the doom “are contagious for 4–8 days. Specimens are generally not found to contain culture-positive (potentially contagious) virus beyond day 9 after the onset of symptoms, with most transmission occurring before day 5.”

If you get the vaccine, and it works, and I don’t get it, then I can’t get the bug from you, since you can’t be infected. I have to find somebody else in the four or five days they are infectious. That’s why, in those not vaccinated, the rate is only 0.9%. That, and because the bug isn’t so easy to pass on.

Because in real life, different people in different areas will get vaccinated with difference vaccines, all of which will have variable rates of protection, it will be difficult to guess just how it will all play out. It’s clear, though, that if the rate of infection is really only 0.05%, then herd immunity will happen fast as more people are vaccinated.

However, this assumes the vaccine will be a one-and-done, like with measles. And not like the flu. We track 8 variants of the flu, all without panicking. One new coroandoom variant is found, and people retreat back in their shell of fear. When all it means is the efficacy rate will drop to more expected (to me, anyway) numbers.

The coronadoom will always be with us, just like many other bugs. Perpetual panic to this is insane.


Object to the word insane?

We haven’t even started. The zero-tolerance policy, and worst-case policy assumptions, are far worse than insane. They are evil.

‘Everyone Agreed’ on Vaccine Passports, Says Merkel at EU Coronavirus Summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed that there is a unanimous agreement within the European Union on implementing a coronavirus vaccine passport, during a virtual meeting of EU member states on Thursday.

The German leader said that “everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate,” following the meeting of European leaders.

Merkel said that such a system could be implemented as soon as the summer, but claimed that the introduction of a vaccine passport “does not mean that only those who have a vaccination passport are allowed to travel,” according to the German broadcaster DW.

Yeah, sure it doesn’t, lady. We believe you.

If we allow this, and I can’t see how we can fight it, so if it happens, we have launched ourselves on yet another slippery slope.


The WEF just as evil as you thought:


Recommended over at The American Sun, this must-read (or must-listen) post on the lawlessness we now live under, with many coronadoom examples. On the Brawndo Tyranny by Charles Haywood.

The Mask Order
On January 29, 2021, the CDC issued an order requiring universal wearing of masks in every public conveyance in the United States. I will spend less time on this Mask Order, because in the substance of its violations of the rule of law, it is very similar. It contains an extra item of note, however.

Unlike the Eviction Order, the Mask Order spends quite a bit of time trying to justify itself. Because masks are pseudo-science, modern talismans, it does this by lying, both directly and by omission. As with everything else that “experts say,” nearly nothing that “experts” say, about this or anything else, today can be trusted, because they say what is politically desirable for their masters first, perhaps later followed by consideration of the far subordinate question of what is true. (Anthony Fauci’s every utterance is one prominent example of this; another is how were told the Floyd Riots were to be permitted, but no other public or private gatherings. But there are thousands of examples.) This shouldn’t be a surprise; as Trofim Lysenko could have testified, corruption of science is a hallmark of all modern tyrannies.


Watch this video by South Dakota governor Kristi Noem. “We have to show people how arbitrary these restrictions are…”

Item: Florida got it right, and the lockdown states got it wrong.

“Welcome to the oasis of freedom!” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared at the opening of his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. “Florida got it right, and the lockdown states got it wrong!”

Meanwhile, nowhere do lockdowns work, the only evidence for them being models, which only say what they’re told to say. Observations show lockdowns do massive harm. Yet they continue to be tried. Finland is next.

Given the paucity of empirical support for them, and the definite known harms, it has to be something else driving beneficent governments to use them. I say it’s the effeminate fear of unlikely death combined with a desire for control.

Prove that wrong.


The Price of Panic.

Nice endorsement from the Babylon Bee’s chief.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests:

Bad news is tests rose a bit, which accounts for the “worrisome” “uptick” in “cases” our bureaucrats discuss in the media. It’s all driven by testing, as this whole panic has been since after it got going. This is proved below when we see attributed deaths dropping.

Every positive test the media falsely calls a “case”, when it is only an infection with varying degrees of seriousness—and most are not serious. The media really does not know how to tell the truth.

Positivity rate of the tests. You’ll recall four weeks ago we discussed how the WHO told people to lower the PCR Ct rates, which should produce fewer positives—and fewer false positives.

Notice carefully that this is not dropping because tests are dropping. If anything, and all things equal, fewer tests mean larger positivities, because it’s more likely only the sickest are being tested.

This flattened a bit since last week, and for the same reason.

CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts, or the Perspective Plot, from late 2009 until now. The late drop off is late counting: it takes up to eight weeks to get all data. We need to look at all cause deaths because we can’t quite trust the attributed COVID numbers.

The black line is deaths of any kind. The red is COVID. The blue line is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients). The blue is estimated starting mid year 2020 because CDC stopped separate reporting on flu. The suspicion is some flu and pneumonia deaths are being attributed to COVID.


The numbers are dropping like blonde jokes in women’s studies course. This indicates, if it holds, the culling effect seen in every pandemic. The weak are killed off, leaving the strong. (This violates two theories, Be Nice and Equality, yet it is still so.)

Here is the CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

Again, even with late counting it’s clear attributed deaths are on their way down—as non-experts have been predicting.

Here is another way to look at all deaths, the week-of-the-year all-cause deaths. A big change this week!

The 2020 estimated “excess” deaths (using my extrapolation model) are closing in. About 487 thousand. This will rise a tiny bit with late counts. Rose 5,000 since last week. Won’t go too much higher, as late counts are catching up fast.

MOST IMPORTANT: these are not all COVID deaths! They include deaths from the “solution” to COVID, too. Plus increased suicides, septicemia and other iatrogenic kills, cancers, heart attacks, and everything else due to lockdowns. Like car crashes, as we saw above. Plus, there were over 80,000 drug overdose deaths last year. This point cannot be over-emphasized.

The green line at the left are 2021 numbers; obvious under-counts for the last three weeks. ON the other hand, weekly deaths really look to have dropped quite dramatically. And how!

I repeat: the green line will increase at the end, but not by such huge numbers. Leading one to suspect that that flu and other diseases are still be classed as deaths “involving” (CDC’s word) coronadoom.

Flu is still missing. Here is the WHO’s global flu tracker, which still shows flu has gone missing everywhere:

Flu is still gone the whole world over.

Here is the CDC official population mortality rates for the all causes other than COVID, and “involving” COVID (with and of; “involving” is CDC’s word).

                 Age      COVID OtherCause
1       Under 1 year 0.00001200   0.005300
2          1–4 years 0.00001300   0.002200
3         5–14 years 0.00000059   0.000089
4        15–24 years 0.00000180   0.000140
5        25–34 years 0.00001500   0.000820
6        35–44 years 0.00019000   0.002500
7        45–54 years 0.00054000   0.004600
8        55–64 years 0.00130000   0.010000
9        65–74 years 0.00330000   0.020000
10       75–84 years 0.00840000   0.049000
11 85 years and over 0.02300000   0.150000

I say this every week, too: No matter what age, there is at least about a 10 times or larger chance of dying from something else then COVID. If you’re under 44, the COVID risk is tiny. Our level of fear is in not in line with the actual risk for the majority of the population.

About masks in depth, see this article and this one. I am also working on a comprehensive article about masks. Hint: they do not work.

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  1. Sheri

    Fauci finally says vaccinated people can play together without masks. What a sweetheart……

    Actually, many vaccinations have what I consider low success rates. The shingles vaccine was at 60% first run. The newer one is supposed to be closer to 90%. I thought 60% was really crappy and not worth getting. Yet many did.

    SARS the first virtually disappeared after a couple of years, so you really have no basis to say SARS 2 will always be here.

    The band picture makes me want to slap the worthless, crappy, horrible, child-hating parents of these kids around the globe at least twice. What horrible, horrible things their so-called parents are.

    Vaccine passports=VERY REDUCED WORLD TRAVEL. Considering the idiots in office want globalism, this is a word I can’t use in this family blog. You know what it is.

    Didn’t North Dakota just outlaw mask mandates???

    Witch doctors always rule by fear and Fauci is as witchy as they come, followed by dictator Democrats and socialists/communists. Remember, your government HATES you and wants you dead. THAT is what is driving the lockdowns—hatred of humans.

    Again, based on the graphs, COVID CURED FLU or killed it off completely. Either way, long live Covid!!!!

  2. deb

    I think it is more than just wanting control. I think it has to do with culling the population to spread out the resources ‘more equitably’ while they reduce the useless and unwanted from their consciences, if they have any.

  3. Sheri

    Hun: I bet these people would have said Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Hannibal, and many others “improved cities” and other very idiot things. They are fully, totally insane, evil, and very, very dangerous. They want us dead and them enjoying the spoils of mass death.

  4. Sheri

    “Elsewhere in the email — which he shared on Twitter — Bonnema said, “We put our lives on the line every day by showing up to work. Please, show up for us by adopting these policies.”” New York City Trader Joe’s employee

    We are sooooo STUPID we equate a 99% survivable virus with working in Mogadishu under gunfire. I would never have believed Americans could become so STUPID in my lifetime. I am horrified by the whole thing. Maybe we need to drop these idiots in a war zone and let them find out what risking one’s life entails. I know a few congress critters to include in the drop.

  5. Dennis

    Even more insane than that band practice photo is the policy in Canada mandating total isolation of kids at home by themselves for two weeks if one student in class tests positive (and we know how likely that “case” is to be just a false PCR positive, and the facts have always shown kids are the least likely spreaders and among those least likely to even get sick from Sars-Cov2) : Even worse than the policy is that some parents are actually doing this to their kids! Absolute child abuse! If this kind of insanity is what re-opening schools (which should have been done everywhere by May 1 last year) requires, then better to keep them closed than to subject kids to this madness.

    Looks more and more like Florida and South Dakota may soon be the only livable places left in the USA. Seriously need to start seeing in there are any options job-wise in either. I can’t take where I am much longer, and given that the rest of the world seems even more hell-bent than the US on draconian vaccine passports (only for one virus with a 99.98% survival rate though! – Imagine if they introduced passports requiring proof that one was free of, say, HIV or AIDS!), there seems little hope of being able to get out of this damn country any time soon.

  6. Eustace Oates

    How many people died in 2020 compared to 2019. 2018, 2017, 2016…..

  7. John B()

    A bit off topic

    SIX Dr Suess books are banned?

  8. brad tittle

    I have to applaud the band folks. My hearing of the tale is “They were not having success doing zoom meetings, so they had to come up with a way to meet in person that wouldn’t cause the idiots to flip out.” The tents are stupid, I agree. At the same time, finding a solution to nonsensical problems is not out the realm of sensible. Schools are filled with these. If you have tried to visit a school, you will know that you have to check in at the front desk and get a badge that says you are allowed on campus. A 3×5 card on a shoelace will satisfy most people. (i.e. most people won’t quite see that all you have on your neck is a 3×5 card. They will see that you have a card around your neck that means you have checked in).

    We have to laugh at the picture of the band in the tents. We have to laugh at the idiocy in place that has them doing that. I don’t think we should laugh at the teacher, parents or students who have tried to satisfy Fauci and his merry band of morons who never quite figured out the idiocy behind their profession.

    I just can’t get too angry at the people at the bottom. We may be able to point at India and say “They seem to be sensible”. At the same time, I have been behaving in a racially bad way. I just hang up on anyone with an Indian accent. (I hang up on a lot of people, the difference is about 1 to 2 seconds. I hang up on Rachel a little faster .. )

  9. Dean Ericson

    If it’s Tuesday it must be Doom Terror Update Day, hooray! The Terror-archs are never going to let this go, at least not voluntarily. Terror is the way they rule. If not this corona terror they will make up new terrors because the basis of their rule is fear. And hate. All that “hate speech” and ‘hate crime” they flog is pure projection on their part — they are the Great Haters. And we are the hated. As they hated Christ so they hate us, His followers.

    That “Brawndo Tyranny” link, above, is a good read, showing how the rule of law has been hollowed out by the Terrorarchs: “To be sure, it is not only our ruling classes that are stupid. They have infected much of the country with their stupidity, and thus stupidity dominates nearly all public discourse.”

    And stupidity is deadly. Karl Denninger makes a convincing case that covid deaths are deliberate mass murder for profit and power by the rulers. He’s just as appalled and furious at the stupid apathy of the people in the face of this crime as he is at the mass murder itself:

    Hun, thanks for posting the deleted WEF tweet. It shows a city street without any people, and the caption: “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.” “Improving” to these murderous sociopaths means destroying them. The tweet’s commenters mock the WEF. People are on to their game. I’ve never seen a WEF tweet that wasn’t followed by mockery and derision. If the WEF creeps didn’t have BigMoney they’d have no power for they are almost universally despised. Money buys power but not love.

    Thanks, Briggs for this weekly dose of Corona Base. It helps build immunity against the insanity.

  10. PaulH

    Yep, plenty of insanity in Canada. A few examples:

    “The Canadian government said Monday it would ignore the advice of a top panel of scientists that recommended the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca PLC, in partnership with Oxford University, not be administered to people 65 years of age and older.”

    “First reported by True North contributor Anthony Furey, families in the Peel Region were given notices explaining that if their child gets dismissed from school because a classmate tested positive for coronavirus, they must be kept away from loved ones.”

    So, non-symptomatic children are still under orders to isolate for 14 days, but caregivers can isolate with them. How generous of The Overlords.

  11. Milton Hathaway

    This comment is going to be all whiny complaints.

    First, why all the twitter links all the time? I hate twitter, and twitter won’t even work for me anymore – it just brings up a page telling me to get a modern browser (little do they know). The Wenatchee World picture was quite funny (made me snort; I especially liked how the protective capsules are numbered):

    I periodically search for a detwitterizer, but nothing so far. Seems like an obvious need.

    The graphs with the late drop-offs are getting more annoying each week. Didn’t you use to show little dots for the last three weeks that were missing the most late counts? Now even those are gone. I can’t discern the current trend from your plots. Why have a deceptive plot and then include verbiage to the effect “this plot is deceptive”?

    And what is it with this Covid reporting that everybody seems to want to graph daily numbers? There’s an obvious high-frequency content to the daily numbers that’s indicative of something clearly superfluously repetitive every week. Graphs of weekly totals that I have seen are much cleaner than one would expect from simple averaging if the daily variations were random. If daily numbers are more meaningful than weekly numbers, think how much better hourly numbers would be!

    And . . . wow, I better stop, I’m annoying myself now.

  12. Sheri

    Brad: The people at the bottom ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. They were cowardly, uncaring sheep that did whatever they were told. They vote the Overlords in year after year. The LITTLE PEOPLE ALLOWED THIS HAPPEN.

    Dean: Yes, I do believe this is deliberate mass murder. The evidence is overwhelming in said direction. And obviously I share his (Denninger’s) furor at the apathy and stupidity of human beings.

    Milton: I think we’ve all been at the “annoying ourselves” point sometimes daily. Rant away!

  13. Forbes

    Briggs discussion of vaccine efficacy has left me wondering…

    There seems (to me) to be a significant difference as between the sample population on whom the vaccine was tested, and the population with an acute experience of C-19. E.g., approximately 40% of the deaths are from the nursing home population, where 0.6% of the US population resides in nursing homes.

    Those, seemingly, most susceptible to C-19 are older and those having pre-existing conditions (co-morbidities). Age being a proxy for health, which, in general, declines with age.

    Most (double blind) vaccine trials use healthy volunteers. The use of healthy volunteers (how defined?) appears at odds with the susceptibility and severity experience of C-19. (The exception being trials involving chronic syndromes, where all volunteers have the syndrome.)

    The point I’m driving at is that the population sampled for testing is not the same population experiencing severe (acute) C-19. Yet, extrapolations are made to the whole of the population, irrespective of the medical or health relevance.

    In other words, our political overlords are repeating the same (one-size-fits-all) mistake in the vaccine roll-out, as in the initial response (lockdown, quarantine, masks and social distancing) to C-19. I.e. we are all equally at risk of death–when the infection is highly skewed to a particular, readily identifiable “at-risk” population.

  14. Dennis

    Add Texas to the livable states of SD and FL. Gov. of TX lifted all mask mandates, business capacity restrictions, etc. today. Will someone wake-up the brainless pantywaist legacy-boy elected on daddy’s name who runs my cursed state?

  15. GamecockJerry

    Dr. Briggs – will you be producing an estimate of 2021 deaths? I am guessing it will be 200,000+ less than the ‘normal’ forecast due to 2021 deaths being shoved forward to 2020.

    Please add GA to the livable list. My wife and I have been out to dinner every weekend since my birthday last April 30 – never wore a mask. We go to the gym 6 days a week – do not wear mask. Of course there are plenty of sheeple who do, but it is not mandatory.

  16. Rudolph Harrier

    Radio news had a section about vaccination ending with the statement that “health officials” have stated that it’s completely irrelevant which vaccine you get, as long as you get one. Apparently the efficacy is exactly the same for all three, in contrast to all previous sets of vaccines. They’re getting closer and closer to outright saying that it is just for symbolism (much as how Governor Walz during one of his press conferences, when challenged on the health benefits of masks, stated that regardless of the health benefits they should be worn to show “we are all in this together.”)

  17. Jerry

    In other news, Texas just opened up 100%. It is of course great news, now I wonder how the babies among us will handle it.

  18. Dean Ericson

    Milton Hathaway — that’s a fun comment.

  19. Briggs


    Get a better browser. The dots are still there. And that’s why I plot weekly numbers.

  20. Dean Ericson

    Dennis: “Will someone wake-up the brainless pantywaist legacy-boy elected on daddy’s name who runs my cursed state?”

    There’s no waking the dead.

  21. Dean Ericson

    “There’s no waking the dead.”

    Come to think of it, there are some extraordinary exceptions there.

  22. Jan Van Betsuni

    Under the heading LAWLESSNESS, Briggs gives a link for an essay by Charles Haywood || On the Brawndo Tyranny (audio, pdf, website) ||. The author (who studied with Cass Sunstein (husband of Samantha Jane Power)) describes how Rule of Law has given way to higher Rules of Government Administration ~ and cites 3 key examples. Chief among these is how the CDC, with the stroke of a pen (by an unelected functionary), prohibited American landlords from “asking for rent payments” In The Time Of Corona. He concludes, properly and astutely, that “the country” has become a bureaucratic fiefdom (perhaps irretrievably so).

  23. Dennis

    “Come to think of it, there are some extraordinary exceptions there.”

    I’m inclined to doubt the benighted governor of KY is one of them!

  24. C-Marie

    Some might want to read the following:

    What are the benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccine? Notice the word “might” …

    A COVID-19 vaccine might:

    Prevent you from getting COVID-19 or from becoming seriously ill or dying due to COVID-19
    Prevent you from spreading the COVID-19 virus to others
    Add to the number of people in the community who are protected from getting COVID-19 — making it harder for the disease to spread and contributing to herd immunity
    Prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading and replicating, which allows it to mutate and possibly become more resistant to vaccines

    Can a COVID-19 vaccine give you COVID-19?

    No. The COVID-19 vaccines currently being developed in the U.S. don’t use the live virus that causes COVID-19.

    Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks for your body to build immunity after getting a COVID-19 vaccination. As a result, it’s possible that you could become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or after being vaccinated.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  25. frank

    They had to get in and out of those green cases. Did they enter the school one at a time and filter in individually? Did they clean the air in the room for droplets in between people, or hold their breath on the way in?

    The world has gone insane. The elites are rubbing their hands with glee at what they can get away with, surely beyond their wildest dreams. The next “pandemic” (let’s face it, it’s coming) will not be pretty. I’m just now wondering whether I’d prefer a solar flare or a meteor, rather than their holodomor.

  26. deb

    I have read that the CDC if rents are not paid on properties in full at the ‘end of corona’ will belong to the CEDC. Is there any truth to this statement????????

  27. Dennis

    “I have read that the CDC if rents are not paid on properties in full at the ‘end of corona’ will belong to the CEDC. Is there any truth to this statement?”

    What in the world are you talking about? There is no possible legal basis for such nonsense, nor did CDC or the federal government ever have any legal authority to purport to suspend evictions for non-payment of rent in the first place (state law suspensions are another matter). And what could it possibly then mean to say that “if rents are not paid in full at the ‘end of corona’ the property will belong to CEDC [I’m assuming that should be CDC]?” There is even less legal justification for such a statement than there was for the attempt by the feds to allow people to get away with not paying rent for a time.

    At some point, even if evictions were suspended by state law for a time, the rent still has to be paid; and if it goes unpaid for the legally requisite default time period stipulated by the rental agreement or state law, then the renter will still be evicted eventually, and the landlord will simply re-take possession and re-let the place. In no conceivable universe does the ownership of the property simply transfer to the CDC, or any government agency state or federal, because of unpaid rent! That would be an illegal taking from the landlord. Good Lord…where on earth did this come from?

  28. deb

    I am glad to hear that, as that is not hat I read. And yes, I meant CDC. It said CDC would take ownership, perhaps it meant mortgage, though it said rent.

  29. Dennis

    Very bizarre. Do you have a link to anything claiming that?

    So CDC is supposedly going to…what?…assume the mortgages of landlords (they would also have to compensate them for lost equity and likely full FMV of property at time of taking), then become landlords themselves and let people stay rent free until they decide “corona is over”? CDC mostly fails at the job it is mandated to do now! That anyone would think it a suitable agency to manage and control rental properties beggars belief. I’d love to know where this idea originated.

  30. deb

    I read it, did not keep it and hoped it was false

  31. Dennis

    Yes, I saw similar reports back then, and the article by Charles Haywood that Brigg’s links to above also analyses the lawlessness and unconstitutionality of that effort by CDC. Even still, what they attempted did not quite amount to “if rents are not paid on properties in full at the ‘end of corona’ [they] will belong to the CDC.”

    But it is another of the many examples of despotic over-reach by the bureaucratic-managerial-surveillance state, not just this past year, but in recent decades. This many-headed hydra must be crushed – which essentially means every institution in this country need to die, especially those of the federal govt – or any semblance of liberty will be lost forever. The sad part is, most people these days don’t seem to care, as long as the government claims its actions will “keep them safe” or give them some kind of free lunch.

  32. C-Marie

    Thank you for the link, John() ! Great article!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  33. deb

    yes, now what can it possibly mean?

  34. Dennis

    It means nothing. Six month old articles about an attempted CDC/Fed power-grab, which had no legal basis then or now. The only law that matters vis-a-vis landlord-tenant relations is state law (with exception of some HUD programs like Section 8, but even then all that is is rental assistance. The fundamental landlord-tenant relationship still remains subject to state law). And CDC certainly has no right to seize landlord properties.

  35. Dennis

    Fantastic interview with Sucharit Bhakdi, the most cited microbiologist in German academic history (though obviously not a native German citizen himself), for the film Planet Lockdown. Destroys every myth being perpetrated in the name of Covid (from PCR test to vaccines). In a sane world he’d be a household name and in charge of NIH or WHO instead of worthless grifters and frauds like Fauci and Tedros Ghebreyesus (who’s not even a doctor and is a member of Marxist-Leninist terrorist party TPLF in Ethiopia).

    And an even bigger clown, Biden, thinks trotting out slurs like “Neanderthal” (while sitting by himself facing a camera with a face muzzle on – some deep, rational thinker he!) is a legitimate argument in response to governors who refuse to continue demanding people wear face muzzles indefinitely for virus no more significant than flu, and who have finally stopped playing along with the public health charade destroying businesses, lives, and livelihoods, educations, (and general public sanity).

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