Man Arrested For Being Father

Man Arrested For Being Father

“A Canadian man was arrested this week,” the paper said, “after violating a court order that banned him from speaking publicly about his son’s gender transition.”

It wasn’t this week, but mid March.

See if this doesn’t getting you spitting at your screen:

The man — whose identity is reportedly under a publication ban by a British Columbia Court of Appeals to protect his child — was found in contempt of court and arrested Tuesday for calling the teen his daughter and publicly referring to him with the pronouns “she” and “her,” according to The Post Millennial.

So a father was arrested and thrown in jail for calling his daughter his daughter, because some perverted, sadistic or insane judges said to call a girl a girl is illegal.

Now it has to be one, or all, of these three: perversion, sadism, or insanity. Nothing else explains why judges would tell a father the father couldn’t call his daughter his daughter.

Here’s the proof.

The brackets in this quotation are original:

“[The father’s] refusal to respect [the boy’s] decisions regarding his gender identity is troublesome,” Chief Justice Robert Bauman and Justice Barbara Fisher wrote in the January decision, according to Global News.

That is proof of the judges’ lack of intelligence. Frankly, this is not that important. None of us expect our public officials to possess intelligence, not anymore.

Then this:

The high court ordered the dad to not stand in the way of the 15-year-old’s hormone therapy and to try and better understand gender dysphoria, the outlet reported. He was also told to stop speaking to the media about the case and warned that his public attempts to undermine his child’s wishes was a form of family violence, according to the article.

The judges ordered the man to undergo reeducation. And told him that speaking to his family was a form of family violence.

That, at least, is proof of the judges’ insanity.

We went, in very short order, to “acceptance” of the lunacy of those who think they are the opposite sex, to being forced, under the point of a gun—for that is what an arrest is—to saying it is good.

That is proof of the sadism.

As is this, from the other paper:

On March 16, the father surrendered to the court to be arrested for a hearing on a criminal charge of contempt of court. He was found to be in contempt and remanded to North Fraser Remand prison.

The father has become a criminal by saying his daughter is his daughter. The judges knew, and wanted, this punishment to happen. What awful people, quite evil, these judges are.

The father is mailman, and to pay the expenses of his arrest and imprisonment for calling his daughter his daughter set up a “GoGetFunding page”, on which, as is natural, he put his name. So that people could know who they were donating to in the fight against perverted tranny tyranny.

The evil judge did not like this:

The judge cautioned him that if the page was not corrected by the April 12, it would count against him. However, the judge then denied a request for the father to have two days release on bail to fix the page, and to alter other sites, from his home computer before he returned to jail.

That’s just more sadism. First by seeking to deny him a perfectly sensible means of funding his ridiculous legal fight, and second by putting him in an impossible situation.

Now I have zero proof of the judges’ perversion. They may be as innocent as a CNN reporter for all I know. But I find it easy to envision these judges pleasuring themselves, at least intellectually, over the reeming they are giving this man.

And are giving the girl, too, by putting her in the hands of greedy quacks.

The paper ended it’s story with this: “The implications of [the judges’] decision have yet to filter through to Canada and the USA, where the lucrative pediatric transitioning industry is privatized and well-established.”

It has been said—stop me if you’ve heard this before—that the love of money is the root of all evil. So it’s a logical possibility the judges are on the take, too, or are hoping to profit by this in some way.

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  1. Gail Finke

    All such “situations” are ugly. What people sometimes do to each other, and to children, in custody cases can be terrible. Accusing an innocent spouse of abuse, even convincing a child he/she has been abused, is not unheard of. But it’s difficult for a court to know whether abuse has or hasn’t happened. It’s not difficult for a court to know whether a daughter is a daughter.

  2. John B()


    Can’t disagree.
    But this is Canada, I have no understanding of what those poor B*ST*RDS can do now that C16 is law
    Their constitution isn’t our constitution (and we see our rights under fire all the time)
    They have even been fighting lockdowns and curfews over infringement of what rights they do have.
    The courts have sided with the government most of the way
    Plaintiffs haven’t shown enough harm (other than the “temporary” lack of rights).

    I know there are Canadians following all this, care to join in.

  3. Sheri

    He lives in Canada. They have zero rights and never really have. Can’t feel sorry for him.

    It’s totalitarianism. Pure and simple. The “reeducation” is the proof. Hitler has risen. Brought Mengele with him. Who better to do medical mutilation on than agreeable teens with hideously stupid mothers?

    I don’t understand why people use Go Fund Me. The commies took that over a LONG time ago. Yet, the fools continue to pretend nothing changed. Head in sand, butt in air.

    Lawyers and judges are now almost universally evil. Why is anyone surprised by this? Everyone should have noticed but none will ever act. It’s so easy to fill the judiciary with evil–it gives one power and money. Honesty was bound to die very quickly. Certainly did on the Supreme Court.

    Gail: A daughter is daughter. Unless you live in fantasy land and deny reality.

    John(): If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist. Videos do not cut it. No wonder humans are too stupid to read anymore. I notice the internet will READ you the story so you don’t have to bother on several sites. Institutionalized stupidity.

  4. Huerfano

    Hi John B(), Canuckistani here. To keep it short, judges up here are chosen by politicians (provincial and federal, but like all things it’s complicated). Those politicians select judges already steeped in the progressive dogma, and have been doing so since the late 1960s. Plus we have a parallel court system of Human Rights Tribunals which handle all the grievance hierarchy nonsense. Many of the people appointed to those boards (which pays almost nothing) are sadists in it for the lashings, as Mr. Briggs has pointed out. So, no surprises about how these judges are responding.

    Overall, I’ve noticed in the last 20 years or so that our governments and courts see themselves as instruments of progressive social justice first, and all that other tertiary stuff (peace, order, security, commerce) is a very distant second. For example, the city I am in could not afford snow removal for the city streets this year, but could afford to shovel dozens of millions at anti-racism programs (‘anti-racism’ is one of those weird Canadian phrases, meaning ‘rent seeking’). (Another good example, read the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision on our carbon tax: Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, 2021 SCC 11. It is nothing more than the Chief Justice pronouncing that ‘Thou shalt believe in global warming!’)

    Our country is what happens on over 50 years of social justice nonsense. And it is baked into our law, thanks to the ‘ha ha ha’ ironically named Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We are right and truly fscked up here. But, I also happen to believe we have the governments we deserve.

  5. Hun

    Very Kafkaesque.

  6. This guy turned himself in.
    Saturday, I interviewed Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary Alberta, who kicked the cops out of his church.
    He said the problem with Pastor Coates up there was that he turned himself in.

  7. Hun

    Talking about nuances and trying to be “objective” is why conservatives and the right lose all battles with the left.

    The reality is that there is no nuance. This case should not even exist. Everybody who wants to be “reasonable” and look for nuances in this case can go f*ck themselves.

  8. John B()

    Hi Huerfano. Thanks!

    I was remembering a film when I was in high school? / Grade School? (about fifty years ago) It was some dystopian fascist country called “Adanac”. I’ve tried to search for it can’t find it.

    I believe it was a Canadian film. Since your timeline starts fifty years ago…Who knows, maybe the film was made by the very same people who’ve taken you there now. You know the film industry what it is.

    The guy in the video I’ve linked was a Montreal litigator, his politics were probably a bit left of center
    I believe he’s transitioning a bit

  9. John B()


    I notice the internet will READ you the story so you don’t have to bother on several sites.
    Institutionalized stupidity.
    Bill Gates still hasn’t figured out how to put braille on his displays. He’s too busy vaccinating the world and dimming the sun.

  10. Jerry

    The higher education system needs to be torn down – literally – and the ground salted so nothing will grow there again, as a reminder to future generations. All this lunacy can be tracked back to some woke professor who is dumber than a sack of hammers.

    Remember all the dumbass hippies from the sixties and seventies? They became lawyers, scientists and judges. And yes, very bad priests.

  11. john bartholomew mosbrook

    What else to expect from a nation recognizing a remote Queen as sovereign? Canadians are lumps who are raised to believe they have no ‘inalienable rights’. All rights stem from the sovereign. They have no guarantees to bear arms and are at the mercy of the government as are Europeans. Canadians cope with the erosion of personal liberties, Americans conquer and resist. It’s thought that Canadians are indistinguishable from Americans by appearance, cultural tastes and language, but I tell you they are easily distinguished by Americans as docile, obedient subjects of the Crown –very prone to almost vicious (feminine) anger at the slightest ribbing by Americans which they consider as rudeness. But they will tolerate any indignity issued by their government.

  12. NIdahoCatholic

    Who is Anders Breivik?

  13. peripatetic commenter

    No biological male will ever know what it is like to menstruate.

    No biological female will ever know what it is like to have an erection in your trousers when you saw a sexy woman.

  14. Darren Cole

    So if you live in Canada and identify as a polar bear are they willing to help you transition? They cannot deny what you “feel” you are so if you are a polar bear then you are a polar bear!

  15. Shawn Eavis

    Canadian here. Yes, it’s insane what’s going on up here, and has been for a while. Believe it or not, growing up in the 70’s we said the Lord’s prayer in my public school every morning. In high school, we actually had a student read a Bible passage over the loudspeaker at lunch, again at a public high school.

    I was a teenager when our Constitution was repatriated from Britian, and remember the hoopla surrounding our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was a disaster from the start – Quebec never even signed the document, and unlike the US Constitution, it never even pretended to restrain the government. All the rights are qualified under the first section:

    “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

    If I had to guess the main cause of the decline, it’s probably the that Canada is far more centralized in it’s population centers than the US, with a higher percentage of it’s peoples living in cities. Coupled with the deliberate overweighting of both Ontario and Quebec in our Senate, it makes it difficult for rural, more conservative politics to ever take purchase.

  16. Brad Tittle

    Watching a case closer to my home, I am tap dancing in the middle. Children are involved. CPS is involved. Once the government is looking closely at your parenting, THEY are looking closely.

    I get to hear the parent side in this particular case. I get to watch the court side during the hearings. As much as I want the child to be in the parents care, CPS is doing everything it can to make sure the kid is safe. This gets really damn hard when parents start pleading about their ‘rights’. I will cheer them on when it is about parental rights. I start getting twitchy when they are whining about the Urine Analysis being positive.

    The following advice for people in this situation should surprise no one on this list.

    1. Stop doing drugs and alcohol
    2. Follow the checklist provided by CPS as soon as feasible.
    3. Do not get into judgment areas. See step 1.
    4. Toe the goddam line and get your kids back.

    after CPS is out of the picture, maybe you can let a little alcohol back into your life.

    He Said/She Said games may be fun for TV. CPS has an impossible job. Don’t try to make it more impossible.

    That C16 is adjacent to this is great for the anti-c16 folks. (I am against C16).

    Avoid family court at all costs.

  17. C-Marie

    The substance of the comments of Mr. Mosbrook and Ms. Eavis have been related to me a few different times over the last many years by our daughter, who was born and raised in the United States, who lived in the U.S. through her forties, and who for the past five years has lived in Canada with her Canadian citizen husband.

    She tells that the apparent compliance of Canadians towards their government, et al, has been tremendously amazing, compared to Americans and our resistance to government as needed.

    But I will say that with the present administration, the U.S. is systematically being torn from any remaining moorings with God. We have brought that on ourselves by the legalization of the murders of the unborn to the tune of about 3,000 a day, which is about 90,000 babies a month which is over 1,000,000 a year, in the United States of America. National repentance, returning to God, receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and God, will hasten the healing our nation so desperately needs.

    And yes, all of this does mostly boil down to the acceptance of the murders of the unborn boys and girls under the lying umbrella of “rights” being embraced in law, rather than God’s commands being law in the hearts of all people.

    I am so sorry for the father, the daughter, and the mother, and others. All of this gender confusion and evil application and distortion of “rights”, and more, is fueled by self desires rather than obeying God. All of the answers are in The Holy Bible.

    God bless, C-Marie

  18. Cloudbuster

    Men like this father are heroes. The courage and integrity he has to stand up against an entire government, court and medical system that is united against him is admirable.

    These systems will not be defeated from within. They must be toppled from without.

  19. Dean Ericson

    Cloudbuster: “Men like this father are heroes. The courage and integrity he has to stand up against an entire government, court and medical system that is united against him is admirable.”

    Amen, brother.

  20. Dean Ericson

    If any would care to mark the astonishing descent of North American Christian man, read Pierre Berton’s excellent history of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway: “The National Dream”, and then “The Last Spike” — the men who built Canada were not a posse of poofters, they were were hard-core he-men. And yet the civilization they created, somehow, turned into Poofter Paradise. How’d that happen?

  21. spudjr60

    To Dean Ericson “How’d that happen?”

    Pope St. John Paul II shortly after arriving on his first trip to the USA repeated an observation from Deitrich Bonhoeffer, “American christians loved tolerance over Truth”
    Later in the same trip he asked “Why don’t Americans fast?”. Could it be that two are related?

    Before he became Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger said “In the name of tolerance, tolerance is being abolished, this is a real threat we face.”
    “A new type of intolerance is spreading under the name of political correctness. New standards of thinking are imposed on everyone. They are then presented to the public under the name of “negative tolerance” or what is also called the desire not to offend anyone. As an example, Cardinal Ratzinger mentions the case that there must be no crucifix in public buildings so as not to offend non-Christians. “With that we are basically experiencing the abolition of tolerance, for it means, after all, that religion, that Christian faith is no longer allowed to express itself visibly.”

    More quotes from men smarter than me:
    Vaclac Havel on the Green Grocer and the sign in the window, “Workers of the World, Unite” and what the store manager wanted the sign to communicate.
    “I, the greengrocer, live here and I know what I must do. I behave in the manner expected of me. I can be depended upon and am beyond reproach. I am obedient and therefore I have the right to be left in peace.”

    But in the Truth the sign meant
    “I am afraid and therefore unquestioningly obedient.”

    Then concludes
    I suspect most of us think there to be a great distance between the sign in the greengrocer’s window and the rise of National Socialism in Germany. Yet I think Bonhoeffer rightly saw that the Christian acceptance that truth does not matter in such small matters prepared the ground for the terrible lie that was Hitler.

  22. Dennis

    Courts are increasingly lawless institutions that are as corrupt as the political branches and exist only to serve the interests of the oligarchic globalist interests pushing Woke leftism throughout society.

    This type of persecution for “wrong think” and “wrong speak” happens now in the US too. Witness the affidavits submitted by US law enforcement in favor of continuing to hold January 6 Capitol protesters without bail. They quite literally cite “beliefs” in election fraud and doubts about the safety of Covid vaccines as legitimate reasons to keep non-violent offenders in jail indefinitely pending trial for what amounts to trespassing charges (Jan 6 protesters are treated far more strictly than any Antifa or BLM rioters have ever been, despite months of burning and looting all across the country). The US government now quite literally jails people for “thought crimes.” Look for the newly nominated ATF leader to green-light more Waco-style attacks on dissidents soon.

  23. Sylvain Allard

    Luckily for him he wasn’t black or in the USA because he would have got the death penalty.

    All he has to do is say nothing

  24. John B(S)


    So the Canadian version of Free Speech is:

    You have the right to remain silent

    That was our observation

    Thanks for your confirmation

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