Biden Told To Say No More Meat To Combat Global Cooling

Biden Told To Say No More Meat To Combat Global Cooling

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So the oligarchs had Biden mask up and meet our other rulers, via Zoom, to discuss our next big panic. Global cooling.

According to one report, “President Joe Biden’s ambitious plan to slash greenhouse emissions by 50 to 52 percent over the next decade could prompt sweeping changes that could affect how Americans eat, drive and heat their homes.”


How Biden smash? Biden take charge! By taking away your meat and having you consume oligarch-owned corporate-produced high-margin food-like plant-and-chemical-based concoctions. Yes, the oligarchs will grow wealthier once you’re forced to give up the healthiest food there is, but you will do your part in ensuring global cooling doesn’t contribute to a tenth of a degree change in globally averaged temperature in the next century.

Specifically (same source):

Cutting red meat consumption by 90% and animal products by 50%

Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90 percent and cut their consumption of other animal based foods in half.

Gradually making those changes by 2030 could see diet-related greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 50 percent, according to a study by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems.

To do that, it would require Americans to only consume about four pounds of red meat per year, or 0.18 ounces per day.

It equates to consuming roughly one average sized burger per month.

What would all those corporate-owned burger joints do, complain? No, sir. They’ll make the switch to chemical cuts and serve up “impossible” and “beyond meat” “burgers”. And charge more for them, likely, to both increase their profits and convince you it’s your fear-based duty to pay more and “save the planet”.

My dears, the planet isn’t going anywhere and is no need of saving.

A terrible side effect of global cooling, or rather our rulers’ pushing it, is “studies”. We will be faced by a barrage of “research shows” headlines “proving” that whatever scheme experts think up is absolutely utterly imperative and necessary and mandatory and so strongly needed that indeed it is even too late to do anything but we must still do this.

The University of Michigan, as you have seen, is given credit for some of these “studies.” The Beyond Meat company commissioned one such study from UM’s “Center for Sustainable Systems“. And Lo, this study found—or is discovered more appropriate?—Beyond Meat good, real meat bad.

This is terrible news for, among other, polar bears, those photogenic but brutal creatures who eat a ton of seals, ripping the meat off these slippery beasties while they’re still alive. Going to be tough to continuously ship in tons of Beyond Seal to ravenous bears.

But never mind that. Let’s look at the “study”, commissioned by Beyond Meat in their quest to discover whether real meat was better or worse than the fake meat they were selling. What do you think they found—or discovered—in this study? This:

Based on a comparative assessment of the current Beyond Burger production system with the 2017 beef LCA by Thoma et al, the Beyond Burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, requires 46% less energy, has >99% less impact on water scarcity and 93% less impact on land use than a 1/4 pound of U.S. beef.

So important was this finding—or discovery—they used italics to announce it. That’s how you know it’s true.

Looks like money well spent for Beyond Meat! But don’t applaud yet, because there’s more!

The Center for Sustainable Systems kept at it, finding—or discovering—meat accounts for “56.6%” of “greenhouse gases contribution by food type in [an] average diet.” Not 56.5%. No way. It was much more serious. It was 56.6%. That level of numeric specificity is what makes it science.

The same kind of science like economics. And you know how accurate and useful that science has been.

The Center also helpfully tells us to hate beef the most, followed by cheese, pork, poultry, eggs, and milk. In short, all the best and healthiest foods.

I was happy during the Trump interregnum not to have to write about global cooling, because I had grown sick unto death of it in the years previous. I knew it wouldn’t last, and I loathe being dragged back into this.

Because nothing has changed.

They’ve been trying to ban meat for a long time. Here’s a January, 2019 headline: “Meat consumption must drop by 90% to avert climate crisis, report warns“.

Funny this Lancet study comes to the same exact precise 90% number as the new UM study, ain’t it?

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  1. Cloudbuster

    As someone who raises cattle, I am trying to imagine what they plan to do. Regulate the slaughter houses out of existence? It’s hard work, but I could manage to slaughter and process my own cattle.

    The market in black market beef will be fantastic.

    Will I have men with guns showing up to confiscate my herd? There are worse hills to die on.

  2. Sheri

    Cloudbuster: Way to go! Too many lazy people won’t raise cattle anymore. They prefer the contaminated crap from China that caused 2 degrees warming just being shipped. Hang in there!!

    Good luck with cutting red meat consumption. We have Viagra, a known way to “boost sexual performance” and the backward, evil commies in China and Southeast Asia continue murdering tigers, rhinos, etc and selling the ground horns and bones. If you can’t sell Viagra, you certainly cannot sell fake meat to the whole world. That’s a huge exaggeration by someone totally out of touch with reality.

    Now, we can cause the Sixth Great Extinction cutting forests to avoid freezing to death, poaching, etc and that is highly likely if enough people don’t grow frigging backbones soon. Guess those kiddies you hate will live in hell, as planned.’’

    Don’t worry. Customers will burn down the FAKE MEAT JOINTS, providing plenty of work rebuilding or watching the forests burn to run the wild animals out so people have meat to eat. Either way, it’s employment.

    Being faced with a barrage of “research shows” simply shows WE ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS and deserve to freeze and starve. The TV and internet have off switches. If idiots won’t use them, they can die. I don’t care. Most of us who don’t care know how to live without the lies and electronics and that gives us an upper hand up in the Roman Arenas dystopian paradise idiots so wish for. Such a suicidal, self-loathing bunch of cowardly humans……

    No meat is even worse for cats. BLIND CATS EVERYWHERE. These people HATE CATS. And try telling “mommy and daddy” to a puppy they have to feed their “baby” chemical crap. They want REAL meat for the darling puppy.

    Beyond Meat is why I NEVER eat at any of those freaking burger joints. I HATE THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE PURE EVIL. I also hate my grocery store, but I have to eat. Honestly, I wouldn’t call the fire department if flames were coming out. These stores deserve death.

    Where are we going to get all the plants for food, cleaners, etc??? Wait, Soylent Green. Bill Gates enterprises.

    There are ZERO science journals and that should be repeated over and over and over. There are lying scum…..

  3. No consensus exists about what is the best diet. The studies are largely garbage. We only know a few things:
    1) what we have been doing has produced obesity: a true pandemic
    2) using an area in the US nearly the size of California to cultivate subsidized corn in order to inject our food with synthetic sweeteners is stupid policy, for consensus does exist that refined sugars cause heart disease and other health problems
    3) proscriptions against animal protein and fat are wrong, In fact, butter and other non-processed animal oils are at least as healthy as the “best” vegetable oils.
    4) we have known for two decades that industry’s trans (partially hydrogenated) fats, which have infested our foods for a century, create heart disease. These have been partly outlawed but they are so cheap, tasty, and easy to store and manufacture that they are hard to kill.
    5) the vegans are vocal about the health benefits of their thing, but their evidence is thin and confounded by their idea that animal lives matter and their planetary ecological theories. No study has ever shown vegans live longer and by many indexes, they are less healthy.
    6) the Adkins type diets of only animal protein and fat have gained credibility and are being used successfully to combat established obesity. They are now close to mainstream. They improve measures of health such as cholesterol and inflammatory markers. People give up most or all of their blood pressure and diabetes medications.

  4. Sheri

    Robert Y: Yep, YOUR desired consensus on corn syrup. You’re not different at all from the climate cult. The next/cojoined panic porn will be the nutrition cultists who despise science and humans as much as the climate people do.

    Interesting that you say there is no consensus on diet and then proceed to slap people upside the head with your consensus ratings. Some people are completely lacking in self-awareness.

  5. Jerry

    I hereby challenge all my fellow Briggsians to join me in pledging to triple my red meat consumption. The battle must be joined, and we shall be the tip of the spear.

    NOW FIRE UP THOSE GRILLS! You want to live forever?

  6. Dean Ericson

    So some bug meat company pays some outfit called the “Center for Sustainable Systems” at the U of Michigan to say, “buy bug meat”, and the Center for Sustainable Systems says “buy bug meat”. Obviously then “sustainable systems” refers to that organization’s bottom line.

    It should be called the, “Center for Flacking, Faking, and Fleecing, Whoring, Hectoring, and Hellmouthing”.

  7. Zundfolge

    I know there’s a desire to figure out “what is the thinking behind X silly liberal position” but the truth is, these things have nothing to do with health or the environment, it’s all just pretext for more control.

    These people are pathological control freaks, they want to control what we eat, what we think, how we wipe our butts, who we have sex with, how we have that sex, what colors we paint our living rooms, where we think we go when we die, EVERYTHING.

    So there doesn’t have to be any logic over “eat less meat” or “eat more bugs” or “stop eating gluten” or “CO2 is a pollutant” as long as the proscribed “solution” is more power for them over our precious bodily fluids (and of course less life, liberty and property for us).

  8. Dean Ericson

    Robert Yoho — your list of six is solid. Don’t mind Sheri, sometimes she goes off. Probably just frayed nerves.

    About your number 6 — some of my nice dress slacks started shrinking and were hard to fasten at the waist. I let them out but they kept shrinking. What to do? I stopped eating sugar, grain carbos, and stopped drinking beer and in a couple months all my nice dress slacks expanded back to normal and fit smartly. I was impressed.

  9. Zundfolge

    Robert, I suspect the main reason the Adkins/Keto type diets seem to work for people is because when they replace the bowl of cereal they used to eat for breakfast with a couple eggs, they cut such a huge chunk of the sugar they would otherwise consume each day that that alone accounts for much of the success.

  10. awildgoose

    For those unfamiliar, the University of Michigan is one of the top brainwashing institutions in the United States.

    They eagerly shave down to the inside of their victims’ skulls and pump them full of Bolshevik lunacy.

    They are more than happy to take Woke capital’s money to make things up.

    So, expect more of these, “studies,” going forward.

  11. Steve Briggs

    I’m having a BBQ this afternoon. Anyone want to join us? Tri-tip, steak, burgers, brats…

  12. Ann Cherry

    If eating only 4 pounds of beef per year will SaveThePlanet™ and make Joe Stolen happy, then count me in, comrades! [insert black fist emoji here].

    Do rats count? I hear that “socialists” (communists before they take your guns) really enjoy dining on rats and cats and dogs and zoo animals, after they’ve banned capitalist animal farming.

    As I’ve mentioned before, we’re all just farm animals now, grazing contentedly on our guaranteed incomes, and we know what happens to recalcitrant or unproductive farm animals.

    Briggs had a column awhile back, about “Hard Truths”, and I think one of them was, or should have been, “Soylent Green is people.”

    Meanwhile, tell the waiter I’ll take a diet of processed bugs over one of processed grains, as long as they throw in a salad.

  13. Dennis

    Such efforts will only make me want to eat more meat just to spite the globalist oligarchs pushing this crap in the name of soy, vegetable oils, and whatever fake meat/GMO sludge Gates is slinging.

  14. Dynamic

    Wouldn’t the fact that “Beyond Meat” “burgers” are so much more expensive than regular burgers suggest that maybe the fake burgers require a lot more resources to produce than real meat, and so the “studies” are garbage?

  15. Dean Ericson

    What I want to know is, who’s writing Biden’s lines?

    Lee Phillips?

  16. Zundfolge

    As for the “Beyond Meat” and “Impossible Meat” crap, I just know in a few years I’m gonna flip on the TV and see “Did you or a loved one suffer [insert horrible disease] after eating Meat Substitutes? Call now to see if you qualify for our latest class action settlement.”

  17. Georgiaboy61

    The drive by the billionaire oligarchs to ban meat and other high-protein forms of nutrition-on-the-hoof isn’t about “saving the planet” or some other B.S. excuse. It’s about the ruling elites – who are already the wealthiest and most-powerful people on earth – gathering even more power to themselves.

    Bill Gates recently purchased 270,000 acres of prime U.S. Midwest farm-land, making him one of – if not the – largest owners of farmland in the nation. Gates isn’t a farmer; why does he want or need that land? For the same reason he and his rich pals want to ban beef, pork and chicken ranches…. as a means of controlling people.

    Control the food supply of a people, and you control – to a very great extent – those same people.

    Anyone who buys the fable of saving the environment at this point – the ridiculous rationale offered up by these sociopathic rich men – is either an idiot, a fool, or both. This is about control and always has been.

  18. Johnno

    Ban animal Meat?

    Then we should simply eat human politicians and billionaires with a serving of green scientists on the side.

    It’s time to go Hannibal Lecter on their roasted asses.

  19. “Impossible” and “Beyond” actually offer vegetable protein, topped up with lots and lots of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

  20. Uncle Mike

    Cows aren’t “warming the planet”. That contention is utterly ludicrous. Banning meat won’t change global temperatures. Killing all the bovines will starve hundreds of millions of people, but it won’t affect the Big Thermostat.

    Joe Stalin’s Commissar of Communist Agriculture, Trofim Lysenko, had similar nutty ideas, and sent dissenters to the Gulag. As a result millions of Russians died by famine. Mousey Dung instituted Marxist farming that led to the Great Chinese Famine that killed upwards of 60 million.

    For some unfathomable reason, Marxist peabrains who couldn’t grow a chia pet think they are geniuses of agriculture. Mass deaths occur every time these fatuous commietards inflict their insanity on captive populations.

    Joe Dementia’s puppeteers want to command you what to eat, wear, live, work, say, and think. They revel in their power like narcissists on crack. They will end up murdering an unbelievable number of Americans.

    And global temperatures will not change one scintilla of a degree. All the slaughter will be for naught. Guaranteed.

  21. spudjr60

    I tried one of those fake meat burgers a couple of years ago while vacationing on a Lenten Friday. I don’t like fish, so I normally just get eggplant parm et al at a restaurant. I figured let’s give it a try.

    The verdict; the first couple of bites were good, but as the “burger” cooled just a little it was barely edible. Knife and forked it to small pieces and quickly followed with a large gulp of water was the only way to clean my plate.

    Never again.

  22. Mark

    I’ll grow my own, THANK YOU very much!

  23. Sheri

    Thanks for your vote of confidence there, Dean, who lacks in self-awareness. You promote your own version of “consensus” while honestly believing you’re special. (I do appreciate your saying I go off sometimes, rather than all the time.)


    Please note that I would LOVE people eating cockroaches. I love raising them. So my objections to this insanity technically go against my most fun times.

    Don’t blame Gates for buying Nebraska farm land. GREEDY Nebraskans sold him the stuff….The morons want money and don’t mind being controlled.

  24. Kneel

    “…when they replace the bowl of cereal they used to eat for breakfast with a couple eggs…”

    It’s the protein and fat that supresses your appetite. Easy enough to prove to yourself.
    Have bacon and eggs for breakfast – no hash brown, no toast, just bacon and eggs.
    You’ll feel it is a bit “lacking” at the time, but give it 10 mins, the hunger will be gone. You will also notice it staves of the hunger for longer than if you include the bread/potatoes/other carbs.

    Or just ask you (great)grand mother – she knows that it’s bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc that make you fat. Known to the “old wives” for centuries. She also knows that it is fat that suppresses your appetite, which is why she told her kids to fill up on “bread and dripping”.

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