Reaction To The Latest Attack In Frankfurt

The spin from the military and from the Obama government regarding Army Major Nidal Hasan’s bloody Allahu Akbarization of Fort Hood said he was a troubled man, influenced only by himself.

The story from Scotland when they let Abdel Basset al-Boom-Boom al-Megrahi free was that the poor man’s manhood had shriveled beyond toleration, and that he killed because he was a troubled man, influenced only by himself.

The reason the Obama administration has canceled the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the man who Allahu Akbared 17 sailors on the USS Cole in October of 2000, was because they were concerned that this troubled man, who was influenced only by himself, would not receive a fair trial from a military tribunal.

From these instances, and others similar to them, we can guess that Mr Obama, a man who never troubled to learn the pronunciation of corpsman, will say that the Kosovoan who Allahu Akbared our airmen in Germany yesterday did so because he was troubled, that he was influenced only by himself.

On no account are we to be influenced by the vast accumulation of evidence and draw the troublesome conclusion that radical Islamists have it in for the USA and her citizens. That would be—dare we say it?—a racist conclusion.

I surmise that our benevolent government fears that radical Islamists would take exception to be characterized as radical Islamists, since that is a racist accusation, and to the members of our culture nothing in this world is more vile than a racist, not even a mass murderer. Of course, radical Islamists don’t give a damn about racism and (rightly) think that those who are obsessed by it are out of their minds.

But our boys in charge must believe that Islamists hate racism as much as they do and that, when confronted by it, the radical Islamists will prance about like outraged macaques while adding recruits to the cause. But if the radical Islamists can be convinced we love them and don’t hold the occasional massacre against them, they will leave us alone and be satisfied in…whatever it is that they want. What do they want?

This is appeasement, admittedly on a small scale, but appeasement all the same, a strategy that has never worked. It is therefore rational to suppose that it never will. But, as the cliché has it, hope springs eternal. Peace—for us, not them—will be given another chance.

Thus, we can look forward to more reports like those coming out of Germany.


Please also read “Lt. Gen. John Kelly, who lost son to war, says U.S. largely unaware of sacrifice” from the Washington Post.


I’m in the air today and will answer comments and emails on Friday.


  1. But why do they hate us? What can we do, how low can we cower, until they like us enough to stop killing us? Don’t they know we feel their pain and support their goals? Its got to be a rampant failure deep inside of us that causes these kinds of “troubles” in their souls. Oh, if we only had someone to lead us out of this wilderness. Someone who could bring us hope and change. Someone to make all these important decisions for us.

    Maybe I’ll read a copy of the New York Times and see if they have any suggestions.

  2. Ray

    Actually there is nothing radical about it. The koran states that infidels, that’s us, are to be conquered, converted or killed, not necessarily in that order. Killing infidels for allah is just SOP for muslims. The muslims that flew the planes into the twin towers immediatly went to paradise for killing all thos infidels, according to islamic theology. Anybody that has studied islam realizes that it is irrational and logically contradictory. People that believe in the irrational and illogical have mental problems. Normally that wouldn’t concern me, but since they believe killing infidels is just dandy, that gets my attention.

  3. George Steiner

    I don’t know what your problem is Mr. Briggs. Americans have this ever so bright president, with great cultural and emotional affinity to Muslims. His speciality is reaching out. You don’t understand that he has not yet reached out far enough. But that takes a little more time. By the time six more years have passed Muslims will have recognised a has been and will not bother Americans at all. Have patience.

  4. Eric Dailey

    Obama is a Muslim.

  5. Colin

    Briggs: How does an intelligent person like you get sucked into the matrix of right wing propaganda?

  6. Briggs

    Eric Dailey,

    No, sir, I don’t believe so. He is much more likely to be an academic atheist, as that is the crowd he ran with before becoming president. These folks see Christianity as ridiculous, but are more than tolerant of any other religion.

  7. Sander van der Wal


    As long as a muslim terrorist is maximizing his own utility function, he is completely rational. A muslim who wants nothing more badly than going to paradise by killing plenty of infidels, and who invents a cure for cancer, saving millions of infidels, is the irrational one.

    Whether his actions are irrational according to your utility function is immaterial.

  8. Briggs

    Very well, Colin. What are your arguments?

  9. Otter

    Briggs, he just presented his entire argument.

  10. Patrick - Muslim

    Ray @ 3 March 2011 at 1:48 pm.
    Hey Sheik Ray – you must be a Sheik because you’ve studied Islam, right? Please tell me in the Quran where I am required to do this; “infidels, that’s us, are to be conquered, converted or killed, not necessarily in that order.” I gotta know as I’me obvously behind on my quota.

    I saw this on the Aussie ABC “Hundreds of people have poured on the streets of Afghanistan’s capital to protest at the deaths of nine children killed in a NATO air raid.”

    Lots of cause and effect in the world and eventually we lose sight of which is which, since they become nauseatingly similar, even cyclical. Somebody, whom you will call terrorist, will take out one or some of your people because of those kids and others like them. Mess about in other people’s back yard and you’re going to wear some pain eventually. Actually I think your “leadership” knows this and they don’t care a hoot. It’s all politics.

    BTW, regarding irrationality, from my reading of the Quran, I conclude that there is a creator, who’s name in arabic roughly translates as “The God”. The particular reasons I accept this are unimportant. I’d note that there aer many people of sciency, logical persuasions in the world who also accept the probability of a creator (with a 95% confidence level! 🙂 and different religions) and do not find this illogical or irrational with respect to their areas of learning. For myself and other Muslims, Islam is a moral code, which requires us to establish good relarionships amongst other things. It does not require us to take a slapping from others who dislike our way.

    What I do find illogical is the one who does not profess any faith and is therefore unencumbered by any “arbitrary” moral or ethical rule, does not act out his true animal nature and simply take what he wants, when he wants it. Look to nature; if you don’t have a harem of mares and the power to keep them (and the land to support them) you are biological losers. The modern equivalent is a few Ferraris and some Penthouse girlies. Ha! I realised even Al Gore and Billy Clinton are more Alpha than you lot! 🙂

    PS: Mr Briggs. I’d expect you realise that there is not just one personality who reads, enjoys and posts here. I’m a business owning, relatively right wing formally left wing, environmentally conscious, motorcycle riding, religious, open-source supporting, down to earth, open to learning (I hope), father of 5 (bugger that carbon footprint) kind of guy. I respect your efforts to teach and communicate ideas in this blog. Even this one. Frankly I don’t really care how touchy feely your government is towards Muslims and it’s nothing short of hypocritical to have NASA outreach (not necessary BTW) on one hand and big gun outreach in Iraq and Afghanistan on the other. I think you lot should take you loving outreach back home and spend some time cleaning up your messed up economy.

    Ok. I’m packing fire-retardant now 🙂

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