Time For A Science Joke

Time For A Science Joke

Forgive the short post today, but I have decided to experiment with the deadly sin of sloth. (The talk I was going to post today got postponed until next Monday and I forgot to do a substitute post.)

Before I get to some serious napping, I’ll tell you I’m working on another book. No, not Everything You Know Is Wrong, which is finished and with the publisher (he’s asking for a bit of clean up in parts where I grew pedantic). This next one is about science. A joke title is I Fecking Don’t Love Science. I’m not sure the Irish spell that with one or two ks.

Anyway, in preparation for this book I re-read Stephen “Great Pal of Epstein’s” Pinker’s essay celebrating scientism, and I recalled this passage:

The scientific refutation of the theory of vengeful gods and occult forces undermines practices such as human sacrifice, witch hunts, faith healing, trial by ordeal, and the persecution of heretics.










I’d go on, by I broke the ‘ ‘ & ‘ ‘ keys on the computer. I’ll get keys fixed & return tomorrow on coran@doom.

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  1. Nym Coy

    You’re right. That’s hilarious!

  2. sci·en·tism
    noun RARE
    thought or expression regarded as characteristic of scientists.
    excessive belief in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques.

    A cult that ignores factors it doesn’t like.

  3. Ganderson

    “I’m very well acquainted with the seven deadly sins
    I keep a busy schedule trying to fit them in
    I’m proud to be a glutton, but I don’t have time for sloth
    I’m greedy and I’m angry and I don’t care who I cross.”

    Warren Zevon

    Not sure if the last bit applies to you….

  4. Harryg

    Briggs mate
    As we say in Aus
    You are losing it.
    And, as we say when this happens!
    Get a grip mate!!
    Which is the best thing I can offer you at the current time.

  5. Patrick healy

    When I say the headline I groaned – not another piece by wee Mikey Hockystick Mann (*_*)

  6. Patrick healy

    And where I come from its one k

  7. Gail Finke

    That IS a great joke!!!

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    According to the CDC’s VAERS database, over twice as many people have died from reactions to vaccines in 2021 than in 2011-2020 combined.

    Could be because vaccines are being done on such a larger scale, or that they are being given to the elderly who have a higher chance of dying from negative reactions. But we’re unlikely to know the reason because you aren’t even allowed to ask the question. If the deaths are acknowledged at all rather than being dismissed as a conspiracy theory (in the CDC data) it will simply be said that they were a necessary sacrifice to protect us from more and worse COVID deaths.

  9. Joy

    Rudolph there are clear and published data on the death rates from each vaccine. The numbers are so small they are able to list them in individual cases and examples.

    Why is it always the CDC that you rely on?
    The drugs are the same the world over and the numbers of deaths ‘from’ vaccination are vanishingly small.

    That there are even the ones we’ve seen, so quickly after roll out of. a new drug, is as you imply due to the high numbers of the medicine administered in one go.
    All drugs carry risk along with many over the counter medicines.
    Nobody dies of the effects of vaccination who is elderly. The drug passed safety tests.
    It does, however prevent almost all hospitalisations and deaths.

  10. Joy

    How many were administered from 2010 to 2020
    compared with the couple of hundred million in a few short months in the US?

    What percentage of people receive the flu vaccine most years in the US?
    That line about numbers of deaths is yet another internet tabloid headline waiting to happen

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    Come on Joy, I bet if you try you can come up with at least ten more deflections.

  12. Joy

    No, yours is the deflection since the topic is Professor Briggs Rip Van Winkle or Wee Willie Winkie, as we say in England…all day today. His well earned rest!

    I responded to what you said. Was it irrational in some way?

  13. Joy

    Well I reread, and apart from the full stop inserted on pressing ‘post’
    There’s no deflection that I’m aware of.

    To discover the effects of a specific drug I would think it’s a good idea to look around the world and in the round at the numbers.
    It seems to me, and it’s not a criticism, that the CDC is causing suspicion and is being blamed as part of the conspiracy. So that’s what was intended by the first remark to your coment

  14. Joy

    The suspicion about the CDC started under Trump along with the suspicion of many of the governmental authorities. I don’t doubt that Trump was pointing out many rotten elements of the system as he went along.

    In this situation though, even with the CDC taken out of the equation , there’s enough evidence everywhere else

    If suspicious of something internal to the country, why not look elsewhere?

    Those pushing conspiracy theories have way too much faith in the abilities of authorities to keep secrets with so many players potentially involved.

    What there is, it, opportunism and capitalisation.

    What do you think of the situation in India?

  15. Trebitsch

    Joy – try to look at real data:
    The CDC data set for all vaccines ever since the recording started. The numbers for covidvax is NOT small.

    Anyway, everybody believes what they want to believe. The absence of faith would not be punishable otherwise. Those who do not have the faith they do not want to have the faith. Ask and you shall receive pertains specifically to the desire for faith.

  16. Joy

    …or communisation, about which I agree with those kinds of assertions

  17. Joy

    If you care to answer I would be much obliged.
    The CDC is being disregarded as wrong is it not? I thought they were part of the conspiracy?
    Is there one conspiracy or fifty/

    If you care to quote the numbers I would trust you. Otherwise I’ll have to refer to the data of Public Health England, which is public and free

  18. JOy

    Well I can’t believe you posted that. I had thought it was CDC database, but no.

    I gave up on looking at the CDC last year because I was unable to navigate the site
    Since the information and data was so clear and rational, that was published over here, I found no need to look at he CDC any further, especially when Trump was unhappy with them.

    As for fear? who do you think is afraid?

  19. Joy

    Or put yet another way, does the PHE or office for national statistics in conflict with CDC info?

    Apparently the average flu per year is still not established to people’s satisfaction around here
    How can anybody measure anything if they won’t agree on the terms and definitions once and for all?

    Just to keep the ball in the air?
    Because there’s a lot of opinions and so many are at different points of understanding of the situation?
    Because it’s fun to argue with strangers who can’t get you?
    I’m at a loss at this point..finally

  20. John B()

    Over 230 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through April 26, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 3,848 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. CDC and FDA will continue to investigate reports of adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAERS.

    (… about 17 in a million (for all ages > 16) Lower than the vaunted young healthy people death rate for Covid

    Given a lot of old unhealthy people getting vaccinated, looks like a fair exchange ASSUMING the effectiveness which conflicts with the advice to continue mask and social distance


  21. Joy


    That’s the current state of vaccination:
    Each country updates every few days.

    regarding 17 in a million , the numbers are fewer over there and in Europe but I have to check my facts there.
    4 in a million was the last I heard regarding AZ vaccine, It’s less than ten in a million anyway.
    There were a few in America and in the UK if I recall correctly, due to anaphylaxis…allergic reaction from the Pfizer vaccine early on. That might be adding to the numbers.

    Also I’m factoring in that with such an enormous roll out that involves novices and perhaps some variable standards, there will be more in the early stages of roll out. Of course one hopes that every body’s properly trained in vaccination and in screening patients beforehand. They have been extremely careful here. I’m not doubting the US but there are some serious numbers involved over there.

    The. lotting is of a type which occurs with heparin *blood thinners injections.
    When the patient is monitored properly post vaccine these cases can be avoided or treated appropriately.
    Patients are being warned about what to look out for and as you know the younger population is being given a different kind of vaccine
    Masks and social distancing? as I understand it, there are several reasons why, here, at least, there is talk of taking things very slowly. When I listen to CNN, I’m not surprised everybody here behave s the way they do…I’d be worse

  22. Joy

    I read the linked page and it concerns with the Uk’s public information.

    we have a yellow card system with all medication so like the CC says if there’s a reaction that isn’t known definitely to be linked to a drug, the Dr fills out a yellow card. It goes off to a centre which take noted of the responses. It must work the same way over there.

    Thank you for the link.

  23. JOy

    C Marie, did you ever watch the video posted on abortion in England and the topic in general?
    I think you would find it en encouraging and enlightening, both.
    It makes me cry every time I watch it

    There are people who are Christians, working in hospitals for the plight of the unborn baby and that of the mothers, who are often persuaded into abortions they would have been better avoiding.
    Someone who approaches the subject gently and with facts. I’ll try and find it again.
    (I know there’s nothing you don’t know about he topic but still)

  24. Joy

    It is worth listening to the and theDr talks about what is actually happening/happened regarding the law on abortion and caring for babies with life limiting disorders
    For me, it’s a source of hope. Maybe you’ll think it’s too much but it’s the truth and the Dr is working through the extremely complex emotions of the topic from a Christian perspective


  25. Joy

    Okay I think I linked it, maybe it doesn’t show up at your end?
    Thank you for the link.
    It’s going to have to be females who sort that topic out because the men are too angry.
    Maybe Dr Wyatt could make some useful suggestions if you were to mail him.

    It’s a topic hard enough without the internet
    Let me know if you can’t see it

  26. Rudolph Harrier

    John B(),

    Usually our standards with vaccines is not “is this less risky than the disease it is preventing?” This is why there is usually only a hundred or so deaths from all vaccines every year. In contrast deaths from vaccines in March 2021 alone were around a thousand, and there had never been a month with over 30 deaths until December 2021.

    This is highly suggestive that the vaccines are not as safe as vaccines which were produced in the past. This not to say that they are a death sentence (they obviously aren’t). But it is worrying, especially since the effects on certain populations (such as children and pregnant women) have not been satisfactorily studied, and long term effects are unknown (since there isn’t a “long term” yet).

    To put things another way, on the level of relative risk the data suggests that the COVID-19 vaccines are something like 200 times more deadly than previous vaccines. Since previous vaccines have been incredibly safe, this still amounts to a low amount of total risk. But this high amount of relative risk raises concerns about what corners were cut and what that might imply about the future of this and other vaccines. These concerns are even more worrying when considering the obvious propaganda push for the vaccines (including the lies that they are known to be as safe as previous vaccines, and that recovering from COVID does not provide lasting immunity while the vaccines supposedly will).

  27. john b()

    Is this the link you posted for C-Marie?


    It may be you were writing your comment while Joy posted and you didn’t see it – happens all the time to me

  28. John B()


    I don’t necessarily disagree with you … Joy was looking for official CDC numbers … probably shouldn’t have made that offhand comment, but…

    People who think the vaccine will save them are going to assume that CDC’s statement about attribution of death to other than vaccine, warrants the risk even though they accept all the 600K deaths attributed to Covid

    Joy’s question (I believe) is the reverse:
    if you don’t attribute 600K deaths to Covid
    why do you accept 3800 deaths attributed to vaccine?

    Like I’ve said and seen and read

    People who have the vaccine are worried about people who don’t get the vaccine because of “variants”
    But if there are “variants”, my getting vaccinated is not going to prevent me from getting the variant
    Or do they see unvaccinated people as petri dishes to incubate the new variant?

  29. John B()


    I agree with the idea that many people think the vaccine will be long lasting
    NY (maybe other states) belied that propaganda with their quarantine “passes” that were only good for 90 days!

  30. Rudolph Harrier

    Truthfully I have no idea of the actual number of deaths due to the vaccine. Incidents listed in the VAERS do not necessarily mean that they were caused by the vaccine, but on the other hand incidents could easily be unreported or attributed to other factors.

    But relative comparisons between now and previous months are worthwhile. All other things being the same, we would expect the reasons for inaccurate reporting to also remain the same so that the ratio of incidents in the VAERS compared to actual deaths should remain similar (whether the true ratio is more than or less than one). Therefore increases in reports to VAERS indicate an increase in deaths due to vaccines, though the actual number of deaths isn’t known.

    And I can’t see a motivation for increased reporting (aside from an increase in deaths). The vaccine companies are not liable for deaths for these vaccines, so there is no financial benefit. And there is a clear social narrative pushing that the vaccines are as safe (or perhaps even safer?) than previous vaccines, which would be motivation against reporting.

  31. C-Marie

    The link has a Professor John Wyatt of London … will watch it.

    Plus, from the MAYO CLINIC..this is at the following link: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-vaccine/art-20484859

    Note the vaccine MIGHT …..

    “What are the benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

    A COVID-19 vaccine might:

    Prevent you from getting COVID-19 or from becoming seriously ill or dying due to COVID-19
    Prevent you from spreading the COVID-19 virus to others
    Add to the number of people in the community who are protected from getting COVID-19 — making it harder for the disease to spread and contributing to herd immunity
    Prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading and replicating, which allows it to mutate and possibly become more resistant to vaccines”

    God bless, C-Marie

  32. C-Marie

    Beautiful Video,with Professor John Wyatt!! Some tears, yes!!
    Thank you Joy and John B(),so very much!!
    Am sending it on to some who are pro-life of unborn babies, and to some who are pro-killing of unborn babies.


    God bless, C-Marie

  33. spudjr60

    Mr. Pinker is incredibly naive:
    >>>On the contrary, the defining practices of science, including open debate, peer review, and double-blind methods
    >>>since the cycle of conjecture and refutation is the lifeblood of science
    >>>Any movement that calls itself “scientific” but fails to nurture opportunities for the falsification of its own beliefs (most obviously when it murders or imprisons the people who disagree with it) is not a scientific movement.
    >>>The facts of science, by exposing the absence of purpose in the laws governing the universe, force us to take responsibility for the welfare of ourselves, our species, and our planet
    >>> This humanism, which is inextricable from a scientific understanding of the world, is becoming the de facto morality of modern democracies, international organizations, and liberalizing religions, and its unfulfilled promises define the moral imperatives we face today.

    Near the end of the essay Pinker stumbles upon a few TRUTHS.
    >>>Diagnoses of the malaise of the humanities rightly point to anti-intellectual trends in our culture.
    >>>But an honest appraisal would have to acknowledge that some of the damage is self-inflicted. The humanities have yet to recover from the disaster of postmodernism, with its defiant obscurantism, dogmatic relativism, and suffocating political correctness.
    >>>If anything is naive and simplistic, it is the conviction that the legacy silos of academia should be fortified and that we should be forever content with current ways of making sense of the world.

    My Analysis and interpretation of two selected thoughts:
    >>>With the advent of data science-the analysis of large, open-access data sets of numbers or text-signals can be extracted from the noise and debates in history and political science resolved more objectively.
    >>>A consilience with science offers the humanities countless possibilities for innovation in understanding. Art, culture, and society are products of human brains. They originate in our faculties of perception, thought, and emotion, and they cumulate and spread through the epidemiological dynamics by which one person affects others. Shouldn’t we be curious to understand these connections? Both sides would win. The humanities would enjoy more of the explanatory depth of the sciences, to say nothing of the kind of a progressive agenda that appeals to deans and donors. The sciences could challenge their theories with the natural experiments and ecologically valid phenomena that have been so richly characterized by humanists.

    If it were possible to have an Open AI with zero biases and access to only true data on human behavior from all across history and all cultures, then I have no doubt what the result would be on how to optimally organize society for the benefit of all and to wisely resolve disputes amongst humans.

    The result would be:

  34. Joy

    JohnBy, yes, that is the link and it was a timing issue. Sometimes I’ve written but not read, sometimes, the comments don’t show until you’ve posted, I suppose if the screen isn’t refreshed.

    C Marie,
    Sp glad you watched the video. I found it after reading some nasty stuff on the internet from misinformed pro life people. Those camps don’t exist in England but merely saying that on the internet is likely to get one in a lot of trouble. Thought he made so many valuable points and cleared a lot of mythology up, too

    looking after someone with downs on lockdown and she’s a tonic for me, rehab, for a rehabber!
    I think it’s made me more childish though and prone to making bad jokes that only I and her laugh at! It’s best to laugh at your own jokes, you’ve always got a good audience

  35. Joy

    I said something wrong above, an editing error that is misleading. The numbers are smaller over HERE and in Europe, is what was intended.
    “Like I’ve said and seen and read?People who have the vaccine are worried about people who don’t get the vaccine because of “variants””
    Well that’s a broad brush (many people misinformed might think a lot of things) because it isn’t only about “variants” at this stage. CNN talks a load of old garbage and pretends ‘we’ don’t know what ‘we’ do, and have done in some instances for years. They are mixers and stirrers. Gossips and gutter snipes.
    There aren’t enough vaccinated for the awaited reduction of the measures to prevent the spread as yet. Soon there will be. Half baked efforts will save as the same effect as reheating cooked meat and cooling again then heating again, it’s prolonging the opportunity window for the virus and it’s prolonging the agony, of course.
    RE variants:
    “But if there are “variants”, my getting vaccinated is not going to prevent me from getting the variant”
    You answer your own question. It’s more straight forward though. The virus only has us. The longer it lingers in large numbers the more chance there is of vaccine dodging, to coin a phrase. The virus is making variants all the time as you must know by now if you didn’t already know about what viruses always do. The Kent variant was also discovered in a patient in Cambridge who was immune suppressed and so the virus lingered fo longer in his body
    ?“Or do they see unvaccinated people as petri dishes to incubate the new variant?”
    So, yes, partly.
    The “variants” spoken of at present are not getting around the vaccine’s effectiveness. So if you have a more infectious type or even slightly more virulent, the vaccines’ still gonna work for all of those cases.
    Once the numbers are very low in a given protected population, the outlook becomes more like the same as for managing flu on a yearly basis.
    India’s a concern and one of the Drs there said what she is experiencing is nothing short of apocalyptic.

  36. Joy

    Re deaths due to vaccination

    Here are the adverse reaction numbers up to March 31st 2021 in the UK:

    Over twenty million doses were given by 31st March
    79 case reports all after the first dose:
    *51 women and 28 men .
    19 died *between the Ages of 18 and 79 years
    Risk -=4 per million is the rate
    Of the 19 who died:
    3 were under 30
    14 were cerebral venous sinus thrombosis cases
    5 were other kinds of thrombosis in major veins
    DVT: Deep vein thromboses are the common type of clot which forms in the leg or arm and breaks free to land in the lung or heart, is probably incidental anyway.
    It is the 14 which is of greatest concern but is also now screened by age group and treatment is available if symptoms are noted and patients present in time.
    There are going to be ways of detecting those likely to react adversely as the science improves.

    Short video with Dr announcing the above figures. All can be sourced at ONS or PHE or even AZ

  37. Joy

    lastly, the screening for younger people is due to the risk benefit ration of dying of covid or being seriously ill in younger adults is so small.

    selecting by age group It has nothing to do with fertility of women. It is the risk benefit ratio again
    Women. have a higher rate from data so far, of the rare form of clot.

    However, DVT is already more common in women anyway:
    Covid itself is causing blood clots in infected patients.
    Thank you for the help, JohnBy

  38. Joy

    Posting this again since there seems, again, to be a “packing up and carrying on as if nothing happened”:

    Re deaths / case reports due to vaccination:
    ?Here are the adverse reaction numbers up to March 31st 2021 in the UK:?Over twenty million doses were given by 31st March?79 case reports all after the first dose:?*51 women and 28 men .?19 died *between the Ages of 18 and 79 years?
    Risk -=4 per million is the rate *it’s ac actually less?Of the 19 who died:?3 were under 30?14 were cerebral venous sinus thrombosis cases?5 were other kinds of thrombosis in major veins?“`?DVT: Deep vein thromboses are the common type of clot which forms in the leg or arm and breaks free to land in the lung or heart, (they are probably incidental anyway…my opinion)?
    It is the 14 which is of greatest concern but is also now screened by age and treatment is available if symptoms are noted and patients present in time.?There are going to be ways of detecting those likely to react adversely as the science improves.?
    Short video with Dr announcing the above figures. All can be sourced at ONS or PHE or even AZ ?https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-live-updates-moderna-vaccine-20333232

    To the person who spoke of “true vaccines’
    that is misleading.
    Vaccines work in a variety of ways AND for different purposes.
    There’s not one true vaccine!
    Will find the clip again which explains in simple terms

  39. Tim

    Getting back to the joke as we’re off topic here, I had to think twice but in the end the joke is very funny.

    Great joke, Post another one any time you need to take a day’s rest.

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