Truth Over Fear Summit: My Talk Is Today

Truth Over Fear Summit: My Talk Is Today
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We recall last week they—the woke: who else?—attempted to cancel the Truth Over Fear Summit, in which Yours Truly has a talk.

Well, it’s been restored to this weekend (started yesterday). My pre-recorded talk is today at (I think) 2 PM EDT.

Go to this link.

Far as I know, the talks are free. The Q&As (of which I will miss, unfortunately) cost, I think.

I myself make nothing out of this. For me it’s yet another chance to warn people about the over-certainties and limitations of models. All models. For those who can’t make the summit itself, I’ll post the talk on line later.

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  1. Shecky R

    interesting title for a summit where fear is being so actively promoted (go figure)

  2. I’m sure you’ll spend equal time on the over-certainty, false confidence, and limitations of the model of gods..


  3. Dean Ericson

    I listened to some of the presentations yesterday. Archbishop Vigano’s opening was powerful. G. Edward Griffin’s discussion with Patrick Coffin was fascinating. Griffin’s the guy who wrote “The Creature From Jekyll Island” about the banking cartel that is the Federal Reserve. He also runs something called Red Pill University with lots of good stuff. Griffin is also the organizer for the Red Pill Expo that will be having an actual in-the-flesh gathering in South Dakota, June 5-6.

    I listened to the Brit chick Doc asking why wasn’t ivermectin being promoted as an effective covid treatment when there’s much evidence it would save lives. The answer is that the “vaccines” were given the go-ahead under Emergency Authorization Usage, which requires there be no other effective treatments, so if ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, steroid inhalers, zinc, vitamin D, etc., if all these cheap and effective treatments had been recognized then the “vaccines” could not have been authorized, and they wanted the “vaccines”, so, poof! — the cheap effective treatments were ignored and instead the world is getting Frankenjabs while big pharma gets richer and the people get sicker.

    Listened also to the German doctor who had seen all this shat-show before with swine flu; the corruption of medicine serving the interests of money-power pharma and politicians. Very interesting talk. Will be tuning in for more today. Patrick Coffin, the organizer doing a great job.

  4. Dean Ericson

    Just listened to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the orthodox Jew who popularized the hydroxy/zinc/azithromycin treatment regimen and saved many lives. He denounces the suppression, by the COVID conspirators, of hydroxy and ivermectin and all the other cheap and effective treatements as a deliberate genocide, a crime against humanity, and that these wicked people must somehow be brought to justice. Powerful testimony from a frontline doctor.

  5. Dean Ericson

    Briggs, that was a fine presentation. The best thing about it, aside from the important factual information you convey, is your excellent speaking voice, which would lend itself well, had you any musical talent, to the opera stage. Perhaps you are wasted in statistics. But then, opera, being a white supremicist endeavor, is on the Covid ropes these days and you would find yourself unemployed, along with so many of our finest musicians. Perhaps you might consider singing your critiques of the Covid conspiracy, as a way to sex it up a bit? Just a thought. Here’s a funny video from the Santa Fe Opera on how the musical community is enthusiastically and creatively joining in the madness:

  6. Dean Ericson

    “William M. Briggs, the Mario Lanza of statistics!”

  7. Dean Ericson

    It’s Now or Never, Elvis.

    The presentation by German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is preparing a class action lawsuit against the Covid perps, was inspiring in its David vs Goliath courage. That guy’s got guts. All the opposition to the Covid terror is coming from some doughty little ants who are willing to battle against bloated hideous dinosaurs. That’s some great opera drama.

  8. Ian Partridge

    Site unreadable today. Taken down intentionally or by the controlling powers again?

  9. If I may, I would like to add my 2 centavos on “models”/modelling via a paper by Christopher D. Horruitiner, who cites the roots which eventually became George Box’s aphorism “All models are wrong, but some are useful”:

    . . For such a model there is no need to ask the
    . . question “Is the model true?”. If “truth” is
    . . to be the “whole truth” the answer must be
    . . “No”. The only question of interest is “Is
    . . the model illuminating and useful?”

    Now it would be very remarkable if any system existing in the real world could be exactly represented by any simple model. However, cunningly chosen parsimonious models often do provide remarkably useful approximations. For example, the law PV = RT relating pressure P, volume V and temperature T of an “ideal” gas via a constant R is not exactly true for any real gas, but it frequently provides a useful approximation and furthermore its structure is informative since it springs from a physical view of the behavior of gas molecules.

    Excerpted from:

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