COVID IS NO LONGER A MAJOR DISEASE; Gain-Of-Lethality Experiments; Vexations; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXI & Heading To Infinity!

COVID IS NO LONGER A MAJOR DISEASE; Gain-Of-Lethality Experiments; Vexations; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXI & Heading To Infinity!


You’ll have heard of these by now. These studies, funded by such luminaries as the Fabulous “Masks Forever” Fauci, monkey with viruses to make them more lethal, ostensibly to study how to combat the new lethal forms.

But—does this need to be said?—we don’t have to “battle” these new more lethal forms because they don’t exist. Until some “scientist” creates them. As it looks very like they did in Wuhan, with American dollars. Dollars provide by, among others, Fauci. Ah.

Supposing it is true that the bug was engineered and escaped, and given what just happened this past year and a half, many heads will have to roll. This may explain the reluctance to discuss the subject. Best keep quiet.

Anticipating your objection, it is scientists that make these enhanced bugs, not nature. Meaning there is no proof that nature herself in the wild would have come upon these more lethal variants designed by scientists. Indeed, there is good evidence, at least with the case of coronadoom, nature would never have hit upon what might be this variant.

You’ll have to wade through Nicholas Wade’s discussion of the “furin cleavage site” and other tidbits to see why. He makes a good case for lab-made, but it’s not yet conclusive.

Incidentally, is it only me that finds the use of the word function queer in “gain-of-function”? Wouldn’t lethality be better?

One reason for these “studies” is to gain papers. They generate “research”, and academics must needs publish. Wade discusses this, too.

Well, since the variants are not likely natural, but are more lethal by design, what might another reason to do these studies be?

The only answer is war: to kill purposely.

“But Briggs, biological warfare is illegal!”

So is murder.


It was, once, serious. It is no longer. It may, like flu (in days of yore) swell in the winter, and decline again next spring. Panic is a choice, not a rational action.

In any case, it is not now serious. The crisis is long over.

Here are the CDC’s major causes of weekly deaths:

Now the CDC rushes COVID death counts out the door, but lags (as in the plots below, circled in red) by as many as 8 weeks behind in counting other causes of death. (Does the increase in “Unclassified” coincide with vaccination rates? Don’t ask questions like that.)

Which means COVID is even less serious than it appears here. And it does not appear here serious, especially considering the undercounts of the other maladies.

“You don’t understand, Briggs. They way people catch COVID is different than like cancer.”

So the cancer deaths don’t count because people catch it differently?

“You just don’t want to show your vaccine papers.”

Cancer, heart disease, and other deaths won’t be decreasing like COVID.


So the CDC is backing off on masks for the “fully vaccinated.” They don’t understand that the unmasked don’t care whether or not they become infected, and that it’s not the CDC’s business to dictate morality.

Incidentally, have you noticed the same people that support death-by-doctor (euthanasia) are those who scream loudest about masks? Even when they are themselves vaccinated.

There is a huge dilemma for those in the Cult of the Mask, a dilemma which proves it was mainly about performance.

After the announcement, we saw many vaccinated people say they don’t want to take off their masks and be mistook for a “Republican”. Others can’t let go of the fear, but most can’t let go of the idea the masks makes them into a good person, and that this goodness can be seen by others.

Yet the vaccinated cult members don’t want people to think they’re not vaccinated, a status which they view with honor.

Pathetic dilemma, no? Which is why they want to force everybody to still wear masks, to relieve their psychic tension. (See below for evidence masks don’t work; and don’t recall the burden is on maskers to prove they do work, a burden they have not fulfilled.)

Many large corporations (excepting local regulations) say they’ll stop requiring masks for “fully vaccinated” patrons. They won’t require proof of vaccination, either. For now, anyway.

Then came concern from the fanatics, all of whom are vaccinated, about that lack of proof. So there is a renewed push for vaccine passports. (Here’s a link to Starbucks’ employees freaking out.)

Understand, the fanatics don’t need to care whether anybody else is vaccinated, assuming the vaccines work. They just don’t want you making decisions for yourself.

If you, dear reader, allow vaccine passports, the slippery slope will immediately be invoked. You will regret it—deeply, and for the rest of your life.


There are videos passing around purportedly showing how magnets stick to vaccination sites (upper arms).


This is an old trick magicians use, and it’s very easy to fool even yourself. Take a look at this sweaty guy: is there anything that wouldn’t stick to him?

Magnet supporters make vaccine skeptics look like cranks.


Again I tell you, if the cost-benefit of any vaccine comes down on the side of vaccines, then this kind of jackassery harms people by rationally discouraging them from seeking vaccines.

I mean, after all, who wouldn’t trust a vaccine that is just-this-side-of forcibly given to you?

Every authority uses threats to induce you to vaccinate. Not one ruler has come and said “These new vaccines represent an amazing breakthrough. Yes, there are risks, which include death, as there are for all vaccines, and there are even potential long-term side effects nobody knows about. Each person much weigh these risks, including religious objects, against the benefits. I hope you decide on the benefits.”

Instead, it’s “Do as you’re told. Side effects are conspiracy theories.”

Our rulers do not love or trust us. So we, sanely, do not love or trust them.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests (in very light color; the blue line is 7-day running mean, which should be ignored, since it’s a model and not the data) from Johns Hopkins.

Recall, as the panic ends, there will be fewer tests. Only mostly the sick will get tested, and so test positivities will rise (and they are: not shown). Do not re-panic over this obvious consequence. Plus, ignore the blue line. It’s a model, not the data. Tests went down again this week. Not enough yet.

Remember how Experts told us—promised us—of the coming Texas & Florida apocalypse when they ended their mask mandates?

Top row: northern states with mask mandates (though now they are ending). Bottom row: southern states without mask mandates (MS had, didn’t, had, didn’t). Mask mandates do nothing. Weather does much (well, weather drives much behavior).

Show mask fanatics this graph. See if they see it. They will not. Religious belief in the cult of the mask is a powerful filter.

CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts, or the Perspective Plot, from late 2009 until now. The late drop off is late counting: it takes up to eight weeks to get all data. We need to look at all cause deaths because we can’t quite trust the attributed COVID numbers.

The black line is deaths of any kind. The red is COVID. The blue line is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients). The blue is estimated starting mid year 2020 because CDC stopped separate reporting on flu. The suspicion is some flu and pneumonia deaths are being attributed to COVID.

Here is the CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

I ask every time (forgive me): Still panicking? Why? For what reason? Anybody have answers? Anybody? Hello? Hello? Hello? Are you waiting for zero COVID deaths? Brother, that’s never going to happen.

Here is another way to look at all deaths, the week-of-the-year all-cause deaths.


Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place (above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are likely deaths caused by the panic.

Again, been saying this for weeks, but even accounting for late counting, 2021 deaths are BELOW where’d we expect them. Yes, people really do die of things other than COVID.

Yes, really.

Flu is still missing. Though this is the time of year, in the northern hemisphere, where we expect to be low (but not zero). Here is the WHO’s global flu tracker:

Flu is still gone the whole world over. For almost a full year now. Yes. A year without flu. Astonishing.

They will say the lockdowns caused flu, but not COVID, to disappear. No, sir. This argument forgets the many places that never locked down or had mask mandates, and which also had no flu. Like Japan, Florida etc.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. Sheri

    “Gain of function” IS A BIOWEAPON. Call it what it is. And no, murder is not illegal when governors and the government do it. Many thousands lie dead and the governors are shutting off pipelines now with ZERO consequence. NOTHING IS REALLY ILLEGAL.

    You catch AIDS like you catch COVID, though closer personal contact is required. Heck, in California you bang as many people as you want when you’re AIDS positive and it’s 100% LEGAL. Murder by AIDS. So it really is irrelevant how something is spread.

    Of course masks are wanted—BILLIONS are made off them, virtue-signaling is sooo easy (Note Pelosi and her fashion masks), and it’s so easy to rob stores and comment assaults. No facial recognition. So, money, virtue and violence. Masks are never going away.

    Will a vaccine passport be required to order online, where you can get every food, everything you need except gasoline? So stay home and collect disability. You can surely fake a mental illness (no, a D vote is not proof pf mental illness even though it should be.) Besides, Uncle Joe is mailing checks to everyone soon. You won’t need to work.

    Schools already have mandatory vaccines, as do daycares, hospitals and doctor’s offices. Stop acting like this is new. McDonald cups push vaccines, so skip the fake meat joint.

    WORSE/BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK ON COVID: India allows hydrochloroquine and ivermectin now and their case numbers and death rate DROPPED LIKE FLIES IN SUMMER HEAT. Cheap, effective medication released to now prove mass murder of citizens by withholding of treatments known to work. The good news just keeps coming.

  2. Hun

    I think the Gain-of-function stuff is a psyop. Watch how nothing happens to Fauci.

    From the very beginning, the goal was a “new normal” and vaccination passports. Everything follows from there. Most people were killed by the “solution” to the virus. Many were killed deliberately, either by packing old people together with sick people or by using fatal interventions like breathing tubes.

    China has no virus, because they have already implemented their techno-dystopia with social credit. The West in now catching up.

  3. john b()

    I THINK a young man at my work committed suicide last week (nothing was said but there are indicators)

    If it wasn’t the PANIC, it sure as hell didn’t help

  4. JH


    This entire paragraph (and this post) is filled with your imaginations of what other people understand and why they do certain things.

    Not sure what a cult is anymore? Are you still a member of the “Biden stole the election’ cult?

    No one knows what would have happened had no one worn masks.

  5. James

    The CDC says “Jump”, and its minions say “How high?” I wonder how the minions would react if the CDC says that for a beneficial long term goal of cleansing planet earth, the CDC recommends that America conduct an all out nuclear attack on China.

  6. JR Ewing

    Flu is gone because we quit looking for it and started calling it covid when we did find it. It’s that simple.

    Shout it from the rooftops.

    A bunch of old and sick people died during a particular virulent flu season following a very light one. That’s it and that’s all.

    Everything else – EVERYTHING ELSE – was a scam.

  7. Aaron Glover

    Since we are sharing…

    Here’s the reply I got from the local Public Health Authority when pressed on the need to join the cult of the mask(Aug. 30, 2020):

    Hi, Mr. Glover. The decision to implement mandatory masking in Peterborough was based more on the opening up of bars and restaurants in stage 3 than on any local epidemiology. As you know, we have had low rates on infection for months now. But the opening of bars and the influx of visitors and cottagers from the GTA or other higher incidence areas does create the potential for transmission. And in addition, many more seniors are wanting to go out and shop or dine out. They feel safer when others are wearing face coverings.

    And in a subsequent follow-up (before I was declined communication and told to pay for a FOI request):

    “Local public health agencies, like Peterborough Public Health, do not deal with mortality statistics. ” (Manager for our local Public Health Authority)

    Me, in reply:
    “That’s outrageous.
    It sounds like what is being conveyed, Ms. Ingram, is that Peterborough Public Health does not have up-to-date (or otherwise) mortality statistics for our health region.
    How is it possible that Public Health Authorities in this province can function without current and historical data regarding mortality for their respective regions?
    I empathize with you, if indeed it is so, that you are trying to function without the raw data I am requesting from Peterborough Public Health.”

    Despite, I might add, having the audacity to cc every local politician and newspaper every communication with the Public Health Authority.

    So yes, Briggs, “psychic tension”, conditioning, psy-op, dry-run, we-gotcha, Re-Set, etc…to what end?

  8. Dennis

    It’s been rather hilarious (and appalling) watching the Left have conniption fits over the mask switcheroo by Fraudci (though he was pictured wearing a muzzle and NIH headquarters yesterday, absurd), Walensky, et al. Wearing a mask now must mean you AREN’T vexxed, yet not wearing one risks making you look like a Republican/anti-vexxer!

    Many stores and restaurants around here have already stopped enforcing, despite idiot Governor not officially ending “mandate” until June 11 (a magic date he just pulled out of his ass). Unfortunately, even as mask mandates end and more people wake up form their Covid Cult stupor, the push for “vaccine passports” of various kinds continues. We need more states to take proactive measure banning them (and making it clear that private corporations and businesses that do business with the public also cannot demand you show proof upon entering). If any store “greeter” busybodies ask me whether I’ve been vaxed on going in, I’m going to ask when they last had and STD panel done. Perhaps that will shut them up. And some places are already trying to lay the groundwork for reimposing lockdowns, masks, etc. in the fall due to alleged “variants.” NEVER AGAIN!, must be the rallying cry world wide against such insanity returning.

    And still so many appalling scenes of children being abused by teachers and parents who insist on muzzling them, the most unnecessary demographic (which should never have been muzzled and never had their schools closed in the first place). I actually saw an Indian couple out at the park with their kids yesterday, and both they and their two kids had muzzles on. I wanted to scream and call CPS. Absolutely sickening! A short time later I passed a guy on a pathway in a muzzle pushing a stroller (thankfully that kid was unmuzzled at least!) – he actually nodded in greeting as I passed, I merely scowled. So many brainwashed idiots and Soyboys just will not give up their little face blankies – even out walking in the open. This country is doomed. Such a weak, pathetic people this nation has become.

  9. jorgen b

    It never was a serious disease. It was always the flu.

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    Here in MN it’s clear that the masks are on the way out, at least in the short term. (If there is a new mandate due to a “variant” or whatever I don’t doubt that many people will follow it; though probably less than went along the first time around). On Friday only a few stores had taken down their “masks required” signs and about half the people going into those still wore masks. Over the weekend basically all the local places removed their mask requirements, and over the last two days nearly all the chains and major institutions have also conceded. The latter generally only did so with the caveat that “non-vaccinated employees and customers still are highly recommended to wear masks” but of course no one is checking.

    Meanwhile mask usage has dropped to about 5-20% of people, and I think it will probably stay at that level long term. Based on personal observations mask usage is highest among the very elderly (fair enough), school aged children near schools (since bizarrely masks are still required for children there) and the college aged (no reason for that). Outside of the college aged, women are much more likely to wear masks then men. I’ve seen plenty examples of married couples where the wife is masked but the husband is not.

    News is still putting out stories about how it can still be “beneficial” to wear a mask even if you are vaccinated, and how removing the mask mandate is “hurting businesses” by making things too confusing. No one seems to be buying it though.

    I think they expected to be able to move the goal posts again after vaccination. I mean, many places still require extreme cleaning measures even though it’s been known that COVID does not spread to any significant extent through surface contact. Similarly barely anyone remembers that most people took seriously the promise of “two weeks to slow the spread” (if you ask people now they will claim that they knew we were going to have longer lockdowns, but at the time most people thought it would be over in a few weeks). So I’m sure they thought that it would be possible to move the goal posts again by saying that we need to wait to see if the vaccines are effective on a large scale, or that booster shots were needed, or that a different form was necessary for a variant, etc. But the fact is that most people only put up with things for this long because they were promised that vaccines would end things, and so when they got a vaccine they expected things to end.

  11. Dennis

    “News is still putting out stories about…how removing the mask mandate is ‘hurting businesses’ by making things too confusing. No one seems to be buying it though.”

    I love how the media and the Covid Cultists seem to think removing mandates and insanely strict rules will drive or keep people away and “hurt business.” It’s precisely the muzzle mandates and insanely draconian rules that have kept me from going into any store or place of business (other than the Chinese takeout down the street) since last July when the governor instituted his lawless “mandate” in the first place.

  12. PaulH

    Alas, I wear a mask (usually one of those neck gators) when grocery shopping or at a friendly facility that is under one of the many arbitrary laws requiring face coverings. No need to aggravate the innocent workers.

    I will not wear a mask outdoors, because that’s nuts. I see some outdoor mask wearers when I take my morning or afternoon walk around the neighborhood. Some are OK. For example, road work and sewer work are happening in the area and the workers directing traffic are masked. I assume the boss told them to wear the mask or be fired. There’s a long-term care facility nearby, so it’s not surprising to see masked people around the building. You cannot board public transit unmasked, so it’s not a big deal seeing masked people at the bus stop. Other than that, come on! I’ve taken to ignoring all masked people I pass on the sidewalk. To me, they are mere shells.

    Bicyclists dutifully wearing their masks while running stop signs does provide some entertainment, however.

  13. vince

    We’re dealing with a bonfire of inanities…

    Maybe you’ve seen me (my forehead)…

    I don’t trust my own judgment
    I let a TV munchkin tell me what to do
    I’m a follower, yet still don’t know where I am
    I say nothing while children get asphyxiated by cloth
    I feel guilty when I stand for myself
    I don’t read
    I believe TV is real
    I willingly accept poisons into my body then rationalize why
    I have lots of company…

  14. Aaron Aukema

    What’s fascinating about “gain of function” research is it presumes that there is always a “deadly virus” waiting in the offings. Such a presumption is made not by biologists or virologists who study the claim, but by public health officials who are either a) in charge of grants, or b) receiving large sums of money. The researchers have been working on “gain of function” to predict how a virus will mutate “in the wild” to the extent that it would not only be picked up by humans, but actually be significant. Why do they care? Vaccines. That’s it. International health groups have a single chorus: produce vaccines to prevent the “next big one”. The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, the CDC, the WHO, GAVI, the Rockefeller group, all warn of the lack of vaccines to prevent the next pandemic.

    Of course, “public health” is only an excuse. As Gates and Rockefeller group have been going on about depopulation, and we know our CIA is interested in biowarfare, we can’t rule those out…

  15. Amateur Brain Suergeon

    Supposing it is true that the bug was engineered and escaped, and given what just happened this past year and a half, many heads will have to roll.

    Denny Hastert, the homo head of the US H.O.R. is the last big wig to be sent to the slammer, right?

    But he was of the Stupid Party and nobody cared. The Evil Party skates on all this stuff.

    LOCk HER UP was a fun chant but she had the dirt on everyone who might cross her – remember Hilary had a shit ton of raw FBI files in her possession in the White House?

    Fauci is deep in the deep state so he is not in deep doo doo. He too knows where the gain-of-function bear shit in the GMO buckwheat.

    Crimes and criminals galore but Anarchy-Tyranny is the rule in America.

  16. Plantagenet

    Some simple numbers from the British Spectator (who got them from the WHO). Death by infectious disease per annum;
    Tetanus 34k
    Yellow Fever 60k
    Measles 140k
    Cholera 149k
    Typhoid 161k
    Malaria 409k
    Flu 290-650k (usual estimate)
    HIV/AIDS 690k
    Pneumonia 808k (children only)
    TB 1.4 million
    COVID 3.2 million
    Sepsis 11 million

    Of course if you add in adult non-COVID pneumonia it would be much higher and the COVID stats are based on the rubrics people who died within 28 days of a positive test, or were found to be infected post mortem. So yes if you had a very mild case and were hit by a bus your in there.
    This does not include non infectious death like heart disease, cancer, traffic accidents, war and insurrection, or listening to Nancy Pelosi.
    With all this around it’s surprising we’re not in a state of catatonic fear 24/7…but I’m sure the media can help.

  17. Johnno

    JH pretends that “No one knows what would have happened had no one worn masks.”

    Actually bub, yes we do. Because we have places that never masked, and decades of data demonstrating the obvious, and even new studies now!


    Masks do nothing except make things worse in other unhealthy ways due to prolonged and improper use.

    We know how to count. Unlike the numbers of a certain election. But here’s your chance to put us in our place by supporting efforts to examine the machines! Only a cult member would say, ” No!”

    And you’re not a cult are you, JH?

  18. Stephen J.

    Mr. Briggs, Sorry to be a carping nag, but you may wish to re-evaluate reference to the third paper of the three linked regarding masks, the April paper in Medical Hypothesis — it has been retracted by the editor of the journal.

    Normally I would be skeptical of such withdrawal as politically motivated, but the author, Mr. Vainshelboim, apparently misrepresented his affiliations with Stanford and VA Palo Alto as being current, whereas the institutions confirmed those affiliations ended in 2016. If a writer can’t be honest about who he currently works for, I immediately have to question his veracity in other areas. (If you know reasons why this paper should still be taken seriously, it would be valuable to include them in these updates.)

  19. Briggs


    Yes, and hilariously, too. I’ll cover this next week.

    The papers he cites, though, or most of them, still do say what he said they said. There are some disputes here, too, the editors say, but the complaints are weak, and ticky tacky.

    I was working on my own paper, reviewing a century of papers, but stopped after this one appeared. I guess I’ll have to go back to it.

    As a teaser, see the links at the very bottom of this post.

    At the least, look at the Danish study, which specifically studied coronadoom.

  20. Russell Haley

    “Incidentally, have you noticed the same people that support death-by-doctor (euthanasia) are those who scream loudest about masks? Even when they are themselves vaccinated.”

    The Godless are centered only on themselves. They are afraid to suffer and afraid to die. I don’t blame them, really. This is all they’ve got… and I wouldn’t want to face the Living God without Jesus either.

  21. Walt

    Panic deaths may be much higher than suspected and COVID deaths much lower if this paper about excess deaths in 2000,2017, and 2020 is true:
    Does somebody have an opinion about this?

    Seems like the PCR testing results are easy to goose by fiddling with thresholds. Positive tests should be based on conditional probabilities.

  22. Darren R Cole

    You nail one point right on the head that no one pays any attention to. We are all getting checks written on money that really does not exist (don’t worry we will just print more… oops like I keep try to tell my brother & father that “trust in cash” it is not any more real now than Bitcoin. Money is all digital, transacted digital, transferred digital, paid bills digital, paychecks deposited digital. Why do we actually need paper money anymore it is all just imaginary so they can just keep making it up in their fantasy world.). We are becoming socialist in the easiest way possible. It is almost like someone created a global crisis to force all of us to become sheep that would just listen to what we are told to do… don’t eat a restaurants they are dangerous, wear mask all the time to save others (not to save yourself of course), stay 6′ apart, *gasp* of all the radical things WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! The reaction to just the last one really should scare everyone because so many people seemed shocked by the concept.

  23. Rudolph Harrier

    Got sent a “COVID Myth” video which made the claim that people who have recovered from COVID-19 still need to get a vaccine because “We don’t know how long natural immunity lasts and we know that the immunity with the COVID-19 vaccines lasts longer.” And people actually accept such statements.

  24. patrick healy

    Dear Professor Briggs,
    I do wish you would stop using Wee Mikey Mann’s Hockey Stick fraudgraph to show Weekly US Covid deaths.

  25. swordfishtrombone


    The families of the 4,529 (almost certainly a significant underestimate) who died in India yesterday might disagree.

  26. Dennis

    India has 1.3 billion people, and on an average day around 25,000 people die of various causes (And how many of those attributed Covid deaths were truly OF Covid, rather than WITH? What was average age and average co-morbidities?), just as in the US about 8,000 people die on any given day.

    This may shock those obsessed with this one seasonal flu-like illness for the past 14 months, but the vast majority of people everywhere die of something other than Covid. That’s life…time to move on…the fearmongering won’t work any more…and the sane and non-hypochondriac among us are done with the health theatre.

    Just got back from my first trip to the grocery (or any place of business other than Chinese takeout or drive-thru) in 10 months (Kroger finally lifted its muzzle rule today; thankfully – like some other big stores as well – not even bothering to wait for our stupid Governor’s arbitrary June 11 date): It was good to see at least half maskless – ah, humans have faces! – and no one bothering you at the door either. May test the waters at the bookstore tomorrow…been 14 months for that, though previously I can’t recall the last time I went more than a week or 2 max without browsing in a bookstore! Life returning…I just hope people stay awake and vigilant now, and never allow this insanity to grip the world and crush all life and liberty again!

  27. Dennis

    Excellent article from LifeSite, Johnno, which tracks with everything else I’ve read about the hyping and misrepresentation of the India situation in the West to push “Indian variant” fear porn, etc., to keep the Covid mania going. “Cases” clearly just driven by introduction of mass high-cycle PCR tests, manipulation of death certs to drive “Covid death” numbers, etc.

    The first paragraph reads like a précis of the same hype that took over here as things kicked off in NYC last March – mass graves/cremation site hysteria, lack of oxygen/ventilators (Which were unnecessary and killed most people anyway), people supposedly just dropping dead en masse in the streets, etc.

    I saw an interview with E. Michael Jones a couple weeks ago, where he mentioned calling a friend in New Delhi to get her view of things; he said she told him the situation on the ground is nothing like the supposed massive chaos, catastrophe, and mass death that she’s seen depicted in Western media. Quelle surprise!

    Just a repeat of the same recipe a year later with a dash of Indian spice thrown in. Call it Curry Covid.

  28. Darren R Cole

    Dennis you are so right is has actually been tough to transition back to going to grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Lowes, etc. without wearing a mask. I have overhears soooo many sheep acting like seeing peoples faces is just going to kill them by itself. I heard a person say that they went to the gym that morning and were terrified to see that almost no one was wearing a mask. They literally seemed to think that it was just going to automatically kill them. I have never believed in them in the 1st place so other that being a habit it is no problem for me to go back to normal.

  29. Dennis

    “I heard a person say that they went to the gym that morning and were terrified to see that almost no one was wearing a mask.”

    Crazy. If you’re working out in the same area, sharing locker rooms, equipment, etc. but are still so terrified at people being allowed to breathe freely after more than a year of this forced societal hypochondria, just stay home or build a home gym in your garage! [Really crazy thing is, I’d be willing to bet that person has even had one of the vaccine shots, so if he’s really following “the science” he should know he doesn’t need a mask still, nor is he at any greater risk if others don’t wear one near him!]

    Yesterday was the first day at this particular Kroger with the new rules, and it was abut half-and-half, and I didn’t encounter anyone bothering anyone or grumbling about those not wearing a mask. I’m sure the percentage of non-masked will be rising – perhaps some didn’t even realize the new rule had taken effect, since it had just been announced on the local news that morning. All the previous “social distancing” foot marker stickers and signs at checkouts, the line for the butcher’s area, etc. were all gone as well, and no one was freaking out if you happened to happened to pass by withing a foot or two, etc. (even the people they had since last spring wiping all the carts with sanitizer as they were brought in from the parking lot were gone). Most people here were pretty laid back about it to begin with, complying less out of real fear of virus than the legal threats coming from governor, mayor, etc., so I think things will get back to normal more quickly than places like NYC, Portland, etc. that still seem mentally deranged and traumatized.

    My mom said she went to Home Depot yesterday and asked someone near the door who worked there whether you had to wear a mask still, and was just told, “Nah, we’re done with that stuff.” 🙂

    Like your terrified person at the gym though, it would be interesting to know how many of those still wearing masks in the store and other places are actually people who’ve been vaccinated. I saw a poll the other day showing that vaccinated people, by a fairly substantial margin, are still more skittish than non-vaxxed about returning to various social activities (especially if unmasked). The brainwashing has been so deep and effective for so many, they do seem terrified of ever returning to any kind of normal life. It’s like half the world is suffering some bizarre combination of Munchausen and Stockholm Syndromes – they enjoy feigning illness or the appearance of illness and excessive fear of disease, and they’ve grown to love their jailers and tormentors and their muzzles 🙁

  30. Darren R Cole

    I’m vaccinated but not out of fear more of eh it’s available so sure I’ll be your guinea pig…

  31. Ken

    “If you, dear reader, allow vaccine passports, the slippery slope will immediately be invoked. You will regret it—deeply, and for the rest of your life.”

    How does one prevent vaccine passports?

    I can refuse to shop at certain stores, attend sporting events, and not fly on airplanes. At the end of the day, the only result is I didn’t shop at certain stores, attend sporting events, or fly on airplanes.

  32. Darren R Cole

    And sadly Ken by denying to “participate” in vaccine passports you are “in their minds” identifying yourself as a non-vaxers. They are not rational people remember so you are either ying or yang. We will all be classified by this regime no matter what we try to do. We are all guilty it is their decree. So shop where you want, skip sporting events, become the hermit that they want you to be anyway. All of that just plays into their plan too.

    I loved Saturday walking into a local gas station and as I am allowed by the CDC not wearing a mask watching the woman behind the counter attempt to pull her mask as high as possible to be safe from my evil ways… It just made me laugh inside at the ignorance of what the mask even do or actually don’t do for people. From the beginning it has been said that mask do not protect the wearer but instead protect others from you infecting them. Oh but the cult of mask grasp tightly to them like they will save their lives. So sad…

  33. Rudolph Harrier

    Happened to visit the IHME projections, which I hadn’t for a long time since their methods change on a moments notice and they do not accurately report past data, making assessing the projections nearly impossible.

    Turns out they are convinced that COVID deaths have in fact been greatly underreported. See here:

    They claim that “Deaths that are directly due to COVID-19 are likely underreported in many locations, particularly in settings where COVID-19 testing is in short supply. ” but you will see that they still estimate that places like the US have missed almost half the COVID deaths, despite huge testing initiatives and very generous standards for what counts as a COVID death.

    Later on they make clearer why this is: “ Given that there is insufficient evidence to estimate these contributions to excess mortality, for now we assume that total COVID-19 deaths equal excess mortality.” This despite a lengthy discussion of other potential causes for increased deaths, most relating to the mitigation efforts (lack of screening/treatment for serious diseases, depression and drug use, etc.) However immediately before this they had no problem estimating the unintentional reduction in deaths from things like people driving less. (In fact I would not be surprised if they later double down and say that COVID deaths are more than the excess mortality using these estimates of other lives “saved.”)

    I have two suspicions for why they are doing this: first, it may be a push to say that COVID is deadlier than we know it to be, in order to brush aside health risks from vaccines. Second, it may be an attempt to justify the original models. If they just keep digging far enough they’ll eventually get millions of deaths in the US.

    Amusingly, the IHME projections for testing are ridiculously incompetent. The numbers are actually lower the larger of region you look at, to the point where they list only about 130 tests done per day across the entire world (despite listing 730 tests per day in Alaska alone, which is supposedly equal to the number done in New York).

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