The Evil Forces Causing Some People To Be Better Than Others

The Evil Forces Causing Some People To Be Better Than Others

We saw recently that the Army, despairing over disparities in male-female fitness standards, lowered those standards. Which always happens when Equity quotas are mandated.

The problem was that the females were still failing the new lowered standards. As of this date, the Army has not announced what they will do about it, but we can make a prediction.

The new lowered standards won’t be lowered again. They’ll be eliminated. Besides having the ability to breathe, possessing a majority of their limbs, and not being too old, there will soon be no bar to entering the armed forces. Consider they have already eliminated the sanity requirement.

It will be announced that, with today’s advancements in ability to kill foreigners remotely by drones, physical fitness isn’t that important. Units, such as Green Berets, which require high fitness standards, will try to slide by quietly, but they’ll be touched somewhat, mostly indirectly. Before, membership was seen as good, and counted for promotion. Because this would create disparities (fewer females promoted), membership will count against promotion.

This elimination of standards is, as said, because of quota mandates, and quota mandates exist because of the belief in Equality. Equality is the belief that all people are “really” the “same.” Since all people are “really” the “same”, Equity—Equality of outcome—should result. Since it does not, something must be blocking it.

Turns out, then, that all people are not really the same, because if they were heaven-on-earth Equity would have already resulted. Some are therefore so strong that they can cause Equity to fail. So Equality is false after all.

This Inequality is recognized as a departure from Equality, but it is accepted because this Inequality is not in ability but in capacity for (spiritual) evil.

Raise your hand if you don’t know which group doesn’t excel in this capacity.

This group has to, must exist. No other reason can explain the perpetual, in all times and places, observation of Inequity (a nice word with apt double meaning here). It can’t be demons: they are denied. It can’t be geography. It can’t be intrinsic differences, which are impossible by definition. It can only be evil.

The evil doesn’t merely dampen ability, such as causing women to do less well than men physically. Worse, it insinuates. It causes people to believe wrong things. Like getting right answers in math is important.

Who could have ever thought something like \int{{x\sqrt {x + 1} \,dx}} =  \frac{2}{5}{\left( {x + 1} \right)^{\frac{5}{2}}} - \frac{2}{3}{\left( {x + 1} \right)^{\frac{3}{2}}} + c was worth knowing, when the ability to say it, and many things like it, can’t be done by all groups equally?

The idea that there was something good to that “=” must therefore have been implanted by evil forces emanating from evil men’s minds.

Yes, this must be so. California itself has said “There has been a history of under-representation of black, Hispanic and indigenous people in mathematics and mathematics-related domains.” Which makes not math itself racist, but the idea of mathematics’ importance as racist.

We know this because California goes on to say “Teachers who uphold the idea that there are right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity and fear of open conflict, two characteristics of racist systems.”

Further, “To encourage truly equitable and engaging mathematics classrooms we need to broaden perceptions of mathematics beyond methods and answers so that students come to view mathematics as a connected, multi-dimensional subject that is about sense making and reasoning, to which they can contribute and belong.”

So it’s not math itself, just like in the end it isn’t physical fitness itself, that is racist and sexist. It’t the idea that these things are noble and worthy that must be quashed. (They’ll have to quash harder, because it turns out this effort has itself, for now, been quashed, an event which happened after I wrote this.)

Math and fitness, and any other thing that leads to inequities must be crushed. The SAT and other tests are thus in many places not only not required, but they’re not even allowed to be used as a basis of discrimination—with that word used in its positive sense.

Students of color, a lawsuit said, could not do as well as students of no color, or of slight yellow color. Therefore, it’s not that the test itself was wrong or bad, but the idea the test was good and useful was bad.

And that idea could have only got there one way. Not only must all these tests and other metrics of quality be removed, so must the way the idea that these things are good is transmitted be removed.

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  1. Sheri

    The military often used the criteria of “breathing” for enlistment in the past. Even won wars that way. It’s not a crisis. No matter how much you want it to be. “Breathing” is what comprises the front line–the ones that die first. It’s time-honored.

    Stupidity is self-correcting and humans rarely bother to correct it BEFORE it reaches the painful self-correcting stage. Again, happened before, will happen again. When bridges and high-rise collapses kill enough people, someone will speak up. My guess is when enough politicians have mansion collapses, that will be about the point.

    Look, stupid people make wonder slaves and that’s the whole idea. Stop messing with the oligarchs’ plan and learn to scrub toilets like a good little peon.

  2. john Pate

    Apparently the elites genuinely believe robots and AI can do all the useful work. They must know some things about technology that we don’t.

  3. The ability to breathe, the possession of a majority of limbs, AND not being a right-wing extremist. You left out the most important requirement!

  4. Kenan Meyer

    The israeli military historian Martin van Creveld wrote a lot about this and not just yesterday.

    “Equality” in my view necessarily ends in Pol Potism: if you are taller than me, your head needs to be chopped off. Literally.

  5. The military often used the criteria of “breathing” for enlistment in the past. Even won wars that way.

    This is so obviously and self-evidently false it boggles the mind that somebody could say it.

    The military never had breathing as its only criteria, even in a rhetorical sense. You also had to be *male* – a massive qualifier that eliminated 50% of the population from consideration. Only 11% of the population even fought in World War II of all things. Don’t be absurd.

  6. awildgoose

    AI is nowhere close to fulfilling all tasks of interest to the elites.

    These tasks include things like private jet and yacht engine preventive maintenance.

  7. LGC

    I’m going to miss indoor plumbing

  8. Jerry

    If this were all a game (which it obviously is to the elite) I’d say what we need is a good old fashioned war. No, not the forever war Afghanistan -type wars, but one that ACTUALLY threatens the very existence of our country. Something that inflicts REAL hardships on folks from elite to peon, REAL misery, REAL sacrifice.

    Of course this isn’t a game, and I don’t have a desire to inflict such pain and suffering on the innocent.

    I’d guess most of our problems are exacerbated, if not caused, by spoiled multi-generations with way too much time on their hands with which to stare at their navel and wonder what they can do to relieve the boredom.

  9. Sander van der Wal

    @John Pate

    Being the boss of a bunch of robots that are totally indifferent to them? What would be the point?

  10. Johnno

    Just wait until they program the A.I. and Robots to be woke and demand days off and just wages!

    At this rate I don’t know why the world doesn’t just pack all the military up and just conduct world wars over Fortnite. That’s where all the boys are girls are equ… actually… never mind… even in the digital online gaming world we have an overwhelming male problem occupying the top positions.

  11. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Briggs. Love these posts.

    One might be tempted to think that what has been happening recently – the last two score years or so – can not continue or continue to get even worse but that temptation must be resisted.

    My Son lives in Palm Beach County Florida and today he is at a school board meeting to oppose the imposition of Critical Race Theory (CRT). He knows his efforts are bound to fail and that he will have to take his children out of the public school system (the public school system is one gigantic seminary to teach the liberal faith with ts ever-changing doctrine) and home school but he is constrained to try and use reason and logic in asking the school board how they plan to change the fact that negroes are the race most likely to fail the already dumbed-down school courses and be the subjects of discipline at a rate higher than all other races.

    The usual reply – those realities are all owing to white privilege and white supremacy – are a joke and one imagines that even members of the Teachers Unions understand that and so what will happen in Palm Beach County, Florida as a result of these Commie Bastids imposing CRT is that even more parents will pull their children out of the Palm Beach County Seminary System than they did last year.

    Last year over 50,000 students were liberated from the state seminaries by their parents and a safe bet would be that once CRT is imposed on white children for the crime of being white, 75,000 students will be liberated next year.

    It is almost enough to make one wish that Teacher’s Unions continue to implement and impose their malign plans

  12. Uncle Mike

    Dear ABS,

    I might be wrong about this, but many “problems” are actually business opportunities. A few hundred thou (or millions of) students looking for decent schools could be viewed as customers to a smart business person and an investment opportunity to capitalists.

  13. C-Marie

    So glad that our children are grown-up and are Christ-centered Catholics! Praying for all of the rest and their families.
    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Dear Uncle Mike. Amen.

    My Daughter-in-law and her sisters are considering starting their own home schooling program

  15. Mark Millward

    Makes sense. The cabal control both sides in any conflict, therefore to expand the franchise on the side slated for deconstruction results in equal opportunity slaughter, reducing the herd. Women in uniform can just as easily be turned to the enforcement of tyranny N.B. Abu Ghraib and Nazi concentration camps. Alphabet types are likely to be more suited to tyranny than normies.

  16. Inequality is pervasive , rampant, insidious, persistent. Like the smell of crap.
    And like it, it is … normal.
    Unpleasant but normal. No cause for panic.
    There are more important issues.
    But it’s so useful , as a goad.
    Spiritual fraud.

  17. Égalité = the power mad imbecile ruling over the defenseless
    Fraternité = Tribalism
    Liberté = Slavery

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