Pro-Nonreproductive Sex-Like Activities Group Say Poland Has Most Based European Church

Pro-Nonreproductive Sex-Like Activities Group Say Poland Has Most Based European Church

Finland, and by a wide margin, officially has the most debased Christian Church. It’s called the Metropolitan Community Church in Finland. The numbers are a crude estimate, but about 3,000 souls, lost or not, are its members.

Poland’s Roman Catholic Church is the most based, easily beating out most competitors. It has 33 million souls. In an ecumenical spirit, let’s all give them a clap offering (this is a real thing in evangelical circles). The Roman Catholic Church in Belarus, it has to be admitted, gave Poland a bit of scare, but in the end they came in second most based. They have 600 thousand souls.

So says RICE 2020, the Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe 2020.

They had a go at quantifying the unquantifiable status of how much different official self-identifying European Christian churches embrace non-procreative sex-like activities. You have to hand it to these guys. They put a lot of time and effort into their rankings.

Way they did it was to award each church certain pervert points (they might have called these something else) along several dimensions. Various questions were asked, and a large number of status checks were performed, such as whether each Church’s “legal documents mention LGBTI identities in a non-negative way.” I don’t know what the “I” is, being too lazy to look it up. Maybe it the French abbreviation for “Furry.”

Juiciest ones:

Under “Theology”, “The Bible is not used as a normative instrument for defining gender roles, and is not interpreted as a condemnation of LGBTI people nor of LGBTI lived desires, sexualities, and identities.” They might have got this one from Anton LaVey.

Under “Church policy”, “The church officiates ‘same-sex marriages’ and/or holds a blessing ceremony for same-sex couples.” Discrimination against thruples and higher dimensions is still a thing for these bigots.

Under “Ordination of clergy”, “The church ordains people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” Most of them still discriminate against age, allowing no children to be ordinated, the bigots.

Under “Sexuality and kinship”, “The church supports the adoption and raising of children by LGBTI couples”. I tried to get a comment on whether James Martin likes to have kids in his confessional, but he ignored me.

Under “Worship”, “Gender issues and sexuality are thematised in public worship on the national level of the church.” In the Catholic Church we call these both clown and barefoot-dance masses.

There are 47 of these things. Each is awarded a full or half point and the whole is summed. The Finished Church garnered 45.5 points, almost an imperfect score, whereas the mighty Polish Church got a 1, almost a perfect score.

The Poles got two half points, both under “Church policy”: “The church baptises children of parents of all sexual orientations and gender identities”, and “The church doesn’t make any restriction to participating in the Eucharist/Communion based on gender and/or sexual identity.”

This is accurate, and a fair assessment. Since the traditional reading, making every allowance for exceptions, would say all comers should be baptised, and all sinners, even lawyers, be welcomed (in some sense), it could be argued a perfect score is a 1.

But that’s nitpicking. We shouldn’t take away from Poland’s tremendous efforts, especially in a world that is Hell bent to reenact Genesis 19:5 during Pride in Sodomy Month.

Some of you will wonder how the Church of Sweden didn’t finish as most debased, given that Sweden has aptly been described as “Hell on earth“.

After all, as RICE says, 98% of Swedes say “LGB” (no “T” or “I”) should have the same rights as non-LGB people. Some 95% say there’s “nothing wrong” with “same-sex relationship”. And they let people who believe they are not the sex they are to change paperwork which agrees with their delusions.

They came close, snatching second place, at 41.5 points. And at 6 million members, to the Finished Church’s paltry 3,000, this can’t be seen as other than a tremendous victory for the Church of Sweden (Lutheran).

There are no surprises about who follows close behind: Protestant Church in Switzerland (score of 38.5), Church of Norway (36.5), and rounding out the bottom five most debased, Protestant Church in the Netherlands (36).

We saw the top two based Churches. Taking third place was the Russian Orthodox Church (score f 2.5), Armenian Apostolic Church (3), and tying for fifth place, with 3.5 points each, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia and Georgian Orthodox Church.

It has to be said, the East beat the Hell out of themselves.

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  1. Sheri

    The world has gone to hell. It’s that simple. It really has zero desire to come back. Banging kids will be normalized soon, where it isn’t all ready (like the Prez and the Democrat party). The border is happy hunting for sex traffickers and kid bangers. This the America Obama wanted and so did 81 million Biden voters. It’s why parents let their kids watch garbage on TV (they hate their kids). So, get used to it.

    Virtually all churches worship Satan. Check carefully before you believe it’s anything but a hell loving church, should you want such a thing. The god worshipped is virtually always Satan (Pelosi and Biden worship Satan—it’s why they “god” and never call their god by name. Probably the same reason the Pope never discusses his “god”. Doesn’t want to use the correct name.).

    Kudos to Poland for trying to hang in there. I assume they will lose at some point. Religion, like freedom, is just way to much work. Going straight to hell is actually really easy. Still, I want to know what Sodom and Gomorrah did that they were destroyed and how come there was a flood when we are still breathing. It’s virtually impossible to out-evil America and the world today. So the standards for this have apparently followed the Army standards after women were let in–very, very lax.

  2. Sheri

    Bing says two males are expecting twins. NO, THEY ARE BUYING KIDS. Why don’t we call the sale of kids to same-sex couples what it is: Selling of babies?????? Again, why is the earth not burning by now? We are so, so horrible.

  3. Amateur Brain Sugeon

    Dear Briggs. Let’s not forget Judges 19

    While they were making merry, and refreshing their bodies with meat and drink, after the labour of the journey, the men of that city, sons of Belial, (that is, without yoke,) came and beset the old man’s house, and began to knock at the door, calling to the master of the house, and saying: Bring forth the man that came into thy house, that we may abuse him.

    Sodomites are the sons of Belial, the Devil which suggests that maybe Hell is decorated with rainbow banners.

  4. John B(S)



    Judges 19 is pretty messed up

    Comparing the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to Judges 19
    is like Richard Simmons bitchslapping a trucker

    Don Corleone had nothing on the Levite

  5. John B(S)

    I just saw a clickbait story …
    … something about … intersex

    I’m guessing that’s what the ‘I’ means

    I’m guessing Queer has fallen out of favor since it sounds like a choice

  6. Codex

    I did not think there were any healthy European Lutheran churches left: the faithful had all fled, and the remainder sucked at the State’s tit. Good on ypu , Latvia!

  7. remnny

    Pretty sure the “I” stands for “Intersex” – a vanishingly small group of people with birth defects that render them neither male nor female. I don’t know why you’d lump them in with the rest of the rainbow menagerie when their (legitimate!) issues have nothing to do with those of the other identities.

  8. Tomasz

    Greetings from Poland everyone! I am glad to hear this news. Poland’s Church scoring the lowest in this kind of test is definitely a good thing. I am afraid, that it would not last long, though. There is ongoing war against Catholic Church in Poland, led by mass media and left-wing politicians. Unfortunately, one can easily predict its outcome. They try to make Church as odious as possible, especially for young people. On top of that, our Church lacks of leaders who could stand up against all of this. Bishops authority is undermined day after day by pedophilia accusations and so on. I can only hope, that Polish Church will not try to score more points in the future to stop decline in its members (especially young ones).
    I wish you all the best Mr. Briggs. This is a great website, and I read your articles with great interest. Keep it up!

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