Fabulous Fauci Falters; Vexxine Causes Most Harm In Those Least Needing It; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXIV


This is one on many threads concerning The Fauci Emails, which sounds like a tacky late-80s cold-war thriller.

It’s all there (complete link?): masks don’t work, and Facui knew it; cheap drugs like HCQ do work, and Fauci quashed them; there were decisions to be made, but Fauci had to take time to preen like a whore. On and on. And on some more.

The worst of all are the damning indications the coronadoom was indeed engineered in a gain-of-lethality experiment. Perhaps as a bioweapon, perhaps in the blind chase of “the science”. Either way, it got out. Huge pile of corpses. But also remember the Asian Flu of ’57 and the Hong Kong flu killed many more, proportionally. And nobody swung because of these killers. (There was also no panic.)

The comedy never stops. The guy, Kristian Anderson, who alerted the Fabulous Fauci to the coronadoom’s origin, apparently after juicy cash grant, ran away. It’s likely he’ll now develop a poor memory.

Our rulers have three choices. Keep denying everything, cover everything up, or make limited public sacrifices. Denial is no longer a sane option. It’s too far out. Still, some “journalists” are trying it, mostly out of reflex. It’s doubtful, as we’ll see, they’ll do it for long. However, it depends on what the media’s paymasters want.

Covering up will work to an extent, because a full investigation would require the cooperation of China and China admitting a mistake. As the comedian said, rotsa ruck!

In previous weeks, we saw they were edging out Bill “Blot Out The Sun” Gates, who, we recall, just a couple of years back ran a pandemic “simulation”, which equipped him to give all that great advice these last two years.

Now they are apparently showing Fauci what his grave will look like. You know it’s bad when an addled and controlled publication like Vanity Fair abandons celebrity tittle-tattle and goes for the gut.

None of this will be revealing or a surprise to those of you who have followed this from the beginning. Maybe you didn’t know some of the names, and their titles. But who cares?

It’s clear enough we realized none of the promised benefits of the gain-of-lethality experiments. Were vaccines and treatments ready to go for this man-made bug? No. Was anything learned in the GOL experiments to slow its spread? No. It’s also clear that if this bug was an accidental release, there could very well be more.

The solution would thus seem to be stop all GOL experiments. Fine. But what if, as is likely, China doesn’t stop? Then some Western scientist will say we have to keep going in order to discover what the Chinese might be doing. The Chinese would then make the same conclusion.

All making it more likely for more accidental releases.

Isn’t the science grand?


We’re at the point our rulers are leaking news about vexxine harm:

One story says, “As of May 28, VAERS contains 4,561 reports of post-Covid jab fatalities.” With or from, or what the split is, nobody knows.

We discussed VAERS before. It’s not terribly systematic, making statistics difficult to glean. Here’s somebody who made the attempt, investigating myocarditis, which seems to occur most in teens (and boys) who have their second Pfizer shot. Which they probably didn’t need anyway, given the very low number of coronadoom deaths in teens.

Adverse events, hilariously enough, do seem to be more frequent in those who need the vaccine less.

Same is true in unhappy olde England:

And in Japan (thanks to Wrath of Gnon for the link), we have a report of “cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and intracranial hemorrhage” after a Pfizer shot. Also, “In Japan, 10 fatal cases (five men and women) have been reported to date. Four of the five women died of ICH and the other died of aspiration pneumonia, whereas all five men died of causes other than stroke.”

Mini-case histories are given in that paper (noting that they, unlike everybody else, use the word case correctly).


Well, we already knew this. But it’s nice to know others are discovering it, for what good it will do. Our rulers saw how easy it was to frighten us, and usurp power. Usurp is the wrong word. Quaking in fear, we begged our rulers to control us, all in the vain hope they would save our lives. Pathetic.

Anyway, a headline: “Lockdown ‘had no effect’ on coronavirus pandemic in Germany“.

Statisticians at Munich University found “no direct connection” between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country.

Instead, the study found infection rates had already clearly begun to fall before a national lockdown was imposed last November.

It also found clear evidence the rate was already falling on the two occasions the lockdown was tightened, in December and April.


Remember all the Expert predictions of doom for Florida, Texas, and even Nebraska, which never had any lockdowns or mask mandates?

Never happened. Indeed, Michigan, the greatest state, did worst. 205 deaths per 100K. Nebraska did best, 116 deaths per 100K.

Yet, somehow, I have the idea Experts will not admit error.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

All these numbers are old: we don’t have this week’s because of Memorial Day.

Daily tests (not shown; see here from Johns Hopkins) are dropping. This is the best news. They’re now around 650,000 a day. Panic won’t be over until this number sinks to same level as flu tests.

CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

Even with the late numbers, it’s still dropping. Even the media is now forced to admit it.

The week-of-the-year all-cause deaths.


Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place (above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are likely deaths caused by the panic.

Again, been saying this for weeks, but even accounting for late counting, 2021 deaths are at or below where’d we expect them. Yes, people really do die of things other than COVID.

Yes, really. Here’s proof:

Heart disease and cancer and—updateunclassified are killing more people now. Unclassified includes suicides, iatrogenic deaths, and so on. No panic over heart attacks or cancers or these other deaths. Why not?

Seriously. Why not?

Notice the spike in heart disease deaths at the start of the panic. Likely iatrogenic. Panic kills. Also notice the doom was only the top killer in winter time, and briefly at start of panic. I saw elsewhere claims all “excess” deaths in 2020 were the doom. No. The panic killed a great many, too.

Flu is still missing, but it’s always low this time of year, so I’ll skip the plot.

We heard the media try to juice the panic saying “variants” are spreading among the young. Maybe so, but, to date, only 309 people 17 and under died from the doom in the States. That’s up 9 in a one month period. Calm yourselves.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. Sharri Markson
    Our little Aussie reporting heroine.
    Keep up the good work Sharri

  2. I said the day Covid broke out NEVER would a cheap treatment be allowed. This was an opportunity to make MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. It’s no surprise at all they (government) were willing to kill to necessitate a very expensive treatment. Your government hates you.

    You know there is a serious problem with a vaccine that you have million dollar lotteries, give away guns, etc, to try and get people to take it. Biggest takeaway: THEY LIED. IT WAS NEVER THAT SERIOUS and people not taking the blue pill know.

    Why are idiots vaccinating 12 to 17 year olds? They were NOT a part of the testing and not part of the pandemic to any degree. Even a TENS unit for migraines that just came out says not to use if you are over 65 because it was never tested on those over 65. A TENS unit. And this is an invasive vaccine. Science was stabbed to death by this vaccine, obviously. (At least smallpox was fairly lethal and very contagious.)

    The blue dictators do not care and the lockdowns continue. People deserve what they voted for.

    SARS lasted 2 years. Looks like SARS 2 will do the same, except where encouraged to continue spreading.

    Heart disease and cancer are not contagious. That’s why no panic. Now, come up with a new contagious cancer and you’ll see mass panic.

  3. Young people are 100 times more likely to die of the vexxine as they are of the disease it supposedly prevents.
    This is proof enough that this isn’t about medicine or public safety. This is all about power, and is essentially a mass human sacrifice. (Why did you think New York deliberately sent sick people into nursing homes?)

  4. This just in: Anthony Fauci now recommends that face masks be worn to cover the eyes…
    so that we won’t be able to read his old emails. 😉

  5. Soon enough The Good Doctor will become “Trump-appointee, Fauci”.
    That’s when you’ll know…


  6. Nothing has really changed with the revelation the virus was made in a government
    controlled lab in Red China supported by NIAID funding. We have simply entered the
    persecution phase of ‘accidental lab leak deniers’. It’s basic UFOology 101…

  7. “SARS-CoV-2 has “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered”. That’s what HIV discoverer and noble prize winner Luc Montagnier already said in April last year . But he was ignored by everybody. You know, “the science”

  8. If the bug is of meticulous design, then surely an effective vaccine/antidote can be gleaned from the original blueprints. Now, the trick is to get those blueprints. Are there any intrepid 007s out there? 😉

  9. Paul; just spit ballin but the next big revelation may be that Moderna AstraZenica etc. have had the
    blue prints for quite some time now…a dangerous wayy wayy out there thought I know, but I just
    can’t help it.

  10. re: “Green line is 2021, red is 2020.”

    Should have continued: “And for those who are ‘color blind’ those two colors I offer no remedy …”

  11. Incitadus: I think it quite likely the pharma companies already had the “vaccine” in the works long before any “pandemic.” I don’t have the link now, but saw a report recently alleging that people in China were already being vaxxed in 2019. And the timetable of events for some many things related to Covid just doesn’t just doesn’t add up: One day after the WHO declared a “pandemic,” for example, Dr. Drosten in Germany already had the PCR tests ready to go? And despite years of research, no viable vaccine for a coronavirus of any kind – never mind mRNA “vaccines” safe merely for human testing, not even widespread usage – had been brought to market, yet less than 9 months after the appearance of this supposedly “novel coronavirus,” there are at least 6 vaccines in widespread use (2 of them mRNA), all totally safe and effective? Yeah…nothing fishy here at all! Just doesn’t add up. Whole thing is a scam from the beginning. Not a scam in that it the virus doesn’t exist at all, but a scam in terms of what it really is, how and why created/released, severity, treatments, nature of the “vaccines”, etc.

    And now it’s come to light that Gates-funded GAVI has been funding anti-Ivermectin ads (disguised to look like news reports) on Google. Why are some people so hell-bent on making sure people can’t get safe, cheap, effective treatments?

    Also, while the lab origin story is important, even more important is to remember that no matter where it came from, the response – basically worldwide capitulation and marching in lockstep (sound familiar? Read the 2010 Rockefeller report on “operation lockstep”) to a CCP psy-op and pressure to induce never-before contemplated global lockdowns – was wholly unjustified and extreme, and did not have to be as it was. “The virus” didn’t ravage the world for the past year, destroying lives and livelihoods, wrecking kids’ educations, destroying social life, and enabling a fraudulent election by mail. People did all of this – tyrannical, mendacious, evil scum willfully engaged in massive crimes against humanity, and in many places they continue. And those people must be made to pay severely for their crimes.

  12. Dennis you’re a braver man than I…but entertain for a moment the ability of a country
    to test the virus on captive political prisoners and develop convalescent plasma treatments
    and or vaccines before the virus is released. ‘Anything can happen on the way to Leydsdorp’ .

  13. Blueprints for the Covid-19 virus? It’s genome was sequenced early in 2020, right? Isn’t that the blueprint? And didn’t they find a bat virus with a genome so close that they effectively had before-and-after snapshots of the manipulations? It seems that “offense is easier than defense” also applies to viruses and vaccines.

    As far as how relatively quickly companies came up with their vaccines, when you remove the lawyers and the FDA from the picture, it’s not too surprising, I think.

    Yes, lots of really bad stuff happened all around Covid-19, much worse than the disease would have been by itself, but I’m still going with “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” and as Sheri says, “follow the money money money”. Throw in “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and the law of unintended consequences, and I’m not inclined to jump on any conspiracy bandwagons just yet. Being evil can take a lot of effort, stupid is usually the path of least resistance.

    Did I miss any apropos aphorisms?

  14. Thank you for continuing to provide these updates, Mr. Briggs; they are much appreciated.

  15. Not sure what I saids “brave,” just how it seems to me.

    As for following the money…yes, insofar as it goes for most. But one of the chief global actors in all of this has more money than all but maybe a few people who’ve ever lived…his nefarious motives must be sought elsewhere.

  16. China today under the Maoists is not innovative. They are good copycats, but not inventive or creative. They discourage outside-the-box thinking, choosing massive mind control instead.

    It follows that the scheme to poison the world with a lab altered/engineered virus was Western in origin. There are only a handful of people who could have orchestrated such a thing. It required a lot of money and connections with the Red Chicoms, and it had to generate massive profits (or else why do it?).

    Fauci has been Bill Gates’ lap dog for a long time. Gates’ finger prints are all over the WuFlu pandemic. The money, the connections, the investment in Moderna — all the circumstantial evidence points to Bill.

    Dennis opined that somebody worth $100 billion is no longer interested in making more. Au contraire; it’s all he is interested in.

  17. Dennis it’s just that I like to use weasel words like spit-ballin, maybe, could etc. I figure when
    the liberal inquisition dons the red robes and starts dragging people out for the floggings,
    hangings, and eye enucleations I be on the list but they’ll come for you first. Somehow I
    admire that.

  18. Hi Briggs,

    Regarding the case of the disappearing flu, how likely is it that the old values/estimates are wrong and that the new values are true?

    In other words, do we really know that anyone died of the flu before 2019? There was some corporate push for flu vaccines, after all.

  19. Incitadus: “I’ll be on the list but they’ll come for you first…” Ha! Thanks…If I disappear soon, I’ve either been silenced by the Deep State or taken the BAP Pirate Option (the truly Based version of the Benedict Option, you might call it).

    Uncle Mike: “Dennis opined that somebody worth $100 billion is no longer interested in making more. Au contraire; it’s all he is interested in.”

    He may be interested in making even more, but not for it’s own sake. He doesn’t need more money, what he wants is more power and control (I also think Gates is frankly a deeply disturbed person who gets off on the idea of jabbing everyone with syringes full of his concoctions – there’s an interview online from a few years ago where you can see the deranged orgasmic joy in his eyes as he describes “just shooting it [a vaccine] right into their [some Third World kids] veins” – and he and his family have been obsessed with eugenics and population control for decades).

  20. My dad used say the press asked John D Rockefeller about his wealth and wanted to how much he needed?

    He supposedly said just a little more

  21. Excellent post by Briggs and great comments. Johnno, thanks for the links to the Rappaport site, whom I’d heard of but I’d never read, discussions there about how the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been proven to exist.

    There were some interesting info/links in the comments section there, incl. short news clip, dated Jan 21, 2021, from NBC Evening News, “Return to Wuhan, what life is like one year later”, where Dr. Wu, spokesman for the Chinese Center for Disease Control, makes (what ought to be) an astonishing claim (@1:40):

    Reporterette: “Why hasn’t the data been shared?”

    Dr. Wu: “Well, they didn’t isolate the virus, that’s the issue.”

    We see from Sherri Markson et al. that Fauci and others were playing coy about the virus being “engineered in a lab” long before this CCP spokes-scientist declared the virus hadn’t been isolated. So which is it? Engineered, or never isolated? How can it possibly be both?

    To summarize what we know, kinda, sorta, for sure, from generally available info, Briggs, CDC and elsewhere:

    1. The average age of death from the Coronadoom is 80, plus 2.5 co-morbidities. The average age of death overall, in the U.S. is 79. The average survival rate is about 99.98, so not very deadly, about the same as a bad flu season.

    2. The influenza virus, of which strains (allegedly) kill up to 30-60K people each year in this country, has allegedly “disappeared,” and almost all deaths attributed to respiratory illness such as pneumonia, often due (we were told then) to influenza complications, are now classified as Covid deaths, because of “positive tests”, and “cases”.

    3. Since the advent of Vexxines, and the Biden Regency (appointed not elected), and due to widespread challenges to the validity of the PCR tests and their overly-sensitive thresholds, much stricter standards were ushered in, for now-inconvenient “positive tests” and “cases”

    Here’s where I’m confused:

    1. As of January 21, 2021, as we saw in the NBC video, we’re told that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had never been isolated, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control. This claim is supported elsewhere, using weasel words such as “the virus has never been isolated,” but others might just say, “(ergo), the virus doesn’t exist.” Would they be wrong? If so, why?

    2. Despite all this, we’re now told that gov’t-approved scientists and drug companies have enough information about this virus (which has never been isolated?), to not only manufacture a “vaccine” but to also Fess Up (“Gee, we’re so ashamed, oops!”) that the virus was “engineered”, probably in the Wuhan Lab. Despite telling us a month or two earlier, that the virus had never been isolated.

    We were also told, for awhile and periodically, that the SARS-CoV-2 “escaped from a bat”, at a live food market… that never actually sold bats….just a few blocks from the Wuhan Lab.

    Here’s what else we know for sure:

    1. During the The Pandemic™ we’ve had the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

    Small businesses around the world were shut down as non-essential, and we were herded by the hundreds and thousands into big box stores purveying mostly Chinese goods, or forced to stay home and use Amazon.

    As a result, the global mega-billionaires are now close to trillionaires, while the middle class is on its way to decimation, by the two-edged sword of taxation and inflation; both brought on by printing money, backed by hot air, in order to pay for projects and programs dedicated to our own destruction. Do I have that about right?

    2. Also during The Pandemic™ we were trained up in obedience.

    Feeling free, now, without the mandatory mask? Keep it handy for the next “variant.” Enjoying those small local shops and restaurants again, at least the ones who survived the shut-downs? Just wait until there’s another lesson to teach… maybe some “anti-vax” public sentiment in need of taming….”We’ll let you re-open when 77% have received our little “booster”. (You might feel a little prick.)

    How can a virus that was “never isolated” be “engineered in a lab?” As the NBC reporterette tells us at the end of their “news” clip, “China’s government is crafting it’s OWN narrative….” Narrative-crafting seems to be all we get these days, from our own government as well.

  22. A good court case in Kentucky came down Wednesday that slapped the Governor and his health advisors around a good bit (and got some digs in at Fraudci). Briggs said on his Twitter that he’d be posting about it soon, so I’ll wait to comment further until his post.

    We need many such cases!

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