Troy 2.0 — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Troy 2.0 — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The question has fairly arisen: do I still stand by my prediction(s) made in my book, The Barbarian Bible.

The answer, of course, is ‘Yes’. Double yes, to be exact. In every detail? No, nobody’s that good! But my core assertion stands, and it is this: that there was given to mankind a prophecy of what would transpire at (or near) The End.

The prophecy came at the time of the Fall of Troy. It is pregnant today. We may see a Caesarian delivery. Soon.

Of course, those who believe in the eternal existence of matter will have no use for anything I say involving The End. Since they haven’t any evidence to prove their belief, they simply spend all their time demanding to see my evidence. When you show them the world, they say ‘So what?’. So what’s the point of dealing with them? Since creation is literally The Word’s ech, and you can’t see a sound, they feel vindicated. Which is fine. There needs to be a group of losers that finally proves the point. When it’s too late to change. I can wait.

Back to my original point; the prophecy of Calchas, the Greek seer who saved Aeneas from Calchas’ Greeks as they sacked Troy. This prophecy is recounted in the originally un-titled work by Quintus of Smyrna. It is known today by various titles, including The War at Troy and What Homer Didn’t Tell.

This volume, by whatever name, tells of the actual fall of Troy (which neither the Iliad nor the Odyssey do). Quintas is the actual source of the recounting of the fall of Troy. And it is in the actual fall that we can know the future with certitude.

Here’s my main point: that everything we need to know (about the future) was revealed at Troy, around 3,200 years ago. And the one who revealed it (Calchas) was right as rain, so far. I’ll try and recite from memory:

Stop hurling your cruel arrows and destructive spears at mighty Aeneas. It is decreed for him by the splendid plan of the gods to go from Xanthus to the broad stream of Tiber. There he shall fashion a sacred city, an object of wonder for future generations and he shall himself be lord of a widespread people. The stock born from him shall therefore rule all the way from the rising to the setting sun.

In my book, I deal at length with the timing of both Homer and Quintus, and the sequence of their tellings. But I make the point that the arguments surrounding the question of who wrote first are simply designed to distract us from the real meat, which is this: Was (and is) the prophecy true?

Well, has there been a sacred city founded on the Tiber? And has it lasted for at least 2,000 years (if not 3,200)? You got anything better than that? Who cares if Calchas was a pagan? God has used pagans (and even animals) before to speak the truth. Remember Balaam and his ass? We don’t have to decide whether Calchas was referring to Imperial Rome, or Holy Rome. Or both. The point is that the city was built, and still stands, as the head of both Romes.

Now you may say that Imperial Rome fell, but you’d be wrong. We are the lineal, legal and literal descendants of The Empire. It, the Empire, has never fallen. Sure, Headquarters has moved occasionally (Constantinople, Old York, New York), but the franchises still serve the same menu.

Same thing for Holy Rome. A little time in the country (Avignon), a few exiles here and there, a loss of territory. But HQ remains, and the services are still the same. At least, the recipes haven’t changed. Some of the franchisees have gone a little bonkers, but that’s been true since the time of the Levites. Nothing new here.

Both of these facts (and they are facts, just read the evidence in my book) lead to my conclusion about Troy and its predictive value for New Troy (as Rome was first known).

The predictive key to understanding the words of Calchas is that just as Holy Rome has sacred scripture, so too does the Pagan world of The Greeks. The Judeo-Christian world has two Testaments, each with a theme. Justice and Mercy. Nobody wanted justice (for themselves), so God offered mercy to any who would claim it (by giving it to others).

The Pagan world has a similar makeup. The Old Testament of pagan antiquity is the Iliad. Its theme was Aggression. When that theme failed, after 10 long years before the walls of still-standing Troy, the new theme was established and Troy fell. That theme became the storyline of the subsequent Odyssey. That theme? Deception.

Now ask yourself, which theme worked for the Greeks? Why would you change a winning recipe? There it is. I contend that the Imperial (that is, Pagan) world has passed from its Old Testament to it’s New Testament, and it continues to operate in that new mode to this very day.

No, I’m not saying that Aggression has been abandoned by the Empire. I’m saying that aggression is generally reserved for those outside the fold (that is, the un-subdued). Remember, even the Trojans were part of the Greek world. In other words, this was a civil war. And deception proved to be the key to winning it. Now look at our Imperial world today and tell me that deception is not the sine qua non of Imperial behaviour today, especially as it relates to its own ‘citizens’.

Still not sure? Let me refresh your memory with a few deceptive words: Russia, collusion, coronavirus, lock-downs, masks, ventilators, vaccines, votes…want more?

All right then, how does this backdrop comport with my words written since well-before The Donald arose and then fell? And how do I see this whole thing panning out? Any change in my original forecast? Nope, not really. I still say, as I said at the beginning of my book, that the struggle is between four main groups and their four impostors. And that in the end, the impostors of both Imperial and Holy Rome would penetrate the walls of Troy once again. Using a horse, of course.

So, the prophecy comes down to these two questions: where is Rome today, and who occupies her dual thrones? (Read the book to find out who the other players and impostors are. And how the Chinese and Indians are likely to cancel each other).

Just who are these two impostors of the two Troys? They are from one and the same Slavic family, Komrade. The Greco-Russian Orthodox Church, and their secular siblings. As in, the Okhrana-Cheka-OGPU-NKVD-KGB-FSB (a.k.a., the eastern Deep State). These Russian descendants of these two wings of the two-headed eagle believe in the Slavic mantra that salvation comes from the Slavs. And that eventually, the Slavic meaning of their name (‘glory’) will eclipse the western-imposed meaning (slave’). All they have to do is wait.

Wait? Yes, absolutely. Time is their friend, not ours. That’s what the plan called for. And they have been executing it to perfection ever since it was adopted in 1959, just prior to the 81-Party Congress of 1960. The plan’s beginnings were laid by First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev in his ‘secret’ speech that vilified Stalin, to the 20th Party Congress in 1956. Naturally, this ‘secret’ speech was ‘leaked’, and the West ate it all up. And returned to their vomit, time and again.

The plan, as laid out by KGB Col. Anatoly Golitsyn (who helped devise it), called for a three-fold approach, with each leg based on Odysseus’ favorite tactic of deception. Here were the three legs of this stool:

  1. Where we are weak, we shall appear strong (and the converse, of course), as it relates to the actual economic and military power of the Soviet Union (aka Russia);
  2. Where we are united, we shall appear fragmented (as it relates to the worldwide movement of Communist parties);
  3. And every organ of information, both East and West, having been long-penetrated by party loyalists, will portray America as Imperialistic, racist, militaristic (and now, add homophobic, sexist, and so on and so on…).

In other words, Dezinformatsiya. In classic KGB style. Sound familiar? Here, let me help you remember their current franchise outlets—CNN, MSNBC, NPR, CNBC, ABC, AP, etc.

Anyway, these Russian chess geniuses, knowing the true economic and military state of the East, could see an end game coming soon, and it wouldn’t be favorable. The only possible material solution was to convince their opponents to walk away from the chess board. And the best way to convince them to do this was to appear to do it themselves, first. As in Glasnost. And Perestroika.

So the Cheshire Koshka appeared to disappear. And like the idiots in Troy, on seeing the empty beaches, we convinced ourselves that we had won. Then it was party time! Let’s spend that peace dividend, Komrades! We have spent ourselves into an entitlement hole that can never be rescinded, as the newly-entitled will never vote for that. But just to make sure, let’s buy some Dominion machines, eh?

The linchpin of this dis-information plan, of course, was the supposed fragmentation of the Communist bloc, presaged by Yugoslavia, Albania and Czechoslovakia, but written galactically-huge by the supposed Sino-Soviet split. Which, of course, was swallowed whole by the supreme idiot in the West, Richard Nixon. Who promptly opened up western markets to the Red Dragon, to lure the Chinks away from Russian influence. Thanks, Kissinger. This playbook was followed by every President since, until Donald threatened to end the charade by pulling the curtain back and exposing the little man currently behind the curtain. A man named Vlad.

Yes, Vlad. You knew he had to appear sometime, right? You know he was a former KGB agent, right? Except, that’s like calling someone a ‘former’ Marine. Ain’t no such thing, of course, and it’s a good way to get your nose flattened. But those who point out his past so loudly seem totally oblivious to what it really means. They forget (or never knew) his grandfather, Spiridon Putin, was the personal cook of both Lenin and Stalin. They seem to think Vlad, of all people, somehow (‘randomly’?) ended up in power after the chaos of the 90’s and early 2000’s. That, my friend, is totally insane.

Let me lay it out for you. There has been a war in progress from the early 1800’s onward, known as The Great Game. The purpose was to encircle an area of land that holds somewhere around two-thirds of all the mineral wealth on earth. Including the leading position in the production of gold, diamonds, oil, gas, coal and uranium. This land is thinly populated, making it difficult to defend. The only defenses it has are that it lies inland and has extreme temperature swings. Making it hard for the Sea People of Imperial Rome (and its lineal descendants in Old York and New York) to subdue and rape it.

You want me to believe that somehow, this incredible multi-century effort to subdue the Slavs (and their wealth) just went out the window when the ‘former’ Soviet Union supposedly collapsed? Really?

Now, somehow, this economic basket case from the 90’s is somehow in possession of incredibly advanced weaponry? And that no matter what sanctions we slap on them, they somehow continue to progress on all fronts?

And lastly, that she has this incredible cats-paw named China. A paw that seems to be on best terms with her supposedly implacable ‘enemy’? And who is mass producing military hardware that looks amazingly Russian in design. And all of this has occurred under the ‘random’ leadership of some former nobody? Are you serious?

So let’s stop and ask ourselves something here. Who is the idiot in this scenario? Me? Well, I warned us a decade ago this was happening. And it is undeniable now that it has happened. The Empire is on its last legs, and spending the last of its wealth in an unimaginable frenzy, on things clearly designed to cripple it further. Like paying people not to work. Like paying your armed forces to become armed farces. Like demonizing the underlying ethos (Christianity) that the Empire (mis)used to sustain itself this long.

Now the only danger we present to our enemies is the possibility that we might cause them to laugh themselves to death. Before the final coup de grace, of course. Which is coming, and which was the point of my book.

What will that be? Simple, Komrade. We will soon see a Russian Pope. Which, paradoxically, may be the only thing that can (materially) save us. I’ve written of this for the past four years, to no avail. Why? Because if it isn’t in the MSM (which includes Fox), it simply doesn’t exist in the minds of most people. No one west of Istanbul seems aware of the terrible war currently raging within the world of The Orthodox. A civil war that is becoming increasingly un-civil. And it is not a new thing.

Its origins go back to 1666, when Tsar Alexi deposed Patriarch Nikon of Moscow. And subjugated the Church in Russia to the Throne of the C-Zar. Go ahead, sound it out. Caesar. This is the age-old war between Church and State, and the state has won in Russia. Or has it?

I still contend that the animosity created by this subjugation still exists, in spades, in Moscow, the Third Rome. You do know that is how she sees herself, right? And that the rest of the Orthodox world has assented to this for over three centuries, right? But now the lid’s about to blow, because the Russians are about to be isolated in their last redoubt. Religion. If salvation comes from the Slavs, as their true-believers believe, then any attempt to strip away the other 13 ‘local’ churches of the East is a declaration of war. A religious war. And that’s the nastiest kind, you know.

Here’s where we are. Moscow, the ‘Fifth Patriarchate’, sees itself as the rightful holder of the titles of both Holy and Imperial Rome. Both wings of this eagle are intermarried to both thrones, civil and ecclesial.

And both wings are headed by ‘former’ KGB men. Patriarch Kyrill is no less deadly than Vlad. That will soon become clearer to those blinded in the West, but it may be too late. And here’s where things may take an even weirder turn. I believe that Patriarch Kyrill actually has more power than Vlad. Ask yourself this, Komrade: if Czar Vlad were to try and depose Patriarch Kyrill today, would it reprise Alexi’s win of 1666? I doubt it. But if Kyrill were to withdraw his ecclesial approval of Vlad, what might happen? Could Vlad survive? I say no.

Keep in mind that the Russian people despise the rotted softness of the West. Sure, they want more material goods, who doesn’t? But who is willing suffer like a Russian? No matter what the West throws at Mother Russia, she absorbs the beatings and plods onward. Why? Because she is convinced of the righteousness of her origins and her foretold fate. Her time will come. They firmly believe that, regardless of how un-churched they may be. That is the only coherent explanation for her patient perseverance. But all things have a limit, Komrade.

And who exemplifies the righteousness of Russia more so than her Church? And who leads this church? Kyrill. And where does he lead it? Away from Western rot, that’s where. Where can you find a Christian church today that is uniformly pro-life, pro-family and pro-fatherland? How many guesses do you need? And if there was to be a showdown over these issues within Russia, which proponent of these values is more powerful, Kyrill or Vlad? Who blesses whom?

Please, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t trust Kyrill any more than I do Vlad. KGB is KGB. But who will get to play the leading role in the near future? At least, who has been slated for it? But funny things can happen. In the blink of an eye. And while the West continues the Great Game of trying to encircle Russia and her un-tapped wealth, their methods have deceptively shifted. The method now is to strip Orthodox Russia, the Third Rome, of her title. Her ecclesial title, that is. You have to chop off one head at a time when the eagle has two heads. Best to chop off the one without the nukes, eh?

So Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople (Istanbul) is going to try and do what Julian the Apostate tried and failed to do. Julian tried to resurrect Old Israel (by re-building the Temple) in order to give lie to the Christian’s claim to be New Israel. He gave up when fire belched (repeatedly) from the bowels of the Temple Mount and fried Julian’s construction crew.

Patriarch Bartholomew, on the other hand, has the State Department behind him, and so he believes he is invincible. He no longer sees himself as ‘first among equals’ as all the other Patriarch’s styled him for a thousand years. No, now he is called ‘first without equals’. Never mind that he has had to create multiple new jurisdictions (like in Ukraine) that willingly afford him this title and praise. No problem! Just wave a wand and consecrate some renegade priest from one of the other ‘local churches’, and voila! Now I am the Pope of the East!

Isn’t that a problem? After all, there happens to be a Pope of the West (who, technically speaking, claims universal authority). Again, no problem! Why? Because those two Popes are love-birds, and are going to effect a (false) unity in the Church, overall. After all, even the Empire had two Caesars, for centuries, right? So, no problemo, señor;

By re-vivifying Second Rome, it rather obviates anyone’s claim to being the Third Rome. And that’s the problem as I see it. Musical chairs. Somebody’s gotta lose. If Second Rome re-establishes relations with First Rome, who needs Third Rome? So much for that pedigree, eh Komrade?

Bottom line: this isn’t going to play well at the Bolshoi. And when Russia happens to bumble into Europe again (to save it from Islam, say), she’s likely to make sure that Istanbul (Second Rome) falls along the way. And First Rome too. Two can play that game, right?

That’s when our last chance comes. Who will be on the Ecclesial Throne of Moscow when he happens to bump into Peter and Andrew? Will it still be Kyrill? Or will there be a Donald-moment, when the un-expected happens, and someone ‘deplorable’ ascends it? And who’s to say Peter’s Chair will even be occupied when theGendarme of Europe makes his next round? In which case, it’s all up for grabs. What’s a fellow to do in a situation like this?

Better call Mom. We need a little help. Here’s her number: Et Cum Spiri 2-2-0.


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  1. Sheri

    I totally disagree. I do not believe there is any possible way to see the end distinquished from other Dark Ages. It’s an assertion I see often, but is not justifiable in any way. People use it to push religion and appear that they understand what really no one, including God, know when the event will happen.

    Anyone can string together events that give the answer they want to find. It’s like modeling.

  2. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    “No problemo, señor”: hahaha, gooood one…

    1) One problem all these prophecies have is they fail to mention the JEWISH [false] messiah and the 3rd temple. In today’s world, so vastly and profoundly dominated by them, it’s a tough to swallow omission…

    2) Yeah, Russia, China… the muslims, the indians… and THE JEWS have to be counted on….

    3) And, besides, saying the United States is the support of the true Church: the main exporter of lgbtqi+ in history, the main exporter of abortion and contraception in history, so the biggest genocidal force in history, the main force behind the fall down of the biggest number of Christians, of Catholics, in history, the Iberoamerican Catholics, etc., in that role is a fantasy…

    4) Lastly, the trojan horse doesn’t have to be a Russian pope, but a red one: there you go, Bergoglio us your man…

  3. Dean Ericson

    Great stuff. Good recap on the fall of Troy. Calchas prophecy, had forgot that part. Agree, history an ongoing drama of recurring stock characters and themes. More later, chores calling.

  4. Any towering “prophecy” based on Anatoli Golitsyn’s ravings is built on a very rickety foundation.

    In the ’60s, Golitsyn simply told the mad James Angleton what he wanted to hear.

    Then, through the 80s and 90s, to keep relevant, he fabricated more elaborate tales, again telling stories some were eager to hear (viz this article).

    Of course, all his fabrications were inter-woven with snatches of the real world. But complete fabrications, nonetheless.

    Details of one of Golitsyn’s follies:

  5. Dennis

    I’d take Czar Vladimir over Dementia Joe any day.

    “she’s likely to make sure that Istanbul (Second Rome) falls along the way…”

    One can only hope. It is to the great shame of the West that it constantly over the years (such as during the Crimean War, and earlier during the Turkish wars of Catherine the Great) thwarted Russian efforts to recover Constantinople for Orthodoxy from the Turks, rather than helping them. The great Vladimir Soloviev dedicated his “Lectures on Godmanhood/Divine Humanity” to the “restoration of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.” May his prayer come true!

  6. Incitadus

    Ianto: What are we going to do when God shows up in a UFO?

    Having long ago conquered all biological frontiers aliens have overcome
    death. The end of adolescence actually occurs at about a hundred years which is why
    humans remain so child like into what they believe is old age.

  7. Dean Ericson

    Okay, finally read the whole thing, fascinating, but Comrade! — you haven’t accounted for the Esquimeaux in all this. Consider the editorial penned by Churchill in 20, or 21, in that Brit newspaper. And what Solzhenitsyn had to say on the matter, and the oovers of EMJ and Kmac, among others. Too much for a com box blabbo. Briggs, you need to host a summit with Watt and some of your worthies here. We’ll get to the bottom of it all. I’ll bring a bottle of Wild Turkey 101. Or whatever Watt prefers. It’ll be a priceless discussion.

  8. Dean Ericson

    Icitadus: ”The end of adolescence actually occurs at about a hundred years which is why
    humans remain so child like into what they believe is old age.”

    I used to work for a wise man who delighted in informing us that, “it’s only the first hundred years of life that are difficult.”

  9. Johnno

    Carlos Julio –

    That’s assuming these prophecies and the time of THE AntiChrist will occur in the same period of history.

    My presumption is that what we are going through is the practice round before that time period. A foreshadowing. God giving us a mid-term test before the finals.

    We are, of course, failing spectacularly…

    I’m assuming we’re in the mid-terms precisely because the real event is described as being so horrifying to the believers that by the time all this is over – at the Final Judgment – Purgatory will be over, and the living will never have to pass through its fires, having already undergone their purgation while on Earth.

    If our standard of horrifying atrocities is akin to the Holocaust and other historical persecutions, then we are not yet at that moment and must realize that even those didn’t qualify due to their more local nature.

  10. Dean Ericson

    Dennis, looking forward to meeting you at Briggs’ summit with this crazy barbaric Welshman, Watt.

  11. Dean Ericson

    Kent, I know, you looked into it and didn’t find anything. But you need to keep looking. Briggs, invite Clizbe, I’ll give him a good beating. Of course, he might chew me up, but that’s all in good fun.

  12. Briggs


    A Summit is a marvelous idea. If it’s in person, we need billionaire to fund.

    But maybe something on line can be done.

  13. Dean Ericson

    Johnno: ”If our standard of horrifying atrocities is akin to the Holocaust and other historical persecutions, then we are not yet at that moment…”

    Well, you’re a real bucket of cheer.

    Kidding, pal.

  14. Dean Ericson

    ”If it’s in person, we need billionaire to fund.”

    Bah. We pay our own way.

    ”But maybe something on line can be done.”

    I can’t pour Watt a drink online.

  15. I’ll be keeping all this in mind, going forward …

  16. Dean Ericson

    You call it, we show up.

    I know it’s a pain in the kiester.

    But fun.

  17. Dean Ericson

    If it’s in Chiang Mai or Tai Pei or Ho Chi Minh City I’ll have to get my damn passport renewed.

  18. Briggs


    You inspire me. We’ll see…

  19. Dennis

    “If it’s in person, we need billionaire to fund.”

    Maybe Sylvain can hit up the Hong Kong gf for a contribution! 🙂

  20. “Kent, I know, you looked into it and didn’t find anything. But you need to keep looking. Briggs, invite Clizbe, I’ll give him a good beating. Of course, he might chew me up, but that’s all in good fun.”

    Sign me up!

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