Whites Aren’t Human; Therefore They Can Be Eaten

Whites Aren’t Human; Therefore They Can Be Eaten

Since they are not born human, and therefore she wouldn’t be a cannibal if she consumed one, how many whites do you think Ashleigh The Lion (the name she gave to herself) ate to achieve her remarkable size?

Let us move Swiftly to answer this question. Yet as we do, we must first note there is a paradox hidden in the query. Americans, including non-human American whites, are fat. Perhaps not as blubberous as Ashleigh The Lion, whose efforts to pack on flesh are clearly in the award-winning category; but whites are fat nonetheless.

The paradox is that eating animal fat is good for you. Eating fat produces muscle and health. So if Ashleigh The Lion is eating whites, who are fat, why doesn’t she look healthy and beautiful? Why does she instead, with her pointer, look like a seaweed-covered narwhal after a year-long diet of pancakes that washed up on the beach weeks ago? Something is going on.

Now, much of that fat in the non-human whites is gained by eating sugar and soy-laced products. (This isn’t just an industrial fattening up process. They do this willingly, even eagerly.) This makes whites not only fat, but weak and slow and easy to catch (this hunter has been taking advantage of that fact).

It’s possible, of course, Ashleigh is discarding the fat of the whites she has captured and fleeced, eating only their lean flesh. This isn’t likely, though, because the fat is the most delicious part of beasts. It’s doubtful she’d forgo the best-tasting parts entirely.

This brings us to the most controversial point of this post. Could the fat in whites be retaining the soy and other strange chemicals used in their feed?

If so—hear me out, here—then Ashleigh is, in effect, eating the same diet as the non-human whites. Hence her monumental physique.

In the olden days, we’d say, then, that soy and strange chemicals were making Ashleigh fat. The implication being that being fat is unhealthy. But since the body positivity movement, this can no longer be said. Fat is every bit as healthy as unfat. At least, that’s what we have to say to avoid grief.

This brings us to the final heated question. Could it be the soy and strange chemical industry that is behind the fat positivity movement?

I don’t want to peddle a conspiracy theory, but think about it. Big Strange Soy (for short) makes a lot of product manufacturing feed for non-human whites. So far, no problem. Whites are animals, and there’s no cure for that condition, so, really, what’s the difference what they eat.

It’s also clear Ashleigh herds and fleeces non-human whites. Again, this is no problem. It’s impossible to do harm to animals. Last fact: Whites are fat because of Big Strange Soy. Ashleigh is fat because of her diet. This is also indisputable.

We can only conclude that eating non-human whites makes one fat. And, in spite of what we’re allowed or not allowed to say, being fat is not healthy.

In other words, Big Strange Soy is racist against Blacks.

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  1. Sheri

    Solution to problem: Repeat her statement LOUDLY and use the word “BLACK” instead of white. (Especially emphasis the “not human part”) Repeat frequently. Yes, you can be jailed, but Ashleigh never will be if you stand there and say nothing. And your silence is encouraging Ashleigh to eat your children. What a horrible person you must be.

    Of course BSS is racist against Blacks. Night is racist against blacks. Blacks are such losers that everything is racist against them. I didn’t say this—a very angry BLACK mother commenting on CRT did. She said it made blacks hopeless, look weak and made them losers.

    The happy outcome is Ashleigh’s diet is going to kill her soon, so all’s well that ends well.

  2. Steve (retired/recovering lawyer)

    Where’s Yonu Udonta when you really need him? After all, he kept the Ravagers from eating Peter Quill.

  3. Phil T.

    She’s baiting Whites into saying the same things about blacks. If Whites fall into the trap of comparing her to apes via evolution, she wins.

    How much welfare $$$ did that huge body consume?

    That much hate—and body fat—will cause a stroke/heart attack/diabetes.

  4. vince

    Nonsense repeated gets truth Deleted.

    Vigilance is our full time job…

  5. jwm

    In a better age and time people would pay a dime to walk into a sideshow tent to see this beast. She’d shake and shimmy that blubber around, maybe say some silly things, and all the boys would whoop and laugh.


  6. Dennis

    For all the Libtards saying “I bet Anti-CRT people can’t even define it…,” she is it. The pure embodiment of academic CRT dumbed-down even further to be implemented in the real world. Academic CRT itself is just po-mo jargon to make anti-white racism sound intelligent and palatable.

    What’s even more disgusting than this person’s presentation is the fact that all those middle-aged white women (and a couple men) are just sitting there placidly imbibing this BS without a word. If I were subjected to the racist harangues of this disgusting bloatpig, I sure as hell would not just sit there and nod along and take it like some mindless self-loathing white cuck.

    And then she stupidly calls herself “Ashleigh the Lion” (shouldn’t that be “lioness,” or is she a tranny too?) and expects people to Paypal her money after racially abusing them. What a sick and evil society this place has become.

  7. Stephen J.

    “The pure embodiment of academic CRT dumbed-down even further to be implemented in the real world.”

    Oh, that’s very simply expressed. The real-world meaning of all Critical Race Theory philosophy, theory and practice can be summed up in nine words: “If you’re white, and I’m not, you owe me.

    Conveniently, this can be adapted to any intersectional-oppressive dynamic one likes. “If you’re male / straight / Christian / rich / cis / English-speaking / literate / punctual ….” etc. etc. etc.

  8. Dean Ericson

    “Big Strange Soy is racist against Blacks.”

    That’s an original insight, Boss.

  9. Incitadus

    She’s just setting the tone for the next phase of the grift. People were probably
    there under HR mandate, they should all sue.

  10. Dennis

    “People were probably there under HR mandate, they should all sue.” Still no way any self-respecting person of any color should stand for being subjected to that, mandated by HR or not (that just makes it worse). And yes, they should sue under applicable Civil Rights laws as well as file claims against employer with EEOC for creating a “hostile work environment.” Whites need to learn to fight back and not just sit around taking this crap while the country and culture burn down around them.

  11. Dear Briggs. Many men respond to a column by typing LOL but his actually is a laugh out loud piece.


  12. Rudolph Harrier

    The “wow imagine how this would sound if you just replaced ‘white’ with ‘black'” thing only works on people who believe that different races should be treated equally. Those people generally don’t need any help in seeing why critical race theory is crazy.

    People who are open to critical race theory literally believe that whites are subhuman and blacks are a superior race. So when the speech is given with the word “white” they nod their heads and think “yeah, whitey needs to get what’s coming to him.” But if you say it with the word “black” they will say “that’s nonsense, blacks don’t fit any of the things being said.”

    To understand how it looks to them, consider the following statement “It’s a bad idea to keep a tiger as a pet. Tigers are brutal creatures that can easily tear a man limb from limb, and they are known to hunt people intentionally. If you keep a tiger in your house you are asking to be killed, and are posing a danger to your neighborhood.” Now suppose someone says “how ridiculous! Consider how that sounds if you replace ‘tiger’ with ‘bunny’!”

  13. Incitadus

    I see what you did there Rudolph but bunnies just can’t hunt…

  14. jorgen b

    The presenter is clearly not human. Humans don’t get that big.

  15. Brian Hunter

    The only difference between “the Lion” and your average BLM looter is that she’s figured out how to do her looting in air-conditioned comfort.

  16. @jorgen,
    Well, I beg to differ. I’ve seen humans bigger than that woman. Maybe not by much; but bigger. You don’t, of course, have to believe me. Yet what I’ve seen with my own eyes is what I’ve seen.

  17. John B(S)


    Watch out – this could happen to you

  18. Ashleigh Leighton is now called Hunter Leighton and considers herself “trans” — but still looks the same and still uses feminine pronouns. Instead of hating white people, she now spends most of her time hating “cis-het” (i.e. sexually normal) black men and anyone who dares to tell her she’s “not really trans.”

    No, I didn’t just make that up. Parody really has become impossible.

    So, Briggs, shame on you! Deadnaming a lion is still deadnaming!

  19. Uncle Mike

    Once again I’m relieved that nobody blames farmers for the porker people. Glad we’re past that one, anyway.

    Oh wait! What’s the Soy thing about? I’m meme challenged; is that a shot at farmers or not? Fake meat? Well okay. I’m all about real meat.

  20. Dennis

    “Ashleigh Leighton is now called Hunter Leighton and considers herself ‘trans’….she now spends most of her time hating ‘cis-het’ (i.e. sexually normal) black men and anyone who dares to tell her she’s ‘not really trans.’”

    Grifters gonna grift! LMFAO

    What an absurd clown world. And it just gets worse every day. The Apocalypse can come none too soon.

  21. Annife Campbell

    I am experiencing some problems running Williams’ code for calculating skill scores. Is there anyone here that I could talk to about getting some help. I truly appreciate this blog.

  22. Briggs


    Use the Contact page and send me an email describing your plight.

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