Vexxines Killing Kids? Cult Of The Mask; Cult Of The Science; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXVI

Vexxines Killing Kids? Cult Of The Mask; Cult Of The Science; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXVI


This is usually in the numbers section, but I worry the point I’m making is getting lost. The week-of-the-year all-cause deaths.

Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place (above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are likely deaths caused by the panic.

Please slow down and examine this carefully. You can see the green line is, and has been for some time, about where we’d expect it. Deaths rise from year to year because of natural population increase, people breaking the law to enter into the country, and so on.

The drop off at the end is late reporting. Those three black dots indicate the last three weeks. Three weeks from now, about 80% or so of all the deaths will have been counted. It can take, the CDC says, up to eight weeks to get a full count. So to be really sure, let’s look at eight weeks ago and earlier. This is week 17 and earlier.

See the dotted green line? That’s All Cause MINUS the COVID. Those numbers are way below where we’d expect them. You should be having a “Whoa, dude!” moment.

Why are the deaths so low?

There are three immediate explanations:

(1) The CDC is even later than usual in counting all cause deaths. This isn’t terribly likely , since they’ve been having the same lag (we have noticed) the past two years.

(2) So many old people succumbed to COVID last year, that there were fewer people left to die this year. This likely accounts for some of the weird discrepancy.

(3) The CDC (and everybody else) is over-estimating coronadoom deaths. We’re back to the early “dying with” and “dying from” controversy, juiced by the variant panic. This is the most likely explanation.

Look: if the doom was not with us, we’d expect that dotted line to be hovering above all the other yearly lines, just because of population increase alone. And then we’d add the doom deaths, making the thick green line even higher. So that when we subtracted the doom deaths from the thick green line, the dotted line would be hovering.

No matter which of these explanations, or all of them at some level, are true, it’s an indication the panic is being juiced to a certain extent.

(4) Bonus explanation! It could also be something new has entered the system and is killing off more people than we expected this time of year, and that these deaths are being assigned to the doom. What might this be? See below.

Understand that we are not saying people aren’t dying, but the assigned cause of death might differ.


I only spoke with Trump once, regrettably before the coroandoom was upon us. The subject was global warming, which was then, and now as the doom wanes, once again poised to kill us all. Doubtless we’ll be forced to discuss it for the foreseeable future. But if I were to have had access instead in early 2020, I would have used all my powers of persuasion to convince Trump to announce to the nation, “Wear a mask! Lockdown!”

Our elites and rulers would have been begun preaching about how mask wearing was racist, and how lockdowns were a white supremacist plot.

True, ardent Trump fans, who thought he could do no wrong, would have hunkered down in their bunkers and worn MAGA masks, even unto the grave. But these folks have no power, and it wouldn’t have mattered. More important would have been all the stores that would have had “NO MASKS!” signs, barring entrance to those who dared hide their faces.

Alas, it was not to be. As it was, Trump took the opposite position, which according to mysterious The Science™ formulas, meant scientists had to deny reality and blame white supremacy for the doom.

Like these rulers:

I believe Trump and other racists and white supremacists were for Ivermectin and other cheap, non-profit making drugs:

Read it.


There are—and I know you’ll find this difficult to believe—still a large number of nervous citizens, even “fully” vaccinated ones, still in the cult of the mask because, in their own words, they do not want to look like a Republican.

That’s science for you.

Here’s one:


I could post endless examples of this, but it’s tedious. You can do your own search.

One good news headline: Florida appeals court rules mask mandate is unconstitutional. Complainant “reasonably could expect autonomy over his body, including his face, which means that he was correct to claim an entitlement to be let alone and free from intrusion by Alachua County’s commission chairman”.

I got this paper last minute, and haven’t had a chance to read it: Mask mandate and use efficacy in state-level COVID-19 containment. The Abstract:

Results Case growth was not significantly different between mandate and non-mandate states at low or high transmission rates, and surges were equivocal. Mask use predicted lower case growth at low, but not high transmission rates. Growth rates were comparable between states in the first and last mask use quintiles adjusted for normalized total cases early in the pandemic and unadjusted after peak Fall-Winter infections. Mask use did not predict Summer 2020 case growth for non-Northeast states or Fall-Winter 2020 growth for all continental states.

Conclusions Mask mandates and use are not associated with slower state-level COVID-19 spread during COVID-19 growth surges. Containment requires future research and implementation of existing efficacious strategies.


At least this poor kid won’t die of the coronadoom. Which he ALMOST CERTAINLY wouldn’t have anyway, even unvexxinated. Only 193 kids <= 14 have died of the doom over past 18 months (official source).

Anybody have a count on how many the vexxines have killed in that age? VAERS says 8, but that source is troubled. And the push to vexxinate kids has only really begun.

Here are more anecdotes:

Item: Heart inflammation condition looked like heart attack in kids, pediatrician says: “Instead, the seven youths ages 14 to 19 were suffering from a very rare type of heart inflammation. It’s one that public health officials are beginning to link to Covid-19 vaccines.”

19-year-old Northwestern University freshman develops myocarditis, receives heart transplant, dead six weeks after second Moderna mRNA injection.

First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2: “By postmortem molecular mapping, we found viral RNA in nearly all organs examined. However, we did not observe any characteristic morphological features of COVID-19.”

Dr. McCullough: COVID Vaccines Have Already Killed Up to 50,000 Americans, According to Whistleblowers (American Greatness, too). “Dr. McCullough practices internal medicine and cardiology, is the editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, senior editor of the American Journal of Cardiology, editor of the textbook Cardiorenal Medicine, and president of the Cardiorenal Society.

“McCullough explained that because the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database only amounts to about 10 percent of the bad reactions to the vaccines, his team has had to go to other sources for information.”

This is my favorite denial: Fact Check-British Airways is not in ‘crisis talks’ with the government over vaccinated pilots. What’s that old saying about not believing a political rumor before it’s officially denied?

Don’t worry, Canadians! Like I said before, the fence they’re building around Ontario is to keep the bad people out, not you in.


Last week we reported that Boris Johnson wanted his citizens to become more feminine, which was the only way to defeat the coroandoom. He said this in the G7 meeting. Out loud. On camera.

He also believed Expert models of variant doom on their way. Here’s one of these Expert models. Note the date: 6 June.

Here’s the UK deaths (the prediction was hospitalizations, and of course deaths lag behind these):

You can go here for the hospitalizations, but the picture’s the same (don’t trust me: check). The 14th (last day available when I checked Sunday night) had 222 doom hospital admissions. The model said 1,000, if not thousands.

Write your guess in the comments below of how many Experts will lose their jobs over this blown forecast.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests (not shown; see here from Johns Hopkins) leveled off a bit. Around 610,000 a day. Panic won’t be over until this number sinks to same level as flu tests. That’s tens of thousands a day in flu season.

CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

The real crisis has long been over. What people forget is that people will always, now and forever, die of the coronadoom. It’s the irrational expectation death will disappear that prolongs this.

Here’s more proof the crisis is over:

Heart disease and cancer and—updateunclassified are killing more people now. Stroke is now about the same as COVID.

Those unclassified deaths are curious! The codes indicate those times when the doctors aren’t quite sure why the person died. For instance, “Ill-defined and unknown cause of mortality”.

Notice the rise of these unclassifieds. Could they be related to the vexxines? The rise is certainly co-incident with rise in vexxines. This is a forbidden question on social media, so don’t ask it, or they will ban you. That’s how The Science works, by limiting uncomfortable questions.

Here’s the standard state comparison:

Does your state still have restrictions, like Michigan, which had 207 deaths per 100,000? Or is your state free, like Florida, with its much older and sicker population had 175 deaths per 100,000?

Ask your state legislator today.

Flu is still missing, but it’s always low this time of year, so I’ll skip the plot.

We heard the media try to juice the panic saying “variants” are spreading among the young. Now the Dreaded Delta! Look friends, as usually happens, mutants arise. They usually spread easier but are less lethal. That appears to be happening here.

But people are pretending to forget things like this.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. Aaron Glover

    Trudeau is a minority PM, most did not vote him in.
    But you can be sure this “crisis” has been well used in the hope for a, Heaven-forbid, majority government.
    (Plus black face which has been forgotten in these woke times)

  2. Sheri

    Science IS politics. What was called science is dead and buried. Welcome to the new communist life.

    “But if I were to have had access instead in early 2020, I would have used all my powers of persuasion to convince Trump to announce to the nation, “Wear a mask! Lockdown!”” I hope that’s sarcasm. You would have agreed with Fauci and no one cared about Trump at that point. Trump had handed the buck off to Fauci and the dictator governors. I do question your political understanding.

    Two cheap drugs were rejected due to Trump???? NO NO NO NO NO He was just the name they used. Those two drugs would have been rejected under Biden. It’s about MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.

    The white supremacy came later. Your timeline is way off. This is why the right annoys me like the left. Everyone lies, everyone manipulates. The right does it now with antivaxxer garbage. I hate reading everything now because everyone lies on ALL sides. There is NEVER any mention of how many males die from heart problems out of the blue. I knew one personally and I don’t know that many people. In fact, I babysat him. He just died on the sofa one day—heart. NO HEALTH PROBLEMS. Waaaaaay before Covid. So scientifically, the right is anti-vaxxer using this crap to try and prove a NONSCIENTIFIC POINT. Not that the right cares about science either.

    If you REALLY gave a damn about science, you’d discuss lack of testing, lack of testing on certain groups, etc AND LEAVE OUT THE PROPAGANDA GARBAGE on the vaccine. You look as bad or worse than the left. At least they lie as part of their nature. The right claimed truth, but LIED.

    A mask mandate is irrelevant if you’re sick and it’s the only way in to the doctor. I also have to have a Covid test, etc., to get a test done. Or continue eating only bread and milk and coughing my tonsils out. A rational person doesn’t make a mask the hill they die on. At least THIS rational person is not sacrificing their existence over a piece of cloth. There are so many other fun ways to get even.

    I expect WIKI to be a scientific source hereafter and never mocked. Using that VAERS as any part (what was the other 90%?????????) means WIKI is just fine as science. WIKI thanks you so much for your endorsement.

  3. Sheri

    Oh, all of this is great for personal injurty lawyers. You no longer need a baseline for anything. Exposure to any substance can be sued for. NONE of the males mentioned had any baseline except they had no medical history and had never been tested. No baselines ever needed. Driving a further stake into science. Good going.

  4. bgc

    ” I would have used all my powers of persuasion to convince Trump to announce to the nation, “Wear a mask! Lockdown!” Our elites and rulers would have been begun preaching about how mask wearing was racist, and how lockdowns were a white supremacist plot.”

    No. It’s not about the USA, it’s not about Trump.

    All over the word, including Taiwan where essentially nobody has died – – have imposed lockdowns/ soc dist/ masking to some significant degree.

    This is not about the USA, but about the world. The early 2020 covert-coup (by the evil-serving, Satan-led, international, ultra-rich Establishment) was global. We are now parts of a single bureaucracy, a single mass media (and international/ national/ local debates, disagreements and disputes are merely internal office politics).

  5. john b()


    Don’t think you understand …

    Having Trump support or encourage masks and lockdowns would cause the Trump Haters to recommend the opposite … (note lab leak story)

    Personal injury lawyers are out of luck – vacciners are legally immune

  6. john b(S)


    Wait … you’re right … it wasn’t Trump, it was the great god fauci

    But no lawsuits … sorry

  7. john b(S)

    I hate it when I second guess myself (and Briggs) and then have to second guess again

    There was a window where Fauci was anti-mask and didn’t the WHO warn against lockdowns?
    By Trump taking a mask/lockdown stance, there’s a possibility the opposite stance would have become cemented …

  8. Gail Finke

    bgc: You are right, and it IS all around the world. Here, in the USA, it took on a pro- vs. anti-Trump fervor, at least in the vocal social media people (less, I think, in the actual world where most of us live, but still a considerable number of people made it a Trump-Biden/Dem thing). But we all fail to understand the scope of this weird panic unless we see that similar (and in many cases, far WORSE) things happened in other countries. Just as our strange racial problems spread to other countries, like the UK and Denmark, where “BLM protests” were held over (supposedly) George Floyd when they have their own incredibly bad problems with actual terrorists and unassimilated immigration, people seem to be easily led to protest things that have nothing to do with them or anyone they know. (And then they blame this weird identity stuff on us, when it came here from European universities in the first place — but about class, not race).

  9. PaulH

    “Anybody have a count on how many the vexxines have killed in that age?”

    Isn’t it interesting how at the start of the panic many websites appeared with up to the minute counts of CV-19 “cases” and deaths, but no one (to my knowledge) has created the same for vexxine deaths?

  10. Walt

    Here’s another vaccine injury. Children’s Health Defense is opposed to all vaccines AFAIK. YMMV.

    Here’s another one.

    TrialSiteNews has a 2-hour discussion with the INVENTOR of mRNA vaccine core technology who says we need to hit ‘pause’ due to adverse events. This is consistent with what my doctor said, “About 1% of my vaccinated patients are having an adverse event, regardless of the type of vaccine.” He described some horror stories of thrombotic events.
    He recommended against getting it, especially if you’ve had the coof. He takes prophylactic ivermectin because he is old.

    The adverse event rate is high-enough that you’ll hear about injuries if you poll your personal network, but low enough that the morgue isn’t going to be flooded. You’ll hear denials (confirmations) from the press.

    This is bad for vaccines, bad for science, and bad for us.

  11. Robin

    Don’t forget that the CDC announced last week that they would no longer count the fully vaccinated who later contracted COVID-19 as ‘cases’ unless they are hospitalised. For the unvexxed, however …

    Is this CDC change only going forward, or retrospective or what? We don’t know the details.

    There is little reliable data, anywhere. I’m in the data/repeatability/prediction business and the more I look at COVID-19 data, the dirtier it gets.

    The only data on COVID-19 that I put the slightest ‘value’ in is the global deaths count, which shows three distinct peaks (but they missed much of the first one). On that basis there have been three waves globally; I understand that an immunologist or virologist (I’m not one) would judge on this basis that the pandemic would be over (herd immunity reached), except for the fact that the spike proteins are being reintroduced into the human population (and manufactured) by massive herd inoculation. The co-developer of the mRNA technology has said that the vaccinated will shed spike protein on Twitter (but was forced to take it down).

    A French researcher has found that in 13 of 14 countries he has studied where rapid mass vaccination has occurred, there has been a following resurgence in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Go figure.

    I don’t think that the ‘Science’ has any idea as to where this is going. Politicians are just flailing helplessly. There is a team of international lawyers trying to bring Nuremberg style trials against the Pharmaceutical industry and certain captured regulatory bodies. If everything turns south and people start dying in mass, they may gain some traction. But even then I doubt it, such is the corruption.

    Meanwhile the world is deprived of therapeutics. In the UK, the NHS therapeutic guideline a year ago was to ‘self isolate and take paracetamol (but avoid ibuprophen)’. Two years later they have advanced enormously; now it’s ‘self isolate and take paracetamol OR ibuprophen’. What progress in two years!

  12. Walt

    There is little reliable data, anywhere. I’m in the data/repeatability/prediction business and the more I look at COVID-19 data, the dirtier it gets.

    That was Dr. Malone’s take on the data we’re taking for the Phase III trials we are currently in.

  13. Forbes

    I take Briggs point on getting Trump to declare on masks and lockdown, thereby getting media, Democrats to declare the opposite–but how is it explained that all these folks are taking the Trump “vaccine” despite many claiming to pass on it as developed on Trump’s watch??

    Are they just taking their marching orders from the Deep State establishment Big Pharma Big Health??

  14. Rudolph Harrier

    I have a relative who constantly gives reasons that he believes that everyone will continue wearing masks. Some are related to diseases, but it’s really just a grab bag. For example, he believes that they are better than scarves at keeping your face warm (which he insists on despite living in southern California), says that they make a good fashion statement and even (a la The Princess Bride says that they are just comfortable to wear. I’m sure the fact that he’s spent at least $250 on branded masks has nothing to do with his eagerness for mask wearing to continue.

  15. Dean Ericson

    The great Dr. McCullough, linked at American Greatness:

    ““What we have learned over time is that we could no longer communicate with government agencies. We actually couldn’t communicate with our propagandized colleagues in major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they’ve been hypnotized.”

    “…under a spell, almost as if they’ve been hypnotized” — that is an accurate and important diagnosis, Dr. McCullough. The people running this operation are skilled in the arts of mental, emotional, and spiritual manipulation — or, spellbinding and hypnotizing. Recall that much of the pre-COVID pandemic war gaming was focused mainly on controlling the narrative, which is to say, it is a campaign of psychological warfare. For a fascinating historical look at look at how this sort of sausage gets made, see here.

    Most people have little idea of the vast effort “behind the curtain” to herd them this way and that, through trickery and manipulation, and precisely how it’s done. Go read that piece. It’s like learning how the Black-Hearted Magician puts his dupes, “…under a spell, almost as if they’ve been hypnotized”.

  16. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()

    By the gods

    I DID IT!

    The whole planet is CLEAR (TM)

  17. Dennis

    “Isn’t it interesting how at the start of the panic many websites appeared with up to the minute counts of CV-19 ‘cases’ and deaths, but no one (to my knowledge) has created the same for vexxine deaths?”

    The Science(TM) has decreed there are no vaccine deaths, only unfortunate coincidences close in time but wholly unrelated. On the other hand, anyone with a PCR positive within 28 days of getting hit by a bus or jumping out of a plane without a parachute is a Covid Death. You’re not anti-Science/anti-Fauci (he’s decreed them to be one and the same) are you? 😉

  18. Prolly many remember when NBC employee Tim Russert died of a blood clot(s) while returning on a plane from Europe.

    Now, imagine being on a plane to Europe piloted by a man who was forced to get the jab, one of which results in an increased chance of blood clots?

    Yes, fliers should know which pilot has been vexed with the jab that causes clots. Maybe they should be made to wear a special black ribbon on their uniforms.

  19. MB

    Yes, it is this ridiculous in Seattle. The Farmer’s Market “rules” are absurd. There has to be a plan of action and every market – how things will be laid out, how resistant people will be handled – for an entirely outdoor event… even our tiny rural one 30 minutes outside of Seattle must have a designated person on hand to enforce the “policy.” The playground on site is roped off and eating must be done outside the roped off masking/booth area. It is the epitome of WA state tomfoolery because “ScIeNcE.”

    The regulations for churches are even worse. Staff must be masked indoors or outdoors no exceptions. No singing. Social distancing. The only recent update they made was to push vaccine segregation in the pews. The one good result of this is that the “we-promise-we-are-reasonable-and-not-bigoted” churches that have tried to hold on to orthodoxy and cultural acceptance have realized they must ignore the guidelines which seems an embarrassingly overdue and important growth point for faithful churches in this part of the country. We’ll see if anything changes after the arbitrary Jun 30 opening date. We are already past 70 percent vaxxed which supposedly is the magic number when COViD goes away but Gov. Inslee is doing as he wishes.

    Apologies for the WA rant. What I meant to comment was that the WHO of all organizations quietly released a recommendation yesterday against vaccinating children under the age of 18. I wonder how 5is will align with the continual push for younger vaccinations.

  20. Johnno


    Guess who’s also been funding the Wuhan Lab!

    Hint: Someone who is also in a position to censor everything that implicates them!

    Hunt 2: It starts with a ‘G’ and rhymes with ‘poodle.’

  21. Dean Ericson

    “A week ago today my brother’s 13-year-old son had his 2nd covid shot. Less than 3 days later he died.”

    Poor kid got v’axed.

  22. Joy

    Ask yourself how genuine is the concern behind those who claim “killing kids” is. a joking matter, or one for humour? Given that we are expected to believe that skeptics believe it is true?

    Same goes for many of the terms and phrases which are lumped under the heading, ‘curmudgeon’.

    It speaks to the underlying attitude and that of those who follow suit without question
    It’s way beyond black humour

  23. Dennis

    “ Ask yourself how genuine is the concern behind those who claim “killing kids” is a joking matter, or one for humour? Given that we are expected to believe that skeptics believe it is true?”

    What exactly is the argument here? What is the “it” we’re expected to believe that skeptics believe is true? And what exactly is not true, in your opinion, of this “it”?

    And you doubt the concern of those opposed to the vax regime killing kids and maiming many with heart problems unnecessarily for a virus that poses less risk to them than these dangerous experimental jabs (and that’s just the immediate short term effects we already know – the long term for everyone with these mRNA jabs is probably death in 2-3 years).

    I feel sorry for the kids subjected to this sh*t by abusive psycho parents and and an equally psychopathic medical, political, and media establishment that doesn’t give damn either so long as Big Pharma is happy. As for adults who subject themselves to these jabs and get ill…yes, I frankly feel a bit of schadenfreude. They, at least, should know better,; and there is plenty of information out there for those who’ve not simply let themselves be brainwashed by the mainstream Narrative.

  24. Johnno

    Joy obviously cannot detect sarcasm, like most lefties. Or they are just fishing for something to complain about against their opponents as their bubble falls apart. But they all have the same playbook – I’M OFFENDED-DED-DED-DED by something you said!

    Example: “Grrrr… everything you said is completely true… but I just don’t like HOW you said/presented/phrased it!”

    This is how facts become ‘racist.’ So now obviously – OBVIOUSLY – Briggs must absolutely hate children and wants to see them die, otherwise he wouldn’t perform stand-up comedy about them. He must be cancelled!

    If you can’t attack the facts, attack the grammar, or anything else. It’s how most “fact-checking” sites operate. By re-interpreting your opponent’s phrases and language in the worst way possible.

  25. Joy

    The ones with brain washed heads are those who leant their mind to the internet a while back and have to follow their leaders.

    It’s group think around here, not sober, careful thought, for the most part. Just follow my leader, as they say in nursery.

    That none of you do your fact checking and are caught out on here not infrequently, shows that your judgement needs some work
    see Mickey mouse new important paper about how well you swallow anything that’s dished up!
    Briggs plays tricks, you haven’t apparently noticed.

    That is sport, for some, for me, it’s a waste of time if you can’t trust the links

  26. Dennis

    Joy, you use the term “fact-checking” in the same way the mainstream media does: “Facts” are what conform to the establishment’s chosen Narrative du jour; anything not in conformity is “conspiracy theory” and “disinformation.” And “fact checkers” are the Stasi-like agents employed to enforce “facts” as defined above.

    As for “The ones with brain washed heads are those who leant their mind to the internet a while back and have to follow their leaders.” You mistake cause and effect. I, and I’m sure many others, saw through the lies and manipulations being made about Covid by politicians, media, and health officials long before I ever knew of Briggs or his site. It’s not about “following the leader” as if it is some cult of people unable to read and search information on their own . There is indeed a malicious and devious cult that has been ravaging the world for 15 months and running, but it’s not Briggs’

  27. Johnno

    Joy, not only have you contributed nothing of substance outside of sly ad hominem and repeating everything the TV people tell you. You’ve repeatedly been handed your ass over and over by other commentors and refuse to engage or learn or even come up with a new track other than to come back with the same repetitive nonsense and your one trick pony of entertaining endless vague Descartian doubts about every finding or professional in authority that refuses to play along with your subscription narrative. As time goes on, you’ll look even stupider.

    But as is typical, Joy then concludes like many a woke, that the reason everyone won’t concede to her false and non-arguments is that they all MUST be part of some cult! You got that right sweetheart! We’re all committed adherents to the Cult of Truth! One of its laws being that the things you say must have consistency with themselves and with reality. You can bet we’re really dogmatic about it here, and we’re actively looking for converts to save. It’s all very Catholic. Don’t like it? I’m sure Mark Suckerburger and Jack Horsey have nice big websites where you can be most comfortable with your specific group think where cult members like us as purged on a daily basis. Also remember to wear your mask in your profile pic while online, it is part of the uniform.

  28. Rudolph Harrier

    The best way to deal with Joy is to leave her be long enough. She’s never confident enough in her arguments to simply leave things be with one parting comment, so she’ll eventually post multiple times in a row and will either lose the plot or outright contradict herself when she does so.

  29. john b()

    Thanatos Savehn June 23, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    There was a USC study back in April of last year in California

    That test and another (can’t remember exactly) were criticized at the time because of uncertainties in the antibody serology results as well as the sample size and who was tested

    yours looks right but I’m not Briggs

  30. Joy

    “you use the term “fact-checking” in the same way the mainstream media does: “Facts” are what conform to the establishment’s chosen Narrative ”
    No, I’m using it in it is straight forward sense.
    That it is now another trigger phrase is neither her neither there.
    Your definition is the one which is supposed to be some kind of signal for the team.

    Like the other thousands of trigger words and phrases which each side holds dear in any given debate.

    Peanuts kill children yet you’ll be here on another day arguing against the safety police or whatever other claim you’ll make, that freedom matters or ‘who are you o…”

    Thee is such a thing as a balanced argument and a properly argued point.
    Anything starting with the word
    “vexxines” is not a serious effort at anything likely to be based in calm, clear, truth.
    Having said that though, it takes all sorts and people don’t share the same tastes evidently, as to where to draw the line

  31. Dennis

    “Peanuts kill children…”

    LMAO. Amazing. Truly amazing. I’m sure some children have been killed by car crashes and drowning too recently. Should we ban cars and bathtubs? Perhaps you should research why many people think “peanut allergy” has suddenly become a “thing” in the last 20-30 years (same with autism). Nothing to do with Big Pharma pushing an ever-expanding array of childhood vaccines of questionable necessity or efficacy full of additives like aluminum and mercury, I’m sure. When I was a kid, PB&J sandwiches were a staple in school lunches (and airplane snacks) and no one had every heard of “peanut allergy.” Now they try to ban fricking PB&J in some schools.

    Enjoy your continued muzzling and jabs (and boosters soon – yay!) and variants in the UK (I’m sure BoJo’s latest teaser opening date will be moved yet again). Which variant are you guys up to now? Have they tired of Delta and moved on to Epsilon and Theta yet?

    P.S. You are aware why jokey “alt” spellings like “vexxines” are used by some right? Though obviously not necessary here for Briggs at his own site, in order to try to evade AI censorship and banning at some sites, people have come up with a variety of odd ways to spell things related to verboten subjects on places like Twatter, Zuckerbook, YouTube, etc. Also, these mRNA gene therapies aren’t true “vaccines” in any traditional sense, so why consent to grant them the title and use the enemy’s obfuscatory language?

  32. Rudolph Harrier

    I would not be surprised if, after all the dust settles, we find out that more people under 30 died from complications from “the vaccine” than from COVID-19, even with the false reporting standards in use.

  33. First statement: “See the dotted green line? That’s All Cause MINUS the COVID. Those numbers are way below where we’d expect them.”
    Second statement: “It could also be something new has entered the system and is killing off more people than we expected this time of year, and that these deaths are being assigned to the doom.”
    If the increased deaths were assigned to covid, that would increase the solid green line, not the dotted green line, right? Whatever is assigned to covid does NOT cause the dotted green line (all deaths – covid) to rise.
    So the second statement should simply be “It could also be something new has entered the system and is killing off more people than we expected this time of year.”

  34. john b()

    Brad Wood

    Don’t think you understood … I think that I brain farted that statement as well … but the penny dropped and the statement(s) as written is(are) correct

  35. john b


    That doesn’t mean I think the statement is correct

    That premise doesn’t explain why Covid minus All Cause was higher than expected earlier in the year (those may well have been “panic” deaths) and the shape of the Covid graph doesn’t show any unusual increase though maybe an unusual tail off…?

  36. Daniel Mundy

    Have you looked at the claim that nearly all current deaths are unvaccinated supposedly demonstrating the effectiveness of the vaccines?

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