“Behold! I Have Become A God!” Said The Weightlifter

“Behold! I Have Become A God!” Said The Weightlifter

You’ve heard the news. Some man from New Zealand who is pretending to be a woman has been granted the right to compete with real women in the Olympics. The sport is weightlifting, in which men so far outclass women that even crazed feminists would never dare even suggest a trained woman could beat a trained man.

The man in this case is named Hubbard, who is now 43. He used to compete with other men, but he couldn’t beat them. So he decided to declare he was a woman. And now he is winning.

That he is now winning, and will, excepting injury or major illness, win at the Olympics is so certain that I’m guessing you won’t be able to find any bookie willing to accept a bet that he’d lose.

People lie about inclusion, safety, rights, fairness, and all that, but when it comes to money, actual money, they do not lie.

Some female named Smith, who gave the okay to the man Hubbard, filled with compassion, said “We acknowledge that gender identity in sport is a highly sensitive and complex issue requiring a balance between human rights and fairness on the field of play. As the New Zealand team, we have a strong culture of manaaki (caring) and inclusion and respect for all.”

I defy any logician to make sense of this. Smith is pretending, along with Hubbard, that Hubbard is a woman. Smith decided that it is better to bear the shame of her lie than to risk her job, which she’d probably lose were she to say “Men aren’t women.” It’s only a small pinch of incense, after all.

Let’s eliminate a common mistake. Many are saying things like this Blue Cheka on Twitter: “This is so wrong. Everyone knows it is. Women’s sport is being sacrificed so males can feel validated and if women dare complain they risk their career. Woke misogyny getting the green light. Very sad day for girls sport.”

The cries of “Transphobia!” will always win against cries of “Misogyny!” for two reasons. Smith knew this. The Blue Cheka does not.

First, it just isn’t misogyny to want to be, or to pretend to be, a woman. When the delusion is real, as it may be in Hubbard’s case, though I doubt it since he used to compete (and lose) in normal fashion, declaring oneself a woman is something like the opposite of misogyny. If a man is insane enough to really believe he is a woman, then it is because he values womanhood, it’s not that he hates it.

Second, declaring oneself to be a woman (when a man, and vice versa, but I want to save typing) brings one closer to godhead than declaring oneself to be a feminist. It’s a harder temptation to resist, and a more alluring goal.

Here’s what I mean.

A feminist screams, “Behold! With a word, I am the EQUAL of man!”

Yet a man screams, “Behold! With a word, I am BECOME woman!”

The feminist has sought to eliminate Reality with her will: through her word she attempts to alter Creation. This makes her a kind of god, but a weak one in comparison to the man who says he, with his will and word, is now a woman.

The man has altered Reality via his powers to a greater extent than the feminist. He is therefore stronger, a greater god.

Consider this carefully. How are we told we know the man is now a woman? In exactly the same way we are told we know the woman is now the equal of man. By their word, and their word alone. Reality is out. No measurement or observation can nullify the word of these gods.

You can joke, like the Babylon Bee, that “Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics”, but the believers in gods will counter, “Some women have testicles.”

You can say, men can out lift women, but the feminist will counter, “Weights aren’t important.”

You will never win any of these arguments by any appeal to Reality. Reality itself is subject to the will of the gods.

I suppose all that is left is for one man to trump both feminists and men who say they are women. “Behold!” he will say, “I am become God himself!”

Wonder when that might happen.

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  1. Sheri

    If everyone just shut off the TV and refused to go in person to the Olympics, this would end. However, PEOPLE WANT THIS. You can’t change the reality that people LOVE lies. Feel free to waste your time writing, BUT NO ONE CARES. PEOPLE WILL GO AND SUPPORT THIS JUST AS ALWAYS. A principled stance died decades ago. It was just too much work. Now, put on the dress, claim to be a First People like Ms. Warren and you can go back to work. What’s selling your soul compared to making big bucks and being popular? Follow Satan and prosper. Join the demon spawn. It’s only eternity in Hell.

  2. trigger warning

    I know there’s a lot of angst in some quarters about men competing as women in “women’s sports”. I don’t share this angst for the simple reason that I’m old enough to know that, with few exceptions, “women’s sports” is a Potemkin Village created by government decree. The clearest example of this is the WNBA. Compare the ratings of the NBA (even following the league’s politicization) to the WNBA. The same goes for most college sports. “Women’s sports”, by and large, are as absurd as “Hunter Biden art”.

    So, personally speaking, I encourage the transsexual (gender is for nouns and electrical connectors) invasion of women’s Olympic and professional sports.

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Briggs. If only he had named himself Isaias:

    So shall my word be, which shall go forth from my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall do whatsoever I please, and shall prosper in the things for which I sent it.

    Feminists have for a long time hectored the world there is really no difference between men and women and that any apparent difference is owing to the crummy christian culture which they have helped destroy so there is no cause to feel sorrow when the institutions they have helped destroyed fall upon them.

  4. James Kalb

    “The sport is weightlifting, in which men so far outclass women that even crazed feminists would never dare even suggest a trained woman could beat a trained man.” – Briggs

    “”Nihil tam absurdum, quod non dictum sit ab aliquo philosophorum.” (There’s nothing so crazt that some intellectual hasn’t said it.) – Cicero

    I was talking to a rather stocky professor (humanities) at a prestige university, who had done some lifting himself, who claimed that another professor, a small woman with slender arms, would be stronger than he is if she trained for six months or so. Not quite what you said, but surprisingly close.

  5. John B(S)


    Not to mention the ever useful “gender bender”

  6. John B(S)


    Not to mention the ever useful “gender bender”

    Lest we forget the difference between straight cables and…
    null-modem (if your cable isn’t straight nothing will come of it?)

  7. Robin

    This will be very interesting to follow as it unfolds. Do the IOC allow it? Will countries boycott it? Will it destroy the reputation of the Olympics for all time? How will the broadcasters deal with the live broadcast?

    What happens if Hubbard sets a world record? Will be in the Woman’s record books for all time.

    Nightmare scenario for all of them, and it’s only just begun.

  8. I look forward to watching Olympic weight lifting for the first time in my life, just so that I can laugh hysterically the whole time.

  9. c matt

    On the bright side, as trigger warning points out, it will at least improve women’s sports. When the best adult female soccer team in the world struggles against an average under 16 boys team, the actual playing level of “women’ sports” could only improve. Only exceptions are true women’s sports such as gymnastics and figure skating.

  10. Ann Cherry

    It seems like only yesterday, that athletes were kicked out for “doping” in various ways to enhance performance. Wasn’t the entire country of Russia recently banned from the Olympics because one of their athletes was caught blood doping or the like? And yet now, within the span of a couple of years, men can add some breasts (or not) and inject female hormones (or not) and compete on women’s playing fields.

    Consider the fall from grace of Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong. Had he skipped the illicit blood transfusions, and instead “spoken the word” and “become” a woman, he could have crushed it in women’s cycling, too, and possibly even run for political orafice; but no, he foolishly chose to remain a man (albeit a cheating man) instead of a god.

    There might be bigger issues here than men competing as women in athletic competition. In California and several other states, men who ‘identify” as women are now being housed in women’s prisons. It’s probably just a matter of time before federal prisons follow suit.

    The Manson Media doesn’t care about the well-being of actual female athletes who must compete against men, any more than they care about girls and women having to share public restrooms with boys and men, or the other transgressions such as chemical castration of minors.

    In a similar way, Associated Press is very concerned about the well-being of “transgender” prisoners, but they are silent about the well-being of actual female prisoners who might be forced to share quarters with (demonstrably) mentally ill, possibly violent, male convicts:


    This is all part of the Communist Cultural Revolution (total destruction in order to “build back better”), but it’s also entirely diabolical. We are being trolled by Satan, and he is having quite a field day.

  11. “Behold! With a word, I am BECOME woman!”

    Not sure, but I think that the “word” does not make him a woman.

    It’s the scalpel that takes away his manhood, and allows him to declare his womanhood.

    They DO have to sacrifice male gonads to get to this point, don’t they?

    So, suggested edit: “Behold! With the slice of a scalpel, I am BECOME woman!”

  12. John B(S)


    Reading one of the articles, their testosterone levels have to be below a certain level for a year but that benchmark is reportedly four times that of a(n) (average) woman

  13. John,

    “…their testosterone levels have to be below a certain level for a year…”

    Thanks for doing that research. My legs are crossed tightly, just thinking about the required actions. Don’t think I can handle reading too many details about the requirements. I grew up working on the family pig farm. Castrating the male piglets when they were a couple weeks old was part of the routine. My job was to hold them by their back legs, exposing the scrotum. The castrator would wield the scalpel/razor, squeeze the testes so they popped up, slice a tiny opening, and out they’d pop. Pull ’em out, one by one, a quick slice cut the spermatic cord. The specifics of the demasculinization are burned in my memory forever! Can’t imagine any of those piglets would have agreed to the process, if they had had a choice! And now I don’t remember what pronouns we used for them….

    So, the required castration for participation in the Olympics can be only chemical, and not necessarily surgical? Or am I missing the point?

  14. Ann Cherry

    Kent, they don’t have to slice off anything with a scalpel in order to declare themselves a woman, or be recognized as such by their fellows. (Can I still use that word?). Cutting off parts or adding them on is strictly optional, all that’s required is the declaration or identification (and for athletic competition, some hormone blood doping); hence the god-like act of “saying the word” to make it so.

    We can be quite sure that this male wrestler has not carried his pretense so far as to cut off his private parts, but he’ll probably bind up his shriveled package for competition… after a few years of injecting himself with girl hormones, that should be a fairly small task.

  15. Ann Cherry

    I meant male weight-lifter, altho male wrestlers also sometimes pretend to be girls for competition, too.

  16. Yawrate

    Yes, it will be interesting to watch him/her win the gold medal. This and more will be required to stop this madness.

  17. Dennis

    I don’t understand why women put up with this crap ruining their sports. Is there no one with the courage to organize a strike and just refuse to participate is such bastardized, sham competitions (or organize alternative competitions out of the control of IOC, IAAF, UCI, USATF, etc)? That’d put and end to this nonsense really quick.

    Are there no based billionaires to fund some new organization and competition for Real Women Only?

    I’d have so much fun funding sh*t just to troll woke libtards if I were a billionaire. Alas…my Based Foundation dream remains just that 🙁

  18. Sander van der Wal

    Can’t blame the guy. There is now still some money in female sports, in a year or so it will be gone, because nobody will be watching. Make hay when the sun shines and all that.

    BTW, he does look like one of those Eastern European weight lifting women of last century.

  19. Johnno

    If all the women competitors don’t organize and walk out, then they deserve to have all their sports overrun by trannies, who even with artificially lowered testosterone levels will still have a significant advantage. The only way to level the playing field is for women’s sports to get rid of all the drug rules for biological women and allow them to dope and use steroids.

    If I were an opportunistic coach for some girls team, I’d be seeking to create a team with only trannies and then absolutely dominate the field. It’s inevitable. I feel no sympathy for the feminists who themselves encouraged trannies in order to put down THE MAN.

    Well, behold the new trans-substance WO-MAN, who taketh away the sports of the girls. Happy are those called to the supremity of the man!

    You may not be worthy to receive them, but you too can say many words and thou shall be woke!


  20. Russell Haley

    I suppose all that is left is for one man to trump both feminists and men who say they are women. “Behold!” he will say, “I am become God himself!”

    Suddenly the anti-Christ becomes reality and not just Christian myth.


    In the book Nightfall, the religious are laughed at as out of touch because nobody accepts the “religious language”. And when their world collapses in insanity, it is those that hold the “religious” (e.g. old) knowledge that are there to pick up the pieces.

  21. Milton Hathaway

    The solution seems simple enough – young biological girls (or their parents, on their behalf) interested in competing in sports in the future must start taking hormones early in life to bulk up.

  22. Jerry

    It all seems like such a hollow victory for this man who calls himself a woman. Deep inside he has to know what he is, that can never be changed. How can he look anyone in the eye? All I can think of is what an absolute embarrassment it would be.

  23. Evangeline

    Female runners in CT took this to court, and lost. Trans beats feminism, hands down. Trans is King right now. Trans is more powerful than Color. Color is powerful, but Trans is King. Color is helpful when dividing people by Marxism. The revolution between men and women was accomplished long ago. Job done. Women are told to hate men and disrespect them because feminism, and they often do. The Color Revolution is in full swing, CRT ought to finish it off by teaching racial hatred in children. There are many attacks going in one direction in this country, but, no one “sees” it. Racial animosity increased, job done. Ageism is going on, more division, hence all this “Boomer hatred”, where younger people are encouraged to blame their skinny legs and everything else they don’t like on Boomers. More division. Job done.
    I’m with those who say the girls need to speak up. If they don’t, they deserve to lose to trannies and there goes scholarships, endorsements, and everything else. Nobody can fight that battle for them, they need to do it. Women’s sports are boring as heck, everybody knows that. The WNBA would not exist without the financial support of the NBA which gets its support from China.
    But people do not care, one commenter here is right. People, Americans, do, not, care.

  24. M. Murphy

    Can any of these woke ones explain to me why these transgenders are not being accused of “gender appropriation”?

  25. Yancey Ward

    The assault on reason is reaching ridiculous levels right now. Can it continue to escalate without collapsing into ruin? I honestly don’t know.

    As for this particular form of madness, I can offer a couple of potential remedies: (1) the real ladies can start boycotting the events or the awards ceremonies- I would boycott the awards ceremonies if it were me; (2) we men could probably end this by just swamping all such female competitions to reduce this to the most absurd degree.

  26. Rudolph Harrier

    M. Murphy,

    Wokeness is not about logic. It is a death cult where the only way to win is to show that you are even more devoted to death, illogic and chaos than your compatriots. In a fight between feminists and transgenders the transgender becomes the most woke precisely because he is the most insane.

    You can compare it to the climate debate. Suppose that someone says that we need to spend a trillion dollars to fight global warming, or we’ll be dead by 2040. If someone responds that no data suggests that we could possibly die by 2040, even in the worst case, he will be ignored. If someone says that we can’t possibly afford a trillion dollars, and that the specific measures suggested would be ineffective at fighting global warming, he will be ignored. But if someone says “no, we need to spend TEN trillion dollars if we’re really serious!” he will gain the attention of the woke. The same if someone says “why bother trying to save us? Humanity is so horrible that it would be better if we went extinct. We should focus on increasing abortions instead.”

  27. Mike Ozanne

    “I suppose all that is left is for one man to trump both feminists and men who say they are women. “Behold!” he will say, “I am become God himself!”

    Wonder when that might happen.”

    Then you lock them up…

  28. Ann Cherry

    Motorcyclist who identifies as bicyclist sets world cycling record! Watch as he shares his inspirational story in this 5 minute video:


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