The Nightmare Of The Woke & The Elimination Of Standards

The Nightmare Of The Woke & The Elimination Of Standards

Here’s the news from the Great White-Supremacist-No-More North:

The Vancouver School Board is cutting honours programs for secondary school students effective this fall.

Honours math and science will be cut, and honours English has already been discontinued.

Eric Hamber secondary and Magee secondary are the last two schools to offer honours math and science, as conversations about cancelling honours programs began more than five years ago.

In an emailed statement to CBC News, a school board spokesperson said honours courses create inequities for students.

“By phasing out these courses, all students will have access to an inclusive model of education, and all students will be able to participate in the curriculum fulsomely,” the statement reads.

Fulsomely? Fulsomely in a program stripped down to the bare essentials of, I assume, critical race theory and sodomy appreciation courses? That kind of fulsomely?

Well, they did cancel English first.

I love, too, how that English can no longer be studied, the word inequities has lost all shades of its original meaning. It used to be defined as something like gross injustices, or even atrocities. It now means “the state in which some do better than others.” A more banal word you could not imagine. But to equalitarians, inequality of any kind is hateful, and so inequities has become a curse word.

The honors courses did not, as should be plain even to an Education major, create “inequities”. Students did. As did their parents and other suchlike things. Again, there could be nothing more boring than to tell any man in touch with Reality that “some people are smarter and work harder than others.”

Yet educationists and Experts in Canada, that hotbed of racism, have decided that, no, it’s the courses themselves that are causing some students to do better at math. They don’t say how. Perhaps some sort of tachyon-like particle that reaches back from the Land Of The Better and causes some kids to recall the law of cosines with greater ease.

They also don’t say who these moves are for, but if I were to give you just one guess, you’d nail it.

Here’s Oregon, not too distant from the Canuks, but with them wholly in spirit (quoting a tweet): “The Oregon legislature passed SB 744 to get rid of math, reading, and proficiency standards for high schools so we can be more ‘equitable.'”

The gentleman who tweeted that also said, “Bills like this are destroying society. Instead of dismantling meritocracy and undermining excellence, we should be creating educational opportunities to help the least advantaged flourish.”

His first sentence is true, his second is false. We should not eliminate standards, for that brings only death and destruction. What must be removed are expectations that all can be above average.

Here’s Uncle Fred with some other anecdotes, now well familiar to us:

Consider: Math curricula are being dumbed down because blacks do poorly at math, English grammar instruction eliminated because blacks can’t or won’t learn it, entrance exams for the elite and demanding high schools eliminated because blacks don’t pass them, SATs dropped because blacks score poorly on them, promotion exams in police departments eliminated because blacks don’t pass them. Entrance requirements at medical school are lowered because not enough blacks pass them, AP courses in high school eliminated because too few blacks get into them.

There’s two things in any of these noted “inequities”: the difference in performance of blacks with everybody else, but also the implicit agreement that the things named are important and worthy.

Math is an excellent example. Some of us are indeed better at it than others, and it’s also needed for many functions, such as building rocket ships. Yet only a tiny fraction will ever go on, or will be needed to go on, to perform these functions.

Besides elementary training to filter out the apt from the inept, and the subsequent intense training of the able and desirous, math education isn’t needed.

It’s the false idea that because a thing is valuable, all must participate, and because of the false idea that there are no differences in peoples, we have the false conclusion that all must advance equally.

Because all shouldn’t participate and can’t advance, and because of these false beliefs, resentment is generated. The solution the woke hit upon is to devalue and eliminate math (and other intellectual achievements). So it’s decided math is needed, which is true. For most. But not for all.

The only way out of the Nightmare of the Woke is to abandon the false belief that all are equal. Which isn’t too likely.

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  1. Sheri

    Fulsomely (Cambridge Dictionary)
    “in a way that expresses a lot of admiration or praise for someone, often too much, in a way that does not sound sincere:” I think that’s an appropriate use here. There’s no sincerity in any of this.

    Our Chinese Overlords want Deltas, not thinkers. That’s true in Canada and the US. Think of your kid as the Canadian or US version of the Uyghurs. Someone has to make those Nikes, you know.

    Equitable means equally poor, stupid and starving. Fascinating that people beg for this state of being. One would think it should be avoided. Actually, I can’t wait for those who introduced this garbage to have their home burned or their kid hit by a car driven by a gang of these anarchists created by “equity”. There’s a nasty period of warfare before acceptance of rules returns. (Assuming anyone actually loves their kids anymore, and that seems as likely as Biden lasting 4 years…..)

    Look for more building collapses like the one in Florida last week. That’s what lack of standards yields.

  2. Gail Finke

    When my daughter was in sixth grade, her school’s generic old “history fair” was changed to be a “Harlem Renaissance” history fair. All the sixth graders in the school had to write a paper and do a presentation on a figure from the Harlem Renaissance because, apparently, the white students could be expected to be interested in black jazz performers, but black students couldn’t be expected to be interested in anyone not black. Turns out there are very few books on Harlem Renaissance figures (very few when an entire school’s sixth graders are looking for the same ones, and NONE appropriate for kids) and more than half of them were drug addicts, and some the children of prostitutes as well. My daughter’s classmates were finding out a lot of history, all right, but it was history they were all kind of appalled by. One of the girls told my daughter, “Mine turned out to be a lesbian alcoholic!” Almost all the boys did Duke Ellington, because he was brave and handsome, had his own train car, and had a lot of class. Instead of making a whole class of black kids feel proud of “their” heritage (were any of them actually related to these people? if not, how is it “their” heritage any more than it is any other American’s?) — which I’m sure was the intent — it made a whole lot of kids who would have happily done a report on someone they were really interested in upset to find out that a lot of the people they were expected to consider role models were actually jazz age drug addicts, drunks, and prostitutes. It did as much to make all the kids think less of the Harlem Renaissance than they would have by just appreciating the music, and made a lot of kids of all races cynical about what adults expected of them. Good job, “educators!”

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Briggs. It is bracing to face a substantial draft of truth in the morning.

    Here is link worth pursuing in line with your typically focused post

    Because the left controls everything – even the Military – there is virtually no chance of setting right what is wrong but it does help to look at things – such as statues – in a new and different way from the way we were taught to worship whom they depict in the state seminaries (Public Schools).

    When the vast majority of Americans visit or view online the Lincoln Memorial they see the hero of America who freed the slaves, saved the Union etc etc.

    When ABS looks at the Lincoln Idol, he sees Lenin.

  4. Judge Smails

    “Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too.”

  5. BDavi52

    By Jove I think they’ve got it.

    It’s not the students who create inequity…it’s the tests!
    It’s not the athletes who are faster or slower…’s the way we time the race!
    It’s not that you are taller and I am shorter….it’s the yard stick itself which is to blame!

    So GIVEN that we are always and absolutely equal in all things everywhere, we simply have to modify the way we measure stuff!

    I want tests that everyone always aces. I want stopwatches that show always the same elapsed times (Runner 1 breaks the tape at 3:52….and runner 5 breaks the tape four minutes later …at 3:52!!! Gold medals all around!)

    Everyone is 6’1″! And we’re all married to Scarlett Johansson!

    What could be better!?
    [We’re all made out of ticky-tacky and we all look just the same!]

    And why should Michelangelo continue to be given ‘pride of place’ across the vaulting ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?? When is my turn!?

  6. guest

    fulsome might not be wholesome

  7. Jerry

    Wasn’t there a Johnny Cash song, the “Fulsome Prison Blues”? Or something like that…

  8. Russell Haley

    It might be shocking to read that for some people but I have kids in school in BC. They have already stopped demanding anything from kids in terms of effort or excellence. This is just the school board announcing what they couldn’t hide anymore.

    Progressives seem to hint at what they are going to do next in the previous generation of movies. I can hear the words of “Syndrome”, the villain from the first “The Incredibles”.

    “And I will sell my inventions to the world. And when everyone is “Super”, no-one will be.”

    And the rest of the world laughs and laughs and laughs at us and sharpens their swords. All our enemies have to do is sit back and wait…

  9. The True Nolan

    Letting Orcs into Rivendale will not make them into Elves. Besides, Orcs do not WANT to be Elves. Look anywhere in the world, any location, any time, any culture, and wherever there are more than a few Orcs, they always act like Orcs. Give them a temple and the will turn it into a whore house. Give them a whore house and they will turn it into a pile of bricks. Give them a pile of bricks and they will crap on it and then throw the bricks at anyone who comes near.

    As someone who supported and fought for equal Orc rights 50 years ago I was called an Orc lover and looked down on. It is difficult to express how disappointed I am that Orcs are still just Orcs. Until they decide for themselves to raise their own standards, they will always be nothing but Orcs. Why? Because they LIKE being Orcs.

  10. Stephen J.

    As a Canadian, I am embarrassed by my nation. All I can say is that I didn’t vote for any of these idiots.

  11. Michael

    As fine an explanation as ever, too bad the dolts running the education depart are unable to understand your verbiage due to their poor education. Thank you and keep up the great works!

  12. swordfishtrombone


    Actually, I can’t wait for those who introduced this garbage to have their home burned or their kid hit by a car driven by a gang of these anarchists created by “equity”.

    With Christian Love this strong, there’s no need for Hate. I hope Dennis isn’t reading this…

  13. Dennis

    This is the response of the Left whenever facts and outcomes conflict with their racial obsessions – dumb down or ignore it and pretend the problem doesn’t exist. So honors programs in math, English, etc. get cancelled in favor of lowest common denominator standards, and as we saw in Portland the other day, police will just stop enforcing the law in many respects because doing so results in citing or arresting too many blacks (can’t have that, no matter what crime stats say!).

    This country is rapidly devolving to third world standards. Actually many third world countries probably have higher standards – unperverted by nutjob ideologies – if not the resources to meet them.

  14. Doug M

    Fulsome means immoral or lewd — at least that was how Shakespeare used it, and that is good enough for me.

  15. Milton Hathaway

    I read stuff like this and I can’t help but wonder, are there any woke liberal apologists who actually try to explain and justify their agenda? When I go looking for such, I just find a lot of choir-preachers and “conservatives are idiots”. Admittedly I don’t typically spend long looking, the lack of respect for anyone with another viewpoint dooms a writer’s qualifications in my eyes. There’s so much good content available that I haven’t the time to read that it pains me to invest my time wading through the low-quality drivel in search of a gem of insight into the liberal thought process, that in all likelihood just isn’t there.

    Many conservative writers do the same thing, of course, and I don’t invest much time on their stuff, either. I’ve been in the choir all of my adult life, and the preacher can get pretty boring if the sermon never changes.

    Basically I’m looking for a woke liberal writer who makes me think, challenging me to justify my beliefs to myself. If this were a sporting event, the analogy would be the two standing along the sidelines jeering at each other. When conservatives do take the field, they score point after point, but it doesn’t instill confidence that your side has been well-tested.

    I suppose the most thought-provoking stuff I’ve read comes from contrarian conservatives.

  16. Kenan Meyer

    Is the left really in the drivers seat or is leftism just an incidental expression of a collapsing empire? From my point of view they certainly are going to be buried under its debris like everybody else

  17. Johnno

    Swordfishtriangle has clearly never heard of the Prophet Elijah! Like all lefties, wonderful rhetoric and a good old fashioned verbal lashing laced with righteous venom, the type Christ Himself didn’t shy from using, are a lost artform to liberals only used to the nu-gentle-pussified Christians, and have never encountered the good old days where Christian men would have permanently put down every BLM and Antifa and Islamic terrorist scum within yheir borders within 24 hours of the first firey Church or vandalized statue of a saint.

    Swordviolinshark only likes Christians on their knees, girlish, and ready to be flogged for other people’s feelings.

  18. swordfishtrombone


    permanently put down every BLM and Antifa and Islamic terrorist scum

    Doesn’t that make you just as bad as them?

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