The Not So Great Reset — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Not So Great Reset  — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Much has been said of the The Great Reset. We all know what I refer to. The ongoing attempt to distort our (supposedly) old world into the new world of anti-human existence. But let’s be honest. Was this previous world truly good? Or was it already re-set five centuries ago? Did it begin with the Coronavirus, or was it the ‘Enlightenment’? And who was it that bore that dark Light?

But I don’t want to talk about that just yet. Why? Because until we understand a few basic elements of man’s actual history, thing get very muddled, very quickly. And why is that? Simple. Counterfeiters. Think of George Floyd. Both his current ‘sainthood’ and his immediate past, wherein he met his Maker over the issue of counterfeiting.

But I’m not talking about money here. Although, the purpose of much of what I will say about counterfeiting will play directly into the monetary benefit of those who engage in this activity.

No, the point is this: we are surrounded by lies. That is, counterfeit truth. We are surrounded by counterfeit symbols and counterfeit groups (who utilize these symbols) who then express their lies in indirect ways. As I have said before, mankind is made up of four basic groups, and each group has an impostor that seeks to appropriate what is true of the original group.

These four are Imperial Rome, Holy Rome, the Chosen Ones, and lastly, the Barbarians. Each has its own bizzarro mirror image. Each counterfeit group seeks to usurp the useful elements of its ‘twin’ in order to insert the grain of poison that will divert anyone from the truth about that group.

Here is the basic kernel of truth about mankind; Caesar and Christ are diametrically opposed. Each seeks to embrace all men. The embrace may be a little tight, though, depending on who is doing the hugging. There is no possible way, if we accept Christian scripture, that the Man-God and the God-Man can be one and the same person. Why? Because of their orientation. As Wolfgang Smith would say, Caesar is fixated on the Horizontal, which is why he seeks to spread. Whereas Christ is Vertically oriented. He seeks to help us to ascend. He entered the world from above, and returned on that same axis. That is the path we must pursue.

Here’s the other basic truth about mankind; the occupant of almost any throne, whether secular or sacred, is rarely the owner of the throne. This has been true for at least 500 years. So that, when I make reference to a particular side or sect, and I embody that group with the name of an individual, I am simply speaking in shorthand for what I just said above. I have no doubt that those who finance the throne(s) are well hidden. Only their wealth appears. And works its magic.

It isn’t Vlad who owns Tsar’s throne. It isn’t Francis who owns the Chair of Peter. (If you’re curious, look up the 2 billion/yr the ChiComs are paying the Vatican. It’s not a donation. It’s a purchase.) And those who finance Vlad probably finance Patriarch Kyrill (another ‘ex’-KGB Boy Scout).

No, at the end of the day, the people who finance this Game of Thrones (including Joe’s) are well hidden, but you can be sure of one thing – none of them are on welfare. Until one follows the ancient wisdom of asking cui bono, it would seem impossible to know their true identities. But we don’t need to know their exact identities, East or West (or both?), if our aim is to understand their methods. Their basic tool (besides money, the universal solvent), is deception. It’s worked like a charm since the time of The Fall of Troy. Read the damn book and think for yourself.

Briefly, here are the four basic human groups (and their counterfeit counterparts):

First Rome: That is, Imperial Rome, which is opposed by ‘The Third Rome’ of the Duchy of Moscow (and both vie for earthly dominance).

Holy Rome: Which is opposed (again) by the religious reflection of Third Rome, known as Greco-Russian Orthodoxy. Seated in Moscow, of course.

The Chosen Ones: Of Moses, that is, Torah Jews, who have dwindled to around 40,000 whereas their Rabbinic counterparts (Talmudic Jews) are found everywhere, and their numbers are in the tens of millions. Don’t bother me with distinctions between ‘secular’ Jews and ‘practicing’ Jews (of any flavor). They all come down to venue-shopping. Just follow your Rabbi, as both Hillel and Shammai would agree. By the way, Muslims are simply stunted Pharisaical Jews. Which, yes, is a redundancy. Read this if you’re not sure.

The Barbarians: Plus their impostors make up the rest. India, Animist Afrika, Shamanic Asia, Indigenous South America and Australia, versus the ‘Wokesters’ of the west. Both wear body piercings, tattoos, torn clothes and believe in anything other than the Torah or Christianity.

Here’s the drill, if you’re into counterfeiting: ape whatever you can from the group you portray, in order to confuse the members of the original group. After all, confusion leads to paralysis, and paralysis leads to defeat. And then the looting can begin. That’s what the horizontally-oriented are fixated upon. Loot.

Now then, have I accurately described how we have found ourselves where we are today? Are we not confused? Are we not paralyzed? And then, are we not suffering defeat after defeat? Why are we surprised? And it all comes down to this; if you don’t know the truth of your provenance, you’re fair game for the impostors.

And so, the great question of the day, in my mind, is the meaning of the phrase ‘The Shining City upon a Hill’. Who first described this City? And who lived there? And how did they get there? Who built this City, and what rules did they operate under? Was it Imperial Rome, or Holy Rome? And who laid the foundations?

Now let’s get back to the issue of the supposed Great Re-Set. The counterfeit Re-Set, to be more accurate. So, we’re back to the elemental question, Komrade: can Christ and Caesar really be the same?

Let me put it in material terms. Is that Chinese knock-off the same as the Gucci bag your wife covets? Ignore the price tags (for now). Are they really the same? Well?

Now let’s think in spiritual terms. Let’s ask ourselves if there wasn’t a true (and Holy) re-set before the current Imperial knock-off? A re-set that stopped mankind’s downward spiral once before? One that gave us the true Shining City upon the Hill? A city built upon a foundation laid deep below the visible horizon. A city that emerged a long time before the ‘Enlightenment’. Even two millenniums ago, actually. But I’m going too far, too fast. Let me slow down.

Here’s the problem. Are (confused) Christians today laboring under the illusion that we are at a time when we might actually lose something of true value? Or are we about to re-gain it? No, not in the material sense. Not in the sense of mythical (and material) America. No, what we are seeing today is not some great reversal of the ongoing Puritan attempt to continue the erection of the secular ‘shining city upon a hill’. Rather, it is simply an acceleration of it.

It is this acceleration that we are feeling, and not the angle of our forward momentum. Ask any pilot. He can tell you that it is easy to lose your orientation to the horizon. To our eyes, up can appear to be down. And vice-versa. But our body never mistakes acceleration.

Because we have already mistaken the horizon, we have become confused by the acceleration we feel. Somehow, what we thought was up is down, and we now sense the imminent impact. But we can’t separate what our eyes supposedly tell us from what our body feels. And so, our sensory confusion leads to paralysis.

This paralysis is the result of The Lie we have lived. The Lie that was based upon a myth. A myth stolen from scripture, by Caesar, to serve his earthly ends. A cover for the attempt to continue the building of the counterfeit Shining City, and The Tower that rises from its midst. In this attempt, we embraced the notion that we can absorb all of the ‘huddled masses’ from across the globe, and through the magic of Liberty, meld a new man. With a common tongue. And for a while, it seemed to work. At least it looked like it did. But only from an ‘Enlightened’ distance.

I admit, I supported the hope that Donald would be a renewed Katechon, but only in the attempt to withhold the march to Hell. At least, to slow it down. Perhaps through a renewal of a nation that has now admittedly died. Killed by the congenital deformity of Puritan rebellion. The Empire has seen to that. America was the simply the forward staging ground for the migration of Imperial operations, from Old York to New York. But all of that was foretold. Yes, hope springs eternal. But hope in what? The Kingdom of Caesar? That’s not my hope. Nor have I any hope in mythical America.

Look closely, and see that all the old Imperial evils were still there, in 1776, united by pride. Which, if you’ve noticed, is the new slogan that seeks to ‘re-unite’ us. Under that rainbow flag, the Heavenly sign of peace originally given in the aftermath of the Deluge. And then hijacked in the original version of the myth of that first Babeling ‘shining city’. Whose tongue was tied by God’s laughter at Nimrod’s hubris. It is no wonder that this same symbol is now being used again to seduce us. It’s the perfect cover for the actual motivation behind this newest attempt at the latest version of urban renewal. The New Re-set.

But in the midst of all this wailing on the part of those I know (and sympathize with), there lies the original problem. Which is this; that this current day struggle is not the first attempt at effecting the true great re-set. No, that happened on Calvary.

No, I am not just referring to the supreme sacrifice that was made there. I am referring instead to the reaction of the two purely human onlookers. The two who watched this sacrifice most closely. At eye-level with the sacrificial Victim.

One reviled Him. Actually, both did, for a while. But then one, Dismas, repented. And was saved. The first truly Christian saint. The other’s name? Call him Nimrod, for now. And he died in his sin. But Nimrod’s successors live on. Atop that shining secular city he wants us to help him re-build.

My point? Simple, Christian. The faith was not built upon some earthly city on a hill. It was built in the crypts of the catacombs. The very opposite of Caesar’s Palatine Hill. Calvary was our great re-set.

It is still alive today, in places you can’t see. Why? Because you aren’t underground, silly. You’re still transfixed by that image above your horizon. The image everyone seems to want us to re-build, to re-set, in some fashion. There’s the problem. We are being exhorted to work in common with those who see a totally different thing when they raise their eyes. Because their eyes never rise above the top of The Tower. The Tower of Man.

Am I saying we need to become totally isolated, and become the Morlocks to Caesar’s Eloi? Yes, I know, a very imperfect example. Do you have one better? The point is this: if you think that we can somehow re-build a Christian ‘shining city’ in this world, you have failed in your study of history. Why? Because it never existed. And the Sacrificial Victim told us it wouldn’t, until He returned. And tore down Caesar’s palace, wherein Caesar was glorified by the mesmerized.

No, I am not saying that the Church was not visibly successful, from the time of Constantine onward, to the so-called Enlightenment. But the city it built was not America. And even Holy Rome has now been penetrated by the minions of Nimrod.

Again, I am not saying that there was not a time when Christians valiantly labored in Caesar’s service, against the external hordes. But the catacombs were filled by those who would not go that ‘extra mile’ Caesar demanded, by becoming as savage as the external horde he was battling. Remember, Caesar was not fighting for anyone but himself. And when Caesar fled, (as he has done, serially, throughout the ages), the local theatre fell by default to those Christians in his service who then took up the task of building above-ground entryways (known as cathedrals) to the catacombs below. And which continued to expand, below ground. They exist even today. Ask the Chinese Christians if I am telling the truth.

Take a moment and think about something. Think about how the first Christian altars came about. They were built upon the crypts of the fallen faithful. Who were interred by their brethren in the safety of the subterranean. Every true altar has the relics of a saint in its altar stone.

Next, think for a minute about how the Old Testament saints, like Adam and Moses, had to wait thousands of years for their release on that first Easter. Why was that? Why did the righteous have to wait? Surely, the wait itself was a form of suffering, even if there was no demon prodding them as they lay in Abraham’s Bosom. And yet, so many professed Christians today seem to think that it’s all about instant gratification. You live a comfortable life, then you die, and boom, you’re seated next to Moses and Abraham. No waiting. No discomfort. No suffering, of any kind. No need for martyr’s relics. Ergo, no need for martyrdom.

That modernist version of how life and faith work, to me, is what I sense in the wailing I hear from my friends. They don’t want any pain. They just want to go back to Egypt.

Now think about this secular-Christian urge to re-claim ‘lost ground’. The only one who has lost ground is Caesar. And he’s losing it to Vlad and his Eastern Horde, not to us. And that, admittedly, is our fault. But only partly so. Why? Well, I’ve told you this before. Caesar is in a death-struggle, as always. His only way to survive is to execute two strategies.

The first, of course, is to enlist those he has already subjugated within his empire. That’s us. And it has worked, for so many centuries, because Caesar has excellent PR men, who peddle that best-seller he wrote, about his ‘city on a hill’. He has enlisted even the highest members of ‘Holy’ Rome to keep this charade alive.

The other strategic move is to subjugate those who remain outside his grip. This explains his conflict with his counterfeit image, which in our age is Russia. And the counterfeit Caesar has his own sidekick that mirrors The Church. That would be the Original Protestors: The Orthodox; those who will not kneel before Christ’s Vicar, Peter, for any reason, in any season. They like to say they are led by Andrew, Peter’s older brother in the faith. (NB, beware of older brothers. Ask Abel. And Joseph. And Jacob.) This false image of Andrew has been constructed to confuse those who follow Peter. This false Andrew’s name today is Kyrill, Patriarch of Moscow.

Here’s a funny aside. The western Protesters are now almost universally aligned with today’s Peter. Why? Because today’s Peter is busy protesting the original Peter, and his Great Commission. And they are closely aligned with the Talmudic counterfeit of Moses. Which means today’s Peter is almost totally aligned with Caesar. And both seek to convince us, the Eloi of modern life, to accept citizenship aboveground, and to bask in the glow of the shining city they have built. They ask that we forget about the original ‘Roman Candles’ that lit their shining city. To get busy, helping Caesar in his attempt to Build Back Better.

The Eastern (original) Protestors, on the other hand, have all been betrayed by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople (a.k.a. Islamic Istanbul), who is in the process of leading all of the fourteen Eastern Local Churches into communion with today’s Peter. Which is to say, into western bondage. Which is different from Eastern bondage. But not by much.

However, the bulk of the original Eastern Orthodox protesters are Russian. They are the last holdouts of the original fourteen Local Churches (a.k.a., Eastern Orthodoxy). These Russian Orthodox are firmly behind their Anti-Shepherd, Patriarch Kyrill. Who is firmly behind the Russian Anti-Caesar (named Vlad). And right behind them are their Chinese allies, who smell a kill, up ahead. They think they can use Vlad, for now, and overcome Caesar in the bargain. And they can kill the Anti-Caesar Vlad later. So they think. They keep forgetting Dmitry Donskoy. Mongols never learn. Idiots.

I know, I know. You think this is so convoluted it can’t make any sense. So convoluted that it can’t be true.

But remember, Puritan, how this whole tale began. It began with a Lie. Which has been followed by an un-ending multiplicity of lies. Lies are how the enemy works. He can’t force us. He has to persuade us.

That’s his only means of operation. Listening to them is our first mistake. Believing them is our final one.

I believe that’s where we are today. Thousands of years of lies, all trying to divert our gaze from the Vertical Heaven, to the Horizontal surface below. Where Nimrod and Caesar (and Joe) seek to enlist our help in re-building their secular city. A city built on top of the unseen catacombs below. And to forget all those that, like Peter and Paul, died at the hands of Caesar. I ask you again, can Christ and Caesar be the same?

So today, on the horizontal plane, you have these two powers, the western Caesar and the eastern anti-Caesar, each with his own Grand Vizier in tow today (Francis & Kyrill). Both sides battling to engulf the remaining Barbarians outside of either’s current grasp. Each seeking to expand his horizontal fiefdom in preparation for the final show-down, to see who is really the Caesar of the End Times.

Yet we persist in thinking that the city of Caesar and Nimrod can be finally built, let alone re-built. That we can return to a time when things were ‘Going My Way’. All the while ignoring the fact that the rot that is oozing out of the skin of the body politic in the West today was just barely below the surface in the Golden ‘50’s.

There has never been a time since Calvary when those two eye-level viewers, the Good Thief and the Bad Thief, weren’t present in the world. The fate of each of them, and those who follow either one, has always been the same. One seeks salvation in Caesar’s City on the Hill, the other seeks repose below, in the Catacombs. Awaiting the new Jerusalem.

No, I still don’t think we are at the end of the Appian Way. Caesar still has miles to go before the final showdown occurs. There’s way too many Barbarians yet to be captured (Afrika) or slaughtered (India and China). Vlad would agree, I think, and time seems to be on his side. Besides, the Beautiful Lady seems to have said something about this before. And Russia may still have a glorious (and righteous) future before the final Caesar is known.

Before you decide about my vision of reality, remember this, my friend: before the original Church spoke in Latin, it spoke in Greek. I’m still betting that before the last Caesar appears, there will be a Pope who speaks in Slavonik-Greek. And not in Latin.

I’m betting it will be sooner than later.

So buckle up, Komrade.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Nice job Ianto. To me it all boils down to God vs. Mammon and the players on either side. And hardly any of the real player’s names are publicly known. The ones who are publicly known are merely actors for the unknown devils who write the script.

  2. Sheri

    Try as I might, I do not understand Watt’s writings. He says-“It’s worked like a charm since the time of The Fall of Troy.” I can never see that anything has ever worked any differently since the fall of Eve and Adam. Humans never change nor does the world. There’s a different liar-in-chief or dictator, but it’s all the same. Even America was never as romantic as portrayed. There was a brief period of “democracy” but ever so brief. (This is not to say some places are not better than others at specific times, but all places are run by humans and are greatly flawed.)

    As for history, when the last few people who were present die, history is a free-for-all written by the most powerful of the era. I doubt there will ever be an accurate history out there. I just can’t find it fascinating, no matter how much I try reading Watt.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Another fat, juicy, bleeding steak served up by the bard of Barbaria, Watt. Spacibo, tovarisch. You mention here the role of my beloved Esquimeaux, which I mistakenly thought you neglected. One more counterfeit among others, as you note, though my recent magnifying-glass study made them loom larger than life. Lots of other interesting things here*, almost too many to mention in a combox, but I too see many of the patterns you’re assembling here. The older I get and the more I learn, and especially the more I unlearn, the more interesting things become. Like working on a jigsaw puzzle, putting the pieces together, many don’t fit, and some are fakes, much discernment is called for, but when you get enough that do fit a picture begins to emerge, a very interesting, indeed compelling, even sublime vision, looms up… looms up, like a tapestry (to shift metaphors) that magically weaves a story from woven bits of colored yarns, and Watt colorful yarns they are.

    * Like the link to that Bing Crosby movie, with Risë Stevens, no less — some fine tinsel for the tapestry.

  4. GP

    What do you mean by accurate history? If you mean we can never have a full and true picture of the past, that is true. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get some kind of real grasp at how things used to be. For example, see if any historian tries to deny that Lincoln was elected in 1860 and the US Civil War started soon after.

  5. brad tittle

    How many of the counterfeiters know they are counterfeiting? How many are just mimicking that which works.

    I remember reading in “The Agony and the Ecstasy”, a reference to Michealangelo’s research. He had acquired a key to the mortuary. He would sneak in and dissect the dead. In dissecting the dead he learned of the musculature of the body. He proceeded to paint six packs. Others counterfeited him and painted 8 packs and 12 packs. If six was good, 8 was better. And we all know that a 12 pack will serve more than a 6 pack… Cases were not invented yet.

    If people will buy it, sell it to them.

    If people will not buy it, stop making it.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “I admit, I supported the hope that Donald would be a renewed Katechon, but only in the attempt to withhold the march to Hell. At least, to slow it down. Perhaps through a renewal of a nation that has now admittedly died. Killed by the congenital deformity of Puritan rebellion. The Empire has seen to that. America was the simply the forward staging ground for the migration of Imperial operations, from Old York to New York. But all of that was foretold. Yes, hope springs eternal. But hope in what? The Kingdom of Caesar? That’s not my hope. Nor have I any hope in mythical America.”

    That is a hard lesson to learn. There was so much that was good in America, and even in the Puritan Fathers. We never thought of ourselves as the bad guys. But, having built our shining city on the shifting sands of rebellion and revolution, we were never able to find solid ground to oppose the next logical advance of rebellion and revolution. It just kept moving on to the next damn thing. And here we are, accelerating towards the next damn thing, with destination: the last damned thing.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Conductor? — would you mind stopping the train so I can get off? I know I bought a ticket to my destination but I’m starting to think I never should have left home.”

    One thing I’m not quite seeing is your belief — correct me if wrong — that Vlad’s throne is a serious contender for the seat of the One World Empire — I mean the empire of Seizer. It sure looks like it’s the Anglo-American-Esquimeaux axis with their WEF and Davos allies most likely to seize that crown and gobble up Vlad. The only way I see Vlad coming out on top is if the revolutionary destruction fomented by the Kabal gets out of hand and makes a smoking crater here but leaves Vlad unscathed to pick up the pieces. And then, isn’t the Anti-Christ supposed to rule from Jerusalem? And what about…

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Brad Tittle: “He proceeded to paint six packs. Others counterfeited him and painted 8 packs and 12 packs. If six was good, 8 was better. And we all know that a 12 pack will serve more than a 6 pack… Cases were not invented yet.”

    We’ve progressed to kegs.

  8. Sheri

    GP: We can probably get accurate dates and events (though the 1619 Project might call that into question since it was a completely fabricated history taught in schools as real history), but any interpretation of the events is very fluid. Over time, even the dates and events fade.

    I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I just don’t find history to be as accurate or as necessary as many people do. Who we are is not as dependent on history as we believe it is. Even when we know better, we don’t do better. So many historical events are erased or modified lately……I can’t imagine this has not been true all along.

  9. John W. Garrett

    Jesus, that made James Joyce’s “Finnegan’s Wake” seem straightforward.

  10. C-Marie

    Donald J. Trump was allowed the Presidency by God, to show Americans and the world how life could become.
    Four years were not enough to accomplish all, but the years did give to us the sense of how life could be as we returned to God’s ways as: removing monies for the murders of the unborn from PP and worldwide, as taking care of our vets, as genuinely honoring God publicly, and much more. No, there was not perfection, but much good was happening.

    We are where we are, due to sin in our country. If our whole country repented and became Christ’s, all could be so beautiful. This is the time of the coming of the One World Government and of the One World Religion, which I am so sorry to say that Francis is working to set up the OWR. Does he really realize that which he is about? God knows.

    Much of humankind is spiraling down into Hell by being in agreement with the enemy, by furthering his plans.
    Jesus Christ alone is our Rescuer, and He did that work on His Cross. Jesus did rise from the dead and He is with us to see us through all that is coming down. Let Him and His Love be real to you.

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. spudjr60

    A protestor and creature of the Enlightenment, President John Adams, was quoted:
    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    Winning elections won’t do a darn thing until “the people” revert to “moral and religious”

  12. Dennis

    Indeed, Spud.

    Osho Rajneesh was a crank in many respects, but he was onto something similar here:

    “Democracy basically means government by the people, of the people, for the people…but the people are retarded.”

  13. swordfishtrombone


    Donald J. Trump was allowed the Presidency by God, to show Americans and the world how life could become.

    What Trump’s presidency showed the world was that it isn’t a very good idea to have a childish narcissist with no ability to accept responsibility for anything, and absolutely no class or intelligence, in charge of a major world superpower.

  14. DAV

    it isn’t a very good idea to have a childish narcissist … in charge of a major world superpower

    Being a narcissist seems a prerequisite for seeking office. No one approaches it with the idea that it’s a distasteful job needing done (like mucking out a barn) so somebody’s got to do it. As presidents go, Trump is one of (if not THE) best to have held the office. His accomplishments are impressive despite attempts to thwart him at every turn even by members of his own administration. Given those accomplishments why would his personality matter?

    All you need is to look at the current, er ‘president’, to see how bad things can really get. Frighteningly, he’s only just begun. Worse, the second in charge can’t even go through the motions to even LOOK competent. Hopefully the puppet-in-chief will survive to the next election. The last two Democrats in that office make the previous worst (Jimmy Carter) look superior in comparison.

  15. Mike K

    Wow…. I like this guy. Every last bit rang true to me and I’ve had many of the same thoughts. Just not put so well. I’d love to read more from him.

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