The Noble Lie and Vexxine Madness — Coronavirus Update XCI

The Noble Lie and Vexxine Madness — Coronavirus Update XCI

Once again, I beg you will forgive the use of the words vexxine and vexxinated. They are an attempt to avoid censor bots and cancellation.


Next time somebody says to you, “Safety first!” push them down a flight of stairs and say, “Like that?”


I’ve lost track of the number of number noble lies they’ve told us. It’s not the every Expert told all of them, but that there were Experts who told each one, and each was touted by various rulers. Let’s see if we can remember a few of them.

One of the boldest, and most destructive of trust in Experts, was the noble lie that the immunity conferred from having had coronadoom was worse than the “immunity” of the vexxine.

This noble lie never made any sense. Here’s why.

The mRNA vexxines make your body produce something close to the spike protein of the coronadoom (recall there are and will be many variants, and the vexxines do not match all spike proteins perfectly), in the hope your body will learn how to protect itself from the toxins your body is producing. Your body both attacks and saves itself.

Idea is that when you become infected for real, you might not get as sick. But you still might, because the modeled-vexxine spike protein isn’t an exact duplicate of the coronadoom variants. And the spike protein is not the entire viron. It’s the entire virus that needs protecting against, the spike protein being only a nasty effect of the virus. The mRNA vexxines were never designed to do this. This never-publicized fact is a noble lie of omission.

The vexx therefore makes you sick and produces side effects. On purpose. A whopper noble lie is to deny the possibility of these, or to say they are no worse than soreness. Or to call them “rare” with the implication “rare” means nonexistent. We now see many reports of vexxine deaths, all of them called “rare.”

Ask these people “What is the post-clinical-trial rate of serious side effects per vexxine? And how do you know this?” Get ready to hear “rare” and “Experts” as answers.

Another noble lie was to say you wouldn’t be infected with the vexx. Even if the vexxine works flawlessly and causes no more than discomfort, it cannot protect you from being infected. It could only stem the reproduction rate of the virus inside your body.

Now we have the bizarre noble lie of “breakthrough infections”, i.e. the expected infections of the vexxinated as if the infections were unexpected. These infections are caused by evil spirits of the unvexxinated. Which is why vexxine passports and mandates are being used. Experts embrace magical thinking.

It’s true an infected unvexxinated can infect a vexxinated, but only because they are infected, not because they are unvexxinated. Therefore, an infected vexxinated can also infect an uninfected person, vexxinated or not (though with less viral load, the chance would be smaller).

The mistake is to juice the panic so that people with the vexxines are rushing to get tested, which produces spikes in “cases”. Yet if the vexxine works as advertised, not only are these positive tests—not cases!—useless, they also help exacerbate the panic. Because they produce more almost-all harmless “breakthrough infections.”

And if the vexxines don’t work, then none of this matters anyway. The coronadoom will ever be with us.

We had the noble lie, or rather the cockiness of Experts, that folks with two shots would be considered “fully human.” I mean fully vexxinated. Now Israel is saying, “Nope. It takes three to tango.”

And, when the fall comes and the typical normal usual every-year can’t-stop-them respiratory deaths climb, they will discover even this is not sufficient. Had we, until mid 2020, cure flu with vexxines? Why did they tell the noble lie that we’d cure coronadoom with vexxines?

They tell all these noble lies for two reasons. One is that they are Experts, in charge, and demand to be heeded. The second is to get more people to line up for the vexxine, lest they otherwise be frightened away.

Yet the noble lies are so transparent and asinine, that many know they are lies. They are such stupid lies they ask, “Maybe there’s more to these Experts pushing the vexxine than desire to be obeyed and to cure a disease. What else could they be up to?”

That’s a rational reasonable question to ask, given Expert behavior. Experts themselves are the cause of vexxine “hesitancy.”


Those who have been with these updates from the beginning will recall I used to be fond of saying 2020 was the years Experts pretended to forget everything they knew about viruses. Turns out in 2021 we have confirmed we can remove “pretended to”.

I’ve warned us repeatedly the coronadoom will be with us forever. Just as we always do, we’ll have a “surge” in winter (see the plots) below. Experts and the panicked will blame this on everything but the real causes in their hubristic attempt to reach Covid Zero.

There was never such an idiotic health policy as Covid Zero. Trofim Lysenko’s ideas were sounder. At the level of genetic knowledge available then, his theories were not nuts. They were worth trying. His mistake was refusing to learn from his mistakes (and even some of these now are regaining interest), and to have his enemies killed off.

Our Experts are far worse, intellectually. They throw away their successes, not their mistakes, in the hope their self-acknowledge geniuses will discover the one trick that will eliminate coronadoom forever. Madness.

Try locking down harder, Australia. It hasn’t worked yet, and some say lockdowns help spread the bugs, but don’t listen to critics. You are Experts.

Arrest all those who disagree. Then you will reach Covid Zero.



Once again the Supreme Court blocked the CDC’s eviction moratorium. We still haven’t received a satisfactory answer to the question of how a bureaucracy stuffed with quacks and statisticians has the power to say “Thou shalt not pay rent”, and how saying “Thou shalt not pay rent” will cure a respiratory disease.

Answer I prefer: We live in a burgeoning Expertocracy.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday.

Daily tests (from here from Johns Hopkins) have spiked again. We have reached an all-time high of 2.5 MILLION a day. . The most minor infections are being picked up, and trumpeted by Experts as “cases”.

Select state data.

The heat lockdown theory looking better and better. Texas and Florida up, while northern states barely register. Wait until fall, though, then, despite all Expert efforts, the numbers will creep up there.

All cause weekly deaths:

The green dots are still under where we’d expect them, suggesting something other than just the coronadoom is killing folks. Here’s the weekly causes of death, which also suggest that. The cause beating the coronadoom is “unknown” or “unacknowledged”.

“Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified.” I.e. “unknown.” That is the category the CDC uses to put things in before they have any clue. When they do, they’ll remove some (only some) of them from the mystery category, and put them into others. (A guy on Twitter taught me this.) So we have to wait a while to see the true unknowns.

Here’s the time series of each individual cause:

Weekly coronadoom deaths.

I thought by this week we may be at the peek. Hard to tell. But it’s possible. Here’s a close up of daily attributed doom deaths:

You have to look close, but deaths are lower at the very end. So are “cases” a bit earlier. We’ll see if it really was this past week, or this week. Again, it will come back in the fall. Wait for it.

We saw the deaths by age yesterday. The young (say, under 50) aren’t being killed still. This is still a disease of the old.

How ’bout that flu? Still gone.

I had some guy on Twitter screaming at me yesterday. “Ackshually, flu isn’t gone. It’s there in a tiny amount. You exaggerate and are a bad person.”

He got me.

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  1. Ziba norman

    Thanks for comprehensive treatment. Failure to accept limitations and group think combined: dangerous combination.

  2. Rudolph Harrier

    The fascinating thing is going to be when it is decided that just being injected twice is no longer “fully vaccinated” because you need a booster after 8 (or 5 or 4) months. Suddenly a lot of people who were pushing for vaccine mandates are going to find themselves on the wrong side of the mandate.

    Many of them will just say “please sir, may I have another?” But many will also be shocked, since they thought they were good forever. The fascinating thing will be whether they reluctantly go along with the booster plan, or if they say screw it and refuse the booster.

  3. Sheri

    Why not spell vaccine backward? eniccav Are censors that smart? (Are readers?)

    Covid is an excellent example of how STUPID people are with risk assessment. They live in New Orleans and wear those masks to “save” them, then a hurricane drowns them. You know, like the toddler that is afraid of monsters under the bed but will walk off the edge of a third story balcony. “Adults” fear a monster under the bed while dying from a drop off the balcony. If there were any adults running the show……

    Counting on an immune system that tries to kill millions of Americans with autoimmune diseases, while handing out immune suppressant drugs everywhere, is the definition of insane. Immune systems need a lot of information or they just wing it. Covid vexxines are just ways to further confuse the immune system. Probably to sell more immune suppressing, forty thousand dollar a year drugs (per patient). The definition of insanity again comes to mind.

    Latest and probably only Covid death in Covid terrified New Zealand was a woman who died from the vexxine. Similar occurance on a fully vexxinated cruise ship where 28 people were infected and one died.

    Experts have successes????? Must be accidental…..

    Not paying rent will not cure any disease, but will expedite the communist hell we are headed for. Congress doesn’t care how we get to that nightmare, only that we do.

    Covid CURED flu. Hallelujah! (No more flu shots!!)

  4. Keith Buercklin

    Looking at your graphs, it appears COVID might be the long sought cure for Alzheimer’s. A grim observation, but I am convinced correlation will yield a wee p-value.

  5. Jay R Garfinkel

    There is at least one more Nobel Lie — Treatments don’t work. There’s an increasing number of studies in foreign countries that show Ivermectin and Hydyroxychloroquine work when given early in the progression of the disease.

    Nobel lie 1A — Ivermectin is “only” for horses, when in fact it is approved for human use

    Ivermectin is an anti-parasite medication.

    Ivermectin is used to treat infections in the body that are caused by certain parasites.

    Ivermectin is approved for use in humans to treat intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis.

  6. JH

    I am a bit puzzled. After sifting through this post, where have you learned some of the correct but superficial information? From an expert on your side? Or do you just know as you claim to be an expert? LOL.

    As my younger brother loves to say, human behaviors are so contradictory.

  7. Sheri

    Garfinkel: You need to understand how FDA approval works. A drug is NOT approved for human use—it is for a SPECIFIC human use. All others are forbidden and I do mean forbidden. I needed a medication you can buy over-the-counter for a specific medical condition but what I needed it for was not that application. The application for which I required the medication is prescription only. I had to pay $25 (which insurance did NOT cover) for a tiny tube of medicine. I could have purchased the same medicine in a tube 5 or 6 times that size for $6. I complained to the FDA and they told me the doctor CANNOT LEGALLY tell me to use an over-the-counter drug other than what it was approved for. The FDA is a BUREAUCRACY, not science or reality. Off-label prescription usage is different, but a doctor or anyone else cannot tell a person that ivermectin that can be bought OTC is okay to use for Covid. It is only for livestock, as far as I know. Prescription off-label usage is always frowned on and doctors can and do get sued for this. No, none of this has any intelligence whatsoever in it.

    Briggs: Did you point out to the person saying there were a few flu cases so that counts and you can’t say/imply none happen that you hope he fully explains all the cases and bad reactions of the vexxine and it’s failures when discussing it, lest he be guilty of the same thing? Does he include all people who were double masked and got Covid anyway when yelling at people to mask up?

  8. Kenan Meyer

    according to an israeli study the efficacy of the voxene drops at a 40% rate per month. Nevertheless I expect the majority of the people standing in line like heroin junkies waiting for the next shot

  9. Huerfano

    The other day I looked at my “It’s not a COVID passport!” passport. I was able to see my entire immunization history back to 1974. I have never been vaccinated for anything more than twice (Tetanus).

    Yesterday, in a live feed, a doctor in my province (Alberta) announced that he thought being needled 3, 4, or 5 or more times against COVID was reasonable and necessary.

    Things are completely off the rails. I suspect we’ll be masking and vexxining for the rest of our lives. It’s clear the people panicking the most in this “crisis” are our rulers and medical professionals. It’s hard to tell what depth of knowledge they have: f-all or f-nothing. But they do know cannot let this opportunity to show how concerned and caring they are go by without milking it for all it is worth.

  10. Robin

    Briggs: ” Therefore, an infected vexxinated can also infect an uninfected person, vexxinated or not (though with less viral load, the chance would be smaller).”

    This is what has worried me for sometime. As I have come to understand from Fauci and many others “Pandemics are not driven by asymptomatic carriers”.

    But the vexxine roll out has completely flipped this “natural order of things” on it’s head. We know from Public Health England that the vexxed hospital patients have around 28 times the viral load of the unvexxed ones, and Oxford’s study of a Vietnamese hospital has indicated that vexxed patients have 251 times the viral load, so it is absolutely the case now that the asymptomatic vexxed can drive pandemics – for the first time in medical history, I suspect. No wonder there is panic to get the boosters.

    It’s also strangely coincidental that the evolutionary genesis of mutations can be tracked to those countries where phased trials first occurred; Brazil, South Africa, the United Kingdom and India. Beginning to wonder about it all.

    But never fear the WHO has just released the proposed approach to vexxine passports, as funded by the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Institute (the progenitor of original vexxine sin during WW1 – much like the snake’s role with Adam and Eve – some allege this to be the cause of the Spainish Flu epidemic).

    The new WHO report is proposing blockchain technology. This is what they want folks. Every human being as a number in the blockchain, public, pervasive, distributed, forever and immutable. If they use something like Etherium, they can program each element of the blockchain with “contracts”. Didn’t take your vaccine, Abdul? OK, your bank facility is cancelled. Haven’t paid your traffic fine, Mr. Kim? No marriage licence for you! Posted fake news Mr Smith? Sorry your apartment lease has been cancelled. All done by AI, all automatic, no appeals.

    Won’t need national passports to travel when this system comes to be – they will be irrelevant. We’ll be living in the “global village”. LOL.

  11. Hun

    Just lies. I don’t see anything noble about them

  12. “I am a bit puzzled. After sifting through this post, where have you learned some of the correct but superficial information? From an expert on your side? Or do you just know as you claim to be an expert? LOL.”

    It does not follow that if you can’t trust some people, you cannot trust anything anyone ever says about anything.

    It does not follow that if you ought not to trust people just because the state tells you to, you ought not trust anyone for any reason (such as someone establishing their trustworthiness over a period of time).

    You seem to want to presume that one must either be incarnate naivety or maximally skeptical, anyone else labeled “contradictory”. It’s all the nuance of a nuclear bomb.

  13. Skeptical1

    Well, Robin (above commenter), you beat me to it. I was about to post a similar comment. Well done.

  14. Peter Morris

    I’m still sticking with my original assessment.

    We’re all going to end up on trains.

    I just hope my stay at camp ends quickly by shower or high speed lead poisoning, rather than being worked to death.

  15. Briggs


    The good news is that the way Amtrak runs, it will take us forever to get to our destination.

  16. Dennis

    Rudolph: “Many of them will just say “please sir, may I have another?” But many will also be shocked, since they thought they were good forever. The fascinating thing will be whether they reluctantly go along with the booster plan, or if they say screw it and refuse the booster.”

    I know several people who took the original jabs that have told me they will not get boosters. One of those ended up getting Covid anyway, then also had some antibody injection therapy as well. All are saying they don’t see the point, since it’s clear they don’t prevent infection and they don’t trust the motives of those (Big Pharma, politicians, media) pushing boosters so soon after the originals, especially since we still don’t know long-term effects profile of stacking yet another jab on top of those so soon – and then what? a fourth jab in another 6 months? This is not vaccination, but a biannual gene-therapy jab subscription.

    And they are also waking-up to the fact that the powers that be – which promised return to “normal” after jabs (anyone remember now when Biden campaigned on, and reiterated on Jan 20, “Just wear a mask for 100 more days”?) – are hell-bent on making sure nothing “normal” ever returns. And it won’t if people don’t wake up and simply refuse to comply with the continued tyranny in so many places.

    The “vaccines,” which induce your body to create the very spike protein so problematic with the virus itself, are the virus. And I’m increasingly convinced they are part of a mass depopulation program (likely hatched in the sick mind of one Bill Gates) – they were never designed to “work” in the way that the “rubes” thought they were, i.e. keep you from getting sick or dying.

  17. awildgoose


    The Israeli PM has already been running around screeching that, “…the double-jabbed are the most vulnerable!”

    I love how the lies are changing so rapidly, but it’s exhausting to keep up.


    Gates already has patents for cryptos tied to human bodily activity/function. They are publicly available for review.

    If things play out according to the controllers’ plans, they will rope us into CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) via the jabs. It’s not clear if they will leverage an existing crypto, or if they will crash/seize all existing cryptos to be replaced by their CBDCs.

    Those CDBCs are guaranteed to have expiration dates, and what you can use them for will be tied to your social credit score. Interest rates for loans made in CBDCs will also be affected by your jab and social credit status.

    The good news is that things are not necessarily playing out the way the controllers have planned. The main thing is that not nearly enough people have gotten the jab. Their incentives for doing so are mostly luxuries that are easily forgone. I don’t need Broadway shows, sportsball, cheap domestic air travel, or crappy restaurants that buy their product from Sysco, and neither do most people. Blue hives like NYC, SF, and LA are no longer worth visiting.

    On the tech side, unless they are hiding it very well, there are few signs CBDCs are ready to go. China’s digital yuan went over like a lead balloon. Ripple (XRP) is a blip compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The ongoing chip shortage will hamper production of all the tech toys required for their global control grid.

    No one is really scared of their incompetent Wokestapo, especially after Afghanistan. The Taliban won with AKs, dirty burlap rags, and worn out flip-flops. There are video clips of 5 or 6 Proud Boys running off a few dozen Antifa in Portland.

    Now imagine a neighborhood populated with enough competent Army and Marine infantry vets who could form 3 or 4 fire teams on a moment’s notice, in line with the highest tradition of the original Minutemen.

  18. Rudolph Harrier

    A study came out that showed that about 30% of Minnesota’s COVID-19 cases are from the vaccinated. The usual excuse is given of “that’s a high percentage, but it’s just due to the high number of people vaccinated.” And to be fair, the department of health lists about 55% of the state as “fully vaccinated.” (They list a higher percentage on their site, but this is only out of those eligible for the vaccines. Since children of any age can get COVID, I am comparing the number vaccinated to the total population.) So the 30% proportion beats the naive 55% proportion we would expect if the vaccines had no effect on transmission (though certain not as much lower as we would expect if the vaccines prevented 95% of transmission and those without the vaccine had no protection.)

    However, it is up from 10% of the cases at the end of May. What makes this significant is that the vaccination rate peaked in April, went on a decline throughout May and reach the lowest levels since the start of vaccination by June. Only about 400,000 people received a full vaccine dose throughout all of June, July and August. This is out of about 3.1 million currently vaccinated.

    To put things another way, at the end of may about 48% of the state was fully vaccinated and “breakthrough” cases made up about 10% of all cases. Now about 55% of the state is fully vaccinated and “breakthrough” cases make up about 30% of all cases. The increase in vaccination would lead us to expect an increase in the proportion of COVID cases in the vaccinated, but having the proportion triple when the number vaccinated only increased by about 15% doesn’t line up at all.

    It looks a lot more like the vaccines drastically drop in effectiveness over time, or they are woefully ineffective against the “variants,” or both. Not that any of this is likely to be news to regular commenters here.

  19. PaulH

    Here in Ontario, Canada, the provincial authorities publish daily hospitalization figures grouped via vaccination status. Today, for example, they list:

    Unvaccinated: 137
    Partially vaccinated: 19
    Fully vaccinated: 33

    This in a province of over 14,000,000 souls. But they have an interesting definition of ‘Unvaccinated individual’: “refers to individuals that have not received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as individuals that are not yet protected from vaccination (0 to 13 days following dose 1 administration).” In other words, those recently vaccinated are considered unvaccinated. They do not provide a breakdown of “never vaccinated” and “recently vaccinated”. It’s important to always watch the pea under the thimble, isn’t it?

  20. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Dennis: “…they don’t trust the motives of those (Big Pharma, politicians, media) …”

    Any adult with some experience of the world knows you cannot blindly trust politicians, big business, nor the media. We all know they have incentives to advance themselves at our expense. And yet here’s a massive collusion of precisely those three least trustworthy actors in a bizarre and unprecedented operation they planned out well beforehand that advances their goals at our expense, and even so millions of us are instantly and adamantly credulous, abandoning their common sense and rushing off to join a mob of likewise panicked dupes. Curious. Perhaps as the contradictory, nonsensical, and odious aspects of the operation pile up the shear aggravation will cause more and more people to come to their senses and start to resist.

  21. SammyJ

    A Richard Feynman quote seems appropriate here: “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

  22. Roland

    I’m 31 and a statistical newb. But are my calculations correct? According to the CDC website,* 5,027 U.S. men (30-39) have died in total from Covid. In the U.S. there are ~22,000,000 men aged 30-39. So the probability of my dying from Covid is ~0.02. My lifetime chance of dying from cancer is 21.34% (so my 2-year risk is 21.34%/38 [38*2 = the average age at which men in the U.S. die). So ~0.02% (Covid) versus 0.5% (cancer). Thus there’s utterly no point for me to get a Covid vaccine unless I’m paranoid. Right or wrong?


  23. Johnno

    PaulH, I believe they are just imitating the CDC in the US which also counts deaths such that if a vaccinated person dies after 14 or so days of the covid, then they are counted as “unvaccinated”, because apparently that’s when the thing’s efficacy period runs out or something…

    Anyway, I was listening to this guy, and the following stood out that we rarely discuss…

    Given the experimental nature of the vexxine, the reason that nobody is listing the ingredients which are still top secret is that the ingredients in the vexxine are in constant flux.

    So it is possible that vexxine manufacturers are constantly changing the ingredients in the vexxines. So the people getting the shot 3 months ago may not be the same as what shot people are taking this month.

    This also explains the hersteria over boosters. The booster shots are the new tinkered version and they want to see what happens to you.

    The boosters are therefore simply adjustments to the experiment, which they are propagandizing as necessary to save you from the “variants” or the ol’ “expiration date.”

    So what we can expect is all kinds of different symptoms and causes of death or medical injuries with each booster vexxine. Some are predicting a “surprise” rise polio in children thanks to expansion of the experimental shots. Lovely!

    Anyway, because we still need to emphasize it, here’s MORE proof that masks do nothing.

  24. Simon Platt

    Dear Roland,

    Of course you’re right.

    The way I look at it (and I think I might have got this idea from our host): to determine how worried one should be about dying from Covid, he should decide how worried he is of dying from whatever cause (which I trust is, at 31, “not at all”) and divide by ten.

    For, essentially, the reason you note.

  25. Dennis

    Sheri: In the example you cite, why didn’t you just go buy it over-the-counter if indeed it was available as such? No need to pay more for prescription version if it’s available otc (even if doc gave you a scrip – you’re not required by law to fill it. I’ve not filled scrips before for pain meds when I didn’t feel like I needed it in the end). They don’t know what you’re using it for when you buy otc.

    As for Ivermectin, it is available in a form for human use in the US, but only by prescription (should be otc everywhere). Whether docs will prescribe for Covid early treatment of prophylaxis is another issue (though Dr. Robert Malone tweeted that he got some – though perhaps he has more ways than most laymen – and used it and had good results for lingering symptoms himself). I have some horse paste ivermectin stored-up as a last resort if I or anyone I know has onset of symptoms.

  26. philemon

    Just in case anyone wants more reading material on the egregious vexxines and how unapproved they really are:

    Cancer research therapies, for people who had at least an 80% chance of dying, were much more rigorous. Full informed consent. Double-blind, placebo-controlled, all Adverse Events, no matter how minor, documented. Phase I took at least a year, again without serious Adverse Events, which would shut it down. Phase II, another year or two, although, it could be curtailed due to too many Adverse Events, or hastened if it looked promising with many positive results (didn’t get that so much). Phase III would be multi-institutional trials, but only among those who had cancer already, and had the full informed consent, follow-up to five years. NIH, not Pharmaceutical Company sponsored (Pharmaceutical sponsored was always a big red flag about data being fudged or faked.)

    There is no way the vexxine manufactures could come up with a safe and effective vexxine in two months. And then they lied and said it was six months (yeah, big difference). And then they lied again about Adverse Events in their studies. FOIA.

  27. philemon

    It is interesting that myocarditis is the one thing they are interested in. You would think they would be interested in all comorbidities.

  28. Roland

    Dear Simon Platt,

    Thanks for the confirmation. My calculations were so simple—and so simply deflated the big talk about the horrific nature and power of Covid—that I thought there had to be something wrong with my thinking. Given the statistical facts, then, the panic around Covid, at least for fit people below a certain (old) age, is a true hysteria. A hysteria so inflated that it beggars belief. From the news coverage and governmental actions, one would expect my calculation to yield something like a risk-of-death rate of 12%.

  29. Rudolph Harrier

    A common defense of the rushed safety trials for the vexxines is to say “we were able to degree the same degree of testing by pouring more resources (i.e. money) into it” and “governments made an effort to speed up the process to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic delays.”

    It’s very hard to read what’s in between the lines of those statements, “we bribed officials to look the other way.”

  30. Irina

    “Ackshually, flu isn’t gone. It’s there in a tiny amount. You exaggerate and are a bad person.”

    Yup, cows are flying too, but very very low and close to the surface …

  31. J W Wells

    Interesting aside – “vexxine” is actually the correct pronunciation if you’re from New Zealand.

  32. C-Marie

    Thank you, Everyone!! We are in the time of the formation of the One World Government and of the One World Religion. God has us all livng here now, for His purposes.
    God bless, C-Marie

  33. I work for a government agency, in which at least half the individuals in the building are fully quaccinated. I am not. On Saturday I started developing symptoms of upper respiratory illness. I haven’t been sick in more than 7 years. I assume I was exposed to CoronaCold from a quaccinated co-worker. Sent home for ten days. Am taking Ivermectin (the liquid 1% injectable kind), so not worried.

  34. John B()

    J W Wells

    I worked with some Kiwis in the 90s for a month or so … been watching Brokenwood Mysteries these past years

    Love the accent, although it’s most striking with females for some reason

    Love the way ‘yes’ sounds

  35. Dennis

    Does anyone know why VAERS seems to give different totals in search results?

    I’m looking for reports of pulmonary embolism after 2 pfizer jabs. At the top of the search results it says “456 reported events.” But in the chart below, the column labelled “Events Reported” totals 1114, while the next column over is labelled “Percent (of 456).”;jsessionid=264C33925A7B95F68F7058EA64B0

    So are there 1114 events reported or 456? Seems low, but then again VAERS is only US-based and only gets about 1-2% of total events reported to it anyway right?

    Trying to find out because a family member was just told by a doctor that there are no known blood clotting issues with Pfizer jab. I’ve already found several articles and studies looking at the potential link (though clotting does seem to be more problematic with J&J & AZ). I think he is full of it. Don’t trust any doctors any more about much of anything at this point.

  36. Johnno

    Vexxports come to Ontario, Canada.

    Only 24 hours after announcing no vexxports, didst the noble conservative government fold over… apparently because what was being proposed previously went “too far.”

    Thank goodness then that the people of Ontario can still go to Church and buy groceries… for now!

    Covid Pass will soon be Climate Pass! Soon we can all comfortably wear our masks in our electric cars!

  37. philemon

    Why and how people were killed by “Covid treatment”:

    Here’s the reason directly from the government itself on an official government web page:

    Section VII. Limitations on Distribution
    The Secretary may specify that liability protections are in effect only for Covered Countermeasures obtained through a particular means of distribution. The Declaration previously stated that liability immunity is afforded to Covered Persons only for Recommended Activities related to (a) present or future federal contracts, cooperative agreements, grants, other transactions, interagency agreements, or memoranda of understanding or other federal agreements; or (b) activities authorized in accordance with the public health and medical response of the Authority Having Jurisdiction to prescribe, administer, deliver, distribute, or dispense the Covered Countermeasures following a declaration of an emergency.

    COVID-19 is an unprecedented global challenge that requires a whole-of-nation response that utilizes federal-, state-, and local- distribution channels as well as private-distribution channels. Given the broad scale of this pandemic, the Secretary amends the Declaration to extend PREP Act coverage to additional private-distribution channels, as set forth below.

    The amended Section VII adds that PREP Act liability protections also extend to Covered Persons for Recommended Activities that are related to any Covered Countermeasure that is:

    licensed, approved, cleared, or authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (or that is permitted to be used under an Investigational New Drug Application or an Investigational Device Exemption) under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act or Public Health Service (PHS) Act to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, mitigate or limit the harm from COVID–19, or the transmission of SARS–CoV–2 or a virus mutating therefrom; or

    a respiratory protective device approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under 42 CFR part 84, or any successor regulations, that the Secretary determines to be a priority for use during a public health emergency declared under section 319 of the PHS Act to prevent, mitigate, or limit the harm from, COVID–19, or the transmission of SARS–CoV–2 or a virus mutating therefrom.

    United States Secretary of Health and Human Services:

    Alex Azar
    January 29, 2018
    January 20, 2021

    Norris Cochran
    January 20, 2021
    March 19, 2021

    Joe Biden
    Xavier Becerra
    March 19, 2021

    I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of them.

  38. philemon

    “Trying to find out because a family member was just told by a doctor that there are no known blood clotting issues with Pfizer jab.”

    The spike protein, of any source, causes clotting issues all on its lonesome because epithelium. I have no idea what is wrong with VAERS, other than the CDC.

    Of course, there are also D-Dimer tests that show micro-clotting at over 60% of those who got the clot-shot.

    Doctor might not be trustworthy. Sorry.

  39. Dennis

    Yes, I’ve seen, plenty about the spike protein itself being the issue with clotting, therefor something that affects all of the mRNA jabs, which basically turn people into spike protein factories. As I said, I don’t really trust anyone any more, and I suspect this doc has simply been advised that if he wants to remain employed he will never under any circumstances hint that the jabs might be even remotely responsible for any subsequent health events. The whole medical and “public health “ industries are utterly corrupt and compromised at this point, as the last 18 months have repeatedly laid bare.

    I urged this person not to get the jabs, later warned about clotting issues and advised proactive anti-clotting measures two months ago to hopefully counter clotting effects of jabs. And here we are.

    As mid-long-term fallout from the death jabs really starts to set in, it is going to be a Dark Fall and Winter indeed – Biden was right about that, just a year early and wrong as to the reason.

  40. philemon

    For those who want the Readers’ Digest version: The PREP Act was passed by your congress critters in 2005. (Because Anthrax.)

    It was exhumed by Trump, then Biden, with their phony-baloney plandemic C-19, which is way past its expiration date. And endemic.

    But why aren’t the hospital protocols updated? Well, you see, doctors in hospitals are at the mercy of their “medical practice” which pays their malpractice insurance. If they recommend anything other than the approved treatments (even if those treatment are deadly like Remdesivir; and it’s not like Faucie doesn’t have form with his AIDS drugs), there goes their career, their job, and they have massive debt.

    Anyway, most doctors are compromised.

  41. Sheri

    Dennis: Because I, in a moment of naïveté and stupidity, thought the prescription medication would be stronger or different. I will never make that mistake again, I assure you. I will not buy a prescription medication without a full explanation of strength and so forth. Today, I was told I could get a prescription that was twice as strong as the OTC med I take for heartburn. I guess they think I won’t just take a double dose. Insurance usually refuses to pay for such meds, and my Part D medicare is really crappy….So, OTC it is.

    Other possibly interesting thing: If you have all the symptoms of Covid all of the time (I don’t have a fever, but I have nine out ten or so other symptoms), you can answer no to all the questions at the doctor’s office! I love it, I think!

    Covid is a global political movement and nothing more. Sars Cov 2 is a virus.

  42. Dennis

    Impfstoff macht Frei!

  43. Rudolph Harrier

    My union made a similar claim. “To protect employee rights we must require everyone be vaccinated or be fired!” Luckily management only met them halfway so vaccines aren’t strictly required (ended up being a vaccine or regular testing mandate, though even the testing part seems to be weakening.)

    I say “my” union but I stopped paying them a damn cent after the Janus ruling. This isn’t the first time that they’ve tried to “represent” workers by screwing them over.

  44. philemon

    “because epithelium…” Endothelium, dammit! I blame fat fingers, muscle memory, spell check and my editor, who apparently had one too many glasses of wine.

    “To protect employee rights we must require everyone be vaccinated or be fired!” How about if you already had the virus and are immune? You’re not getting it, you’re not giving it to anyone else. That was how it worked with smallpox, if I recall, and smallpox was way, way worse than a little old corona virus, which was over-diagnosed, because bounty, and not treated properly, because HHS protocol granting no liability. Yeah, Medical Practice Admins would be complete pushovers for that.

    “This isn’t the first time that they’ve tried to ‘represent’ workers by screwing them over.” Being cynical is good. Look at Diogenes.

  45. Sheri

    philemon: There is no liabity in vexxines anyway. There is a “victim’s fund”, but that all. It’s apparantly bigger for an approved vexxine. However, suing vaccine manufacturers has been a no-no for a long time. Smallpox was an actual problem and vexxine. Covid is a political system.

    Great news. Not being vexxinated can keep you off juries!

  46. Johnno

    4th Shot is expected in Israel! I bet you didn’t see that coming!

    Portugal and Sweden ban entry to Israelis, regardless of vexx status, the 3rd shot fails to deliver freedom, again!

    Behold the coming of Mu! Mu laughs at your pitiful vexxines! Bow before Mu!

    The ivermectin is now dangerous psy-op is sooooo cuuuutttteee!

  47. Johnno

    Would you like some mandatory pills on the side of your vexxine?

    Italy pushing for mandatory vexx – 80% this time – this time everything will work out!

    All you chumps who got your vexxine early… if only you waited you could’ve gotten a $100 gift card!

    Trump likes booster shots, he isn’t going to take one, but he likes them…

  48. philemon

    Sheri: I was referring to hospital protocols for treating patients with Covid even before the vexxines. Quoting myself:

    “But why aren’t the hospital protocols updated? Well, you see, doctors in hospitals are at the mercy of their ‘medical practice’ which pays their malpractice insurance. If they recommend anything other than the approved treatments (even if those treatment are deadly like Remdesivir; and it’s not like Fauci doesn’t have form with his AIDS drugs), there goes their career, their job, and they have massive debt.”

    ‘Here’s WHY They Killed Your Grandmother’

    It ain’t pretty. And it is due to the PREP Act (which should be renamed the PERP Act).

    Another good read about the stupidity, cupidity and vested interests, as well as a fairly comprehensive explanation of the immune system and why more immunologists, epidemiologists, and infectious disease specialists aren’t willing to speak out against the con:

  49. philemon

    Hanssachs –

    “‘Can they at least claim that vaxxed people have better outcomes? That’s the last thin reed supporting the case for individuals to decide to take them.’

    “At present that is still holding, barely.

    “But that does not support mandates, and in fact turns an attempted mandate into a felony exactly as it would be if you prohibited a fat person from buying more than a certain amount (or type) of food.”

    The people pushing this con better have “safe rooms.” Really safe rooms.

    I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying that “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!” Even if she had previously loved the SOB. And I’m sure everyone knows about protective Mama Bears and how lethal they can be.

    I know everyone thinks the “Karens” are brainwashed idiots, but I think they are a two-edged sword.

  50. philemon

    “We had the noble lie, or rather the cockiness of Experts, that folks with two shots would be considered “fully human.” I mean fully vexxinated. Now Israel is saying, ‘Nope. It takes three to tango.'”

    Well, all the Israelis are lining up for their clot shots, in perpetuity, like the good little you-know-whats that they are.

    To be honest, I think the Israeli powers that be are hoping for a Marek-like mutant virus to wipe out the un-vexxed Palestinians. Fortunately, they don’t understand viruses or vaccines.

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