The “Solutions” They Had Biden Mandate Will Fail

The “Solutions” They Had Biden Mandate Will Fail

Here is how we know this is all rank nonsense, in this country and others: not one ruler or Expert has said “Here precisely using these verifiable metrics is how we know the crisis will be over.”

They wheeled Biden out to the microphone yesterday, and, for what it’s worth, they had him read things like this (official link):

  1. Expertocracy to require employers of more than 100 to mandate vexxination (even for the previously infected) or continuous for-all-time-forever on-and-on until-Our-Lord-returns testing;
  2. All Experts in the bureaucracy and all contractors have to be vexxed;
  3. Workers in sick houses in the Medicare/Medicade system have to be vexxed;
  4. Employers have to give money to employees to get vexxed;
  5. Vaccine passports for “entertainment venues”.

There are the conspiracy-theory vexxine passports when they promised would never come, which are not strictly required. But they’re on the Slippery Slope, which we have learned through hard experience is greased right down into the cesspool.

If you are vexxed or unvexxed and go along with the vexxine passports, you are part of the problem. If your entertainment is more valuable than your liberty, you deserve what you get. If you can’t know by now how these will descend into further and more restrictive mandates, for the doom or for many other things, you are either simple or deluded.

Incidentally, Scotland, in what can’t be a coincidence, at the same time as Biden’s speech, announced vexxine passports.

I heard some complaints that Congress would never pass laws for these things. And I laughed. Congress as a power? Please.

Not one of these “solutions” will put the least dent in coronadoom. We saw earlier this week it is already fading. I show us again:

It naturally and because of previous, built-in causes, fading. But they will take credit for this soon. They will be lying. Remember it.

Yes: Biden did lie when he said earlier say, out loud on TV in front of large audiences and with cameras recording it, that he would not require vexxine mandates or masked.

This lie is meaningless. This is why they do not let him answer questions. He can’t remember he lied, he can’t remember what he just read. They are worried he will go off script if confronted with his old words, so they whisky him (the speed is relative) away before it comes to that.

We accept these lies as easily as we accept rain on a picnic. It is a natural hazard with politicians in our Expertocracy.

Here’s what else he said, or what they had him say:

“The 25% of people who have not been vaccinated are causing a lot of problems.”

They want neighbor to hate neighbor, friends to despise friends, families to stop loving. They hold power when we fall apart.

They also had him say this:

We’re reminded of the blubbery effeminate we met last week who warned us about his fading store of patience. Biden, like that frightened one, didn’t say what he (or his handlers) would do once that patience runs out. Fire us? Imprison us? Kill us?

They are going to ramp up testing in schools, which will only ensure the panic never ends. It makes no difference kids are at no real risk. All we hear is “What about the children!” My favorite “solution” is the Federal Monoclonal Antibody Strike Teams (yes).

As bad as all this is, and it isn’t good, it could have been much worse.

Were they going to require vexxine passports for flying? They believe they own the skies, they already require useless masks on airplanes. They might have got away with this. Perhaps the people behind the throne realized they would lose too much money with this one.

There were many rumors, such as withholding Social Security or other government “benefits” from the unvexxed. The unvexxed would be taxed. Employers would be free to drop the unvexxed from their otherwise mandatory “health” plans.

None of these were insane. But none happened.

There may have been “solutions” they dropped. I’m knocking my feeble brain because at one point it flashed into my mind what we avoided, but this thought turned into vapor after I was distracted. Can you think of what it might be?

Meanwhile, there are sure to be lawsuits challenging at least the arbitrary “100” number, or who is to pay for the testing. Maybe we’ll win some of these victories. Or just wait until John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Barrett get hold of the mandates. Wow.

Maybe states such as Florida might blow off the feds. Though they had the Old Groper say “If they’ll not help, if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way”. How? By arresting them? By killing them?

Again, none of this will work. Corondoom will be with us longer than the government.

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  1. Pk

    If we assume their objective is to eliminate the Doom, then I agree they will fail. But, the objective is not about any disease.

  2. Al

    They will continue pressing ahead with the agenda until they meet insurmountable resistance from the masses. Unfortunately the masses won’t mount any meaningful resistance because although we are many in total we are siloed by mainstream and social media content and so rendered few. Only coordination of collective will can the we defeat totalitarianism. The hubris is palpable when pretence of facts, truth and reality are discarded.

  3. Al

    control, not content

  4. Sheri

    How can unvexxed cause problems with vexxed, UNLESS THEY LIED AND THE VEXXINE IS WORTHLESS. I truly believe that is what Biden is saying. Because a REAL vexxine will protect. So, the gamble is humans are idiots and don’t know how things work, which is a good gamble. I mean, millions believe a turnip hidden in a basement legitimately won an election. The stupid is MASSIVE.

    What Biden is really saying is “I just outfitted terrorists and left Americans to be tortured and killed but I want you to forget.” It will likely work, since the media is kissing his bony backside while journalists are tortured and killed overseas. It’s about hoping your stupidity and not caring about important things hides you for a longer time than resisting. COWARDS ARE WHAT AMERICA IS NOW COMPOSED OF. Living in hell is what we beg for. It’s what the journallists being killed beg for to have happen here. They are just getting it overseas currently. No sympathy.

    If stupid, lazy, crappy parents that HATE their kids would not send them school, but they do HATE their kids, or at least love themselves and money more than they care about the little maggots they popped out. After all, the kids were only to fit into society. It’s not like they ever really cared.

    If a president can say “I’ll use my powers—illegal or not” to get rid of governors I don’t like” he’s a dictator, not a president and we either act now or shut up, MAKE STUPID, COWARDLY EXCUSES, mask up and live in the hell we beg for.

  5. Ray Robertson

    Long before this I’d feared there would come a time when the unvaccinated would be scapegoats and deemed “the cause” of the ongoing pandemic. How many tyrannies have used scapegoats as a crutch to unite people against a common “enemy”? There’s already a break in family relations were certain members of my family are not comfortable with visiting us (or being visited by us) in person as though we’ll make them sick. People would sooner brand you the bad guy for not hopping on board (all aboard the vax train!) than say to themselves “hmmm, well, I’m vaccinated, so I’m protected. It’s fine.” People would sooner say my family is a danger to their younger children who are not old enough to be vaccinated, even though it’s evident that vaccinated persons can transmit just as well as unvaccinated. Logic is lost. Common sense is gone. Hatred is contingent for our ongoing obstinance, so they think we are at fault for not being compliant. If only we were compliant, all of these problems would go away. So this is “on us.” The unvaccinated. We are the problem.

    I don’t know how enforceable these $14k fines are for private employers, but I reckon these employers would sooner drop an employee than incur ongoing hefty fines. I guess I wonder how these are supposed to work. It sounded like they were given an opportunity to either be vaccinated or subject themselves to weekly testing. And we all probably know by now how unreliable these PCR tests are. So between employers trying to accommodate with weekly tests for unvaccinated, expecting their employees to quarantine for a couple of weeks every time the bogus test reads “positive”, missing work, they’re almost surely going to say “it is an undue hardship for me to continue to employ you, so with all due respect to your religious liberties and exemption, I cannot suffer you to work for me any longer as it would seem concessions to your religious exemption render you unable to do your job.” I’m expecting my HR department to break this down for me any day now. We shall see.

  6. JohnM

    I am French, and am confused.

    Can somebody please tell me what is the difference in the USA, between a Mandate and a Law?

    Is a Mandate = a Law? If not, how can a court find somebody ‘guilty’ of a mandate and fine them? How do Mandates fit in with the Constitution? Are Mandates similar to Executive Orders?

  7. Aaron Glover

    Going with the control/submission theme, providing there is an acceleration in mutations, perhaps the Marek effect will kick in and all those critical thinking, free, unvaccinated people will die off anyway…leaving a horde of vaccinated zombie minions that will do anyone’s bidding.

    And, Americans, what’s with you? Usually Canada is 6 months or so behind you.
    We’ve had passports and forced vaccinations for federal employees in the offing for some time now.
    I’m disappointed in your lack of progressivism

  8. billrla

    My best guess is the goal is to push every living soul in the formerly sort-of-free world into surveillable databases, so that the formerly free world we can “catch up” to the brilliant Chinese, who already have their people under perpetual surveillance. Then…social credit scores for everyone…digital finance for everyone…digital “permissions” for everyone, and no one moves or says “boo” without the government’s say so.

  9. Dennis

    The only solution is mass noncompliance and mass employee walkouts. Cripple businesses, cripple the health care system, cripple “entertainment” venues and sportsball franchises that go along with “passports” for entry.

    Everything Biden has proposed is illegal and unconstitutional (as well as being a massive violation of human rights by attempting to coerce people into subjecting themselves to experimental medical procedures that clearly don’t even work) – just as his attempted fed takeover of landlord-tenant law was – though I have no doubt that least some of this BS will be upheld by a regime compliant federal judiciary. That’s why mass action at ground-level by people and businesses themselves is the only solution. Don’t expect the courts to save you. They are as compromised and corrupt as the rest of the regime (appellate and SCOTUS and state supreme courts anyway – which are all more about politics than law; less so at local/trial court level).

  10. Sheri

    Aaron: I’m busy laughing at reports that Canadians are throwing gravel at Trudeau. I’m hoping that trend comes to America soon!!! The Ice Cream President could use some “toppings”.

  11. Rudolph Harrier


    The CDC declared that landlords could not evict their residents. They had absolutely no authority to do this, and especially not to declare fines for violating their mandate, but they did anyway and it wasn’t stopped by the courts for about a year. When it finally did make it to the supreme court the case was dismissed since it was about to become moot (the challenges took so long that the mandate was about to expire) but with the comment that the mandates were unconstitutional and that all future mandates would need to be backed by explicit congressional action. That was decided on a Friday; by Tuesday of the next week the CDC had already put forward another mandate forbidding eviction. Those supporting it (including the apparent President) even openly discussed the fact that the mandate was almost certainly constitutional, but that people would have to follow it until it was explicitly stopped.

    We can talk all day about whether this mandate was in theory actually a law. But for months and months everyone in every level of government acted as though it were a law. In the real world, does it really matter if it was a law or not? Effectively speaking the CDC now has usurped the power to create new law. The only way to stop this would be to levy harsh penalties on everyone involved, but even those who object to the law are too cowardly to do that since it would be seen as “a war against health.”

    There’s a flip side of this though: if the powers on high declare a ruling, regardless of whether it is technically “law” or not, and it is not followed and the local authorities do not enforce it, then it is just as effectively not a law.

    Of course the enemy sees this and is trying to eliminate local control, with the result being more and more indistinguishable from a third world dictatorship.

  12. Douglas Skinner

    Since the vaccines first appeared, if their goal was to encourage people to get vaccinated, the government certainly has shot itself in the foot. Get vaccinated? (Actually I have been vaccinated myself.) Why? Nothing changes! Still have to mask up, distance yada, yada, yada. Says the guy sitting on the fence, “Sure I’m gonna get vaxxed and go through side-effects (“simulated COVID”), only find nothing changes, right!” Then Mr. Big, aka Joe Biden, shoots off his mouth and says they’re gonna vaccinate us all, even if they have to fine and harass every company over 100 souls. That’s real good, as they say, optics. Almost makes me wish I could un-vaxx myself purely as a matter of principle. At any rate, I admire the guts of those still holding out. There is more to the life of a free people than the avoidance of getting sick!

  13. Dennis

    The thing with health care workers and the attempted mandate for them that gets me: It’s been well-known for years that most doctors and nurses don’t bother with flu shots either. As with Covid, the fact that medical professionals forego such shots in great numbers should tell you something about their efficacy and/or safety. Yet, no one over the years has ever proposed mandates for health care workers (or others in general public; or proposed that businesses, sports and entertainments venues, etc., be deputized as Health Stasi to check internal health “passports” for entry or job eligibility) for flu, even though Covid is barely worse in terms of overall death rate.

    So why such extreme hysteria for Covid, and why now? Why have so many politicians, media, and general public bought into the lies, paranoia, and tyrannical response for 18 months (and still going)? Well, we know it has nothing to do with actual health or the actual seriousness generally of Covid compared to similar seasonal flu-like illness…but why are so many going along with what is clearly an agenda driven by nefarious actors for other purposes than just public health or protecting people from a supposedly terrible pandemic of world historical proportions (it isn’t, and never was going to be even with no action at all). Did they just get the wrong virus?…i.e. they thought it would be much deadlier (along the lines of initial “models” of 3-5% of total population), but when it turned out it wasn’t, they were already committed to the agenda, so had to keep pushing it despite the fact that it all just never made sense for a virus 99.98% survive)?

  14. Rudolph Harrier

    On the topic of testing, here’s what I expect to happen in a lot of places based on what I’ve seen on the ground.

    “In accordance with the new mandates, all employees must be fully vaccinated or agree to testing. We will give you three months to decide to give people time to get fully vaccinated.”

    after three months

    “We have been informed of unexpected delays in the ability of some employees to get vaccinated. Therefore we are extending the deadline for vaccination or testing by an additional month.”

    after one month

    “You will now have to submit proof of vaccination or agree to regular testing in order to continue employment. However, if you are agreeing to testing you do not have to get tested yet because we are still working on finding a testing option that can accommodate our employees.”

    after two weeks

    “The partner we were working with to set up testing has fallen through. We have found another partner, and testing will not begin until after we set things up properly.”

    after two weeks

    “Our new partner was also not able to set up testing properly. Employees who test will now have to find testing options on their own and will be reimbursed by the company.”

    after one week

    “Local testing services are experiencing unexpectedly high demand. We will delay the testing requirement for two weeks until we find a way for all employees to be properly tested.”


    Of course many places will crack down with an iron fist at the first opportunity, but they won’t be doing it because Biden told them to.

  15. Robin

    If you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, check this out:

    Brand new provisional url scheme “shc://” for “Smart Health Cards Framework”. That’s right, there is now a global url scheme or protocol for registering a vax passport. Already being used across Canada for registration of vaccination status.

  16. Dennis

    “There is more to the life of a free people than the avoidance of getting sick!”

    Exactly right. I’m reminded of this from Ernst Jünger’s Paris diaries: “The dignity of man must be more sacred to us than life itself.”

    Nietzsche’s Last Man – essentially the modern fat, sated bourgeois – wants only what Agamben calls “bare life,” safety, and comfort (what our so-called “leaders” promise with their serial jabs, and plans, and programs). That’s not good enough. Man must aspire to something higher, more noble, and of infinitely greater dignity. If “bare life” itself is all there is, and all there is to aspire to, it’s just not worth bothering.

  17. Robin


    “This implementation guide provides a framework for “Health Cards”, with a short term goal to enable a consumer to receive COVID-19 Vaccination or Lab results and present these results to another party in a verifiable manner. Key use cases include conveying point-in-time infection status for return-to-workplace and travel. This approach should also support documentation of immunization status and other health details.”

  18. Dennis

    Robin: And these Smart Health Cards wont stop at just Covid. Covid is only the beginning of what will be an endlessly growing array of jabs and other health and personal info (soon it will include “wrongthink,” “hate speech,” and other ideological tests as well) subject to the “passport” monitoring and control scheme in order to be allowed to have a life, job, bank account, travel, etc.

  19. Robin

    W3C Verifiable Credentials Working Group:

    “The mission of the Verifiable Credentials (formerly known as Verifiable Claims) Working Group (VCWG) is to make expressing and exchanging credentials that have been verified by a third party easier and more secure on the Web.”

  20. Rudolph Harrier

    My predictions for the ordering of info on the cards:

    -At first it will just track vaccination status and they will pretend for a long time that this is all it will be, in order to get people on board.

    -Then, around the time people are getting their fourth or fifth jab, they will say that it doesn’t make sense to not also track the most recent booster shot so you’ll have to keep updating it.

    -By this point Pfizer will have their ivermectin variant and the other elements of Big Pharma will have followed suit. It will be said “while vaccines are tremendously effective when properly boosted, there are still some breakthrough cases which are spreading the disease, including asymptotically. In order to reduce your viral load you will have to regularly take Pfizermectin or an equivalent (but not that horse dewormer!).” Naturally your prescription to Pfizermectin will be tracked on the passport.

    -At that point it is only a short step to “contributing conditions.” But these will only be the politically inconvenient ones like smoking cigarettes (but not pot) and not things like being obese. Pretty quickly they’ll throw on things that can’t be related in any way to COVID, but by that point it will be too complicated for anyone to notice.

  21. Robin

    Dennis: The shc:// scheme was registered during May 2021, and the W3C group has been having meetings from June 14 to September 8. Wayne Chang appears to be the driver behind it, see:

    I agree with you this is only the beginning. I think we have just spotted the Trojan Horse.

  22. awildgoose


    I believe a Marek’s disease type scenario in human’s may be one of the true goals of the jab op. Mass sterilization and ADE may also be on the menu.


    I have reached the same conclusion based on the available information.

    I also believe cryptos are simply prototypes and training whhels for the eventual rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which are a key part of the effort to turn the globe into one big cattle pen.

  23. Briggs

    “Mr Employee I see you aren’t vaxxed. You will therefore have to be tested weekly.”

    Okay, for how long?

    “How long?”

    Yeah, for how long?

    “Forever, Mr Employee. Forever and ever and ever, and ever some more. Every week until Eternity. It’s the law.”

    Experts are infamous for being unable to think through the consequences of their policies.

  24. GamecockJerry

    This won’t last and it won’t take much resistance to get it stopped. Otherwise the economy crashes.
    For example, if the anastesiologist (sic) decides not to take the jab and can’t come to work, all surgery stops. All the surgeons and surgical nurses are out of work. Major cash cow for hospitals gone.
    Every industry has labor shortages. Losing only a few more people will crush them.
    All a big bluff.

  25. PaulH

    Did I hear on the news that home test-kits for covid will soon be available? Talk about a case-demic in the making!

  26. Aaron Glover

    Sheri: see Mel Gibson’s Braveheart i.e. the disarmed masses.

  27. Rudolph Harrier

    The home kits have been around for a while but they will probably be made more plentiful do to the higher demand, plus some state governments might give compensation for the purchase.

    The casedemic is inevitable, and what’s more it will be used to blame the unvaccinated for the problem. As the unvaccinated will be made to test weekly but the vaccinated will not, naturally it will increase the proportion of the unvaccinated among the “cases.”

    But the data from Israel suggests that the vaccines are so bad in the long term, and that the extra jabs don’t help much, to the point where the vaccinated may still end up in the majority of the “cases.”

  28. philemon

    PaulH: “Did I hear on the news that home test-kits for covid will soon be available? Talk about a case-demic in the making!”

    Are they truly home test-kits like home pregnancy tests, of will they go to a lab for processing, which lab will collect the data?

    “But the data from Israel suggests that the vaccines are so bad in the long term, and that the extra jabs don’t help much, to the point where the vaccinated may still end up in the majority of the ‘cases.'”

    The data from Israel suggest that initial vexxine dosages were deliberately selected to look good for a 2-4 month clinical trial (looks a bit too prescient). And then there’s the anomalous drop in the vexxine arm of the trial of 300+, for non-specified reasons, to even up the statistics.

    Then there’s Fauci smugly predicting that there would be a coronavirus epidemic during the latter part of Trump’s presidency. He couldn’t resist revealing that he was “in the know”. He has narcissist written all over him.

  29. philemon

    JohnM: “I am French, and am confused.

    “Can somebody please tell me what is the difference in the USA, between a Mandate and a Law?

    “Is a Mandate = a Law? If not, how can a court find somebody ‘guilty’ of a mandate and fine them? How do Mandates fit in with the Constitution? Are Mandates similar to Executive Orders?”

    Essentially, Executive Order are “Mandates”, but, without Congressional Authorization, they are toothless and have no legal status per the Constitution, as I understand it. So, Biden, or more to the point, his handlers, are bluffing. If it doesn’t fly, well, it’s just Biden’s senile dementia. They are just hoping people are stupid enough to fall for it.

    Trial lawyers haven’t got a slice of the pie yet. We’ll see.

  30. philemon

    More specifically, I understand an Executive Order as a declaration by the President (or a state governor) which has the force of law, generally based on a delegated statutory authority. The specific legal basis is generally referenced in the order.

    Mandates are requirements under law or by court order. But without a legal basis they are hot air. What’s the French for “hot air”?

  31. Sheri

    There is NO difference between a mandate and a law because the lazy, crappy idiots in this country don’t give a damn.

  32. Retired

    @JohnM. A law is made in the legislative branch of government and then is voted on by representatives of the people. The executive branch (President) has veto power, but it is law if he signs the legislation.

    A mandate is an executive decree and lacks the legislative debate process that is expected in a republic.

    Congressmen are way overpaid considering that they allow the executive branch to write laws in and through agencies of the government. US presidents issue executive orders as decrees, but they are essentially mandates. Whenever a government becomes despotic, this is what happens, and the legislative branch is left out of the process.

    If someone doesn’t sue the government then the mandate will stand even if it is unconstitutional. Executive Orders are mandates that are legal. My textbook understanding of an EO is it is an act by a president that allows his branch to execute or carry out an EXISTING law.

    In my opinion the EO are overused. Stuff has been written on “administrative law” and how the executive branch agencies are now doing the work of congress.

    Congressmen just give speeches and CYA in order to keep their high paying jobs and lucrative benefits.

  33. Wade

    Thankfully, I am a small business in a county with a sheriff who will not enforce a mask mandate, much less a vaccine mandate. But, that presents a problem. Small businesses don’t have enough money to keep politicians rich and they are run by people who interact directly to their employees, not through HR. Many will not follow through on mandate madness.

    The solution: kill small businesses. The selfish power-mad politicians get more filthy lucre and ensure people cannot earn a living if they dare disobey. Big business gets more filthy lucre too as they kill competition. Everyone wins — which is to say only the people whom the politician care about wins. The rest of the people are deplorable and, as the Pharisees said of those not in their cabal, accursed.

  34. Rudolph Harrier

    I dug through the UK Vaccine Suveillance:

    I am going from the numbers themselves (i.e. not any models.) Since the data is separated by age group without any information on the total population (and I don’t want to dig through UK census information on age demographics to reconstruct how it would look in the total populations) we will just look the effectiveness in different age groups:

    Fully Vaccinated Effectiveness against Cases: Maximizes at 61% in the under 18 group. However, from the rest of the data it’s clear that there simply aren’t very many in the under 18 group who have been around long enough to be counted as “fully vaccinated;” the partially vaccinated case numbers are much higher (even when comparing to the partially vaccinated in other age groups.) So the under 18 count is misleading. If we throw them out the maximum effectiveness is about 53%, in the 18-29 age group. There is actually negative effectiveness in ages 40-79.

    Fully Vaccinated Effectiveness against Deaths; Maximizes at 90% in the 30-39 range, though there were so few deaths that this isn’t too reliable of calculation. When looking at other groups the effectiveness seems to be about 70-85%

    Fully Vaccinated Effectiveness against Emergency Hospitalization: Technically there is a 100% effectiveness in the under 18 group, since none of the “fully vaccinated” there have been brought to the emergency room, but this is almost certainly a factor of how recently that age group has begun to be vaccinated as discussed above. Throwing out that group, the maximum effectiveness is about 88%, achieved in the 40-49 group. Generally effectiveness ranged from there down to about 70%.

    So a look at the numbers suggests that the vaccines might be decent at preventing deaths and hospitalizations, but are horrible at preventing “cases.” Once again, they actually are showing negative effectiveness in all age groups from 40 to 79. In those age ranges the cases occur at rates about 25% to 30% higher in the fully vaccinated than outside that population. Even outside of age those groups they still struggle to crack 50% effectiveness. Keep in mind that we are still in a relatively vaccine favorable situation, since their effectiveness has been shown to go down over time and they have no guarantee of effectiveness against “variants.” Just like the Isreaeli data, we are seeing that these vaccines make no sense whatsoever as a means even to “slow the spread,” and they sure as hell aren’t going to lead to an eradication of the disease.

    Now the numbers do look better for deaths and hospitalizations. I wouldn’t say that results around 70-85% are amazing, especially after a year of being told repeatedly that the vaccines have 95% effectiveness against infection and even better effectiveness against serious disease. But it’s still something. However, remember that these are relative rates. For most age groups the chance of being hospitalized or dying from COVID is already very low.

    For example, let’s take the 30-39 age group where the effectiveness against death was highest (about 90%). In that age group among the “not fully vaccinated” there were 33,986 cases over the surveillance period, but only 31 deaths (I am ignoring the stats on deaths over 60 days after getting infected since it is hard to consider these “COVID” deaths.) That’s a CFR of about .09%. If the vaccines have a 90% effectiveness in cutting deaths of the infected in this population, then it would drop the chance of death to .009%. That is, assuming you get infected in the first place, the vaccine would save you in .081% of cases. And of course, for that to even apply you have to get infected in the first place.

    In the 18-29 range the results are even more extreme: The CFR among the unvaccinated is about .02%, and the effectiveness against death is only 75%, meaning that the vaccine would only reduce your risk of death (assuming you are infected) by .015%. In the older groups the payoff is greater since the risk of death is greater, but remember that in order to be at risk for death you first have to get infected and currently the vaccinated in the older age groups are actually more likely to get infected.

  35. JohnM

    Thank you, everybody, who answered my question about Mandates/Law/Constitution.

    It would seem that the government of the USA is a fustercluck of illegalities. For a land with so many Lawyers, I am not surprised.

    P.S. Thank you Sheri. I love to read your responses. I even agree with some of them.

  36. Jim G

    And yes, they will fail. I just had a look at the latest UK Fauci Virus report #22. It can be viewed here:

    Go to page 22 and check out the delta death numbers for this year. Overall they report about 420K delta cases. There were about 213K unvaccinated and 207K vaccinated with 1 or 2 jabs. The death count was 1262 vaxed and 536 unvaxed. The jab is clearly not helping but actually making things worse. For those under 50, there is a slight advantage to get the jab, but the numbers are very small in that group.

    What’s really bad is that those with 2 jabs are much worse off. Really makes you wonder what the booster jab will do to everyone? Note that the results are different for the Alpha and other variants.

  37. philemon

    JohnM: What kinda French name is that anyway?

    “Thank you, everybody, who answered my question about Mandates/Law/Constitution.

    “It would seem that the government of the USA is a fustercluck of illegalities. For a land with so many Lawyers, I am not surprised.”

    I don’t think the litigation has really got going yet. I don’t see that the trial lawyers have been paid off, so I expect they’re looking for their cut. Whatever else, I think the USA is still the world leader in law suits.

  38. Joy

    “And yes, they will fail. I just had a look at the latest UK Fauci Virus report #22. It can be viewed here:”
    Link goes directly to generic page. Does nothing to support the assertion from “JIM G. ”

    They have already succeeded. Too late. America needs to cop on and get vaccinated. Hopefully so many will just go because they’ll see their neighbours dying in their droves. They won’t require traitor Biden or mad right wing nuts to disuade them. *both of the latter working for the devil in my view…

    Maybe they’ll listen to Trump? or perhaps other sane individuals from the right wing of politics in the US who don’t think vaccination is a political matter. If Biden were canny, or his handlers, they’d have republican politicians talk sense to the masses and bipass the loud and naff right wing who have backed the wrong horse in this epidemic.
    Some would say the wrong side of history, fallacy or not.

  39. philemon

    Jim G: “What’s really bad is that those with 2 jabs are much worse off. Really makes you wonder what the booster jab will do to everyone?” Increase of adverse events for one, and even the ones we’re seeing now, short term, are pretty bad. Oncologists seem to be concerned at what they’re seeing, which does not bode well.

    Why young people, who were in no danger from SARS-CoV-2 at all, were stupid enough to go along with the vexxines, compromised their natural immunity, and became super-spreaders to the vulnerable at risk groups – well, I guess that’s your brain on propaganda.

    Personally, I think the desperate push to get everyone inoculated with the mRNA experimental shots (with mostly empty threats) is due to cold and flu season coming up. TPTB are really scared that the vexxinated are going to be susceptible to other colds and flus due to impaired immune system response. They don’t want a control group with broad immunity bucking the trend.

    Already, there are reports of healthy young people, fully vexxinated, who have been hospitalized, ICU, due to other viruses. Not variants of SARS-CoV-2, but unrelated colds and flus, which have been endemic in the population for decades, and which most of us with healthy immunity shrug off. But the vexxinated seem to be more susceptible to them.

  40. philemon

    Joy: “Hopefully so many will just go because they’ll see their neighbours dying in their droves.”

    What do you think “droves” are, Joy? Range-Rovers? English is not your language. Idiomatic you cannot do.

    Congrats on your spelling though:”neighbours”! Very UK!

  41. philemon

    Jim G
    September 11, 2021 at 8:43 pm
    “No, it doesn’t go to a blank page for me. The first report is linked near the top.”

    Jim G, Joy is non compos mentis. It’s sad, but there you go.

  42. Joy

    Jim G,
    I didn’t say it goes to a blank page, I said it goes to a generic page. One public Health England page about variants of Covid. As for Fauci? He’s certainly not a friend of the UK or our authorities of any kind.
    He’s part of the anti British brigade in the US which has several different kinds of members, some of whom are on opposing political sides but share that common anti British sentiment…not so well hidden.

    So if you’d were to link the actual paper from PHE and the actual text I’d be much obliged. I know much about what is claimed from our own side and have not needed to consult the papers. So if you think yo’ve got something on our experts I’d be interested. Nobody else has done so yet. Just a lot of hot air and personal attacks. Don’t give me faudci, I don’t like or care for the man or anything he’s about. Didn’t need Briggs to note his character, made my own mind up over a year ago prior to seeing that he was a source of much anger.

  43. Joy

    Swordfish is right about you. You’re a joke. Incapable of telling truth from fiction and you really are a past master at projection. Or should I say mistress?

  44. philemon

    The vexxines should never have been approved at all. Animal trials failed. Nothing like serious clinical trials at all.

    Actually, the vexxines should be illegal. They are injurious to public health.

    Also, Joy, give it up, It’s no use.

  45. philemon

    John B(): You are treating Joy as though she is rational?

  46. Joy

    Yes thanks Johnny, I did see that and the warning about the pdf’s but I really think if someone’s going to make a point with numbers and make a claim, that when they claim to have a link to a paper, they won’t just link to a pack and mix on the front page of a public website, so to speak. I’d never et away with that with you? Would I?
    I’m not insisting, I suspect there is no such paper and so down’t wish to embarrass anybody or give them extra work to do.
    Re ring virus?
    No the ‘common cold’ is made up of many viruses of which corona makes up fifteen percent.
    It’s a mistake to think that vaccination is intended to prevent infection. It is not and at no stage was that promised anywhere by anybody. If something else is true in the US then what is there to say about that?

    The idea, simple as it seems is to introduce the masses to the virus in a ‘dummy run’ so that when the real thing comes along, the immune system responds in a more tempered fashion. The latent effect and the inflammatory storm is prevented in a high pr centre of patients to make the risk benefits easy to evaluate for all but very young teenagers and children.

    “Aren’t virus variants (Rhino, Corona, …) why “There will never be a cure for the common cold”?”
    Nobody is claiming there is a cure fr the common cold in case that is what you’re thinking.
    Corona viruses as listed elsewhere can list again if required, make up only 15% of “common cold.s ”
    The mistake is thinking that the common cold is one thing. Which is what your question alludes to with regards variation.
    The type of the corona virus we are dealing with now is one derived from SARS 1, where it is said that twelve c letters on the gene sequence altered the contagiousness of SARS 1.

    Along with the change there is a reduction in virulence, which is also a feature of natural evolution of the virus as well as possible engineered the jury’s out as far as I’m concerned. that’s as far as my conspiratorial mind is prepared to go with this.

    So when people say there will never be a cure for the common cold it’s like saying there will never be a cure for cancer. Cancer is not one thing, as you know, i’m sure.
    Anyway, in a very perverse way I kind of enjoy a mild cold! one can wrap up warm and feel sorry for oneself. Drink hot black current and look forward to feeling bette when the paracetamol kicks in,. .

  47. philemon

    Repeating myself: “Personally, I think the desperate push to get everyone inoculated with the mRNA experimental shots (with mostly empty threats) is due to cold and flu season coming up. TPTB are really scared that the vexxinated are going to be susceptible to other colds and flus due to impaired immune system response. They don’t want a control group with broad immunity bucking the trend.

    “Already, there are reports of healthy young people, fully vexxinated, who have been hospitalized, ICU, due to other viruses. Not variants of SARS-CoV-2, but unrelated colds and flus, which have been endemic in the population for decades, and which most of us with healthy immunity shrug off. But the vexxinated seem to be more susceptible to them.”

  48. Bobcat

    LOL, welcome to the new fascist, unelected regime the USA is now under! How predictable! I guess I’ll use some of the old statements the left has used for years in response to all this bull – “my body, my choice!” Don’t impose a shot on me! And if that mandate isn’t an example of fascism then I don’t know what would be…

  49. Jim G

    OK, I understand, math is racist and some don’t understand. Let’s go with just the age 50+ numbers from the actual Technical Briefing #22 I linked above covering from Feb 1 to Aug 29. Even though those under 50 were hit harder, only 154 died out of 420,689. Very few under 50 even went to the emergency room.

    Delta cases 50+: 71,107 total, 1 jab 6,899, 2 jabs 51,420 and unvaxed 6,724. Not much to say here. Most were vaxed.
    Delta deaths 50+: 1,644 total, 1 jab 128, 2 jabs 1,054 and unvaxed 437.

    While we would need to know the total vaxed and unvaxed aged 50+ in the UK to calculate the death rate from Delta, we won’t worry about that. Instead, we will look at only those that got the Fauci Delta Virus. And we won’t concern ourselves with the unlinked values, which appear to be ghosts, although they pollute the totals.

    50+ dead with 1 jab: 128 x100/71107=0.2%
    50+ dead with 2 jabs: 1054 x100/71107=1.5%
    50+ dead with 0 jab: 437 x100/71107=0.6%

    Well, those in the 1 jab class seem to have won the lottery. While I find it odd that those with 2 jabs are dying at a much higher rate, I’m not sure what to make of it. Could be the vax is causing problems with more jabs, but only time will tell for sure. There are concerns with how these mRNA vaccines (or more accurately, man made artificial viruses – they really do infect your cells but don’t replicate I hope) will react over time.

    The fact that those with no jab fell in between is also curious. Could be that the first Alpha wave got most of the weak ones and those that remained had better immunity. At least, that’s my guess, but nothing about the Fauci Virus makes any sense just like Fauci.

  50. Aaron Glover

    Any truth to the American federal vexxine mandate NOT applying to the judiciary and members of Congress? Because it is, yet another, executive order?

  51. Kalif

    Jim G.

    “While I find it odd that those with 2 jabs are dying at a much higher rate, I’m not sure what to make of it.”

    It’s very simple. There is really no ‘1 shot’ category in the USA, as it is a transitory phase before a person gets the second one, so not enough people in that group. If infections occur in the meantime, you can consider those people unvaxed, as it takes time to build all forms of immunity. It is much more reliable if you compare 2 shot stats to unvaxed, if you want to get a sense of it all.

    Additionally, 50+% of vaxed people are on average much older, thus much higher chance of death. Regarding hospitalizations, the vaxed ones that do end up in a hospital, usually walk back home. Not so much the case for the unvaxed.

    Vaccination is not designed to cook you a dinner, tuck you in bed and sing you a lullaby. Its only job is to buy you some time. Your body’s processes are the same after encountering the pathogen, just quicker for those who are vaxed. Almost no vaccine sterilizes the virus. They are not made for that, nor do they need to be. It just provides training for your immune system in a controlled environment.

    You can go with regular exposure immunity too and if you survive, you’ll have more complete protection, but without very expensive and complicated tests, there’s no way to tell how much, as there is a 100-fold difference among individuals (which explains why people got reinfected often in the beginning-not all of them built the same defense after the initial exposure).
    That’s why the best protection, based on the data so far is that from a natural exposure, followed by a vaccine (one shot at least).

  52. Rudolph Harrier

    The vaccine defender two step (V for vaccine defender, U for the dread “unvaxed.”):

    V: You need to get vaccinated to slow the spread of COVID-19. It’s the only way to protect our community.

    U: It was note tested whether the vaccines slow transmissions, and data from Israel and the UK do not show them doing much of anything to stop transmission.

    V: No one has ever claimed that vaccines grant sterilizing immunity that would completely stop transmission, or even that their primary purpose is to stop transmission. The point of vaccines is to give you less severe outcomes when you do get infected.

    U: My risk of dying from COVID 19 is very low even without the vaccine and I am comfortable with my level of risk not taking the vaccine.

    V: While you may personally be okay with risking death, you should take vaccines to help others. You need to get vaccinated to slow the spread of COVID-19. It’s the only way to protect our community.

    Repeat forever.

  53. U: Everyone risks bodily death, for these bodies live one hour at a time. Why should I increase my risk of death by taking this vaccine when the total population risk is about 0.02%? ;p Plus, if the vaccine is effective for you, my being unvaccinated does little to nothing to increase your, or anyone else’s risk.

  54. Oh, I forgot to add this: and the total all cause population death risk is about 0.9% per year, in the USA.

  55. Rudolph Harrier

    The other two step is with regards to natural immunity. At this point it’s pretty much impossible to argue that the vaccines are more effective or longer lasting than natural immunity, at least not if you want to have any point of contact with reality. (Since this is how it’s worked with basically every other disease, it’s amazing that the narrative that vaccines might be longer lasting and more effective than natural immunity was floated at all.) But even so, it all becomes about vaccination, even for those who have recovered from COVID-19. Why? Based on the idea that “well, it’ll probably make you even more resistant so you have to do it!”

    But you can always be more resistant to a disease. There’s some studies suggesting that mixing vaccines (ex. getting mega-vaxed with Pfizer, Moderna and J&J) will cause at least slightly greater immunity than getting a vaccination from just one company. Even if that wasn’t an option, certainly there is less risk of infection if a vaccinated individual stays home forever instead of interacting with anyone ever again. But when it comes to that we recognize that the goal is not to reduce risk as much as possible, but rather to reduce it to an acceptable level and the argument is made that the vaccine does that.

    However this is thrown out the window when it comes to those with natural immunity. Again, every piece of data we have says that recovering from COVID-19 grants longer lasting and better immunity than any of the vaccines (at least if it was a symptomatic case; which also gets rid of the problem of false positives.) Therefore if being vaccinated puts a person at an acceptable risk level, then recovering from COVID-19 puts someone in an even better place and hence no vaccination is necessary. But no, suddenly the argument becomes about how to further decrease risk from COVID-19 without any regard to absolute risk.

    (And of course that’s not even getting into how the risks associated with vaccinations are completely ignored.)

    Every argument must inevitably lead to the conclusion that every single person in the world must be vaccinated, and then must receive booster shots forever. The rest of the argument is irrelevant window dressing.

  56. And finally: If I do happen to catch this virus and survive, I now have natural immunity for this strain, potentially so for the rest of my natural life. That does as least as much to protect the community as the vaccine, which is intended to mimic the natural infection, in providing protection for the rest of the community.

  57. Heh, well RH, that shows how much the argument is political in nature, and not medical in nature.

  58. Jim G

    Kalif, agreed. I should have considered the death percentages by each column case count rather than percentage of the total cases for the row. Doing it that way we get deaths for age 50+ 1.9% for 1 jab, 2.0% for 2 jabs and 6.5% for unvaxed. About the only thing these numbers show different is the emergency room and overnight stay counts are about equal for vaxed and unvaxed in the UK while here in the US we are being told 99% unvaxed are filling up the hospitals. And that is the main excuse being used for the mandates.

  59. philemon

    “…while here in the US we are being told 99% unvaxed are filling up the hospitals.”

    And if you believe that, I’ve got this bridge you’ll presumably want to buy. It’s a deal, but I’ve got several offers already, so you might want to buy it before it’s gone!

  60. philemon

    Aaron Glover: “Any truth to the American federal vexxine mandate NOT applying to the judiciary and members of Congress?”


  61. philemon

    “Going with the control/submission theme, providing there is an acceleration in mutations, perhaps the Marek effect will kick in and all those critical thinking, free, unvaccinated people will die off anyway…leaving a horde of vaccinated zombie minions that will do anyone’s bidding.”

    Naw! That’s not how Marek effect would work with a coronavirus. Although, I could see the Israelis going whole hog if the Palestinians were the ones who were supposed to “die off” unfortunately. Also, the Israelis will be getting boosters forever because they are good little sheep. It’s very sad.

  62. Joy

    Jim G,

    Kalif, agreed. I should have considered the death percentages by each column case count rather than percentage of the total cases for the row. Doing it that way we get deaths for age 50+ 1.9% for 1 jab, 2.0% for 2 jabs and 6.5% for unvaxed. About the only thing these numbers show different is the emergency room and overnight stay counts are about equal for vaxed and unvaxed in the UK while here in the US we are being told 99% unvaxed are filling up the hospitals. And that is the main excuse being used for the mandates

    Hmm maths is hard and racist?
    On very scant evidence along with a bit of guesswork, you’re saying something about Fauci and delta?

    In the US being in the “emergency room” means something different from attending A &E for some very mundane reasons which have more to do with public’s habit and uptake of health care when comparing any two given countries, along with a tonne of other things. It’s a typical fudge factor when actuaries and authorities speak of admissions or attendance to A and E but it is still a rough instrument fo what is happening in each case as Kalif indicated in his remark about the manner with which they are discharged.

    Also, it’s relevant part that a very high number of the vulnerable population (have/had) not been vaccinated compared with the UK population. Reasons for that aren’t relevant but THAT there is such a difference in the unvaccinated numbers by comparison means there will not be equivalence any a given moment in time in the admission rates in the two countries. Did that make sense?

    As for having the infection more than once.
    It’s not unusual for someone to have covid itself more than once. (Symptomatic, not necessarily severe). Same for vaccination. I have a neighbour who has had both jabs and has had covid twice but was not seriously ill. Ordinarily, (pre 2020) in cases of colds and flu, people are not tested. As everybody knows, so that people know they’ve been infected more than once is peculiar to covid 19 and the current requirement for tracing infection (or not as you people argue, elsewhere), but that’s the reason for multiple boasts of having covid more than once or having covid after being vaccinated. It is not a big deal. Some just think that it is surprising.

    An acquaintance of mine, for example is in her twenties, caught covid as University, after receiving the first jab, (prior to immunity response), then, having a second injection, she caught it a second time. So, in her case, her immune system has ‘seen’ the virus or vaccine four times. At no sage did she attend hospital. This scenario is common.

  63. Dennis

    ““…while here in the US we are being told 99% unvaxed are filling up the hospitals.”

    Anecdotal, but my mom was in hospital a couple weeks ago for 2 days (not Covid-related) and said is was the least busy she’d ever seen any hospital.

    This “90%+ unvaxed are the ones filling the hospitals” trope seems to be going around everywhere. Part of the propaganda machine effort to portray this as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (it’s not even a “pandemic” any more – hasn’t been for quite some time. Just continued panic over an endemic illness no worse than flu for over 99% of people).

  64. Ray Robertson

    Just wait until flu season this coming winter and the ongoing fallout of a significant number of medical staff being fired for refusing to be vaccinated. The thing about “full hospitals” with anecdotes of waiting 40 hours to get into the ER is it’s really more like going to Wal Mart on Black Friday and for their 30 cash registers, only one is open. If full staffed with 30 registers open, people would be able to get in, make purchases, and get out pretty quickly. If understaffed with one register, there’s going to be a line wrapping around several lanes of the store just to check out (let’s assume the self check out registers are closed too). Would you consider the Wal Mart overwhelmed or understaffed?

    Similarly, hospitals lacking nurses may have available beds in the hospital, but if there are so few nurses that they can only treat so many people at a given time, the hospital will seem overwhelmed when in reality it is understaffed. Let’s hope they don’t continue to get away with this rhetoric that the unvaccinated are causing the problem and turn us into a scapegoat. The implications of that could ultimately lead to genocide, and that is not even an exaggeration.

  65. philemon


    More legal stuff for you:

    Ray Robertson: “Let’s hope they don’t continue to get away with this rhetoric that the unvaccinated are causing the problem and turn us into a scapegoat.”

    Well, they’re the ones guilty of incitement, and it’s not going to work out well for them. I don’t think they’re really getting away with it, although I’m sure they think they are, which is a problem for them because they’re believing their own propaganda.

    Too many people now know that the vexxines don’t stop you getting or transmitting it, people know the vexxines don’t do diddly-squat against variants, and people with the vexxines are as likely to spread them as the un-vexxed (indeed, more, since many un-vexxed have good natural immunity), and there are too many disturbing stories about fully vexxined otherwise healthy people not coping with variants well at all.

    Not to mention the adverse events being noticed (if not reported) among completely healthy vexxined youngsters whose parents were misguided enough to allow them to get the vexxines.

    The one good thing I can see coming from all this death and misery is that lots more people will be a lot less credulous.

  66. Ray Robertson

    This is purely anecdotal and therefore a weak argument, yes, I realize, but it’s interesting to me as I have little trouble believing many would think this way. I have a facebook “friend” who was yesterday quite the raging mother because her toddler son’s surgery was delayed until October because, allegedly, 97% of her hospital was full of unvaccinated people being treated for COVID. She went on to rail against the unvaccinated who are landing themselves in the hospital for not taking care of themselves, depriving her son of his urgent care needs. Of course this is an emotionally driven rant and presumes a lot of things (that the reported number of 97% of patients are unvaccinated being treated for COVID; that this has nothing to do with hospital staffing shortages; etc.), but people who are afraid and offered an explanation of what causes the problem have a way of getting tunnel vision and can no longer think or see straight. Again, while this is purely anecdotal and an explanation of only one person thinking such way, I have little trouble believing there are many who are liable to make the same mistake.

    With the business of the vax not stopping infection OR transmission, the pro vax fanboys will still tell you with a straight face that these so called “breakthrough” infections are far less likely to occur, and the fact that breakthroughs are a thing is not evidence that the vaccines lack efficacy, but simply that variants like delta are SOOOO deadly, as if “well if the vaccine has trouble stopping it, tremble before the possibility of what it will do to the unvaxed”, and then media articles abound day after day of this, that, and the other remote case where unvaccinated die–an antivax pastor here, a child there, parents dying leaving their several children orphans–all of these true, anecdotal stories, which all have in common little to no indication of these patients co-morbidities prior to contracting COVID–but the pro vax people don’t see that missing variable as important. They only see the endless fear mongering propaganda and call it “the news”.

    My own father routinely shares articles with me, expressing grave concerns for my family’s well being as my wife and I continue to refuse these vaccinations. He seems pretty much convinced that it’s not a question of if but a question of when my wife and I will join along with the anecdotal number of parents who die or perhaps get our children sick and cause them to die, for our refusal to vaccinate ourselves. He won’t hear out evidence to the contrary, so dialogue is fruitless. For many families it is so bad that they are not even on speaking terms with each other.

    Well, I do hope you’re right about the cover being blown off of US media lies so people will have no choice but to see the vaccines are causing the problem and not the unvaccinated, but at this point I’m a little worried it’s going to get so bad that parents who do not vaccinate (or have their children vaccinated when Pfizer starts rolling out its vaccines for children between 5-11 and are granted emergency use authorization status) are going to be charged with child neglect and child protective services will take our children away from us. I mean with all that has happened since the beginning of last year–all of those things back then I think pretty much all of us would have balked and said “um, no, this is the USA, and we don’t do such things here”–is there anything else now that would honestly surprise you?

  67. Dennis

    ” Of course this is an emotionally driven rant and presumes a lot of things (that the reported number of 97% of patients are unvaccinated being treated for COVID; that this has nothing to do with hospital staffing shortages; etc.), ”

    An important article about the misuse of hospitalization stats as a good Covid metric was recently published in, of all places (normally a leftist rag in the tank for the Narrative), The Atlantic:

    Deaths are the only metric that has ever mattered (even that is questionable somewhat because of the “with” or “from” issue even in attributing deaths to Covid). “Cases” and “hospitalizations” are both too easy to manipulate so say whatever the powers that be want them to say for propaganda purposes at any given time.

    I had a friend send me an article the other day claiming over 90% of severe Covid cases in Israeli hospitals were unvaccinated (he’s from there but been in US for 40 years – but Israel has also been a good general test case because they were one of the first countries to reach a very high threshold – over 80% now – of adult population vaxed), and claims his doctor son in Florida tells him the same thing is true there. Firstly, these numbers don’t mesh with data I’ve seen elsewhere (and according to comments on that article, it doesn’t even jive with Israel Ministry of Health data – though their website is in Hebrew, so I can’t tell. Another recent article says the Israeli Ministry of Health pegs Pfizer efficacy now to be only about 39%, and a couple weeks ago new “cases” is Israel were higher among the vaccinated than unvaccinated, so I find it hard to believe suddenly 90% of “severe cases” in hospital are unvaccinated in a country with over 80% vaccination among adults).

    But the more important thing is that the article doesn’t say how it arrived at that number and its method of counting. So, I asked this guy: How are they defining “severe” cases? How are “unvaccinated” counted, since some countries will call you “unvaccinated” even if you’ve had one jab; so, how many of these in hospital are truly fully unvaccinated versus those who’ve had at least one jab? Also, how many are truly there just for Covid versus those who were really admitted for something else, some underlying co-morbidity, but also just happened to have Covid as well? And of those, how many had Covid before they went in versus those who got iatrogenic infections (a huge problem!)? Of course, he had no answer to these questions, nor was the article interested in addressing it – they just wanted a “90% in hospital unvaccinated” headline to grab attention and push the Narrative.

  68. Ray Robertson

    Unfortunately the article doesn’t get into the (imo) more interesting question of how they’re distinguishing “vaccinated” from “unvaccinated” in these hospitalization reports. It’s been fairly well established that they messed with data by mixing together “deaths with COVID” and “deaths by COVID”, and that is as simple as showing how hospital admittance for ANY reason calls for a PCR test, and so long as you test positive, should you be pronounced dead within THIRTY DAYS you are added in the number of so called “COVID deaths”. It’s literally that sketchy.

    But what about these 90+ % of unvaccinated taking up hospital beds? Are you “unvaccinated” if you only had one shot? Are you “unvaccinated” if you haven’t had your booster? Given the findings that vaccines having a waning efficacy, is it going to be the case that if your last shot was over 6 months ago, you are branded in the “unvaccinated” category? Depending on how you define “unvaccinated”, you could end up at a point where almost everyone is unvaccinated. Media reports about overwhelmed hospitals and this being a pandemic of the unvaccinated are clearly doing something wonky in terms of defining “unvaccinated”. It would be nice to know what exactly it is that they are doing.

  69. Rudolph Harrier

    The “Hospitals are almost at capacity” story is one that is stand-by. It can be brought out at any time. It’s not just COVID; you saw plenty of stories like that in previous flu seasons. Here are some examples:

    There’s literally hundreds more articles like that from before 2020.

    Here is a blog post that suggests why these stories are always around:

    The “ideal” (from a business standpoint) occupancy of a hospital is about 75%-85%. Therefore normal operating conditions are already “nearly at capacity” and anything above that is closer still.

    What makes there be a news story on the issue is when reporters decide to point out the rate. If the ignore it, the rates will be similar, but no one will know or care.

  70. Rudolph Harrier


    Here’s a stat that you might have overlooked from your Atlantic article:

    57% of cases from the vaccinated are “mild” as opposed to 45% from unvaccianted.

    Thus out of every 100 vaccinated cases 43 are “severe” and out of 100 unvaccinated cases 55 are “severe.” Thus an effectiveness of preventing serious cases, assuming you are infected, of (55-43)/55, or about 22%. Not too impressive.

    Now, about your question about Israel. Let’s suppose that the same effectiveness works in preventing hospitalizations there. Given a vaccination rate of 80% we would expect 80 out of every 100 adults put into the hospital to be vaccinated. However, a with a vaccine effectiveness of 22% only 78% of those would actually go to the hospital (the rest being saved by the vaccine.) That is, out of every 100 who could be “potentially” hospitalized, 20 would be unvaccinated and would be, 17.6 would be kept out of the hospital by the vaccine, and 62.4 would end up in the hospital even after getting vaccinated. That would lead to only about 24% of people in the hospital being unvaccinated.

    But we can turn this on its head: How effective would the vaccines have to be in order to get 90% unvaccinated in the hospital? Out of every 100 that could be hospitalized, 20 will be unvaccinated and will be, and (1-e)80 will go to the hospital anyway, despite the vaccine. We need:

    .9 = 20/(20+(1-e)80). This can be easily solved to find e = 35/36, or about 97.2%. So it is possible to see those results, but only with far higher vaccination effectiveness then we have seen in any study.

    I doubt the 90% number though, since I have dug through the Israeli data myself and at no point did I see 90% of the hospitalizations coming from the unvaccinated. In fact, the hospitalizations from the unvaccinated was usually below 50%.

  71. Ray Robertson

    Philemon, ha fun times on Facebook there. Nothing like the narrative attempt shooting itself in the foot! But I’m wondering where is the source thread on Facebook now? I couldn’t find it. Has it been removed, or perhaps just buried in the sea of other narratives which are pro vax? Censorship remains a huge problem.

  72. philemon

    Ray Robertson: “I couldn’t find it. Has it been removed..?”

    Of course it’s been removed! The censorship is completely over the top, which is why people don’t buy it.

  73. philemon

    We are not living in the USSR. But many of us have friends that did. (There were jokes about dry-cleaning toilet paper.)

    Think about the 39,000+ posters on that Facebook thread. Those people had been bottled up, and they’re drop in the bucket. There were real human interest stories there; they were angry that journalists weren’t “doing their job.”

    They were not people who bought the narrative whole sale. They were people who had friends, relations, loved ones having serious adverse events due to the vexxines. Some of them were vexxined themselves.

  74. Dennis

    Further reason to doubt the “90+% in hospital are unvaccinated” claims in some quarters: “Ireland: 54% of Hospital Patients With Covid Are Fully Vaccinated”

    See also this: Fauci floats “mandated” jabs (apparently not even an “or weekly test forever” option) if people not “persuaded.” They really are ramping up the rhetoric to genocidal levels. The “Interahamwe Left” indeed, as BAP calls them.

  75. philemon

    Biden can “mandate” all he wants in his senile dementia. Doesn’t matter if people don’t buy it. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Got an idea! Instead of things we know won’t work, let’s try what actually worked in India. And anyone against is a traitor to their country.

    Since the vexxines have waning efficacy over time (4 months), as well as disastrous side effects, antivirals could help the vexxined as well. Win-win!

  76. Rudolph Harrier

    Whenever I hear “Over 90% of patients are unvaccinated” it’s always in relation the US and there is either no source or an anecdotal one (ex. a doctor saying “I would guess that over 90% of the people in the ER are not vaccinated” even though there would almost certainly be no way for an individual doctor to ascertain this.) When other countries list hospitalization numbers, the unvaccinated number is never close to 90%.

    The closest I’ve seen people try to defend it with data, they use data in a blatantly incorrect way. For example they might say “the number of hospitalizations of the vaccinated is only about .05% of the total number of people vaccinated. Therefore 99.95% of hospitalizations are from the unvaccinated.”

  77. philemon

    Rudolph Harrier: “Whenever I hear ‘Over 90% of patients are unvaccinated’ it’s always in relation the US…”

    The US unvexxined rates are not budging. Therefore, the propaganda is getting more and more desperate. I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

    Plus, they’ve told hospital staff to tell people that they don’t have available beds, not because they are critically understaffed due to nursing shortages (nurses quitting en masse because they, very sensibly, don’t want vexxines),
    but due to “Covid” cases supposedly among the unvexxed, who have robust immune systems with broad immunity by now.

    Amusing story: Parent took kid with appendicitis to Emergency Room. Was waiting for hours as per usual in Emergency Rooms. Asked nurse why the wait. Nurse rolled her eyes and said “Covid”; male parent missed sarcasm completely, apparently.

  78. philemon

    People are quitting jobs rather than taking the clot shot. I have heard at least one person having vexxine remorse due to having been lied to about being able to travel. The clot shot is a major marketing fail.

    Anyway, this presentation is well worth your time:

    But, yeah, the dodgy statistics are everywhere. Have to wonder, are “they” trying to cull anyone who can’t read or do basic arithmetic?

    Anyway, the trial lawyers have not been paid off.

  79. philemon

    Anyway, Ivermectin for the win!

  80. Dennis

    I’m seeing reports now of companies trying to force vax even on people who work from home – and denying testing option based on claim that govt “mandate” (which is lawless and un-Consitutional) doesn’t allow a testing option for any companies with federal contracts (which is basically every major company in the country – and probably the world). Think working from home will keep you safe from the worst HR tyranny? People better wake up fast. There should already be nationwide lawsuits against Biden’s mandate – both private and public led by AGs in every state – injunctions against enforcement, and governors themselves ought to issue Executive Orders declaring Biden’s own order null and void in their states. States must push back hard against yet another tyrannical Federal power-grab. There is no greater enemy of mankind right now than the US Federal govt.

    I say again: Mass nationwide- indeed worldwide – one day General Strike. Everyone walkout or refuse to show up for one full day, cripple the world’s functioning for just 24 hours, and the tyranny ends. But it needs prominent leaders and organization, of which the Resistance is in short supply. Most of those in prominent political or other positions on the nominal right are either regime & Big Pharma owned cucks or don’t have a big enough following or fortitude to pull it off.

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