The Magic Of Science — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Magic Of Science — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

There always comes a time when everything becomes clear. Even in the fog of battle. That thought defined the night of Sept. 14th, when Gavin Newsom retained his governor’s chair in New China. The magic media immediately proclaimed, even before the polls closed, that Newsom won, 2-1, in a ‘landslide’.

We know what happens in landslides. People get buried. Polls too. It should now be clear that the polls are now closed—forever.

So, our rulers have re-written everything, including Scripture…’and Dominion shall take man, over all the earth, and all that is in it’. Nimrod is back, with a vengeance. You do know what his name means, right? ‘A Mighty Hunter (of men) before The Lord’.

I think it is now nakedly clear that actual (that is, fair) elections are an extinct species. Only a Dodo a denies this. And really, in California, I think this has been true for decades and more. Same thing in New York and Illinois. And since the infection was never diagnosed early (thanks, Nixon), nor treated even late (thanks, SCOTUS), it has spread over enough terrain that there will never be another real election under the dead-letter once known as the Constitution.

Having seen the awesome power of chutzpah, married to mobsters, we now know that there is nothing short of death that will stop those determined to enslave all who survive the next few years. And as we don’t know what the mid and long-term effects of ‘The Vax’ will be, (medically, socially or economically speaking), that reduced number may be something that will gladden the vacuous chest of Doktor Fauci. And his sidekick, Baal Gates.

Thus, we are at the point of Paradigm Change. And since we purport to live in The Age of Science (and especially, political science), this will be a sea change in the accepted meaning of ‘Science’. The science, that is, of materialism alone. The dialectic point where the ruling but doddering paradigm is successfully challenged by a new idea, one full of vigour and promise. But before this can happen, the old paradigm has to fall, of its own dead weight. Only when it can no longer withstand gravity will it fall to the new tyranny. At the slightest push.

Therefore, I think it instructive to see what has weakened the former paradigm. A pre-autopsy, if you like. It began, in our case (and often with predecessor empires) with the conflation of fatherland and faith. We confused the idea of Liberty with true Freedom. And, as any true Christian will witness, true Freedom lies in giving Liberty to God. And then receiving His Word, which then allows us to act within His Liberty. Our actions, tied to His will, would produce true Liberty for us. Absent that, Liberty, taken, becomes License, lived.

Which is what we did. We took Liberty, and lost our freedom. The true response to the Germano-Anglish King we rebelled against would have been to return to the Faith that made Britain a Christian Isle. And no, that would not be the Episcopal (King’s) Church. It would have been the original (Roman) Church that evangelized the Celts. We’ve seen this analogized today, as Catholics now ‘take’ communion (in the hand) instead of ‘receiving’ it, on the tongue. With the exact same Anglican result. And no one will be surprised when they announce that they will soon ordain an animal Bishop. A Llama, I’m betting. Her name will be Dolly.

Anyway, we lost our way long ago. Even before Henry beguiled the Welsh and the South Welsh. But there was still time, for God was patient. And in the Grand Experiment known as American Democracy, there was some actual progress towards an eventual conversion of hearts. Until 1913, and the triple whammy that delivered the knife wounds in the Senate, and of course, The Courts. And the body politic began to bleed profusely. Newsom is simply a symptom of rigor mortis. The body has been dead for quite some time. The stench of rot is quite undeniable. (Yes, Donald tried to administer electro-shock techniques, but what could one man do, alone as he was).

So then, let’s move on. The body is dead. There is a new body that will take its place. In fact, it is already here. We just don’t know how to perceive it, for we’ve never seen anything like it in our times. Although, there has been precedent for this. His name was Frankenstein. More on that later. For now, we need to do what the faithful used to do, which is to invoke the help of our forefathers in the faith. In other words, we need to pray a Litany to the Saints, and ask their intercession in our needs and adversities.

But being so jaded to the past (and future), we have forgotten what to do now, and who to ask for help. Here is how I imagine the everyday man would seek refuge from his plight today, as he calls upon those once trusted to mediate between himself and whoever he believes is actually running things. And to ameliorate his suffering. But while most men can still mouth words, they have lost the ability to hear what they really ask for:

St. Doctor, prey on us;

St. Scientist, prey on us;

St. Judge, prey on us;

St. President, prey on us;

St. General, prey on us;

St. Professor, prey on us;

St. Bishop, prey on us;

St. Journalist, prey on us.

I could go on, but you get the point. The leaders in every category of civilized Western life once enjoyed high esteem amongst the people. But soon enough, the occupants of these offices began to see themselves, not as intercessors, but rather as independent actors not sworn to any allegiance to a Higher Power. They confused power with authority, and sullied them both, for self-gain. And now, we no longer trust any of them.

Yes, there are still a few in each of these categories mentioned above, but the trunk is hollowed out. The tree will fall soon, of its own dead weight. That is where we are today. The recent storms have sodden the earth, and the rotted tree is tilting. The drowned ground can no longer hold the root-ball in place. And when the old tree of the knowledge of good and evil finally succumbs to gravity (the old science), everyone will mistakenly ascribe that fall to the power of the ‘new science’ that replaces it.

What is it that will replace it? Let’s stop for a moment and reflect on something important, from a truly scientific standpoint. To wit, Science, as practiced for the last half-millenium, has hit a dead-end. There is so much that it can’t explain. And can never explain. Examples? Okay, how about the paradox of Quantum Mechanics. Where the pursuit of true ‘prime matter’ has led to the actual disappearance of matter.

Astronomy? Where we must reverse-engineer every equation to see where our current understanding falls short. And so then we create, ex nihilo of course, the magic things known as Dark Matter and Dark Energy which then rescue the failed equations. Don’t get me wrong. I truly do believe in Dark Energy. I just don’t think you can quantify it. Let alone control it. Or ‘him’, to use his preferred pronoun. Ask Dr. Faustus if you’re not sure.

Now, I used a word in the paragraph above that should tell us where we are headed in the New Paradigm. That word, properly spelled, of course, is Magick. As Leni Riefenstahl would say, the Triumph of Will. Mind over matter. The Science of Magick. Where Dark Energy emerges, to take Science to new heights. Or depths, depending on your outlook.

That’s the point. The current (and soon-to-be former) champions of Scientific Faith have told us, ever since Descartes, that Matter is all there is. Matter is all that matters. But the persistent failure of Quantum Mechanics and Einsteinian Relativity to find the taproot of the Theory Of Everything (ToE) has led, every time, to the same dead-end. One that has sorely vexed the material mind of man. There must be something beyond just matter. We all know it, intuitively. Only a few are brave enough to say it aloud. But that number is growing, as those who say only-matter-matters die off. In other words, where’s Darwin when you need him? Well, he’s dead. And gone. Gone? To where? Nowhere. Ha! The joke’s on you, materialist idiots! Chimps are for chumps.

See what I mean? Everyone, even the materialists, actually hope there’s something on the other side. Something good, that is. And that secret desire is what is going to power the New Paradigm. The new hope. The new Theory of Everything. And the power that will drive this new ‘Scientific’paradigm is exactly this—Magick.

No, not the Uri Geller kind of stage magic. Not the bending of soft spoons. I’m talking real magick here. Real alchemy, where lead actually becomes gold. And it’s in your pocket. The place where actual power is proven to the common man.

Now we’re back to Wolfgang Smith. No, not the way everyone (mis)understands him. But certainly, in a way he would understand. For he does not have a stiff neck. He can look up, which is rare these days. He can see what is right before us, if only we would look up, that is. For Wolfgang understands that matter is, intrinsically, inert. It must be animated in order to truly ‘matter’. And this requires a soul. An anima. Without a soul, there is no will. Without a will, there is nothing that can move itself. Dead bodies don’t move themselves.

Hitler understood this. So too Aleister Crowley. They knew how to move men. Men are material, but only in part. Without a will to move them, they are inert. And if, even while materially alive, they haven’t a willingness to exert a will of their own (for a variety of reasons), well then, all you need to do is invade their (still-living) hearts and insert your own will. It’s really quite simple, as history can attest. If one bothers to read it. Any good Con-Man will agree.

If your stiff neck won’t let you look up, you can’t see where the Will operates. We know where it originates. In our hearts. But where does it operate? It operates in the Intermediate Plane in Smith’s definition of The Tripartite Cosmos. Simply put, we live our earthly lives on the circumferential edge of the grand circle of creation. We all yearn, in some fashion, to reach the center point directly above us.

To do that, we must cross the Intermediate Plane that separates the Circumferential Point we occupy from the Center Point we hope to reach. Thus, the three parts of the Tripartite Cosmos. Our job is to regain our connection to the aeveternal Center Point. The point of all origin. Anyone that deflects us from a true perpendicular rise from the circumference, through the Intermediate Plane, will deflect us from our true destiny in the true Center Point. Ergo, those who would deflect us are The Enemy. Never forget the difference between magnetic North and true North. A miss is as good as a mile.

So then, the Intermediate Plane is the region we are about to enter. We have already begun to abandon the ship of ‘matter-only-matters’ currently reigning over our mortal lives. We are in search of eternal life, at the aeviternal Center Point of being. And here is the danger. The Intermediate Plane is occupied by not one, but two powers. Both are more powerful and intelligent than any of us. They both claim to point North. But only one of them is sworn to a higher allegiance. The others are all free-booters, working for The Fence.

Huh? The Fence? Are you kidding me? You don’t know what a Fence is? Cripes. No wonder we’re such easy pickings. A Fence is the guy who buys stolen goods. Stolen goods? Yes. That would be us. And anything that results in our failure to make a perfectly perpendicular rise from the inside edge of the circumference will result in a near-miss of the Center Point. We then careen past the center and back towards the circumference. Towards an unplanned impact. Thus, we miss our re-connection with our origin. And become stolen property.

So who is it that occupies this Intermediate Plane, and how do they operate? First of all, as Wolfgang would report, this region of the Tripartite Cosmos was known to the ancients in many civilizations. The Hindu’s knew it as The Astral Plane. The region unbounded by time. In other words, an area that could be traversed instantaneously. Distance was immaterial, as there was no material there. No resistance to motion. And here was the key, as Wolfgang understood: the traversing agent moved, instantaneously, by Will power. As the Moody Blues used to sing it, ‘Thinking Is The Best Way To Travel’.

Today’s fading priesthood of Science cannot think in term that include anything that rises above materiality. Which is funny, because the act of thinking is in itself immaterial. And so, we must ask, are they really thinking? Or are they simply feeling? And that, too, is immaterial. In so many ways. Go figure.

If you had a choice, would you rather have the most luxurious vehicle possible to travel in, or would you rather be able to arrive without delay? The Matter-is-all-that-matters crowd wants to sell us on the idea that we should all aspire for a long comfy ride in a Rolls, or better yet, a Bentley. Wolfgang says why not arrive now? Which do you prefer? Do you actually have a destination in mind? Do you ever want to really arrive? Which is more important, the ride or the arrival?

Well, where is it you want to go? Have you made reservations? And when you get there, who do you want to be? God? Sorry, that’s spot’s already taken. A long time ago.

We are seeing the abrupt disappearance of the material, and the gradual emergence of the immaterial. All in the name of Science. For science is about to discover The Will. Which will allow us to finally experience the totality of Irreducible Wholeness, as Wolfgang calls it. A wholeness that, by definition, includes both body and soul. Matter, and the Will to move it.

The problem, of course, is that this soon-to-come epiphany within the Scientistic community will discover the existence of The Will in an encounter with The Won’t. Which mimics (but mocks) The Will. The Will of God, that is. In other words, we’re about to meet Mr. Dark Energy himself. In all his dazzling splendor. And he (or perhaps, his opening-act precursor), will convince us that he is actually a wonderful guy. And funny, too. A really enlightened soul, in fact. He will happily share some of his enlightenment with those who will show a simple belief in the ‘knowable’ Power of Will he will display. The slightest of incense will do. Tickets are on sale now.

Wolfgang gives us a perfect example of how this will happen. He relates, in his recent article on Cosmic Time, a story from about 50 years ago. As a younger man, he was travelling through the mystical East where he was accosted by a Fakir, who somehow knew what was heavy on Wolfgang’s mind (and which he had revealed to no one). The Fakir then pulled a cheap stage trick involving the blank paper, upon which writing visibly appeared.

Now Wolfgang understood the stage trick, but never understood the opening move, until much later. Which is to say, how could the Fakir have known what Wolfgang was thinking, prior to their encounter? Read Wolfgang’s article to see how we all have interaction, at least in our dreams, with the Intermediate Plane. His point is that there are those who have, by dint of study and practice, become adept at penetrating into this same Intermediate Plane, at will (and not just by dreams). And while these Fakirs are generally errant of the Center Point, they can still make use of certain powers that lie within this realm. For their own carnal purposes, of course.

The most useful power, from the Fakir’s standpoint, is the ability to perceive thoughts (of others), and to send out thoughts to them as well. Thoughts, mis-perceived by the receivers, as their own. In other words, the Fakir owns the power of suggestion. Which carries the suggestion of power. Which becomes actual power if we accept the suggestion.

The other useful power, from the scientistic standpoint (aka, our present-day Fakirs in the West), will be the ‘discovery’ of the root of instantaneous action/motion. This will be mis-interpreted as the way to erase the conundrum of the current QM dead-end. All of this will then serve the new Priesthood of Willful Matter as they reveal the results of their understanding of Solve et Coagula. The ancient Alchemical belief. Lead to gold. Which, of course, will immediately solve the material dead-end of economic strife. And both Marx and Morgan will disappear in a puff of smoke, as Mammon comes forth, for all. And banishes The Curse.

The curse of Adam, wherein we will eat by the sweat of our brow. That spell will be broken, as a new one takes its place. For soon, we will be able to eat from the sweat of another man’s brow. Which is what we used to call slavery. But this ‘Knew’ Man, and his Knew Science of the Will, will abolish that evil too, for no man willingly suffers slavery. This man will suffer it, gladly, and apparently for the purpose of providing the good for us all. And we will love him for it. For while slavery used to mean the sacrifice of our bodies (and their labours), this Knew Man will willingly sacrifice the efforts of his Mind (and will). All on our seeming behalf.

His ‘Scientific’ knowledge of ‘The Will’ will result in the willing abandonment of our own will. Which, of course, is exactly what Christianity is/was all about. Relinquishing our will for the Will of The Father. But He promised us a life of suffering. Whereas the Knew Scientist will promise us a life of ease. And we will embrace it, as he replaces the labours of industry and agriculture with his Scientific Magick. Which will be seen as simply the new and (vastly) improved AI of today. Because, after all, it’s simply ‘Science’, right? The result, of course, will be ‘Paradise’.

Until the Fakir pulls the plug. Think he won’t do it? Why would he do that? Why? Because he’s not really the Man of the Second Coming. Nope. That would be the True Maker. The one who gave us our free agency. And we are the only ones who can rob ourselves of it, whether aided by a Fakir or not. And if we abandon our own agency, our own free will, we willingly become the stolen goods mentioned above.

Yes, the Leader of our New Science will really be a true Fakir. One who will work visible material wonders. One who will lead us bravely into the Intermediate Plane, where no man has gone before. For now, at least.

That’s not his ultimate role. No. He doesn’t want our eternal adulation, based on his provision of our material gratification. Instead, because he can’t enjoy the material world himself, he wants to hear our eternal cries for mercy, when he removes our new ‘Paradise’. Which he will never grant. Why? Because that’s his only gratification. Don’t misunderstand me. He is a loving guy. And like any good Christian, he believes we should love our neighbor as ourselves. And he truly does love himself. But remember this; he’s also a miserable guy. Misery loves company. Welcome to the embrace of his love.

So, remember this, my friend; in The End, if we follow the attractions of Magnetic North and miss the mark of True North, we end up in the hands of the final Fence. Where goods become bads. For good.



  1. Sheri

    AMERICANS WANT THIS SO STOP TRYING TO PRETEND THEY DO NOT. Why do people write this crap? If no one cares a enough to do a thing to help themselves, love being kicked in the face and threw their democracy out the door, SHUT UP AND LEARN TO LOVE IT.

  2. robert mounger

    David Cole, over at takimag, actually dissected the California situation in some detail. He concluded that the MAGA folks wanted street brawling instead of boring old get out the vote tactics which alienated a huge number of voters. The other problem is motivating latinos to vote. He gives the example of Compton. It has effectively been ethnically cleansed of blacks, but even though 2/3 of the population is latino, the city council is 100% black. I may be misremembering the numbers slightly, but this is the gist. Voter integrity legislation is the most important issue since without it nothing will get fixed.

  3. Mr. Rob

    As Magic gave way to Religion, and as Religion gave way to Science; what slouching, rough Beast awaits the demise of Science? Shall I give it a Name? Watt does this mean?

  4. God helps those who help themselves. Where there is no action, there is no hope.

    But cheer up, this article, by me, has been on since mid may.. and tells you what to do and how to do it.

    So stop with the despair already, and get to it.

  5. Robin

    “…we are at the point of Paradigm Change. And since we purport to live in The Age of Science (and especially, political science), this will be a sea change in the accepted meaning of ‘Science’. The science, that is, of materialism alone. The dialectic point where the ruling but doddering paradigm is successfully challenged by a new idea, one full of vigour and promise. But before this can happen, the old paradigm has to fall, of its own dead weight. Only when it can no longer withstand gravity will it fall to the new tyranny. At the slightest push.”

    Nah. We are all NPCs in a galactic game of SimCity, with a mischievous 7 year old watching us through his computer screen, becoming increasingly bored with what he sees …. searching his keyboard for the “delete” key …

    Nice article Ianto Watt, I intend to read it a few more times; there is a lot to think about ….

  6. Johnno

    It is interesting considering such concepts as I’ve been taking a look at the work and beliefs of Velikovsky, Jung, Tesla and others where there is belief in some kind of psychic electric realm where it seema this plane has an effect in passing on inspirations and memories and traumas of past civilizations upon the psyched of new generations through inspiration where an artist or philospher may suddenly be seized by visions of things in detail they otherwise couldn’t have known. Odd things like that. Some have tried experimenting with drugs and psychadelics, much like many a fakir. It was also explained for animals and why they instinctively take flight or panic at approaching storms and thunder and take shelter. As if some ancient experiences have impressed themselved upon our behaviour. Like the Flood of Noah or what Velikovsky believed was interplanetary distress and heavenly turmoil in past events and during the Exodus. It’s interesting stuff, and if such a thing does exist, we should shudder if the bastards who rule us ever managed to get their hands on accessing it, and explains why mankind as a whole organism is predicated towards sin and suicide. The trauma of Original Sin is still with us, and like patients seeking a cure we unconsciously repeatedly return to the site and situations of our trauma to confront it in order to prevail as if to alter history.

  7. Shecky R

    So many RussianPuppets, and Putin with so little time remaining. Tsk, tsk….

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Sing, O bard! Sing of the End Times, sing of the Everlasting Remnant, sing of Stout-Hearted Men, and Cowering Fools, sing of the Joys of Life, and the Terrors of the Damned, and the Lamentations of the Afflicted! Sing!

    [Picture the scene, around the campfire, the Bard is playing his — I think the Bard is Blind, but he Sees All — he’s playing his… what is that? — a zither? — a harp? — a swordfish trombone? — whatever, he plays it Magnificently, and we sit, Enthralled, as the stars spin overhead, and the night moves silently, and the drink flows, and men are reconciled to God, and Fate, and Fear evaporates in the Joyful sound of the Bard’s terrible Truth. Pass me another Hotdog, mate, the night is young, and the Bard Waxes Poetic.]

  9. Bobcat

    Last time I checked Shecky, Beijing Biden has worked well in favor for the CCP considering that his administration gave Afghanistan away to the Taliban which also works favorably for the CCP.

    Where’s the evidence that Trump colluded with Russia? Oh wait, that’s right… there’s no evidence for that!

  10. j.t.b.

    RE: “as Wolfgang would report, this region of the Tripartite Cosmos was known to the ancients in many civilizations. The Hindu’s knew it as The Astral Plane. The region unbounded by time. In other words, an area that could be traversed instantaneously.”

    You’re confusing the intermediary with the aeviternal, the aeviternal being signified by the center point, bound by neither space nor time. This is the source of “instantaneity.”

    The intermediary is, in fact, bound by time—and time alone. The corporeal world, on the other hand—signified by the circumference—is bound by both space and time. Hence why Wolf uses the term “intermediary”: for it is intermediate between the aeviternal and the corporeal.

    Incidentally, it is not the Hindus who refer to the intermediary as the “astral” plane, nor does Wolf cite them as calling it that. He credits this term to 19th-century occultists.

    The Hindus, rather, know the intermediary as s?k?ma—the “subtle” domain.

  11. mike heim

    Sobering essay. We have pretend elections coming up next year. Democrat or Republican all too often doesn’t make much difference. Counting votes has become a joke in too many states. Too many people are still looking for a political savior instead of the True Savior.

  12. C-Marie

    Well wriiten Uncle Mike! Thank you!! Yes, sometimes I am scared about what is coming down, but I know that God keeps us in our faith as we are faithful to Him. And I tell God our Father so, and Christ’s peace settles me. All thanks be to God!!

    And so it shall be and ever has been from the temptations in the Garden of Eden through now and beyond, until the Lord Jesus Christ returns:

    Then Jesus left the temple, and was going on his way, when his disciples came up to shew him the view of the temple building.
    2 Do you see all this? he said to them. Believe me, there will not be a stone left on another in this place, it will all be thrown down.
    3 Afterwards, while he was sitting down on mount Olivet, the disciples came to him privately, and said, Tell us, when will this be? And what sign will be given of thy coming, and of the world being brought to an end??
    4 Jesus answered them, Take care that you do not allow anyone to deceive you.
    5 Many will come making use of my name; they will say, I am Christ, and many will be deceived by it.
    6 And you will hear tell of wars, and rumours of war; see to it that you are not disturbed in mind; such things must happen, but the end will not come yet.
    7 Nation will rise in arms against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there will be plagues and famines and earthquakes in this region or that;
    8 but all this is but the beginning of travail.
    9 In those days, men will give you up to persecution, and will put you to death; all the world will be hating you because you bear my name;
    10 whereupon many will lose heart, will betray and hate one another.
    11 Many false prophets will arise, and many will be deceived by them;
    12 and the charity of most men will grow cold, as they see wickedness abound everywhere;
    13 but that man will be saved who endures to the last.
    14 This gospel of the kingdom must first be preached all over the world, so that all nations may hear the truth; only after that will the end come.
    15 And now, when you see that which the prophet Daniel called the abomination of desolation, set up in the holy place (let him who reads this, recognize what it means),?
    16 then those who are in Judaea must take refuge in the mountains;
    17 not going down to carry away anything from the house, if they are on the house-top;
    18 not going back to pick up a cloak, if they are in the fields.
    19 It will go hard with women who are with child, or have children at the breast, in those days;
    20 and you must pray that your flight may not be in the winter, or on the sabbath day,
    21 for there will be distress then such as has not been since the beginning of the world, and can never be again.
    22 There would have been no hope left for any human creature, if the number of those days had not been cut short; but those days will be cut short, for the sake of the elect.
    23 At such a time, if a man tells you, See, here is Christ, or, See, he is there, do not believe him.
    24 There will be false Christs and false prophets, who will rise up and shew great signs and wonders, so that if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived.
    25 Mark well, I have given you warning of it.
    26 If they tell you, then, See, he is here, in the desert, do not stir abroad; if they tell you, See, he is there, in hidden places, do not believe them;
    27 when the Son of Man comes, it will be like the lightning that springs up from the east and flashes across to the west.
    28 It is where the body lies that the eagles will gather.?
    29 Immediately after the distress of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will refuse her light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will rock;?
    30 and then the sign of the Son of Man will be seen in heaven; then it is that all the tribes of the land will mourn,? and they will see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven, with great power and glory;
    31 and he will send out his angels with a loud blast of the trumpet, to gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.? MATTHEW 24.

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. C-Marie

    If not from ourselves daydreaming about what we ought not to do, from where or from whom do those thoughts of worldly ungodly life come??? No strange thing from outer space or?? No, from the war in the spirit that has been ongoing since one thought that it was equal to or better than God and got cast down from Heaven with his minions. No need for wondering as they always want attention. Ask Jesus to remove them, and He will. Spend time with God. He loves you.

    We are now reaping what was sown from the murders of the babies since it was made legal, and more, including the denying of God’s Son and of His creation of human sexuality … even by many in the Catholic hierarchy, denial of His creation of marriage, and ever so much more working to destroy the psyches and hearts of the young.

    Repent personally, if needed. Stay close in Jesus. The reaping will continue until all is accomplished that must be accomplished.
    God is Love. He is allowing the fruits of sin for all to see. Terrible.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. swordfishtrombone


    Regarding Matthew 24, when the disciples were being told this confused, rambling prophecy, did any of them not say,

    “Jesus, just an idea, but why don’t you sort out everything right now? After all, there’s no point waiting until every country has heard of you when there’s already been millions of people who haven’t heard of you because you weren’t even born yet?”

    God is Love. He is allowing the fruits of sin for all to see. Terrible.

    I’m not seeing it. The world is a lot better now than it was when I was young. There has never been a better time to be alive, nostaligia notwithstanding.

  15. swordfishtrombone


    Velikovsky, Jung, Tesla

    I heard that Velikovsky ran a tattoo shop. But seriously, Velikovsky was a pseudoscientific crank, as was Jung (and Freud, for that matter). Don’t you ever get any information from reputable sources?

  16. Johnno

    But seriously, Velikovsky was a pseudoscientific crank, as was Jung (and Freud, for that matter). Don’t you ever get any information from reputable sources?

    This post features:
    – Personal Feelings on display.
    – Rational explanations missing.

    I am formally inputting a request for further clarification.

    “Jesus, just an idea, but why don’t you sort out everything right now? After all, there’s no point waiting until every country has heard of you when there’s already been millions of people who haven’t heard of you because you weren’t even born yet?”

    Because even if Jesus was here trying to sort things out while respecting your free will, you’d still believe in Sanhedrin Fact-Checkers that Jesus is an alt-right homophobic anti-vaxxer and would be in the crowd calling for His death when prompted to by the official State-run Jewish press. He is mercifully offering the human race time to change and even learn the error of pursuing their mistakes by living out the cinsequences if their actions, like sticking things into their assholes and trying to call it ‘luv.’

    Don’t worry about those who came before Him. He already helped them out when He descended into Hell and released many. So they were covered for.

  17. j.t.b.


    In the last sentence to my comment above, I tried to use the foreign character notation for the Sanskrit term for the subtle domain, and it unfortunately came out “s?k?ma.” And since there appear to be no editing to deleting functions on this blog, I’m rewriting it using the Anglicized spelling:

    The Hindus, rather, know the intermediary as sukshma—the “subtle” domain.

  18. Oldavid

    I seriously enjoy ole Wattsie’s contributions. It’s a bit like the illusionist’s top hat. If you know the trick you can find the rabbit that seems to come out of it if you’re not entirely fixated on the hat.

    Quite a contrast to the mournful dirge played on a swordfish trombone plaintively moaning a lullaby “nothing to see here: sleep, baby, sleep”.

    Interesting that Wolfgang Smith gets a mention. I read one of his books many years ago and thought that he had some pretty interesting ideas which got me some opprobrium from some followers of Rama P Coomeraswamy. That CoomeraFakir bod needs to be critically investigated. He has a dark pedigree. No, I’m not the one to do that as I don’t have the skills. I had never even seen a computer up close until I was about 60 years old and have no idea how to find stuff that has been hidden in blind, dark IT alleys.

    Anyhow, I gotta read the Lanto thing again; there’s likely to be some clues I missed first time around.

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