The Coming Unification Of Science & Religion — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Coming Unification Of Science & Religion — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Things are getting a little clearer now, I think. Some of the smoke is clearing. Some positions have been re-arranged, but that is necessary to understand their purpose. Things still appear chaotic, but the chaos does indeed have a purpose. The initial appearance is always deceiving, when the intention is to deceive.

And that is the heart of Kabbalistic thought. Deception is the key to understanding their world. Backwards, sideways, inside-out, upside-down. The same parts of the original world are still in place, but their orientation has been changed. And thus, their purpose is changed. Just keep these two thoughts in mind: Kabbalah is the Practical Magick of its practitioners; and Masonry is simply the pale Gentile version of it.

The last time I wrote, it was on the state of Science (particularly QM) migrating to the realm of Magick. In order to further its (f)utility. And even its existence. Now we are also seeing (or at least I perceive) the migration of Magick into the realm of Science.

Let us first state the obvious. Religion is the belief in the original Magick. No matter what religion you choose, you have chosen to believe something meta-physical. This belief is conjured by man in the desire to achieve both stability and permanence. But in this world, beliefs don’t necessarily come in congruent pairs.

By the term magick, I simply mean you cannot explain everything in a purely physical, scientific or mechanical way. Something else is at work. Something unseen, but it’s obviously there. How do we know? We judge by the effect. If the sun stops moving across the sky, something’s up, and it’s not ‘knowable’. We can perceive it (as Wolfgang says), and maybe even measure the duration of the event/effect, but we can’t define it. Its essence is mysterious. And that essence become distilled into a belief system we commonly call a religion.

Sure, you can deny the meaning of re-ligare in your own personal case, simply because you believe you were never bound to something prior to now. But the fact is, re-ligion refers to mankind as a whole. It has a universal attraction to the idea that we have a magical beginning and a magical end. In all the meanings of End, by the way.

Anyway, as I said last time, this religious attraction, coupled with the fecklessness of modern Science, has led to a re-awakening of interest in the magickal world. The ‘scientific’ chaos of today, in its numerical mis-understandings (in economics, medicine, education, politics, etc), has weakened man’s willingness to believe in Science’s ability to deliver stability, and therefore, permanence. This is a good thing. For the permanence promised by today’s ‘Science’ ends at the tomb. Where uncertainty becomes certain, for all of us. Which, of course, is what the ‘Scientists’, from the time of Newton, have been trying to ignore, as they whistled past their graveyards.

All of this, of course, is what Wolfgang Smith was saying about the Enlightenment’s inability to discern, let alone penetrate into, the Intermediate Plane. The region above us that separates us from the Aeveternal Center. The region that solves the corporeal problems encountered in understanding the QM world of pure physical matter. The region that will allow for the swapping of the Scientific World for the Sacred World.

Why? Because, as I’ve said before, this Intermediate Plane is inhabited by two types of beings. The Fallen, and the Faithful. And the Fallen ones will now execute their final deception. After all, as the Iliad and the Odyssey taught us, deception is what this is all about. And because most people are ignorant of the deception executed at Troy, let alone Eden, this deception will work. For now, at least. And ‘now’ is all that matters. For now, at least.

Here is the drill, from the perspective of El Diablo. He has spent six millennia de-sensitizing mankind to the Aeveternal existence. He has done this by blocking mankind’s access to it by the besieging of the Intermediate Plane. El Diablo has convinced us this plane does not exist, and therefore there is no possibility of reaching the further-distant Aeviternal Center. All that exists, he insists, is matter. But now, because scienctism has visibly failed, El Diablo must re-open the gates into the Intermediate Plane. But only on his own terms. Why? In order to keep us enthralled with the sub-Corporeal world. A purely physical world, stripped of its corporeal forms, and thus, its essential meanings. Matter without form is nothing but a blob of crap.

So this Corporeal world, stripped down to its Physical essentials, is unsatisfying, and fails to explain everything. Which, after all, Newton promised to do. And so, for the purposes of El Diablo, it is now essential to reveal (and then explore) the Intermediate Plane. But only in a manner that continues the deception of these past six millennia.

All of this was explained by St. John in Revelation. He told us there would be a final act, and a final battle. He told us that there would be a Final Beast and his sidekick, the False Prophet. A prophet who would work physical wonders that will keep mankind in thrall to earthly power. Because that is what this is all about. El Diablo is indeed the Prince of this world. And if you never think about the next world, this Prince seems absolute, in his power and majesty. Who can resist him? Why, indeed, would you want to?

All of which, I perceive, is driving these new paradigm changes. Wherein QM Science must, at the very least, take on a partner who can explain away the uncertainty of our ‘scientific’ measurement. We need a leader-dog for the blind. One who can seemingly explain the ‘true’ meaning of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. The twin phantoms ‘Science’ posits in Einstein’s description of that ‘spooky action at a distance’. Such an enigma. Even two enigmas! Something’s funny here, and Science isn’t supposed to be funny. So, Science’ isn’t where it’s at, eh?

We’ve already covered this one evolving (get it?) paradigm change. New Science (QM) killed Old Science (Newton), and now it’s QM’s turn to die. But there is another paradigm change unfolding now. One much less visible to most of us, as it isn’t in the material world where most of us play out our lives. It will be here soon. Why? Because just as QM Science is now penetrating into the immaterial Intermediate world (to explain the existence of a ‘thing’ called ‘Will’), Religion is now emerging from that same immaterial world to explain to us the spiritual meaning of Matter. Which is, if you don’t already know it, Pantheism. The Divinity of Matter. What? You didn’t know you are a god?

Some of you think you already recognize this play. You see the renewed rise of the ancient belief in Gaia. The Earth-Mother. But it’s bigger than that, because Gaia-ism never answered the question of ‘who’s your Daddy’? But I’m not going there. No, I’m not interested in that dead horse. Beat it all you want. Hit it again! But don’t be surprised when the SPCA shows up.

No, I’m actually more interested in the priesthood of this ancient-but-newly emergent Pagan world. The Pagan priesthood that will lead us into the Heavens. Or Hells. That’s all I’m interested in. Why? Because once I see the leaders of any belief system, and what they are doing, I know precisely where they are leading us. I’ve said it before, never listen to anyone; only watch what they do. Any Barbarian knows this.

I’ve told you about this new priesthood before, too. And where they will come from. But let’s back up a second and remember, priesthoods deal with Magick. Real Magick. The thing is, the leaders of this new religious paradigm no longer seem to believe in their own old (claimed) magick. They are thoroughly besotted with lust for a new mistress. To the point of open divorce from their previous spouse.

Now let’s roll back the tapes and remember what I’ve said about the coming convergence within the Christian world. The coming re-unification of the Church. Well, it’s almost here. In fact, behind the scenes, it’s already happened. The fact is, the new priesthood has actually made an initial appearance of late. Many have seen it, but they don’t understand how (or why) Religious Faith is moving hand-in-hand with the concurrent paradigm shift in Scientific Faith.

The answer is simple, as always. These two powers are simply trading places, while keeping their own vestments on. Which better serves their purpose of deception. Which is what this whole drill is all about. Deception. The key to the Fall of Troy. Which will be the key to the fall of New Troy. Rome, that is. Both Holy and Imperial Rome. For they will soon be joined, again.

I must confess, I too have failed to see something important, until recently. I did not fully understand the relationship of The Anti-Christ to his Grand Wizard, (a.k.a. the False Prophet), as related in The Book of Revelation. I had always pictured the leader of the Church, at The End time, as being the second Beast, The False Prophet, the Grand Wizard. And the first Beast, the Anti-Christ, as being a secular (earthly) leader.

But now I’m beginning to ponder whether reality may be the opposite. I still think that the Scientific Beast-hood will soon be empowered by the quantifiable discovery of ‘The Will’.

They will then use their new understanding of this new Theory of Everything and its unified power, in service of the First Beast who self-possesses ‘The Will’. The Will that solves everything.

But it is this First Beast that will give a material understanding of The Will to the Beast-hood of the False Prophet. And it is these beast-priests of false prophecy who will then work magickal wonders in the First Beast’s name. Just as the apostles worked miracles in Jesus’ name, so too might these white-coated Sepulchers of Science will serve the new Glorious Leader of the State. The unitary Global State, that is. Under a mesmerizing leader. Who will likely project himself, not as Anti-Christ, but rather as Pro-God. But which God would that be?

Well, it won’t be The Father. He’s on vacation, as the Founding Father Deists taught us. Clock-making is hard work, you know. We’re past the Age of Aquarius now, so The Father’s work is finished, right? He needs a break. And He’s taking it, it seems.

And it won’t be The Son. He’s on Sabbatical. Hasn’t been seen in ages. Unless you believe in transubstantiation. In which case, He interrupts his sabbatical every Sabbath. And every other day, actually. This is a belief system which most of the old priesthood no longer seems to believe in. At least, they don’t preach it. Hell, they barely practice it. Too divisive, you know.

No, this time the star of the show will be The Spirit. The Spirit that animates matter. The Spirit that appears as Matter. The Spirit that can bring matter back from The Dead. But will it really be The Holy Spirit?

Welcome to the Age of The Third Testament.

In other words, we’re in for a game of musical chairs. With a new chair added to the mix. There is a great book that describes the idiocy of this idea (from a Rad-Trad perspective, no less!) called She Shall Crush Thy Head that posited this very idea. A book with lots of great information about the origins of Kabbalah, that leads, inevitably, to a Kabbalistic notion of a Third Testament. The author drank the Photian Kool-Aid. Kind of like the idea of a Third Rome. But I’m wandering here. More on that later. After some more wine. And a smoke.

Where was I? Just as the modern Scientific Mafia gets forced into the passenger seat, a new guy jumps into the driver’s seat. The new guy has a pointy hat. And two sidekicks. The same three I mentioned above, constituting the newly-united Beast-hood. And they are all giddy with the wine drunk from a bottle labeled ‘Three Branch Wine’. From the vinyards of Oxford. Huh? Wine from Angland? Who ever heard of that??

I’ve told you this before, too. About William Palmer, and his trip to Russia in the mid 1800’s. Where he tried to sell some vinegar to the Patriarch and the Tsar. They might be rubes, but even Russkies know vinegar when they smell it. They’ve drunk plenty, when the vodka runs out. They know this trick. And they didn’t buy it.

Palmer, a confrere of John (Cardinal) Newman, was a fellow member of the Oxford Movement of the 1830’s. These were the Anglican guys (priests, they thought) that tried to convince themselves and the world of the legitimacy of the Anglican Rite, within the world-wide Christian Church. This attempt led to the development of the Three Branch Theory. This said that there were (reprising St. Patrick’s shamrock) three legitimate branches of Christianity; Latin, Greek and, of course, Anglish. In other words, Henry’s a Saint. But he ain’t. And the Russians weren’t buying that either. They laughed Palmer out of town.

But Palmer paid them back. He exposed their own perfidy by showing how Henry was simply a plagiarist, and the author he plagiarized was Photius, the Patron Ain’t of Orthodoxy. The second Branch, that is. As practiced in Third Rome. And the ruling doxology of Russia today. But the Patriarch of Moscow Russia wasn’t buying this stuff.

But the Patriarch of Constantinople was. Patriarch Bartholomew likes vinegar. He serves it to everyone. Especially in Ukraine. But Hell, none of that historical fact matters today. Why? Because ‘Three Branch Wine’ is selling like hotcakes. Everywhere, Especially in First Rome. And Second Rome too. I guess the Anglish think they are Third Rome?

I told you this would be confusing. Like the Music Man said, ‘you gotta know the territory’. So, here’s where we’re at, territory-wise. There’s trouble in River City. We’re entering a place where the Old High Religious (magickal) Priesthood is becoming the New Scientific Priesthood. Just at the same time that the Old Scientists are becoming the New Mystical High Priesthood. They’re simply two separate frauds, and all they are doing is simply trading places.

To make sure you get the message, religion-wise, the heads of all three of the so-called Three Branches (the Pope, the Patriarch and the Archbusybody of Canterbury) are all now in perfect Scientistic agreement. And that agreement is this: Scientism trumps Faith. We must have faith in Science. These three religious ones are the new arbiters of Religious Science. And this New Science says, we gotta save Mother earth!

What’s that mean? For us, I mean? It means they’re going to change the Liturgy. Again. And for the last time. Matter will gain the Will.

These three keepers of the Faith won’t drop the name of the Pope from the Canon this time. Nor the King. They’ll keep them both. But they will now add a third name. And they will put this new name before the other two. We don’t know his name as yet. But that doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is the Liturgy. Liturgy. That is, the Church and the people’s official duty before God. Photius fractured it once before, and weakened the Kingdom to the point where Islam arose and captured Constantinople. It fractured again, under Henry, and now we have a Muslim Mayor of London. It will now change, again. For the final, deformative time. Get ready for Sharia Law in Des Moines.

If, as Gramsci knew, you want to change the Cosmos, you must first change the Liturgy. Liturgy is the rule of man’s life. If you change the Liturgy, then alchemy is possible. In fact, it is destined to happen. But remember this. If you can change lead into gold, you can also change gold into lead. And they’ve done that already, at Vatican II. The only question is, can they do the reverse? Surely they can. And surely they will.

Only one head of these three liturgical branches can actually ‘change’ the Liturgy without provoking the other two. Because only one Priesthood is true. The other two are fakes, at least in regards to Primacy. That is, to the thought that a true body has only one head. Anything else is a monstrous mutant.

The only way to peaceably change the Liturgy (without opposition from the other two) is to join them in their rebellion. To decapitate all the heretofore contending religious doctrines. To let the new Glorious Secular Leader take his place as the head of the Church. And then to exhibit the power of transforming lead into true gold.

What’s a bigger trick than new-gold? How about animating matter? That is, bringing matter to life. And bigger than that, bringing life back to previously living matter that is now dead? Which, as Revelation tells us, will be the penultimate trick of the New Scientists. When they re-vivify the fatally head-wounded First Beast, using the new Science of Will given them by the First Beast. What could top that? Who could fail to believe after seeing that? Might even The Elect be fooled?

When the Beast-hood of New Science equates Dark Energy and Dark Matter with The Will of the Glorious Leader, all the previous conundrums will be solved. When these Scientist-become-priests publicly exercise this power, (just like Gort, the robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still) , given to them by their Glorious Leader, the will of The People will acquiesce to it. And then they will worship it. Why wouldn’t they? After all, results are all that matter, right? Because matter is all that matters, right?

What’s the practical answer here? Before you reply, remember the old joke The Abbott told me long ago. Three modernists walk into a bar, a Theologian, a Biblical scholar and a Liturgist. You’ve got a gun, but only two bullets. What to do? Shoot the Liturgist. Twice.

Here’s the real bottom line, my friend. It’s not enough to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Now we must beware of wolves in Shepherd’s clothing. Our leaders are the real enemy. Unfortunately, we’re out of bullets. So, fix your bayonets, my brothers. Because there are only two options I can see—hand-to-hand combat, or retreat. And retreat is not an option for salvation.

So buckle up, my brothers. Keep the faith. That alone is what will save us.



  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “More on that later. After some more wine. And a smoke.

    Where was I?”

    “Deception” “Magick” and “Liturgy”.

    Let me refill your glass.

  2. Magnus Stout

    I agree with his statement: “Now we must beware of wolves in Shepherd’s clothing.” But, I don’t understand what he means saying: “Because there are only two options I can see—hand-to-hand combat, or retreat. And retreat is not an option for salvation.” I assume this is meant metaphorically?

    Additionally, he has a plausible explanation for the central figures in Revelations, but I am not convinced the “beast” is a person, but an allegory for a type of power. The same can be said for the Whore of Babylon and the mysterious new Babylon. The most coherent explanation for Revelations I’ve found is Walid Shoebat here:

    However we interpret Revelations, it must be coherent with all of the other Apocalyptic verses in Scripture. Even if Mr. Watt is partially correct, I enjoy his writing style and his forthrightness. Another important lesson from Revelations: God *hates* us being lukewarm–be either hot or cold. God bless him on his journey towards theosis.

  3. Incitadus

    It’s much simpler than that Watt we’re simply back to our favorite past time
    of witch burning. Now its climate deniers and anti vaxers.

  4. It would be great to read articles about science that were written by someone who had done science, or read something about the history and philosophy of science.

  5. I am not a god. I am a fallen man. I accept Jesus (current spelling) as Lord and Savior. Science is subordinate to Him. I can see value in transubstantiation, that is, changing the essence/nature of a thing. If said thing has a material form, that does not have to change. Thus Jesus can change this fallen man into a new creature, who wears, in a sense, his old chemically formed body. I want to wear my new one, when God calls me home.

  6. John Watkins

    Bob Kurland-” It would be great to read articles about science that were written by someone who had done science, or read something about the history and philosophy of science.”

    Ummm…Bob, the whole point of Watt’s last two posts is that we have done nothing BUT read those same guys for the last 100 years, and they still can’t fight their way out of a paper bag (of their own making). And that it’s time we stop reading them and notice that there is something mysterious (even devious) going on as the leaders of both ‘Science’ and ‘Magick’ trade places and give it another go.

    Dark Matter and Dark Energy, trading costumes, just in time for Halloween. Try it, Bob, you might like it.

  7. C-Marie

    Transubstantiation is what happens to the bread and wine when they are consecrated by an ordained priest. They actually change into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Catholic Mass is a representation to God our Father of the Sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

    Mostly well done article … obviously take all that is written in the Book of Revelation, just as written. and in the Book of Daniel, too. And, Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. It will and is all coming to pass. Look to Jesus Christ for help, always. And to God our Father Who loves fathering us … see the Gospel of John just before and at the Last Supper. And absolutely follow and be guided by the Holy Spirit. God is wholly active for us who are willing to be His.

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. Joy

    Bob K, good to see you still commenting and point well made

  9. swordfishtrombone

    I second Joy’s comment regarding Dr. Bob Kurland. Watt’s article is rambling nonsense.

  10. JH

    So buckle up, my brothers. Keep the faith. That alone is what will save us.

    I sincerely hope you all are saved from whatever you fear.

    God *hates* us being lukewarm–be either hot or cold.

    Statements like this always make me wonder whether human beings are created in God’s image or God is created in human beings’ image.

    Hi Joy!

  11. Bobcat

    In short, science is being faked and politicized to promote propaganda, which isn’t real science. Yeah that’s self-evident to anyone that’s been paying attention for the past several years.

    Here’s an interesting piece I came across surfing the internet. It’s about Taiwan claiming that vexxination is killing more than the c-19 virus.

    I’m no medical expert but I get tired of hearing radio commercials pushing for vexxination. They should leave people to make their own choices.

  12. Magnus Stout

    Hello JH,

    My “hate” comment was made in light of Revelation 3:15-16: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

    Thank you.

  13. Joy

    God hates Goldilocks?
    Revelations is controversial.
    Jesus had something hot to say about the dangers of hate ‘without a cause’

    Stout is best served lukewarm, especially in winter.
    JH, hello
    The book of Revelations is questioned for its validity. However the quote as I see it, refers to a lack of knowledge in that someone might be hard to pigeon hole?? That is a very human problem. God knows everybody. He doesn’t spit, either.

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