Anti-White Caucasian Replacement Theory (CRT) Is The Law

Anti-White Caucasian Replacement Theory (CRT) Is The Law

Headline “Bosses at one of the world’s biggest investment firms State Street will need to get special permission to hire white men as part of new diversity drive”.

  • State Street aims to triple number of black, Asian and other minority senior staff
  • Failure to meet target by 2023 will result in executives’ bonuses being lowered
  • The investment firm has 30 offices worldwide and employs 39,400 people
  • Recruiters must show that candidates have been interviewed by a diverse panel

“Diverse”, as we all know, means non-white. For example, a panel with no whites would be counted as “fully” diverse.

Before we get to the meat, if you have any money with State Street, get it out now while you can. Because quota hiring always, absolutely always, leads to a decrease in standards. This cannot be stopped. If that firm is going to put its quota hires in any position that has to do with making clients money, clients will soon begin to make less of it, or even lose it.

State Street will naturally see this happening, but will be anxious to deny it. So watch for them to change whatever metrics they release to the public, new measures that will prove they are doing better than ever before. Even as you go broke.

Anybody care to bet against me on this?

Now we can go through example after example of this kind of thing, or even instances of much worse, as with this headline “MSNBC host and panel go off on ‘white men whining and complaining about wokeness’: ‘Shut the F up'”.

Or we could look at this grossly obese college professor who says white people need to be “taken out”. She is at Rutgers, a direct result of quota hiring, in the quota-created “Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies”.

All “Studies” and the like programs were created specifically to house quota hires. Just like with State Street, the hope is these people will do little harm.

It is any case clear that anti-white animus is now de facto law. Indeed, it is not only de facto law, it is de jure, and has been since the Civil Wrongs Act. It’s just that few admitted it to themselves.

This has been so ever since Hire Non-White Men became official law, in programs known as Affirmative Action and the like. These programs made it legal to not hire, and to fire, and to not promote or to penalize whites over non-whites.

This was done, as many programs are, with the best of intentions, coupled with a blindness, common in Experts, to never acknowledge failures.

From the beginning it was predicted that promoting those beyond their competence would cause them to suffer decreasing self respect, which in turn would cause them to lash out in bitterness due to the condescension they faced. It would cause a cascade of lowered standards as quotas increased. And it would cause resentment in the able who were passed over, a resentment naturally directed towards the class of people unfairly promoted.

That the system would create a negative feedback and cause an increasing politics on race, sex, and, eventually, sexual perversions, to the detriment of all else.

Well, it all happened. Just as predicted.

Since we have had half a century of this, it has become quite natural to blame any remaining “disparity” on racism, sexism, so-called homophobia, and so on. This must be so since Equality is true and unquestionable. Since equity, or equality in fact, can never be reached, but is our culture’s over-arching goal, the intensity of hatred toward what are seen as its last barriers—white normal men—must necessarily increase without end.

And it is, by the Act, legal to “discriminate” against this class. Which if it were legal to “discriminate” at one’s will against anybody, as is sensible and was true in the old capitalist system, then it wouldn’t matter.

But we are no longer under that system, but in an emerging oligarch driven expertocracy. Capital is no longer our goal; theory is. The theory behind all these purge-white laws is, again, Equality.

Even the white normal men dispossessed by the law requiring their diminishment believe in Equality, at least implicitly. When they decry their fate they speak of reverse “discrimination”, or they say it is anti-white racism. They demand to be treated equally. These complaints are not in the least relevant, because the law not only acknowledges “discrimination”, but requires it.

No one at this late date can know how much good it will do, but giving up on Equality and admitting differences restores some measure of Reality.

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  1. Sure seems like the State Street HR folks attended an Ashleigh Shackleford presentation about Critical Race (conspiracy) Theory. In a recorded video of an indoctrination vile venom session, she says, “.. I believe that white people are born into not being human.” Behold the spectacle:

  2. Now that the powers of purposive supernatural evil have successfully implemented a system of global totalitarian governance (under pretense of the ‘birdemic’ response) – the specific plans for evil are (of course) multiplying very rapidly, with greater zeal, simultaneously, on ever more fronts.

    The only desire and will to oppose all of these with Good, and the only possibility of success, would be by Christianity: taking the side of God against Satan.

    But – as part of the same coup – leadership of all the major Christian churches have taken the side of Satan on one or more of the major strategies of evil (e.g. ‘birdemic-peck’, antiracism, CO2 climatism, sexual revolution – i.e. the Litmus Test issues).

    Thus institutional Christian opposition is not just negated, but allied with The System of evil.

    So effective opposition will come either from individual Christians – whether alone or in non-institutional groups – or else there will be No opposition at all.

    It sounds *almost* hopeless; but of course God can and does work through all individuals who take his side; and then divine providence can come into play – and who knows what that can achieve?

    So it is up to each one of us.

  3. Sheri

    Absolutely, if you were dim enough to use these people, pull all your money now while there is still time. Why would anyone bet against you, unless they are one of those diversity hires?

    The parents who send their kids to Rutgers should be placed in stocks in the city park an entire day for every week they are cruel and hateful enough to do this to their children.

    Just think “South Africa” and you’ll see your dim and sad future here.

    “Well, it all happened. Just as predicted.” Just as planned, you mean. The idea was always that nonwhites could be slaves to the oligarchs much easier than the whites could be. Then chosen whites could serve and the others tossed out.

    Calling non-whites “not human” is the predecessor to killing the whites. It’s the way you fight wars—make the enemy non-human. So the nonwhites get to die fighting a contrived war for the oligarchs or be slaves again. Seriously, if ever there was a case for inability to learn……..(and a warning of being ready for the carnage to come)

    Bruce: Maybe saving us from our own laziness and stupidity is not in God’s plan.

  4. Dennis

    It’s not just Woke Capital, but the US govt which is the declared enemy of the foundational white European Christian people of this nation. Biden’s “Build Back Better” economic plan (not even trying to hide the fact that he’s just taking orders from the NWO/WEF crowd with that title) is full of explicitly anti-white provisions from start to finish. Any white person who declares support for or allegiance to this government is complicit in his own destruction.

  5. Johnno

    CRT is the new theory of everything.

    It created the heavens and the earth, the sea and the sky, always dividing everything into two camps, then all the white stuff manages to foam to the top and obscure our blue skies with its whitey-whiteness.

    What do people almost always have in their food?

    Salt and sugar.

    What is a minority ingredient that not everyone cares for?


    What are their respective colours?


    Which ones are more responsible for health problems that can kill you?


    Everything must therefore be rethought, our science and ethics rewritten, in light of the glorious revelation.

    A jihad against all opposition must be waged until all lie under its heel.

    University Of Minnesota Seeks “Design Justice” Architecture Professor

    Arizona School Board President Kept Secret Files On ‘Wacko’ Parents Opposed To Mandates And CRT

    Greenwald: Democrats Are Profoundly Committed To Criminal Justice Reform… For Everyone But Their Enemies

  6. Yawrate

    The left has completely misinterpreted the declaration of independence. The equality spoken thereof is equality in the eyes of God. Further, the left has confused equity with equality. If you have more than me then you must make reparations because we don’t have equal outcomes.

    The left’s redefinition of words has led us to this insanity.

  7. Rudolph Harrier

    The left hasn’t misunderstood anything about the declaration of independence. To misunderstand something they would have to think about something in the first place.

    They didn’t see the phrase “all men are created equal” and think “oh, by equality it must mean the same thing as ‘equity.'” If they are aware of what is written in the declaration of independence at all, it is only as something created by evil white imperialists which must be scorned. The notion of “equity” was specifically chosen to serve a purpose, and that purpose includes the destruction of the west, reason, and Christianity.

    Conservatives continually hamstring themselves by thinking that the left is making honest mistakes and can be reasoned out of those mistakes.

  8. Uncle Mike

    Why are all these wokey jokers 300 lbs overweight each? I know some of them blame farmers and want shut down agriculture to starve the fatties (and everyone else) in a kind of Holodomor reprise, but wouldn’t it better to starve just the wokesters?

    They’re the ones who scarfed down all the donuts and cheeseburgers before they arsonized the fast food joints. How is that anybody else’s fault? Also, you don’t get fat as a whale eating vegan. The woke hypocrisy went their hips, and their thighs, bellies, and chins.

    Rutgers is feeding their faculty like steers in a feedlot. Too much diversity in their Nutrition Dept. probably. Put down the forks and pick up a book, Rutgers. Try “Everything You Believe Is Wrong” for starters. And please read —don’t eat — the book.

  9. Dennis

    The Declaration (and frankly the Constitution as well) has been a dead letter since 1865. The denial of the right of secession was fundamentally a nullification of the very basis of the Declaration. And invention of incorporation doctrine jurisprudence since the 14th Amendment has further nullified states’ rights and remaining limits on ever-aggrandizing federal government power. The USA created in the wake of Lincoln’s war bears little resemblance to that envisioned by the Founders. But for the Left, this is a good thing. The US founding was indeed flawed, but not for the reasons the Left thinks.

  10. Johnno

    Roads and highways are raciss, say fake and gay man.

    Los Angeles Defunds Police, Uses Money For Guaranteed Income Experiment

    Grading Is Racist “White Language Supremacy” Says Arizona State Professor

    Arizona State Professor Asao B. Inoue coined the term HOWL “Habits of White Language” and proposes a new model to grade students’ work.

    To dismantle white supremacy in writing classrooms, Inoue suggested implementing labor-based grading because it “redistributes power in ways that allow for more diverse habits of language to circulate.”

    The method involves assigning grades based on the “labor” students put into their assignments, rather than the grammar, style and quality of their work.

    “Labor-based grading structurally changes everyone’s relationship to dominant standards of English that come from elite, masculine, heteronormative, ableist, white racial groups of speakers,” Inoue said in his presentation.

  11. Dennis

    “Labor-based grading structurally changes everyone’s relationship to dominant standards of English that come from elite, masculine, heteronormative, ableist, white racial groups of speakers,” Inoue said in his presentation.”

    Professor Asho’s labor assignment there must have been to see how many meaningless woke clichés one can work into a single sentence.

    Why don’t these wokesters constantly complaining about white linguistic standards just stop using white European languages? Don’t want your writing assignments to be graded according to traditional English or other European standards of grammar and syntax? Stop using them, then. Problem solved. Go speak Bantu, or Pigmy, or Polynesian, or whatever. But they won’t take that logical step, because their real aim is to subvert and destroy that which they hate, precisely because they cannot live up to its standards. Instead of working harder to meet the standards of English grammar and syntax, they’d rather just destroy all standards and give everyone the educational equivalent of a participation trophy.

  12. Shecky R

    So it sounds as if we’re not having fun yet…? Oy.

  13. Sheri

    “Greenwald: Democrats Are Profoundly Committed To” making money, graft, hating, projecting and destroying There, fixed it, Johnno. Oh, and you can make ANYTHING racist. That’s beauty of lying language.

    Rudolph: I agree with you.

    Dennis: You’re probably right. You’ve given me something to consider and research. Thank you. We may see the country split yet. There’s no way a house so divided can stand. They either split or die.

    Shecky: You haven’t bought groceries or a sofa lately. It’s not fun to wait months for a sofa or find empty shelves ir a 30 percent increase in price (unless you’re rich or a government parasite). This is the Communist Hellhole I learned of in my youth. Of course, there are ways to make one’s own fun…..

    Got to go. Time for “Batman”!!!!

  14. Mens Bellator

    She’s welcome to come give it a shot.

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