Bleak Friday Deal

Bleak Friday Deal

We are in a crisis. This crisis is itself comprised of many small crises. Safety First tyranny, whites discovering they are responsible for all evil, Santa kissing daddy, pretending two men can marry, being forced to say some men are women, the ravages of Equality, scientism as official policy, Experts run amok, oligarchs squeezing us to the cheers from their paid propagandists and (worse) many of their victims, worship of machines, worship of self, non-worship of God.

On and on it goes.

It is a little appreciated fact that all crises are spiritual. This follows directly from the truth that life has meaning. The argument that life has no meaning is a fallacy, which is easy to see because any attempted counter-argument is self-defeating. There is no point arguing about anything—ever—if life has no meaning.

Since all crises are spiritual, and because most do not recognize this, it follows that a correction is needed.

Enter EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IS WRONG! The book which, should the New York Times review it, would cause a cry so shill Satan himself would pray for deafness.

It will be released upon the earth on 1 December, where it will be available everywhere. Until then, it can be pre-ordered at Amazon (paper, kindle; it seems to be at all country-Amazons, too), Barnes & Noble (paper and nook), Alibris (currently only scam sellers), Super Book Deals (best price so far), ABE Books (at a slight premium).

I will soon post excerpts and other material that may cause the ladies, and many of you men, too, to swoon. So get ready for it.

I have calculated that if I could sell 526,316 copies, I would become a pre-tax millionaire (I get $1.90 per copy regardless how much anybody pays). Make this happen.

Bleak Friday Deal

If you buy one book, you are automatically eligible to buy a second at no extra charge beyond the cover price!

How can I offer this mighty deal, you ask?

Simple, friends. I am all heart.

Plus, since you’ll want to give one copy to a loved woke one, and all of you will want one copy for yourself, you’ll need two. Unless you have more than one loved woke one, then you will need more. Rest assured, the Bleak Friday Deal applies to however many copies you buy.

Bonus to the bonus! This deal goes right on through to Cyber Monday — and beyond! I’m not cheap.

Signed copies are a near impossibility, unless you can track me down to my secret northern snow palace. Even if you do, my hands would likely be too cold to grip a pen.

So I’m thinking of the possibility of bookplates. Since I’m going to sell such a large number of copies, I might outsource signing to India. Stay tuned for details.

Happy Advent.

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  1. Sheri

    All heart??? Whatever you say.

    I never understood why people thought having the author write his name and a cliche statement on a book was so cool. It’s a book. Read it. Forget that ridiculous signature stuff. (Hand warmers will thaw those stiff hands. They are quite reasonably priced and available by mail order. I have two packages in stock!! Just my Black Friday good deed.)

    Oh, and if I buy your book, it’s only to find out how wrong you are and how right I am!

  2. John B()


    How bout the idea that I can no longer drop anything off in a kettle this season?

  3. Ann Cherry

    Briggs, looking forward to receiving my four copies. Only 526,312 to go, and you’ll be a millionaire (before taxes).

    John B(), I know, right? It is sad, sad, sad, to see the Salvation Army go woke, which means they will also, likely, go broke:

    I, too, will refrain from donating to those bell-ringers this season. Maybe when woke posturing hits their bottom line, they’ll wake up, but we won’t count on it. I think I’ll send one of my copies of Briggs’ new book to their corporate offices. Wokeness is an interdenominational disease, and I’ve already designated one copy for our Archbishop.

  4. John B()

    That’s a great article Ann (especially from Newsweek)

    Of the ‘big three’, they were in the middle of Time and US News and World Report as to whom I respected

    I’m thinking that I might just hand a bill to a bell-ringer, wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ and tell them to use or donate the bill at their discretion.

  5. John B()

    … But that was a long time ago

  6. DAV

    If you buy one book, you are automatically eligible to buy a second at no extra charge beyond the cover price!

    A bit like: Pay double the price and get one free!
    Hard to resist.

  7. Joy

     never understood why people thought having the author write his name and a cliche statement on a book was so cool. It’s a book. Read it. Forget that ridiculous signature stuff. (Hand warmers will thaw those stiff hands. “

    Oh no, Sheri, there was a time I bought two, (lost them both, gave one to a physio student, didn’t get it back)
    Swooned over the idea that the author wrote in the front!
    Ah, those salad days..
    The book lurks somewhere, and I can highly recommend the first five chapters.
    Breaking The Law Of Averages
    Was never one for autographs though, usually pretend I don’t know the person’s famous…all a bit awkward, really.
    I also owe Mark Steyn the price of one copy of his book but his secretary wouldn’t take the money for it. *felt sorry for me, very embarrassing.

    I’d rather donate to Briggs blog as a book is wasted on. me.

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”If you buy one book, you are automatically eligible to buy a second at no extra charge beyond the cover price!”

    Now that’s a real Bleak Friday deal, Boss. And it’s an appropriately bleak November day; gray, drizzly, and chill. Adding to the sepulchral gloom, a cold wind oozes, scattering flocks of leaves. Throw another log on the fire, cue Bach’s “Come Sweet Death”*, and dream of spring.

    *A deathless rendering by Virgil Fox on the magnificent and massive Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia.

  9. Dennis

    I’m frankly surprised that the payout on a self-published book that retails for $20 physical and $10 digital, is only $1.90 per copy. I could maybe understand that low a rate if a traditional publisher was involved and they had various overhead costs they’d sunk into it, but it seems awfully low for a self-published book (and I assume the physical copies are print on-demand, so not as if there are big up front production, distribution, and warehousing costs for those either). Interesting.

  10. 1 – sure hope the book sells well.

    2 – I’m looking forward to excerpts (because buying a copy would lead to a divorce and/or murder charge)

    3 – I’ll bet murphy’s second law (the probability that the majority will be wrong on any issue varies directly with the complexity of the issue) summarizes the work… 😉

    4 – In school it is common for the hot cheerleader to have a plain jane, serious student, best friend. In that context can you arrange to sell your book with its natural companion: IS ADMINISTRATIVE LAW UNLAWFUL? (Phillip Hamburger)?

  11. Johnno

    Briggs, if you only spent $1 million on Madison Avenue marketing, commercials for TV and Radio and those YouTube ones we can’t wait to skip, I guarantee you you’d make $1 million easily!

  12. Shecky R

    Yes, to the selfish and self-centered of every generation we are always in (delusional) crisis… thus it has always been for those who think the world revolves around their fearful, hubris-ridden, puny selves… and yet, the world goes on… and on… and on… and…….

  13. C-Marie

    Yes, poor, poor woke ones. Hoping that one day, they along with Bishops, priests, nuns, and more who are redoing the lines of the straight and narrow path to God, will discover God and His commandments, and come to know that salvation is only through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, for Jesus did say, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” And since Jesus Christ is God, He knows!!!

    Bought one copy of this book by this famous author, so far. Love this blog!! Have four or five siblings who are woke as one is not sure, and five, including me, who are not. May well buy them copies too. We will see. Yes, we are ten siblings, same father and mother, ranging in age from 64 years to 81 years!! Me at 78.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. swordfishtrombone

    I note that God is last on the list.

  15. Will I learn the latest krakenstats in it?


  16. C-Marie

    Hi Matt, Excellent!!!! description of the CRISIS we are in … especially the last two …. Worship of self ….
    Non-Worship of God.
    God bless, C-Marie

  17. C-Marie

    That is because the most important is always listed last, and Non-Worship of God has caused all of the previously listed and the murder of God’s born and unborn children and ever so much more. Read Briggs’ book!
    God bless, C-Marie

  18. swordfishtrombone


    The most important item on a list is *sometimes* put last, not always. And I don’t see how “safety first tyranny” – to pick the first item – can be caused by non-worship of God. One thing that *is* caused by non-worship of God is a reduction in the number of children molested by priests.

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