Keep Trying The Vax Strategy Until Dissenters Tire Of Showing It Isn’t Working

Keep Trying The Vax Strategy Until Dissenters Tire Of Showing It Isn’t Working

This is Update CX.

Conspiracy theorists: 27, Woke: 0.


I’ve been asked by a reader to give a simpler summary than the simple (but still complex) summary of Eugyppius’s explanation of original antigenic sin. Here’s his summary.

Shortest possible summary: the vax is allowing variants to spread, and harming immune systems.

Longer summary (but please read the original): when infected by the coronadoom, people who were previously infected with certain other coroanviruses did not clear the doom as well as those people who were not infected at all (with the doom or other coronaviruses). Therefore it’s best to let kids get the disease, like we all will.

Here’s Eugyppius’s own second attempt (slightly edited, with permission, from an email):

Your immune system can direct faster (pre-learned) antibody attack against a new virus infection. Or, it can direct a slower (learning) response against it. If the virus is familiar in any way, your immune system strongly prefers the learned attack, because the advantages of being fast outweigh the advantages of always having a perfectly targeted attack.

Your memory B-cells send antibodies against the virus. The B-cells stick to the virus proteins and interfere with their functions. A heavy response from your memory B-cells makes it harder for your naive B-cells (the ones that learn how to produce new antibodies against novel viruses) to learn anything new about the invader.

There is an array of regulatory mechanisms at work here, and we don’t understand all of them, but at the very least, the new virions are now covered in these memory B-cells, and this fact alone makes it harder for the naive B-cells to imprint on the new threat. They can’t get a good read on it, because of all the countermeasures.

Now, just because the antibodies stick to the virus, doesn’t mean they’re neutralising it. If they’re not well targeted, the virions may still retain a lot of their ability to invade cells and replicate.

Original Antigenic Sin, or immune imprinting, happens with natural infections, not just vaccines. The concept was invented in the context of studying influenza antibodies, as it was noticed that everyone has antibodies, typically to the flu strains current when they were children, and not to the most recent influenza varieties.

It is presumed that this is why flu vaccines don’t work very well: Your immune system has already imprinted on the strains responsible for your first infection. The learned response is favoured over updated responses. This makes you liable to reinfection in the future, sure, but you still have substantial protection against severe symptoms. What is more, younger kids pick up targeted precise immunity to these new flu strains (better than your off-target immunity), and their immunity slows these strains down and helps protect you too (just as your immunity will protect them, when the old strains you had as a kid come back).

So the system works well enough.

The problem is when a totally new virus, like SARS-2, enters the field. It is just similar enough to common human coronaviruses (a third or more of the viruses that cause the common cold) to elicit a learned antibody response in many adults. This interferes with your immune system’s ability to imprint on SARS-2 and send effective antibodies against it. It looks like this is one of the reasons adults have more serious symptoms. Their immune systems are trained on common harmless human-infecting betacoronaviruses, they send antibodies against these common coronaviruses against SARS-2, and they don’t work nearly as well as targeted antibodies would.

If we just left everyone alone, this problem would be rectified in coming generations. Kids with highly adaptive immune systems would get infected with SARS-2, have mild symptoms, and many of their immune systems would imprint on this virus as it does on the other betacoronaviruses that infect us. Of course SARS-2 would mutate in the future and their natural immunity would go a little off-target. They might get reinfected with mild symptoms, as you get the common cold now and again.

Give them spike-only vaccines, though, and it looks like their immune system is indefinitely (permanently?) focused on the spike protein alone, rather than the whole virus. The vaccinated don’t seem to be able to generate antibodies against other virus proteins as easily, because the learned response (antibodies against spike) is preferred over learning to produce antibodies against other parts of the virus.

And the spike is changing; in fact, it is the least stable protein in the whole virus right now. Again, learned response to the old spike will be preferred over a more optimal response to the changing spike.

Double or triple vaccinating kids is training their immune systems to react to this one unstable protein. As that protein continues to evolve, their imprinted immune probably won’t go just a little bit off target. They may lose sight of the target more or less entirely, prioritising increasingly useless antibody responses against a part of the virus that is invulnerable to this attack.

Solution: knock it off with vax requirements. Only allow the most vulnerable, say those over 65 and those with severe comoborbidities, to take it. Certainly do not mandate it; certainly do not give it to kids. Certainly don’t take a vax if you’ve had the doom and recovered, which, the odds are, is most of you at this point.

Yet our effeminate and matriarchal rulers cannot bear the thought of letting the virus taking its own course and not doing something. Incidentally, there is a whole chapter on the Do Something Fallacy in Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

All this is the conclusion even before considering two key things: (1) natural acquired immunity, and (2) vaccine side effects.

Here’s a nice thread in which an epidemiologist admits the Noble (blatant obvious preposterous) Lie of superior vax immunity:

At the bottom of that thread is a doc giving a picture of reinfection (i.e. positive test) rates in those with acquired immunity, those with vax limited immunity, and those with “hybrid”, i.e. both recovered and the vaxxed. The picture at least shows acquired immunity is better than the vax alone—as any sane person would have said before the Noble Lie took hold. Yet it also appears to show that hybrid immunity is best of all.

The graph does this by cheating, by playing with labels. Here I fix the labels, and draw the only comparisons possible, using masterful Gimp editing.

Conclusion: Experts cannot help themselves, even when they know better.

Now for side effects. We start with a report from a close contact of mine, which I have anonymized:

Z (son of X and Y) had first pifzer vex tue or Wednesday. Friday he had chest pains and they are persisting…he’s at hospital now…

He is 6…Irregular heartbeat still but under control what ever that means…He was in pain and throwing up for 24 hrs apparently.

He’s still in hospital..but will be released today. He’s on some meds to keep his heart rate down.

He was throwing up because his heart was stopping.

He has an ambulance rush him to hospital. Three nights….

Will pizer pay the hospital bill??

No, they won’t. But never let it be said the CEO and Chairman of Pfizer doesn’t have a sense of humor. Remember this? Here he is on April Fools day:

100%! What a riot!

NHK (a leading propaganda source): “Health ministry warns of vaccine’s side effects“.

Japan’s health ministry has listed inflammation of the heart muscle and of the outer lining of the heart in younger males as possible serious side effects of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines.

It says that as of November 14, out of every one million males who had the Moderna vaccine, such side effects were reported in 81.79 males aged 10 to 19 and 48.76 males in their 20s.

The figures were 15.66 and 13.32 respectively for those who had the Pfizer vaccine.

Double the risk for younger. The absolute risk stated here is not large, but it is about the same or even higher than the chance of death from coronadoom.

Experts can read these numbers as well as you or I, dear reader. So why do they stick with their failed “solutions”?

Maureen Mullarkey reminds us there is nothing new under the sun. Only now it leads to this:

Germany is the seedbed of Karl Schwab’s megalomania and the aligned ambitions of globalist elites. They view nonconformity to vaccination diktats as insubordination, a threat to the utopian bottom line. Resistance to the reigning narrative is denounced as irrational. In the mind of our betters, it suggests mental illness, and poses a danger to the common good. Science denial is an error that has no rights.

Now look at this:

The “anti-lockdown movement” (lockdowns having proved a dismal, painful failure) is a security threat. Lysenko, it is to be recalled, also used the State’s security apparatus to have dissenting scientists arrested, even killed.

This phenomenon, as I’ve explained before, is what happens in an expertocracy. Here we have security Experts, wholly ignorant in medicine, taking the word of other Experts, who are in error. The security Experts work make the medical Experts seem right because of Expert agreement. The system feeds on itself to grow. (Another terrific example is global warming.)

Need another example? How about the Alan Turning Institute: “Infodemics and crisis response: Tackling threats to informed decision-making for timely crisis response“. In which they blame the obvious failures of medical Experts on people who pass “fake news” (and, of course, on “racism”). And what is “fake news”? Information that disagrees with medical Experts.

How do the information Experts know medical Experts are right? Because they are regime-sponsored Experts! No other proof is required nor desired.

Other Experts agree:


Anon asks us all this:

My daughter [in the service] was denied a religious exemption. It was expected since the chaplain (a prot, not a priest) claimed she was inconsistent since she’s taken ibuprofen and Tums. He used an article from that ass Fr. Matthew Schneider. She started working on an appeal before the actual denial since the writing was on the wall.

Paul Casey M.D. (also a Catholic theologian) helped her with it so far. He even wrote an article about her at Catholic Family News to address the difference between testing on after the fact and using for development regarding aborted fetus cells.

She received a formal denial but it sidesteps the conscience issues and speaks to the vax as necessary for readiness. Her appeal will contain the religious/conscience rebuts along with Casey’s article and the military’s archbishop’s note on an exemption for conscience but now it looks like she also needs to fight his claims on the vax, deaths & sickness to young people and airmen in particular, vax adverse reaction to young healthy people. Any help is appreciated.

As if eating chalk (Tums is equivalent).

Young people aren’t dying from the doom, and don’t need to be vaxxed. We see the side effects above.

Here’s an age plot of weekly all cause deaths: 25-34 years olds aren’t dying in large numbers, but may be suffering from the vax.

If anybody else has advice for Anon, please let us know below.


This has to be, in a lifetime of searching, the most idiotic thing I have ever seen, or ever will see. This indicates a level of almost perfect insanity, the natural result of an expertocracy unanchored from Reality.

Shall we call these “health sticks”?

Experts are mathematically innumerate. This is proved easily by noticing that wherever the policeman stands he will be closer to another person than the length of the stick.

Then we recall math is racist.


Before we get to our numbers, have a look at Bruce Charlton’s: The birdemic of 2020 had Zero detectable effect on the number of people who died in the world. In contrast, we do see a lot of extra deaths in the USA, than we might otherwise have expected. But that brings up the notion of cause, which we see next.

Been a while since we looked at this one, but here’s the weekly deaths for various causes.

The spike in many deaths in April 2020 was caused by panic; specifically, by bad doctors. The same doctors who we are asked to trust, even unto today. My favorite is septicemia, likely from cramming tubes down so many peoples’ throats, in the big Ventilator Panic.

Alzheimers spiked at the same time: more panic. Then it went up again last winter, as usual, and then it went somewhat low. For the very good, and almost certainly true, reason that many old people were killed off by the Great Gain-of-Lethality experiment.

Which has to be declared a success.

Congratulations, scientists!

You can see flu and pneumonia and chronic lower respiratory diseases, and other diseases of the respiratory system, all sank to ahistorical plateaus. It’s likely the deaths now “lacking” for these maladies are all now coronadoom deaths. This is so because cancer and heart diseases, after accounting for the early caused deaths in the old from 2020 are back to their regular levels, more or less. Same with nephritis and diabetes.

But the doom itself, in spite of the increased propaganda, isn’t going up at a terribly fast rate. If you stare hard you can see the kink at the end, which is the start of the usual winter season.

The increase is there, though. And will be present through New Years, maybe mid January. As usual. And as I have been saying for the last several months.

Deaths will then decrease, again as usual. What will be unusual is our rulers and Experts taking credit for it.

Buy my new book and own your enemies: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. DAA

    The situation is dismal in Germany. Is it something about the language? Austria is following it, too. But soon all the EU, with exceptions. My hopes lie with the french national sport: rioting. They helped destroy the Old Order – let them destroy the New. But I think old Albion had a hand at it, too, and their doom is also approaching. All by their own doing – and it will be apparent. It is going to be the largest catastrophe ever, and they will be seen as sole responsible, and they will be ridiculed, the worst kind of torture to them, for they failed through their stupidity. Still, billions will perish in this vanity fair. All is vanity…

    Bruno Maçães is a so called expert on the New Silk Road. That may tell you one of the puppet masters behind the curtains. I do believe that China helped the Bilderbergers of the West, only to see them drown in their own vomit and then just waltz into the new freed lands. No more white devils, we are now in possession. Of course it doesn’t help when the diabolical west tries to force Russia to yield, which will only result in her going to side tactically with China. That is going to be the undoing of the West.

    Please, “my fellow Americans”, open your eyes and cleanse your military (and all the rest), otherwise it is going to be Xi 1 – Dim Twit and Lady Friend 0. And then Game Over.

  2. The vice principal at our school wandered around for a while with a 6 foot cardboard ruler that he made. I think the point wasn’t to determine if the kids were six feet apart, it was to remind them of how far six feet is.

    But yes, if you are writing tickets based on your stupid ruler, then you have missed the point.

  3. PaulH

    I just saw on TV the claim that Pfizer’s Paxlovid reduces CV-19 hospitalizations and deaths by 89%! Wow! Amazing! But, according to the little table of hospitalized/died:

    High risk patients : Paxlovid 0.7%, Placebo 6.5%
    Standard risk patients: Paxlovid 0.7%, Placebo 2.4%

    So, yeah, it’s the standard Relative Risk Reduction marketing hype. But they claim a reduced viral load, which is good news. I guess.

  4. V

    I don’t know what to tell Anon, because the military is persistently irrational. The SecDef and Generals are half-wits, political progressives, craven, or all above. That Pastel guy promoted to DC also unimpresses.

    At least half my son’s barracks caught covid during Marine boot camp early 2020 despite their isolation. Nothing serious, rolled through it, and continued their boot camp slog. The amount of past close contact with covid in the military is immense and untraceable.

    /Nonetheless/, all of those guys and gals require vaccination, or get admin sep’ed. Sargeants tell the guys it’s a lawful order, which they of course need to follow. Courts say it isn’t. Sargeants tell the guys they signed up to take a bullet. But this is medical experimentation and Russian roulette, which they did not sign up for.

    The amount of FUD is deafening and overwhelming, and I am disgusted by most of the chain of command.

    My son and his fellow Marines strongly identify with each other as Marines. The very last thing they want to do is leave their team. This is working to the advantage of command’s diktats.

  5. john b()

    Any one else following the Worldometer World Covid data?

    Since Oct 21, daily cases have increased by 50%
    Since Oct 21, deaths have not risen at all

    Pretty sure that it has NOTHING to do with vexxation and everything to do with endmeics

    Omicron is our way out if they’d just stop Vexxing people

  6. Rudolph Harrier

    They’ve telegraphed how the vaccine narrative is going to go with respect to omicron. Right now they are going to claim that getting vexxed and boosted is your only hope, despite also admitting that most people who have gotten omicron are in those categories in order to drum up fear in the vexxed. This will continue until Pfizer et al. create their special omicron version of the vaccine. At that point the narrative will instantaneously say that the old vexxes do absolutely nothing against omicron and you need to get three jabs of the new stuff to have a chance. The only reason that they aren’t saying it now is that they want to squeeze out as many extra jabs as they can before the new product comes out.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs, your words are not properly social distanced here. I measured with my stick while wearing my mask. That may spread plague. Here is how to write safely online:

    Place ——- a ——- space ——- between ——- each ——— word.

    A-n-d ——- f-o-r ——- e-v-e-n ——- g-r-e-a-t-e-r ——- s-a-f-e-t-y ——— s-p-a-c-e ——- e-a-c-h ——— l-e-t-t-e-r -—— , ——— t-o-o ——- .

    C-a-n-‘-t ——- b-e ——— t-o-o ——- s-a-f-e ——- o-r ——— t-o-o ——- s-t-u-p-i-d —— t-h-e-s-e —— d-a-y-s —— !

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    I guess there is also a narrative of “jabs can’t protect you at all from getting sick from omicron, but it will keep you from dying from it!” even though the unjabbed who have gotten sick also do not die from it.

  9. bruce g charlton

    “weekly deaths for various causes”

    I presume there is only one cause allowed per patient in these numbers? In the UK there are several causes listed (in order) on death certificates – which would make it possible for one patient to be counted more than once (if that was desired by the person doing the counting).

    I read somewhere, maybe here, that fortysomething percent of official birdemic deaths were in New York City (about two and half percent of US population).

    This (if true – I’m never very sure about ‘detailed’ stats) would confirm personal experience that old people in residential homes were killed acutely – in relatively substantial numbers – by the birdemic measures relating to hospital admissions and discharges (as well as being terrorized and immiserated); and by the ineffective but stressing rituals masks/ gloves/ gowns etc and denial of human contact).

    However, these deaths were mostly brought-forward by some months, rather than being extra deaths.

    I am only really convinced by data from 2019-2020 season when it comes to alleged-mortality from the supposed-plague; because since summer 2020 the certainly-harmful-to-health, health-service-crippling* effects of the ‘measures’ will have had an effect of increasing many causes of mortality (leaving aside further effect of the deliberately-recklessly lethal ‘peck’).

    *As far as I can tell, a Lot fewer acutely or chronically ill patients are being seen by doctors (or anyone) – maybe a half fewer? – than ever before – because the time required to interview each patient has been at least doubled by the futile rituals of fake-hygiene theatre.

    At medical school we were uniformly taught how vital it was actually to see, speak face to face with, examine, patients. Just obviously necessary. But quite suddenly, generations of ‘best practice’ clinical wisdom and teaching has been discarded and a telephone chat or video link is regarded as just as good…

    Such neglectful clinical behaviour, which would have led to removal of license to practice 40 years ago, is now normal and routine.

    Needless to say, the corrupted and converged modern medical profession has Not objected to this sabotage of the quality of their work.

  10. steve

    It seems logical that the growth rate of an outbreak (new variant) will impact the observed ratios of outcomes.

  11. (another) David

    Looking at Figure 3 in that Israeli paper – the figure you included (and highlighted) above – the last two lines in the last two lines in the third chart (“Hybrid Immunity”) are the confirmed infection rates for the poor schnooks who got vaxxed, got infected, and then GOT INFECTED AGAIN! (12-18%!) I bet THEY’RE happy they “rolled up their sleeves” for protection against the deadly virus!

    (Always assuming, of course, that they even _noticed_ they were infected either of those two times …)

  12. Forbes

    I’m amused by the idea that religion–for the purpose of religious exemptions–has govt authorities/officials validating/approving (or not!) said religious belief(s).

    Isn’t there something in the first amendment about that… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…” (In fact, the very first words of the Bill of Rights…)

    Puzzling, baffling…

  13. Jsf

    To Anon: First of all, I can’t believe that you already don’t know what to tell your child when the evidence is so clear. Tell your child to leave, no, run from this insanity that has taken over the military.
    A. It’s an illegal order given by an illegal command structure
    B. The civilian courts are overturning this so-called “mandate” for all civilians. Why does it still stand for the military? Because the usurpers claim that they control the military via the executive branch. They are all in these positions because of a government coup.

    Run, run, run from them, the military no longer has anything of value to offer.

  14. Ann Cherry

    From today’s article by the wonderful eugyypius, “The Pandemicists Must Be Stopped”:

    “Corona has vastly expanded the ranks of pandemic planners and public health botherers. Unless something is done, these people will destroy all of society in their radical pursuit of a few viruses.

    “Just a few words on “Omicron is a Dress Rehearsal for the Next Pandemic”, a New York Times article by Emily Anthes, a science journalist with ties to the World Economic Forum. It’s subtitled “America’s response to the variant highlights both how much progress we have made over the past two years — and how much work remains,” and it’s every inch as awful as you’d imagine.”

  15. TiP

    Forbes, don’t be silly… Congress has not made any laws that breach the line. This is all mandate and Executive Order, by the Experts, so its okaaaay……

    Briggs, do have access to data to run suicide numbers?

  16. Chad W Jessup

    Stats from the study: 1202 participants, 1081 uninfected, 121 infected of whom “…almost none suffered severe symptoms…”

    Sounds like a wimpy virus for the healthy.

  17. Uncle Mike

    So far the mad jabbers have run amok without penalty. The time has come to demand that petty tyrants besotted with crushing ignorance be fired, cancelled, tarred, and feathered. Big boot push back is long overdue. This is my country, Bubbette. Take a powder or face the music.

  18. Anon

    Are theologians hired to review applications for religious exemptions? If not, why not?

  19. Codex

    Advice for this young woman: Do not accept the frame

    “God told me not to do this. It violates, multiple commandments, and is the Mark of the Beast. I would rather go to jail than defy God’s will.”

    All replies and attempted arguments are met with a “You are a Pharisee in service to worldly evil. Will you pray with me to repent? Even if you took the Mark, even if you are attempting to corrupt and maim the innocent, God will take you back.”

    Stick to your guns. Do not accept their framework. The vile use of vivisected babies to test these pseudo-vaccines is just the beginning of the evil involved.

  20. V


    They don’t hire theologians because they don’t know how to, nor which. The idea of judging a religious exemption mostly doesn’t make sense to begin with. The whole thing is an ad-hoc mess.

    The National Catholic Bioethics Center has done good work here. I think I linked to it previously.

    BTW, the local military Chaplain is often an excellent resource in situations like this, and often have significant reach. However, their influence is significantly curtailed in this matter. The shills on the hill and in the pentagon (the spokesman and such quislings) are carrying the day so far.

    And look, unless your daughter intends to walk away from the service (which /might/ be a good option), stay away from Revelation-talk. It doesn’t communicate. It does not communicate. Got it? If you intend not to communicate, never mind my advice.

  21. MB

    Propaganda works. It amazes me how different perspective we have from ‘normal’ people.

    I know one person who is making a PhD in physic and who by no means is a affirmation-seeking debunker. He recently stated that 2 shots were better than natural immunity. At least 2 shots + infection were as good as 2 shots + booster.

    Also two intelligent and moral persons from my proximity took 2 doses of vaccine after they had recovered from Covid.

    Side note from Poland. In my country courts have repeatedly freed people from fines imposed for breaking covid rules, stating that they were promulgated by dictate. Recently new dictate went in force which limited the capacity of restaurants and demanded from restaurateurs checking VexxPassport for extra seats, without giving them a legal means to ask for them. Guess which institution was eager to implement it, knowing that they will win in court if they decided to oppose it? A cafeteria on University of Warsaw Department of Physics.

  22. philemon

    Yeah, right. They just didn’t want to go to San Francisco, and who can blame them?

    Plus, I bet lots of them weren’t vexxinated and so couldn’t check in to their hotels.

    So, let’s look at adverse events again:

    This is looking bad.

    Of course, the FDA got its start with “Lash Lure” because people can’t read instructions and even one death is too many:

  23. philemon

    MB: “Also two intelligent and moral persons from my proximity took 2 doses of vaccine after they had recovered from Covid.”

    So, what did they think their chances were of “dying from Covid”? It seems many people had their risk assessment grossly skewed by media propaganda. You know those people who like to lecture everyone about “disinformation”.

  24. PaulH

    Because no one saw this coming:

    “Newfoundland and Labrador officials revealed Tuesday that personal data belonging to everyone who has had a COVID-19 test in the province was stolen by the hackers behind a cyberattack launched Oct. 30 against the provincial health-care system.”

    The personal data of EVERYONE who has had a CV-19 test was stolen, including social insurance numbers (Canada’s equivalent to the social security number in the USA).

  25. philemon


    “In our little oncology world, we are already having trouble getting key chemotherapy drugs for CURATIVE protocols. We have been told by our supplier that these drugs, or parts of them, are made in China or are ‘in-transit’.

    “However, today on a Zoom conference call, it let slip that the real reason is that the American manufacturers cannot get workers to come in or workers have walked off the job due to the ******* mandates.

    ‘Then it comes out that our supplies for needles, iv fluids, bags, tubing, etc, will be impacted as the word has come down from on high to divert all current workers and manufacturers to support….drum roll please….Ladies & Gents… The Gold Medal for the most Retarded Idea in the Asshat Olympics…******* PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “So…. we are going to divert vital medical supply production capacity to ramp up production of a ******* that does not impact transmission or infection rates, has a horrific list of side effects, including DEATH, and is 5 variants behind the current one.

    “If anybody thinks this makes sense, you need a window in your belly button to see daylight because your head is firmly jammed in your transverse colon.

    “I said this, in so many words, in this Zoom conference and I was promptly muted. Go figure.”

  26. philemon

    Omicron, aka Moronic, is a very mild cold for both the vexxed (even with boosters) and the unvexxed. Just like every coronavirus epidemic, after two years, the virus becomes a mild endemic cold.

    It is time to have Omicron parties and kiss those ineffective and unsafe vexxines goodbye. Merry Christmas!

  27. Jim G

    While the difference doesn’t seem large, the marked up plot of recovered, vaxed and recovered+vaxed has an interesting result. Of the 4-6 and 6-8 month results, the recovered and recovered then vaxed are about the same, but the vaxed then recovered are worst. This seems to be saying that getting the vax somehow lowers the effectiveness of natural immunity with the recovery afterward. The error bars are larger for this class but this only appears because the sample was smaller for that class. Makes you wonder what’s going on.

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