Happy Insurrection Day!

Happy Insurrection Day!

It will never, and I mean never, stop being funny that our elite rulers soiled their panties when seeing grandma here take a Capitol stroll, and then waved those panties in the air for twelve solid months shouting, “Look how frightened we are!” and “The stains show the love of Our Democracy!”

You’ve also seen the picture (heading today’s post on the main page) of one those rulers running around with a dry cleaning bag on his head. The look of terror in his eyes is real. It’s as if he knows he has a lot to feel guilty about, and at that moment was expecting to answer for it.

Did he really think a coup was in progress and that bio-weapons would be unleashed on Congress?

I think so.

Like this effeminate, so did other rulers, to varying degree, say to themselves They’ve finally come.

Only they didn’t. You remember the only killing on that otherwise calm day was when a regime secret policeman shot an unarmed woman. The regime can’t even give the guy an award for marksmanship for the killing, since it was, as the novels say, point blank.

Now if Trump had wanted to cross the Rubicon, he could have. He didn’t, and never wanted to.

It is clear, though, that if he had wanted to, he could have. The small mob that sauntered into the Capitol, possibly outnumbered by the media and government agents, instead of taking goofy selfies, could have been goaded to real violence (and not the pretend kind). Given what we know about the day’s events, a motivated mob might have succeeded.

They had surprise, which carries good odds. And, what they didn’t know, they would have confronted an enemy ready to surrender.

Recall the first thing our manly brave confident elites did, who were moments before going through the election fortification ceremonies, was to run and hide. When they could have gone out and scolded the crowd and demanded they behave themselves—which would of worked.

Yet did we see Mike Pence man the battlements? No, sir, we did not. James Madison, who as President rode into battle, from beyond his grave, blushes for Pence. Did Nancy Pelosi stand in the Gallery and toss her empties at the intruders? No, sir, she did not. When she could have secured a lifelong sponsorship from Stoli.

Of course, a coup is not as simple as taking over a single building. But it could have been done, and it might have succeeded. Yet unless Trump had also secured the backing of fighting elements of the military, and the support of various governors and other authorities, our imagined true, and not cartoon, insurrection would have died within hours, with much worse consequences for all.

But that it might have succeeded (to a degree) and because our rulers feel guilty, explains why they are still blubbering, shivering, posturing, threatening, and nervously speaking bold to this day. Their guilt is why they—the rulers, and not idiot propagandists who think themselves battle-scarred heroines for watching TV, or lying hersterics who still suffer “trauma”—it is why our rulers are still nervous they will lose power.

Our rulers are using the true believers and propagandists, as they always do, to stir up their followers and convince them bogeymen are everywhere.

But they know, in their brittle wee black heart of hearts, they do not represent a great number of the country. They know they do not have their best interests in mind. They know they do not even have the best interests of the rabid followers in mind. And they know many of us know these things.

So they really are frightened. Yea, even the subset of rulers who worked to rile up the crowds on the 6th. They wanted to make the crowds look bad, but now they see their scheme worked only too well.

The genuine disquiet of our rulers, and their understanding of their tenuous grasp on power, is why we are also hearing warnings from those promoted to head the military and guide it to wokeness. They are concerned there are still too many real men, fighting men, left in the ranks. These men cannot be trusted, or at least are not trusted.

These regime-backed military rulers tremble when they consider the loyalties of real men. That’s why the regime-back command urge “intensive intelligence work at all installations“—to ferret out all suspect men.

Though there’s plenty to dislike in all this, that our rulers are so so fragile and nervous should be taken as cheering news.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I plan to celebrate this historic day (which isn’t that historic) by joining our men in black: FBI To Host First Annual Jan 6 Reunion.

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  1. Hun

    Apparently, that pathetic worm with a plastic bag over his head is rep. David Trone. He proudly tweeted that photo and commented “I am safe. We have been evacuated”. What a loser!

  2. Briggs

    Excellent, Charles, thanks.

  3. BrianH

    McCarthy showed himself to be a weak and ineffectual leader by pulling out of Pelosi’s committee after she rejected Reps Jordan and Banks. He should have sent two other based Reps, forcing Pelosi to reject them once again. Do this enough times and it would have made apparent to even the most apolitical citizen the sham nature of the committee. As it stands now, we have no one there to investigate FBI involvement or to release any videos, etc. McCarthy is unfit for his office.

  4. bruce g charlton

    “that our rulers are so so fragile and nervous should be taken as cheering news.”

    Cheering in a limited way; but significantly cheering only if there are some other potential rulers to take-over; and who are strong, courageous and on the side of Good.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see any of them in public life: not one.

    If I am honest with myself; I don’t find the replacement weak and cowardly bureaucratic rulers a cheering prospect – when they seem most-likely/ almost-certain to be replaced by spiteful, sadistic, blatantly-evil agents of chaos.

    If only there was some coherent group of God-siding people in-waiting who might be supported as future leaders; but alas…

  5. Our “leaders” are afraid of being stood against walls to pose for brief flashes because they know in their hearts that their behavior is worthy of such treatment. They consider American patriots to be the enemy because they, themselves, are traitors to the nation and the people.

  6. Dr. Weezil

    The analogues between the current United States of Effeminacy and the Heretic Catholic Church are striking. Without being too blasphemous, comparing people like James Madison to Mike Pence is akin to comparing Pius X to “Father” Jimmy Martin. These are two different worlds entirely.

  7. Incitadus

    The crowd size in support of an elected president tells you all you need to know
    about1/6. His ability to rally ‘the people’ was unprecedented in modern history.
    The cowardly response, the fence, the armed troops, attempted impeachment,
    unconstitutional treatment of U.S. citizens, and all the pearl clutching, mark the
    nadir of American political life.

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The good news is it’s just a handful of cowardly degenerates holding millions of us down. The bad news is it’s just a handful of cowardly degenerates holding millions of us down. What does that say about us?

    Degenerate elites are not the problem, they are a symptom.

    The problem is us.

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    The two biggest takeaways from January 6 are these:

    1.) The elites and those on their side want us dead. Just look at the discussion of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting if you have any doubts about that.

    2.) The elites think that we feel the same way about them (I will leave it to the reader to determine whether those fears are justified are not.) They are also terrified that we may be able to act on such feelings.

  10. Yes, but what are you doing about it?

    see https://www.teaparty911.com/save-the-republic

    for something you can do that would, I think, work. (and if you disagree, I’d love to hear your reasoning. )

    As a Canadian I’ve been surprised, very unpleasantly surprised, by American passivity in the face of obvious anti-American activity and dishonesty on the part of the democrats. Why aren’t you rioting?

  11. Incitadus

    Really Paul I didn’t see half a million Canadians show up at your
    Parliament when Trudeau stole your last election. The problem across
    all the Western Democracies is electronic voting machines which have
    got to go if there’s any hope of restoring legitimate governance. Paper
    ballots that match registered voter rolls might be a good start as opposed
    to mass demonstrations that are largely ignored by Mass Media.

  12. GamecockJerry

    Voting in new idiots will not stop this. Our government is a runaway train. Only way to stop it is to starve the beast, i.e. stop paying taxes and supporting big tech and big retail. Pay with cash, tip with cash, buy food from local farmers, grow your own food, stop Facebook, Amazon, Costco, etc. Until they die, nothing will change. But, we are too fat and cozy and hooked on cheap Chinese crap. I am trying to do all of this myself but it is very hard.

  13. John B()


    Re: Paul Murphy

    I gave Mr. Murphy a little slack making the following assumption.
    I follow a Vlawger from Montreal (Viva Frei). He said something similar to Paul Murphy once and quickly interjected that it wasn’t a criticism of US people per se, it was just that if the US can’t hold it together against tyranny, what chance does Canada have?
    Canada’s Charter of Rights is meaningless without their court system pushing back against Trudeau and the tyranny of experts that say Covid “Temporary” emergency measures supersedes their rights. Canadian courts say you must show harm and suspension of charter rights don’t imply harm

    Meanwhile Polish immigrant to Canada (pastor artur pawlowski) is keeping the ball in the air

  14. Cookie

    Don’t forget the Mitch McConnells of the political world also sang off the same hymn book as all the other elite shills.

    If ever there was a clearer example of the charade of the Red and Blue contrived opposition then I don’t know of it.

  15. Johnno

    Meanwhile… in Kazakhstan…

  16. Incitadus

    Yea Paul I was being a little sarcastic and I really agree with you 100%
    People better get out there and start massing in the streets, it’ll be practice for
    the future if nothing else. It’s funny Democrats can marshal thousands on
    a whim and both the European left and right are out marching together.
    But in North America for some reason the left and the Right have been partitioned
    into two neat little boxes.

  17. Shecky R

    You would’ve been sheer ignorant putty in the hands of the Third Reich, Mattie… indeed your gullible ilk were the putty in their hands.

  18. Mens Bellator

    Clearly, when these unAmerican cowards get even a small glimpse that the American Spirit is not dead, they soil themselves. They wreak of it with every desperate move they make.

  19. Joe Krepps

    How can it be an insurrection or a coup if the FBI was warned about it _50_ times?
    Sounds more like a messy, deadly (for poor Ashli Babbitt) “Open House” when those in charge knew it was coming. A convenient circus for the leftist media, facilitated by the same scumbags who were supposed to protect those inside. Who else is to blame for giving Pelosi a golden pass on maintaining “security”?

  20. Johnno

    That’s the thing SillyShecky! Everything claimed about the Capitol was pretty much nothing more than putty!

    Here’s what an actual attempt at insurrection looks like! If any putty is involved, it’s likely for a plasticine bomb that will be remotely detonated!

    All this just in time for the US/Russia NATO talks too! What a coincidence!

  21. Jan Van Betsuni

    Thanks HUN: David Trone trone.house.gov needs to be remembered forever as Representative Baggie

  22. Robin

    Q1. Who called the protesters to the Jan 6th event?

    Q2. Who subsequently distanced themselves from it?

    Q3. Who abandoned any support, including simply vocal support, for the defence of those so accused?

    Hint: It’s just one name. Says it all about what’s going on in American politics and the manipulation of the electorate.

    I fear for what’s coming. It’s the strong man. Whether that leader is left or right, does not matter. The result will be the same.

  23. Incitadus

    Robin: That’s why I get on and off the Trump Train he also promised to
    march with them to the Capitol and of course did not. If he had none of
    this might have happened. Briefs prepared by Republicans contesting various
    State’s electors were never read and certification of Electoral College votes were rushed
    through that same day without any debate.

    “So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I love Pennsylvania Avenue. And we’re going to the Capitol, and we’re going to try and give.
    The Democrats are hopeless — they never vote for anything. Not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones because the strong ones don’t need any of our help. We’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.
    So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
    I want to thank you all. God bless you and God Bless America.
    Thank you all for being here. This is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

  24. Joey Zamboni

    To me, this was clearly a staged – planned – false flag operation…

    Cops left woefully understaffed that day…?

    Doors left open or unguarded…?

    Cops waiving people in to the building…?

    The vast majority acted like they were on a tour…

    I have no doubt that a reaction force was staged out of sight nearby, in case things really got out of hand…

    The left planned this, no doubt about it…

    And sadly people got caught up in the emotions of the moment & did exactly what the left wanted them to do…

    Actually they would have liked much more violence…

  25. reply to Incitadus:
    January 6, 2022 at 11:37 am
    Really Paul I didn’t see half a million Canadians show up at your
    Parliament when Trudeau stole your last election. The problem across
    all the Western Democracies is electronic voting machines which have
    got to go if there’s any hope of restoring legitimate governance. Paper
    ballots that match registered voter rolls might be a good start as opposed
    to mass demonstrations that are largely ignored by Mass Media.

    In the U.S. people voted overwhelmingly for GOP candidates, but the democrats won overwhelmingly by, I think, cheating . In Canada liberals won a majority of the vote (which was fairly counted) because the liberals own the media and people have no trustworthy independent information sources and so no idea what is going on. As to why Canadians aren’t rioting ? the answer comes in several parts: 1 – the news media would not tell us if they were (a major trump rally in Montreal went unreported in english speaking canada – and things loike murder rates in specific areas of Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are national secrets); and, 2 Canadians treat passivity and hypocrisy as sources of national pride.

    (My wife is a canadian liberal, I’d be a Texan otherwise).

  26. Johnno

    Is the Kazakstan uprising really about people fed up with covid restrictions and forced vexxines and the Mark of the Vexx? Are the media lying that this is about gas prices? Is Russia trying to cover up the revolt against the Vexx and QR codes by blaming it all on the CIA/MI6? Are American intelligence agencies happy the set the Kazakhs free while tyrannizing Americans at home?

  27. Ann Cherry

    Sorry, just realized that Briggs had already posted the Epstein cover-up story!

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