The Most Infamous Coronavirus Model — The Dangerous Video YouTube Censors Don’t Want You To See!

The Most Infamous Coronavirus Model — The Dangerous Video YouTube Censors Don’t Want You To See!

As we await the Supreme Court announcement on whether we are now slaves in the hands of Experts, or only will be at some future date, a small (large) talk.

Bitchute (lower quality version; I also give up trying to fix the embedding; both are good enough):

Original Forbidden Video!

This is a version of a talk I gave at a conference recently.

In early 2020, Neil Ferguson’s group at the Imperial College of London issued a model which terrified the world. More than two million dead in the USA! Half a million dead in the UK! But we could be saved if only we locked down, closed schools, and social distanced.

How did that model do? If you are short of time and can’t watch the video, here’s the gist: it stank. It should never have been believed. It was outrageous, asinine, and went directly against guidance issued by the WHO only months before. Too, Ferguson had a long track record of trying the panic the world.

There was no reason whatsoever to believe the model. But it was believed. Willingly, eagerly, and immediately.

Why? Well, watch and discover.



My point in the video is that an expertocracy exists and controls information. Especially by ignorant agents who uphold “the” “Consensus.”

Just hilarious. I wanted to prove the Expertocracy existed in this video. And they did it for me.


Trying to upload to Bitchute, but I’m 5% over file size. So I’m trying to shrink it a bit by choosing a lower quality. Might take a good hour to do this.

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  1. bruce g charlton

    This video is unavailable, it says…

    That did not take long.

  2. Peter Morris

    So where are Catholics on the end-times?

    Do you guys pray for Jesus’s swift return or are you like the amillennial sorts who believe he already came back in secret?

    Because it seems like there’s little chance we’re going to get out of this without some kind of divine intervention. And I’d just as soon have it all said and done.

  3. Baron von Redshield

    The purges of unapproved voices and opinions become more Soviet every day.

    Have you tried Odysee? It seems much better than Bitchute, and seems pretty solid in its anti-censorship stance.

  4. GP

    If Jesus came back everyone would know it, except perhaps experts.

  5. PaulH

    Have you tried uploading to Rumble?

  6. Briggs


    Haven’t tried any other service. Rumble is already censoring, I heard. Don’t know Odysee.

    I could always host it here, too. But wanted it to have a bigger audience.

    Bitchute has been “processing” it for last 20 minutes.

  7. Dr. Weezil


    Catholics take a position of appropriate ignorance. All we know is that Christ has definitely not returned. Other than that, it’s all on the table. We traditionalist, i.e., pre-Vatican II actual Catholic types, however, are pretty convinced that we’ve either good and thoroughly kicked off the foretold Great Apostacy with said Council of Doom.

  8. Incitadus

    Well at least we’ve got the answer to how civilized countries like Germany and
    Russia could have descended into chaos and barbarity. Next logical step would be for
    Biden or some other would be commissar to declare themselves president for life casting
    themselves in the mold of Xi’s new model government. Maybe the iron hand of the gynocracy
    will emerge whip in hand sweeping Biden aside. If it’s not it should be apparent to all that
    he’s just a nitwit reading from a script though this too may be an illusion escaping the
    judgement of history. Good old avuncular lunch pail Joe how could he ever assume the
    diabolical proportions of a Stalin or Hitler? He’ perfect, dementia is like built in plausible
    deniability if things go South.

  9. Mercury in Aus

    The only hope we have is that the WHO has said via its erstwhile head that “we will end this pandemic in 2022”
    Amen to that !!!

  10. john B()

    Re : Rumble (for whatever it’s worth) (Don’t know when it was posted

    Rumble – A strongly pro free speech platform. Their original founder is still the CEO and is strongly against any form of censorship on his platform. Videos are only taken down if they are obscene or clearly violate FCC regulations or the law. See their content policies page. Everything else is allowed. No censoring of videos based on ideology or opinion.

    Rand Paul has moved there

    Maybe you’r ethinking of the mess with Parler…

  11. Uncle Mike

    Rumble is fine. Go there. Otherwise you give too much power to Goofball, power over yourself, which you need not cede to them.

    Yes, Goofball exists. Yes, they are stupid and evil. But they don’t own you or me, not yet anyway. Resist, don’t give in.

    Unless you are using them as your foil fools, your Scarecrow strawmen, poster clowns for the Apocalypse. In that case, please feel free to abuse them unmercifully. Nothing sells books quite like having a fool censor them.

  12. Johnno

    Peter Morris

    We’re still a while away. We’re currently in the era prophecied by Our Lady of Fatima and other approved Marian forebodings.

    The errors of Communism will spread worldwide, there would be a great apostasy and falling away from the faith, Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ, and an event known as the Annihilation of Nations is scheduled. We’d long been speculating what that would be. I think we now have a good candidate in the vexxines.

    More bad stuff is also gonna happen but there will be a moment of both good human work, a good and holy Pope, and bonafide Divine Intervention, resulting in some ass-kicking and a long period of true peace on Earth once the Beast is chained for a time. By that time the overwhelming majority of the world will be Christian, thus leaving the devil no choice but to cease hiding and imitate a false Christ at the end. But those times will be so horrible that all those who die will have completed their purgatory on Earth. So while it may not feel like it, we’ve got it pretty good!

  13. Ann Cherry

    Mass formation psychosis, anyone? Experts™ (Pfunded by Pfizer) say there’s no such thing:

    You may want to read these by gaslight:

    A scientist made unfounded COVID-19 ‘mass formation psychosis’ claims
    2 days ago

    AP News:
    FACT FOCUS: Unfounded theory used to dismiss COVID measures
    1 day ago

    ‘No academic credibility’: Experts debunk mass psychosis Covid theory floated by doctor on Joe Rogan podcast
    4 hours ago

    What Is Mass Formation Psychosis? Robert Malone Makes Unfounded Covid-19 Vaccine Claims On Joe Rogan Show
    1 week ago

    The best explanation of “Mass Formation Psychosis” I’ve seen was posted by one of Briggs’ readers, maybe Philemon or Johnno. Taking an hour and fifteen minutes to watch it, is time well spent:

    Here’s the description:

    “Psychology professor at Ghent University in Belgium, Dr Mattias Desmet, explains why people go along with an utterly absurd narrative leading to a totalitarian state.

    WHY DO SO MANY STILL BUY INTO THE NARRATIVE? Prof Mattias Desmet Streamed live on Sep 21, 2021- Mass Formation – 4 conditions must be fulfilled.”

    [Now here I paraphrase the text a bit]?

    “Lots of people experience lack of meaning making or sense making, free- floating Anxiety and Psychological Discontent, not connected to a mental representation; free Floating Frustration and Aggression, that you feel inside oneself, but cannot be directed or aimed at a certain object or cause.

    “Under these conditions, a narrative is distributed through the mass media indicating an object of anxiety, and at the same time providing a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety; then there might be huge willingness in the population to “go along”, to participate in this strategy, because all this free floating anxiety, which is so hard to control connects to this object of anxiety.

    “And then, just by participating in this strategy, you can mentally control the object of anxiety.  For instance , a narrative is distributed which says there is a very dangerous virus, we should go into lockdown, if these conditions are met, there might be an extraordinary willingness to participate in this strategy  and lockdowns even when the narrative in itself is absolutely absurd.

    “And this is very important, When people start to participate all together in this strategy to deal with the object of anxiety, a new kind of social bond and a new kind of meaning-making emerges. 

    “This makes people switch from a highly aversive negative mental state, social isolation, interpersonal isolation, to exact opposite to the extremely high level of connectedness that exists in a crowd or a mass.

    “Then people start a heroic battle with the object of anxiety, which leads to a kind of mental intoxication of connectedness which is the real reason why people continue to buy into the narrative even if it is utterly absurd, or blatantly wrong.

    “It is a kind of a ritual.  A ritual is a kind of behavior that people participate in to show that they belong to a group. to create a collective, to create a solidarity; the more absurd the ritual, from a practical perspective, the better they function, because they become a sign they belong to a group.”

    What really struck me, at about the 20 minute mark, was his discussion of how even being presented with new information, has little or no effect. For example, most people know, by now at least, that children are damaged by masks, and lockdowns, and lack of schooling, and social isolation, but they still insist that these practices somehow benefit children, or are for “for the greater good”.

  14. John B()

    Sonia Sotomayor was channeling or was channeled by Ferguson

  15. John B()

    And Justice Stephen Breyer piled on

  16. Cary Cotterman

    Science (actual science, not ideologically twisted “The Science”) has shown that masks do not prevent the transmission of corona virus, yet mask wearing continues to be mandated and complied with. It has become an utterly absurd ritual, blatantly wrong from any rational standpoint. It has led to a “social bond”, “connectedness”, a sign for people that “they belong to a group”. If you don’t believe this psychosis is “mass”, try visiting any grocery store in southern California. Although Newsom’s current face diaper mandate is not being enforced by management in most of them, you will see nearly 100 percent voluntary compliance. It’s disheartening in the extreme.

  17. Incitadus

    Thought for the day…
    The virus like the votes do not matter; it’s all about spreading the vaccine, and counting the votes.

  18. Ann Cherry

    My comment got eaten again.

    You are so right-on, Cary: masks are THE ritual sign of belonging to the approved group.

    This is a little off-topic, but you can apply the same “mass formation” principles to the “renewable energy” crowd. I used to think “Millenials” could be convinced by showing them how bad for the environment are wind and solar energy, and how they aren’t really renewable at all: for example, a single modern wind turbine uses over 2.5 tons of copper….and where do they think the lithium for the batteries comes from, if not open pit mines, usually from countries using slave labor and child labor.

    I’d talk about all those high-powered transmission lines running thru pristine wilderness areas, or about how wind farms get a pass on killing eagles and other birds, and how the air pressure from these windmills make bats lungs explode, and how they change migration patterns.

    I’d mention how windmills can’t operate when it gets to 20 below, but they’ll still need to use energy for heat to keep their parts from freezing; or I’d mention how much raw materials and precious metals solar panels use, and how they fry birds, and how almost all of this “green energy” infrastructure is manufactured in Communist China and has to be shipped here.

    None of this seems to make a difference with the “Green Energy” crowd; They are intoxicated with the idea that they can “save the planet” and so their heretofore empty lives have meaning. They can change the climate! They can be like gods! They are part of the approved group, they are more intelligent and more caring. They are “morally correct”, and what do facts matter, compared to that?

    Coming soon: Climate Lockdowns!

  19. philemon

    AllenDec 15, 2021
    Essentially right now Cornell is trying to cover their asses and get the students out of there. They don’t want to have to continue testing for Covid as the case numbers have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels this past week and it’s making Cornell (which if you remember was on national media just a year ago being touted as to “how to do it right” on all things Covid protocols) look bad.

    The students, parents and the locals in Ithaca are bewildered, pissed and overall frightened (in all of the wrong ways for the most part.) Universally the current Cornell admins are despised and they are flailing about trying to explain what is happening with Mad Hatter logic.

    That the increase in cases is happening due to the heavily vaxxed Cornell populace having their immune systems vaporized by these injections is a conversation that is off the table.

    First thing to understand is that Cornell gets copious funding from the NIH/DARPA/Gates etc and this funding determines their research. It is not a stretch to say that if that funding dries up Cornell in it’s current form collapses.

    It is also important to understand that Cornell’s board of trustees and the entire University investment portfolio is invested up to it’s neck in all things Bio-Tech and are counting on this “next wave” of biomedical cash cows.

    Lastly it’s important to understand that Cornell upper level admins are arrogant beyond comprehension. They will NEVER admit to any failures or corruption. Everything that has been done in these past two years has been done with ZERO transparency.

    I sent the following letter to 3 Cornell poobahs yesterday- if and when I get a response I will post it:

    Hi ______,

    The most recent letter sent out by the administration is a little confusing so I am hoping to gain some clarification on this matter and hope that you can provide some clarity on what seem to be some contradictions.

    The questions I am asking are obviously in the context of soaring cases which by all standards of the past two years are unprecedented and the accompanying policy decisions both past and present.

    1) In this most recent letter, it is stated that the transmission has been occurring due to travel and due to social gatherings. What is your current evidence for this?

    2) In this letter it is noted that transmission has not been occurring in academic settings. What is your current evidence that supports this?

    3) In this letter there is an assertion that vaccines are our best protection. Based on the two questions above does this then imply that the vaccines work in academic settings but not in social settings?

    4) If the caveat is that the social settings are less likely to include mask wearing does this then mean that the vaccines only work when accompanied by a mask?

    5) If there is such “spread” causing record number of “cases” isn’t this a clear indication that the medical strategies that have been employed over the past year and a half (vaccines, masks and/or vaccine/mask combination) at best don’t work and therefore promoting more of the same, e.g. “boosters”, is doubling down on a failed strategy?

    6) There are numerous universities throughout the country that are not employing the “strategies” employed at Cornell and are having little to no problem with infections or cases- this with very large social gatherings of all types. How does the administration reconcile this fact with what is happening at Cornell?

    Look forward to hearing your clarification on the matter.

    Thanks _______,

    My name

    Cornell is apparently completely in with the mRNA everything. It’s like “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” where they (the pod people) were shipping out pods!

    Another fun read for some laughs:

  20. philemon

    Ann Cherry: “Coming soon: Climate Lockdowns!”

    Well, if they don’t have heat or hot water, they probably can’t keep their phone charged for there Vazi-passport either.

  21. Jim G

    There is a huge spike of Omicron is wastewater right now that indicates the case count is being largely undercounted, possibly because people are getting the virus without symptoms. This is going to fun to watch if it makes it into national news.


  22. Robin

    Thank you for putting your presentation on BitChute. Your work is very much appreciated. I too have spent a great deal of my career working with models – not to your depth but as a tool over the years.

    Ferguson’s employer, Imperial College, has received, in rough round numbers, something like $350 million from the B&M Gates Foundation. Probably a great deal from the Wellcome Trust too (but these numbers are not transparent) and no doubt more from the NIH, who reportedly controls about 70 to 80% of biomedical research funds globally. I have no doubt his signal was boosted above all others.

    Just to add to your comment on the source code, reportedly the simulation could not be repeated, ie the same answer could not be obtained with the same initial seed. Therefore no way to check the result – if one cannot repeat a result, how can one verify anything at all? Layer on layer of pseudo-science.

    In his book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, John Perkins shows how a model can be used as a con. A key element of the book is his ability to deliberately develop models that were so complex no one could understand them, but as he was “The Expert” no one could question them either. He would get whatever answer he wanted; it was done to enrich his employer, but in the process destroyed countries, economically.

    At the time I found the whole discussion (on the internet) around Furguson’s model to be bizarre. Scott Adams especially.

  23. arthur Foyt

    Being a progressive/socialist means never having to say you’re sorry.

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